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Komaki Syokudo - Kamakura Fushikian

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Contact 03-5577-5358

8-2 Kanda Neribeicho Chiyoda-ku (at Chabara complex), Tokyo, Japan, 101-0022

Opened Jun 2013, this vegan restaurant is located in shopping mall 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan/Chabara complex, underneath the train tracks, next to the UDX building. Offers shojin ryori (temple cuisine). Rice and miso soup re-fills with purchase of meal. Mon 11:00am-8:00pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm, Tue 11:00am-3:00pm Tuesday hours are temporary.

Category: Vegan, Japanese, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (44)

First Review by syrupofipecac

Amazing!! - Edit

I came here because I was interested in trying shojin ryori and because I was in the area anyway and I was blown away by how delicious it was! I tried a bit of everything which at 1500 yen was really good value. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone who comes to Tokyo! It is not something you could find anywhere else I think, unlike sushi, and it's really nice to be able to try some traditional food and not have to be scared it's going to have any animal products in it. Do yourself a favour and do not miss this place!

Pros: amazing food, great experience

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Convenient vegetarian restaurant in Akihabara - Edit

On my frequent trips to Akihabara, this is my vegetarian restaurant of choice to go to. Having said that, I wish there were better options, because I find the menu to be somewhat lackluster for my tastes. You usually have the choice between several cold menu items, and you get some hot vegetarian miso soup with it. It's okay, but I would definitely like it if they had some more hot items on the menu, but that may not be the style they are going for.

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Bland, and way to little food - Edit

Honestly don't understand how this place could get so good reviews. Our small portions were about half the size of that in the pictures. Not even enough food to serve a 5-year old. Also, did not taste very much at all. Would not come here again.

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Been twice and excellent both times :) - Edit

This is real shojin ryori... its traditional japanese style plates with small portions, but quite a lot of different foods that you've probably never tried before, and also they have many untried drinks as well, try the amazake!!

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Yes, you can have dinner and have fun also! - Edit

This small restaurant is located in a corner of a larger shop selling organic (also, but not only) veg* food: just enter the shop and go straight past the small coffee shop on the right. Although the menu does not offer a broad choice, the food was good and cheap, and rations were more than reasonable. However, the owner lady is the very soul of the place, keeping everything together, running from one side to the other and doing her best despite the language barrier. We went there with 3 non-veg friends and they were very satisfied by both the food and the "cultural experience". Definitely a place worth trying, a restaurant unlike any other I have visited in Japan - or elsewhere, for that matter!

Pros: Great service, superfriendly owner, Good shojin ryōri

Cons: Early closure (around 9 pm), Limited options

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Delicious vegan food and dessert! Friendly service. - Edit

We came here for dinner on our last night in Tokyo. Thanks to online reviews, we found this place with no problems. It's a small establishment inside Chabara (very close to the Gundam cafe). The owner was very friendly and kindly explained to us that they don't use any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, onions, or garlics. We ordered the special set with everything. The price was very reasonable (a little more than 1500 Yen). The food came quickly and everything was delicious! Even though we were pretty full after the meal, we decided to try the red bean dessert with white sesame ice cream. There was some type of tofu custard at the bottom with a scoop of ice cream and red bean paste on top. There was a sprinkle of granola on top, which gave it a nice texture. It was delicious! Highly recommend this place!

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Delicious and tasty vegan cafe in Akihabara - Edit

Loved this place, and as many have mentioned it was a little difficult to find but worth the effort. Not knowing any Japanese it was a bit confusing when ordering but the lovely staff helped us out. The food was delicious well priced and you did not walk away hungry that is for sure. The cafe was peaceful and a superb place to relax and enjoy the Japanese cuisine. Great beer!

Pros: Delicious food, Lovely venue, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: A little hard to locate

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Lots of variety for a small price. - Edit

Tasty vegan food, good variety of different tastes with the set meal. Cheap price for Shojin Ryori. Quiet location. Enjoyable.

Pros: All vegan, Variety of tastes , Cheap

Cons: Plain setting, Staff aren't so knowledgable?

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Delicious and inexpensive Japanese food - Edit

You can select 3 of the dishes on offer or go with a plate - we selected 3 each and shared these and a dessert with sesame ice cream... Yum. Everything was delicious. Would definitely come again.

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Great set meal, large or small - Edit

Following another reviewer's directions we easily found this great place near the train station. It's located in a large store with many whole food concessions.
You can choose a large or small set and there are desserts too. The large set included a few unusual dishes I'd not tasted before and offered a filling meal. The price of 1500 yen is pretty standard for a set meal, very good value in Tokyo. I liked exploring the food concessions too although these were mostly non veg this being Japan!

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Great location and good traditional food! - Edit

Right next to Akihabara station opposide UDX building inside a store called Chabara. The cafe is right at the back of the store and is all vegan. I got the lunch meal where you can choose 3 dishes for 1000Yen and get a side of rice and beans and miso soup. The food is simple but delicious.

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Lovely - Edit

We went to this place on a Thursday night. This place may be a little tricky to find since it's kind of at the back of a shopping type place, persevere and you'll find it.
You can choose from either having a couple of dishes or having the lot. We went for the latter, being our first night in Japan. Well presented and various very tasty foods came.

Pros: Lovely, well presented food

Cons: Could be tricky to find

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Quick lunch in Akihabara - Edit

A nice spot in the crowded nerdy part of Tokyo. You can choose three small dishes plus azuki or white rice and miso soup. The portions are a little too small for the price however the miso soup is SUPER!

Cons: Small servings

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A peaceful vegan corner in busy Akihabara - Edit

Thanks to Happy Cow we discovered this quiet corner in the big Chabara marketplace. The food was delicious and fulfilling, the staff really friendly and helping. A good memory from the district of Akihabara.
For approx. 1000 yens we had 3 dishes (all were excellent), a bowl of white rice and a good miso soup.

Pros: affordable Shojin-ryori cuisine, Quiet and peaceful place, Friendly staff

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Great lunch - Edit

Really good tasting menu for about 15USD, you get to try a bunch of small dishes and there is unlimited rice/miso soup. The sesame ice cream with red beans was also very tasty. A bit hard to find- it doesn't match where it is on the map. It's inside a little grocery store called chabara..Ask around and try to find Chabara, and you should find it inside. This was similar to temple food, but for a much better deal.

Pros: good food., fairly cheap

Cons: hard to find

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Very nice meal, great dessert... - Edit

We were in the neighbourhood of Nihonbashi around dinner time and saw that this place was walking distance. It's in the corner of a Japanese food store and is a decent-sized space with simple wooden furniture. There were set menu options available and with a little help from my companion, whose Japanese is a lot better than mine, I chose the larger Kohuku plate, which includes a little bit of everything: rice, dhal, spiced potatoes, red beans, some sort of soy fillet with sauce, a variety of other vegetables, miso soup and an absolutely outstanding tofu dish. Water and brown tea are available free in jugs. Afterwards we ordered ice cream for dessert and it was some of the best I've tasted: One scoop of green tea flavour and one of white sesame for me; and a scoop of black sesame for my companion, which I sampled. I'd come back just for the ice cream.

Pros: Nice, healthy food, Great ice cream

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a taste-experience - Edit

this was my first time having Japanese Temple cuisine and it seemed quite unusual to my American taste buds. I didn't love every dish but my more adventurous husband did. We each had sampler plates with tiny portions of about 9 items + unlimited bowls of rice and the most delicious miso soup. with so many dishes to try I was able to fill up even while passing my husband some of the items that didn't please my palate.

This was a very unique experience and I am glad I tried it!

PS Google Maps took us to the wrong spot! Instead, use the directions explained in the Happy Cow listing!

the staff was friendly and the cafe is very casual, tucked away in a lovely artisan market worth checking out.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday June 17, 2015

Pros: many dishes in sampler, inside nice artisan market

Cons: may seem unusual to western palates - only for the

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OK - Edit

We came here on a Sunday at noon. They were closed because of an event. They opened after the event about 2pm. Decent shojin ryori cuisine. Pretty expensive. Definitely not worth a special trip. Good location at Akihabara.

Pros: good location

Cons: expensive

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Lovely food and a new experience - Edit

I really enjoyed the food here on the two occasions I visited. Both times, I had the large tasting plate, and found it to be delicious and filling. I have a large appetite and was sure I would go back for free refills on brown rice and miso soup, but I did not. I enjoyed having lots of little bits to try, rather than one big meal, and the combination of hot and cold was also good. My plate consisted of miso soup, brown rice, a bowl of curry, breaded & fried croquettes, tofu, and various salad and mashed...stuff! I also tried the white sesame ice cream and the green tea ice cream, yum! This is more like a cafe in an indoor market, so it's very casual, but that didn't detract from the tasty food. The person serving behind the counter was really helpful and friendly, overall a very enjoyable experience.

Pros: Tasty food, Inexpensive, Casual

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Mediocre - Edit

I'm going to go against the trend here and say that I did not much like the food here, in fact I'd say it was probably the worst food I had during my Japan trip. That's not to say it was terrible, it wasn't, but it really wasn't anything to get excited about.

I got the large tasting plate, not because I was particularly hungry, but because I wanted to taste the greatest possible variety of foods. I thought the miso soup mediocre. On the tasting plate, the tofu in the middle (marinated in some kind of sweet sauce) was nice, as were the two croquettes. The rest was not exciting. The green vegetables were soggy, the salad just ok, the mash a bit wierd. The daikon radish was unappealing, but I usually don't like that, it needed way more masking to fit my tastes, but perhaps the fault with that lies in me. Interestingly, the curry was the best part of the meal, and the best vegan Japanese style curry I had during my trip. It still didn't taste like how I remembered, but it was the best of 4 curries I tried during my trip. If it sounds as if I liked the Westernized parts of the meal while rejecting the traditional Japanese parts, that's about right - however, that's not representative of how I usually approach food, it was just how I found the food here.

I freely admit that I've never had Shojin Ryori before, so I have nothing to compare it to on that front, but just as food, I wasn't excited.

Cons: Rather impersonal sitting environment, Food was not that great, Staff person was not very friendly

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Interesting, delicious, and fun - Edit

For the eater who would like to experience shojin-ryori without going to a temple (say for lunch after exploring Akihabara), this place is for you!
The food definitely doesn't look appetizing in the display case at the counter, but it is quite delicious. I ordered the lunch set, and was presented with 9 or 10 different small plates/bites. My favorite was the tofu pulp and the rice cake. I would go back for a dozen of those rice cakes :)
The guy in the kitchen spoke english (I think he was English), and was super helpful. He explained all of the strange dishes for me, and even brought me some fermented rice to try with my meal.
It was a fun experience, and I left feeling well fed.

Restaurant is located in a food market that sells interesting Japanese products. After lunch I spent over an hour wandering around the store.

Pros: Great location, Good food

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♥I Love It - Edit

The food is delicious, I especially love the curry and any daikon dishes! The sides change each time I go, and it's fun to try new ones. The location is really convenient if you are visiting Akihabara. I even went alone a couple of times and there were others eating alone so it wasn't awkward. The staff are really lovely too!

Pros: Delicious, Friendly, Location

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So good! - Edit

Loved the food. Shojin Ryori, you can choose between 2 or 3 different plates. We took the rice-croquettes...soooo delishious! Nice atmosphere, friendly staff.

Pros: good food, not expensive, variety

Cons: not easy to find inside the mal (signed out badly)

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Makes up for Tokyo's lack of vegan options. - Edit

As an English speaker, I was limited to only two options: the set dishes (because the rest of the menu is in kanji). They are basically the same, there are 8 sides, one of the set dishes is 3 sides with miso soup and rice and the other is a little of all of the sides with miso soup and rice.
I opted for the latter because when in time I guess. Overall I would say Tokyo has been extremely frustrating for me as a vegan but this place almost completely redeems it. This is by far the best meal I've had here and was totally worth the hefty $15 US price tag (don't panic, I got the most expensive thing on the menu, everything else was $10 and under). The staff speaks a little English. Definitely do it!

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A great lunch experience - Edit

We sought out this place during our first day visiting Japan. It had great food, friendly service and it was a good break for exhausted travelers. We had a little trouble finding it. It is a small counter with a handful of tables at the back of a market. We were asked to wait a while for a table to free up, then we ordered and paid at the counter. They have set menus and the staff was very friendly, so the process was easy. Our food was very tasty, with a small sampling of a variety of dishes. The meal came with brown rice and miso soup, which we were told we could have refilled once. None of us chose to do so, since the meal was so filling. We did have one miscommunication due to the language barrier. Someone at the table had ordered green tea and we thought it had been paid for. When it didn't arrived, we asked about it and were quoted the price. We had difficulty communicating that we had thought it was already ordered and the tea was declined. The staff then brought out complimentary tea for the entire table, I think because they recognized that there had been a communication problem. They were very sweet and tried their best to speak to us in English while being patient with our limited Japanese.

Pros: Good food, Friendly service, Good location

Cons: Difficult to find, Limited seating

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Great Place for Vegans! - Edit

Everything on the menu is safe for Vegans! My google maps took me 5 blocks away from the actual location, but you should find it if you plug this into your maps search:


The downside of this restaurant is that your non-vegan friends will not be happy. I'm a vegetarian, and the dishes were a little too seitan heavy (not my favorite). But the miso soup was good and OH MAN THEIR ORGANIC GINGERALE IS INCREDIBLE! Real ginger!

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Great Traditional Japanese Vege - Edit

This little store within a whole foods market was a little hard to find but once we were there we enjoyed a cheap set vege meal. The food was amazing and varied from the traditional over processed vege food.

I did struggle to find it but that was purely my fault, the location is amazong as it is right outside the akihabara jr station.

Highly recommended for someone looking for lovely Japanese vege food.

Pros: Food, Cost

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Good food under the tracks - Edit

I liked this place! Food was very fresh every time I went and the possibility to get seconds for the excellent miso soup makes it definitely well worth the money.

It is easy to find if you come by JR Yamanote line to Akihabara station and take the Electric City exit. From the exit, just walk straight about 50 meters towards the UDX building following the railroad tracks until you see a sign on your right that says Chabara. Step in through the door and the restaurant is just opposite to the door.

I thought that their miso soup was the best I found in Tokyo. If somebody makes better vegan miso soup, please share your experience :)

Pros: great miso soup, all vegan

Cons: slightly small portions

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A simple introduction to shoujin ryouri - Edit

Shoujin ryouri is a vegetarian cuisine originally derived from the dietary restrictions of Buddhist monks. This the cuisine served by Kamakura Fushikian.

First, they have a simple version of the ordering process in English. If you don't speak Japanese it can be helpful. Note, the dishes are only labelled in Japanese!

They have two main types of plates/servings available. I selected the cheaper one, and they asked me to select 3 items from the display. The other plate has more selections and a bit more expensive. They have other drinks and vegetarian sweets. Water is available, self service. The rice can be upgraded from white (standard) to brown rice at an extra cost. They have free refills of white rice and miso soup. The miso was a bit salty when I ate there.

This will definitely be my go to restaurant in Akihabara. Simple but good food!

Pros: simple and clean, good food, free rice refill

Cons: minimal English

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Highly Recommended! - Edit

The food and service here were and absolute pleasure! Each bite was a treat. We had the large set menu which gave us a taste of everything. Presentation was thoughtful and beautiful.

Although a little more expensive than other places we were happy to pay the extra for such nutritious and wonderful food.

We only wish we knew more Japanese so we could learn more about what ingredients were used.

Highly recommended if you are seeking clean, nutritious and delicious food.

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Amazing Food - Edit

This was perfect. Easy to find, inexpensive, tasty and totally vegan. If you come out of the Electric Town exit just head along the train tracks, past the AKB48 and Gundam cafes and across the road. There is a place called Chabara and when you go in the restaurant is right in front of you with a white sign and white counter. The food is wonderful and we will definitely go back.

Pros: Vegan, Accessible, Inexpensive

Cons: None

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An oasis in Akihabara - Edit

Akibahara is the most energetic neighbourhood in Tokyo. It is buzzing with electronics, j-pop, manga, maid cafes and more. This makes Komaki Syokudo even more of an oases of health food and relaxation.

Next to Akihabara station (close to the AKB48 cafe and the Gundam cafe) is a bunch of shops (together named "Chabara") that sell health food, with some restaurants around it. It's all in one building, so look for the stores rather than a single restaurant. It is right underneath the train tracks, less than a minutes walk from Akihabara station. Komaki Syokudo is the only vegan restaurant, the other restaurants here have meat on the menu.

Komaki Syokudo basically offers two choices: one with a little of everything the kitchen has on offer, the other is a selection. I went for the selection and from the very first bite I could tell that this is excellent, healthy, well prepared food. This is the kind of food you want to eat slowly to fully enjoy it.

There was a lady sitting near me with a calculator and some books. I asked her if she was the owner of the restaurant and indeed she was. She told me her father is a buddhist and via her restaurant she can cater for his temple. She also told me many of her guests are foreigners longing for vegetarian food. The menu depends on whatever local farmers supply, so every new week means new dishes!

Pros: good food, fair prices, friendly service

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Great vegan Japanese! - Edit

Komaki Shokudo is a lovely vegan oasis in the sea of junk food in Akihabara. I had the zenshurui ("all types") lunch set which includes a little of everything they have that day. At 1500yen, it is the largest set available and I had trouble finishing it. Everything was very good and portions were ample. It's actually quite difficult to find shojin-ryori (Japanese Buddhist vegetarian/vegan food) outside of a temple and at this price, it really is a rarity. Connected to the restaurant is a wonderful foods store that sells all kinds of snacks, sweets, produce, sauces/condiments, and other regional specialties from farms all over Japan. I highly suggest stopping here for lunch if you are sightseeing around Akihabara.

Pros: healthy, fresh Japanese vegan, ample portions, brown rice upgrade available

Cons: none really

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The owner was super friendly! - Edit

The food is great and it's Shojin-ryori, traditional Japanese Buddhist vegetarian food. Definitely a must if you're in tokyo! Also very cheap and the owner was so friendly and helpful even though she only spoke a little english.

IMPORTANT: It was a bit difficult to find the place because the location on the map shows the wrong place. The location is under the railway tracks in a mall called 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN. Address in japanese 東京都台東区上野5丁目9
If you're using the happycow app: just north from the doughnut plant at the street crossing under the railway tracks.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff

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