Ice cream pop-up shop est. 2015 previously at Sodra Vallgatan 3C. Offers vegan flavors made with cashew cream base. Check its webpage for other pop-up locations. Open Mon-Fri 12:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-18:00.

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First Review by Vegmaysan


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11 Aug 2023


Best ice cream in Malmö! My favourites are licorice and golden cream - so delicious!

Pros: Experimental flavous



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04 Aug 2023

Best ice cream ever!

What to say, I’ve never tasted anything like this before. Definitely the best vegan ice-cream I’ve tried!

Pros: Fabulous taste , Dedicated staff, Many vegan options

Cons: As always, ice-cream is pricey


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25 Nov 2022

Innovative flavours

Always several cashew or coconut ice creams to choose from. Interesting and tasty flavours, especially the spicy ones.

Pros: Innovative flavours, Generous servings, Chocolate or spices


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Mostly Veg
24 Jul 2022

Glasstronomi indeed!

I happened upon their branch on Friisgatan and it was a saviour on that extremely hot day! Half the flavours on offer were vegan. I chose the strawberry with balsamico ("Balla Gubbar" = cool old men 😄) which was wonderful and the salty licorice. I don't usually have licorice ice cream but this particular one was cashew based with a creamy flavour and a hint of caramel. My company had raspberry/lemon/hibiscus which was delicious!

This is artisan ice cream with high quality ingredients and innovative flavours that they change each season or upon request from customers.

Pros: Lots of vegan flavours, innovative, friendly and knowledgeable service


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05 Jul 2022

Interesting flavours!

Finally I’ve found a vegan salty liquorice ice cream! And it wasn’t disappointing. Also went with a scoop of coconut based strawberry and Szechuan pepper flavour. Extra plus for vegan cones!

Cons: Quite expensive


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15 Jun 2022


The staff is super friendly and very excited to tell you all about the different kinds of ice cream. There are many flavours to choose from. Mostly 50/50 (half of the flavours based on cream and the other half of the flavours sre plant-based). The vegan ones are based on cashew, coconut or sorbet. The coffee is also great! Main shop can be found at Friisgatan 14 Malmö. Definitely worth a visit!!!

Pros: Many vegan options , Friendly staff, Delicious flavours


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07 Jun 2022

Good ice cream

Nice ice cream.
Lots of different flavours so something for everyone.


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09 May 2022

Vegan ice cream based on coconut, cashew or sorbet

Had an amazing experience with KOLD. I got to taste all ánd get the enthousiast explanation of all flavours before I needed to decide.

Pros: More options then sorbet, Friendly staff, Vegan scones!


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22 Aug 2021

Not only sorbet! :)

Köld is a bit expensive, but offers some really nice vegan icecream flavouers.
I had a "CHOKLADBOLL" (chocolate, coffee and coconut) and "GOLDEN CREAM" (tastes like golden latte, but as an icecream), both based on coconut icecream. They furthermore offers flavours based on cashew nut, or as the classic sorbet.
And that's the nice thing: Their vegan edition are not just some secondary sorbet with fruit flavours, but something they put a lot of work into making it tastefull, delicious and also appealing to non-vegans.

I'm personaly a bit confused of the term "Växtbaserad", which is a Swedish term they use for the vegan flavours. And the word dosen't seem to be translateable, and neither Google Translate nor Wikipedia could help with the meaning of the word.
But as I understands it, "Växtbaserad" can be translated into: Vegan and whole food plant based.
But don't let that keep you away from "Köld". Their vegan icecream are really good.
And remember to ring the bell, if you like their icecream :)

Pros: Vegan cones, Nice flavours


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31 Jul 2021

Extremely good!

Super nice vegan ice cream! Only negative I wish there was more non fruity vegan flavours.


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23 Jul 2020

Lovely ice cream with innovative flavours

The "Chokladboll" is not only vegan, but also their best ice cream in my opinion. Shouldn't be missed!


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02 May 2020

A good sort of vegan chances

Good attention, a frienly young guy attended me, very clean and carefull, it was delicioud, i took 1 scoop for 35kr. 2 scoops is cheaper per scoop.

Pros: Good atten


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19 Jul 2019

best ice cream ever

my favorite is "balla gubbar" and "salt lakrits".


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26 Sep 2018

Best of the best!

Hands down - best ice cream I’ve ever had!

Pros: Artisan ice cream , AMAZING

Cons: Not all vegan


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25 Aug 2017

Fancy ice-cream

Expensive, but very nice ice-cream. The flavours were a little too untraditional for my taste, but it was nice trying something new.


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09 Aug 2017

amazing ice cream!

Plenty of choices for vegans, I took the chocolate, nuts and strawberry, it was incredible! The location was sodra vallgatan 3...I went to the first one and they send me here...if youre around check whats closer to you.


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21 Jul 2017

A 5 star ice cream bar!

This is definitely a 5 star ice cream bar! I've visited the pop up store a few times in Malmö. They have 6-8 vegan options based on cashew nuts or coconut purée. They also offer vegan sorbet. My favourite is salted liquorice based on cashew nuts!

The staff are nice. You always get to taste the flavours if you have a hard time making up which one to pick.

The price is good!

A must in Malmö!!


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05 May 2017

vegan icecream

Shop was a bit hard to find since it was located in some sort of small mall. The icecream made up for it, very nice flavours, I liked the liquorice the most. There were very many flavours to chose from, unfortunadly not all of them were vegan, that was a pity. But since 8 vegan flavours are already more then you cab find anywhere else in an icecreamshop I can't really complain about that. Nice surprise was that one of the men behind the counter could actually speak Dutch, a rare find in Sweden :). They were both very friendly and helpfull.

Pros: Excellent icecream, Friendly staff, Speaks Dutch as well

Cons: not all the flavours are vegan


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03 May 2017


Everyone has to go to Malmö to try the special ice flavours they sell at Köld! Liqourice ice was great but the others we had too. We could choose between 8 vegan flavours, one of which was with kurkuma. One of the best icecreams I ever tasted!! You pay around 5 euro's for two flavours.

Pros: very special flavours


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09 Sep 2016

unconventional ice cream

The flavours offered here are really creative! So far I have had raspberry hibiscus, salty licorice and coconut. You are allowed to try every flavour before deciding on your final choice of delicious scoops. The staff is very friendly and multi-lingual. The shop has a bell that you have to ring if the ice cream is to your taste, which is a nice gimmick in my opinion.

Pros: creative, tasty, charmingly weird

Cons: shop was partly under construction when I visited


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05 Aug 2016

Best Ice cream in Europe

Köld is a must stop on your trip to Malmo. It's located in a kind of food court, but don't let the idea of that cheapen the quality and genius of this ice cream. Half of the flavors are vegan, and the combinations are truly gourmet. The coconut "pina colada" laced with a subtle hint of fennel was the highlight in our ice cream flight, but the deep chocolate rum sorbet, rich and creamy chocolate coffee coconut, and cashew based ice creams were all stunning.

After learning that I'm a vegan ice cream enthusiast, the owner offered me a scoop of his "weird" secret concoctions. Cherry, basil, amaretto... insane! I want this flavor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tart, savory, sweet, earthy, creamy, a lot of happy flavors ended up being the highlight of my day trip to Sweden.

This place gives Portland's famous Salt & Straw a real run for its money.

Pros: Cashew based ice creams, Coconut milk based ice cream, Delicious and affordable

Cons: Absolutely NONE


07 Sep 2016

Thank you so much for your kind words! They are what keep us going :)


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02 Aug 2016


Staff was super friendly and the vegan ice cream and sorbets were delicious. Would go there every week if I could.

Pros: vegan ice cream is delicious , friendly staff, lots of flavors to pick from

Cons: a bit on the pricier side (but it's reasonable)


07 Sep 2016


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26 Jul 2016

Freaking amazing

This Icecream shop is amazing! When I visited, there were 6 flavours; 1 milk based and 5 vegan ones. We got to taste every flavours before we chose, and then we bought 4 different flavours. They were sooo delicious, all of them. So unique, and so rich with flavour. Wow.


07 Sep 2016

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! Glad you liked our ice creams :)


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03 Feb 2016

Not really an icecream fan but they changed me!

Cool place by the main shopping street offers some of the best icecream i've ever had and they make it from different kinds of milk alternatives such as coconut and cashew.

Cons: Pricey


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24 Jun 2015

Sooo good!

Ate icecream out of cashew nuts here, and it tasted delicious! The owner, who were selling it, was also very nice and helpful and let us taste everything before deciding what to choose. The salty liquorice was fab! Can recommend this place to everyone!

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