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Health food shop that's part of a family-run small chain founded 1928. Stocks a variety of groceries, including organic, as well as nutritional vitamins, bodycare and household cleaning products. Has vegan foods like vegan cheese and meats, tofu, cooking sauces, bulk nuts and seeds, and candies. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm, Sat 9:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by brenk


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23 Jun 2023

Shopped here a few times while in Bergen

I really liked this shop - they stocked loads of things I couldn’t find in the supermarket such as Love Raw Confectionery, VioLife Cheeze and a good variety of faux meat products.



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23 Oct 2022

The go to for natural foods in Bergen

Went here over and over while in town


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24 Jun 2022

Lots of vegan items, but expensive

If I lived in Bergen I would probably come here all the time. Unfortunately, vegan options in food stores are hard to find. It's definitely not like at home in Sweden. Since I can get a lot of the stuff I found for half the price at home, I ended up not buying anything. But if you're staying for a long time in Bergen this store is great.


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07 Oct 2017

Vegan groceries

Good sized central store with all the major vegan brands on offer. Plenty of vegan cheezes and a well stocked fridge section. Compared to other places in Europe, prices are a little higher but this is fairly standard for Norway. I struggled in other supermarkets in Norway so I was very happy to stumble across this place.

Pros: good vegan range , central


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27 Apr 2017

The best place for shopping vegan

I Was surprised to find in Norway this store to big and complex , because in another cities I wasn't very pleased about this chapter. 🙂


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27 Jul 2016

basic store

Before driving out to the fjords where we'd have an apartment with a kitchenette, we wanted to stock up on some vegan items. While the store had the basic groceries we needed along with some vegan sausages and cheese, there didn't seem to be a lot of vegan items in comparison to health food stores elsewhere (or even regular grocery stores in some places). For instance, they only had one flavor and brand of vegan yogurt. Considering it's in Bergen, we were grateful to go there, but it was just a basic store that still sold meat, dairy and eggs.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: sells meat, dairy and eggs


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16 May 2016


I was in Bergen for two and a half weeks last summer for an academic conference and art exhibition (and because my Norwegian side of the family only came to the U.S.–where I currently reside–from Bergen only a few generations ago and I very much so wanted to experience that place). Kinsarvik made me immeasurably happy. ! After a week of moving around and eating whatever, and doing a ton of walking and traveling (and adjusting to the time difference), I had access to a kitchen and then found THIS place...after spotting signs featuring "økologisk" and making a quick skip down several blocks. There is so much packed into this small, beautiful space. BUT MOSTLY: there is a massive open faced cooler of vegan meats and related (cheese-esque) alternatives. The actual meats are far away in a small floor cooler in the back. This discrepancy is not typical in my experience and caused great joy; I may have literally laughed out loud in the store. Though not strictly vegan, I am strictly vegetarian and do not eat fisk...which understandably baffles everyone in Western Norway. Long-story-short, in my excitement to use a gas stove and cast iron in a small, old, Norwegian kitchen plus the extensive array of never-before-seen brands of small vegan sausages and salami-style slices...I spent pert near 500 NOK on said delicacies. Some focaccia from Godt Brød. Best $60 I've ever spent.

Pros: excellent food, good value, easy access


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16 Dec 2015

Nice store for vegans

I have been to this store several times to get some tofu, veg sausages, chia seeds, or sweets like ice cream. :) Great store but a little narrow

Pros: Friendly staff, Vegan food and cosmetics, nice vibe

Cons: Little expensive


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04 Oct 2015

THE store for vegans in Bergen

This is the best store in town for vegans. I'm addition to the standard grocery store inventory, they also have a wide range of vegan meats and cheeses and they often have a sale on many items.


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05 Jun 2015

Lifesaver, if you're a vegan on a budget!

We stopped by here to pick up some vegan sandwich items, since it was difficult (and pricey!) to try to eat vegan in Bergen. They are fully stocked with lots of options for vegans -- fake meats, cheeses, spreads, etc. An easy and inexpensive lunch ended up being some vegan bologna and bread, with some potato chips. Totally delicious and easy. This is a great place. They were closed on Sunday (wah) so we were only able to shop here once, but it was a lifesaver!

Pros: Well-stocked, Lots of options

Cons: Closed Sunday! Plan ahead!


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11 Mar 2015


Really well stocked health food store. We spent the weekend in Bergen and it was great for picking up sweet snacks for the evening, and to make a quick sandwich on-the-go with the vegan cheese and meats that they sell. Loads of frozen food, big fridges filled with vegan products, loads of sugar free and gluten free products - basically a healthy supermarket!

Pros: Huge vegan range, Friendly staff, Great location

yass lass

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08 Sep 2014

life saver

What a great shop for vegans. Has a great selection of vegan cheeses, sliced meat alternatives for making sandwiches/lunch, tofu, sausages, frozen pies and other products, thai curry pastes etc etc.

We are staying in an apartment in Bergen with full kitchen facilities, and with the goodies we were able to buy from Kinsarvik, we were able to make all of our own meals. Highly recommended!

Pros: Excellent range of vegan products

Cons: None


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31 Jul 2014

my rescue!

found Kinsarvik here on happycow , and i'm glad i did!
i took a lot of vegan food with me went to norway but, there aren't a lot of vegan options in bergen. So i'm happy i got to know the store so i could do my groceries there!
it's a nice shop with a lot of choices!

Pros: a lot of choice, cosy


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14 Jul 2014

Lots of meatless options for vegans

I love Kinsarvik, it's got a good selection of vegan products and that's quite rare in Norway. Love that they've got lots of vegan Anamma, Fry's, Linda McCartney etc. It's pricey, but that's Norway for you
Updated from previous review on Monday July 14, 2014

Pros: Great selection of vegan food, Friendly staff, Basically in the city centre

Cons: Pricey


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Mostly Veg
02 Jun 2014

Where the local vegans go

I have been going to this store for about 15 years. It's an institution in Bergen and pretty well-known in all of Norway (among veg*ns that is). They are expensive, yes even by Norwegian standards, but they have items no-one else carries so they are able to do so. They have ecological and locally produced fruit and vegetables, gluten free foods (mostly frozen...) and plenty of fake meat as well as nuts, seeds, skincare products. They also have a section for bodybuilders, though that is mostly whey-based so ok for vegetarians but not vegans - they do carry a vegan one though. All in all I love this store because I can get soy products in town, all kinds of gluten free flours etc. Being a vegan and gluten free is always a problem (seitan get away from me!) and sadly, out of all the 10+ sausages they have none are gluten free. Some options are there though, and good marinated tofu for cooking. They have some non-dairy cheese too although not the best. When it comes to buying tofu regularly, you will find it a lot cheaper in asian stores, my favourite being at danmarks plass.

Pros: Large selection of veg*an items, Allergy-friendly goods, Has .. everything

Cons: Expensive, Items not always priced, Most veg items contani seitan


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21 Jan 2011

my home store

I visit kinsarvik frequently to buy dried fruits, organic nuts, nut butters, beans, tea and organic veggies. They also stock lots of mock-meats, tofu, ready meals, supplements, raw snacks, vegan chocolate and spreads.

I love this store, but some of the products are expensive, so watch your money! It's easy to go overboard...

Pros: well stocked, organic

Cons: ssome high prices


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02 Sep 2010

Awesome place.

I went to this store when I visited Bergen about three weeks ago and it was great. Kinsarvik had a large range of vegan and organic foods from fake meats to frozen vegan ice cream. They also had a bunch of other natural items from vitamins to snack bars to care products. Kinsarvik had a lot of vegan products I haven't seen before that were amazing. If you're traveling this is a great place to stock up on some vegan or organic snacks or grab some supplies for a nice picnic on one of the fjord tours. If you're lucky enough to live by this store it has pretty much all of your basic needs. Wish I had one of these back home.

Pros: Great Food, Good Value

Cons: Closes early

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