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Khun Churn

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Contact 0818813032

JJ Market, Asadathorn Rd., T.Changpuak A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50300

Re-opened here 2016 after move from Kad Farang Shopping Plaza. Offer breakfast and lunch buffet with beverages included (coffee, black organic tea, lemonade). Mon-Sun 10:30am-3:00am

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Thai, Buffet, Salad bar, Take-out

Reviews (38)

First Review by gratefulluke

stuffed! - Edit

179 Baht per person for the Buffet. 139 per child. Everything was really good. Ginger fried brown rice was excellent. A little pricey, but very fresh.

Pros: vegan / vegetarian choices , fresh , friendly staff

Cons: pricy

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Glad this place is still around! - Edit

We visited this place a few times when it was down at the Old Thai Cultural Center. The new location is certainly smaller and the selection is not quite as good but the food is still great and the price is good (179B Buffet). There is a good offering of salad and fruits as well as brown rice and around six cooked veggie dishes. The noodle bar offers a good selection of toppings as well and herbal drinks, tea and coffee are included. The new location is not far before you reach Tesco Lotus on Atsadathon Rd as you head North-East out of the Old City (opp JJ Market). Double thumbs up!!

Pros: Good food quality, Good value, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Location a little hard to find, Smaller selection than their previous incarnation

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Chiang Mai's Best - Edit

The best vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai. Huge menu with some very interesting and unique dishes. Large portions. Open until fairly late in the evening and is the best spot for dinner.
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 27, 2015


Cons: Not entirely vegan

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nice vegetarian Buffet - Edit

My main reason to visit there was to eat the vegetarian Khao Soi.
When I had the soup, it was room temperature (I went there around noon) I havent had any Khao soi at other restaurant before, so I was not sure how khao soi should be like. (I found out that other restaurant I went to seved me HOT vegetarian khao soi)
I think the khao soi at Khun Churn was so so. Other food were good for the price.

Pros: lots of choices, free wifi

Cons: khao soi was not that good

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One of our regular eateries! - Edit

This place was a great late discovery for us on our three week stay in Chiang Mai. The service here is fantastic and the food is even better. They have a huge range of great vego and vegan dishes, fruit, cereals, and a selection of teas. You can't go wrong for 170bht all you can eat! (:

Pros: great food, super clean, great service

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Best place to go for lunch - Edit

This is my type of place. I love well prepared buffets (available only for lunch, the restaurant was beautiful and the staff were friendly. My only complaint is that the older gentleman (perhaps owner) told me that everything was vegan although I noticed many buffet items contained egg. The location has changed so just ask tuktuk driver to take you to Chiang Mai cultural center and you can't miss it.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, nice restaurant

Cons: not everything is vegan

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LOVE the salad bar! - Edit

Been here twice for lunch. The salad bar is where it is at!! I love the spiralized pumpkin, beets and carrots! They refill the salad items faster than I have ever seen! They seem to be never out! There are a couple vegan dressings but they are pretty high in fat. The vegan peanut dressing is amazing nonetheless.

The cooked food is okay. Not much for me compared to the amazing salad bar. They have organic brown rice, curries, steamed veg, noodle dishes and a make your own soup station. It's not a full vegan buffet so make sure to check if there are eggs in any of the dishes.

The staff is extremely nice and attentive.

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Great salad bar - Edit

I visited Khun Churn in April 2014 and were delighted for the evening salad buffet. Other vegetarian buffets in Chiang Mai seem to have only cooked foods like curries so it was lovely to get to eat lots of salad.

The service was good which means that it was a little bit too formal for my taste (I like only relaxed atmosphere).

For tourists staying in the old city it is a good idea first visit this restaurant and then continue to Saturday night market, because Khun Churn is only a short walk from the southern end of the Saturday market street.

Pros: a big salad buffet, lots of variety

Cons: a bit formal service, more protein dishes would be nice

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Food and service are fantastic! - Edit

I love this place. I've been to the old location several times and last week went to their new location twice. I just can't say enough good things about this place. The food is amazing, the price is very inexpensive and the service is outstanding. It's obvious that the staff are very happy to work there. The buffet is very diverse with soups, curries, stir fry, salads, fruits, desserts, a noodle station and a tea/coffee bar. Mostly vegan but some things have egg and milk is available. The new location is indoors in a beautiful artistic wooden building connected to the 'Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center'. The old location was very in a very nice outdoor garden but I actually prefer the new space. I hope this place is open forever!!! Seven thumbs up :)

Pros: Amazing veg Thai food, Attentive, friendly service, Extremely reasonably priced

Cons: Are you kidding? This place is perfect!

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Same Wonderful Food Even Better in New Location - Edit

High quality, vegan food. We particularly like the lunch buffet with many Thai dishes, soups, real fruit drinks, grilled veggies, salad, and more all included in one price of !69 Baht. Or one can order off a menu. The setting is just lovely. Staff are wonderfully helpful. We have eaten at Khun Churn for 6 years, and now have followed this restaurant to its new location though not as convenient as before, but well worth the ride for their offerings.

Pros: Delicious Thai food, lovely atmosphere, kind staff

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Great modern Thai vegetarian food! - Edit

Lunch buffet is an amazing deal for 129 thb. You get a full salad bar as well as many choices such as khal soi, deep fried mushrooms, assorted curries, Vegetables, and dessert.

The ala carte menu has a huge variety of delicious things! I really like the garlic fries and the pomelo dish.

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Awesome Buffet, Unbeatable Price - Edit

No question, this is one of the best veg buffets in the universe. Fresh salad bar with not only leaves and other veg, but also goodies like corn, beans, and sweet potato chips. Fresh fruit, four juices, two fried snacks, five or more entrees, five or more soups, and dessert, all changed daily.

Fresh, beautiful, clean, tasty food - all you can eat for less than the price of a bottle of imported beer!

Suspended bike racks at the entrance for the cyclists out there.

Also worth mentioning that the whole Khun Churn empire (four restaurants so far) is family run. The father, an English teacher, had four kids and nicknamed them A, Bee, Cee, and Dee. D runs the Chiang Mai branch, his siblings run the other ones. Try them all!

Pros: Everything is fantastic, Family-owned chain, Amazing fried banana flowers

Cons: A little bit outside the old city

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well worth tracking down - Edit

Been here 4 years ago and now today. The lunchtime buffet is extraordinary. A wide variety of interesting healthy and tasty soups, salads. Evening time it is chilled out and the menu is outstanding. Very popular with locals, which is a good indication. Staff are gracious and helpful. Setting is tranquil. It's an effort to get out of town to find the place. Ranks as one of the best, for sure.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 03, 2013

Pros: quality, taste, price

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Delicious! - Edit

This restaurant is a beautiful place to relax and have some food. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The lunch buffet is pretty cool, but I think I prefer ordering off the regular menu. They have some lovely mushroom dishes, and you have got to try the betel leaf appetizer. It's so yummy and visually appealing too! I like that they have ginger brown rice. I would recommend everything I have ordered here. Great for vegans.

Pros: Yummy food, Beautiful setting, Friendly staff

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perfect. A MUST! - Edit

Best buffet in Thailand by far! Vegan or meat eater, you will not be disappointed. Go before 2:30 for the buffet for sure! Must go if you're veg or vegan

Pros: BUFFET!, good wait staff!!!, made with care :)

Cons: none

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Great lunch buffet - Edit

The lunch buffet is more expensive than other vegetarian buffets in the area at 129bht. The have a decent salad bar, steamed veggies, vegetarian and vegan cooked dishes and soups, as well as tapioca and coconut syrup for dessert.
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 15, 2012

Pros: Good food, Beautiful setting, Variety

Cons: Egg is some dishes, Some dishes extremely spicey

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Best Lunch Buffet in Chang Mai - Edit

Wide and varied lunch buffet that changes daily. Salad bar (often the lettuce mix is organic), steamed veggies section, many different sauces and dressing, stir-fried dishes, noodles section, dessert and non-sugared iced teas (add your own cane syrup).

All the stir cooked veg dishes have sign tags in english so you know if theyve put egg in them. The only exception would be on the noodle bar where the yellow noodles are made with egg.

Pleasant courtyard setting and friendly staff.

A red truck should only cost 20 baht from anywhere in Chang Mai. If they quote a price or ask for more get another red truck until you find an honest one as everyone knows the price they are telling you a price in the begining because they are over charging you. Tell the driver "NEIMAN-HYMAN SOY 17" or make the 1 then 7 gesture with your hands if they dont speak english...

Updated from previous review on Monday November 28, 2011
Updated from previous review on Monday November 28, 2011

Pros: Delicious, Vast selection, good quality

Cons: egg in some dishes, egg noodles on buffet

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Nice salad bar - Edit

I was impressed by the many options at the salad bar and the helpful chef who pointed out anything with egg in it (some things weren't labelled to have egg in it so best to ask).

I tried a few of the cooked food dishes and it was way too spicy for me (I am a wimp though with spices)

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Great Place - Edit

We've been going to Khun Churn for four years watching as it progressively moved from one location to another trying to grapple with its well deserved popularity. It has now settled in a great location in the middle of the art/entertainment section of Chiang Mai.

The lunch buffet is legendary for its quality and extremely reasonable price (note price is 129 baht as of September 2011). The ambiance is great and you'll find that the Thai diners far out number the farangs which is further testament to how good the food is.

What is often overlooked is an amazing menu selection that is provided for dinner or for those not wanting to stuff themselves at the buffet. Everything is made from top quality ingredients and off the menu can be spiced to taste. The buffet items are mildly spiced but Thais and the more seasoned diners can augment with as much chili as they can handle.

The staff is extremely efficient and need to mention something that happens to us that never found at any other restaurant. One of the chefs comes to us to let us know what special items is working on that day and let us know when he is bringing them to the buffet. He is deservedly proud of his food and wants to make sure it is enjoyed.

One final note on the buffet. It is constantly changing and you'll never see them serving the same dishes over and over again. It is always different and that keeps us coming back.

Updated from previous review on Sunday August 14, 2011

Pros: Food Quality, Variety, Staff

Cons: You Eat Too Much

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My #1 in Chiang Mai - Edit

Been going to the lunch buffet routinely for over a year now. I like how another reviewer put it: "legendary". The chef who does the buffet is so friendly and really makes it a great experience. You can tell there's a lot of love in the food there. Don't know what I would do without Khun Churn.

Pros: incredible lunch buffet, great value, friendly staff

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The best in Thailand - Edit

I've eaten vegan food all over Thailand and the lunch buffet at Khun Churn is hands-down the best food in all of Thailand. It might just be my fave restaurant in the whole world. The buffet is HUGE and for under $4?!?! Can't beat it! Food is fresh, perfectly cooked, not overly spicy, awesome. Not everything is vegan though so be sure to check. The garden patio and atmosphere is nice too and pleasant to be away from the busy city center. Take one of the red trucks to get there, it should only be 30 baht so don't pay more!

Pros: Delicious food, Many choices, Cheap

Cons: Mosquitos

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Go For It - Edit

I love Thai food and am always scared since they always use shrimp paste or fish sauce. A place like Khun Churn is paradise. One can eat to one's heart's content all the Thai dishes. The lunch buffetis just amazing. Not only is it great value, the choices are bewildering. There were 5 soups alone, and 6 kinds of drinks. All included in the buffet price. The quality and the setting were excellent too. Did not get a chance to go for the evening a la carte meal, but the menu looked very promising.

Pros: Quality, Choice, Value

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Very good place in Chiang Mai - Edit

Very good place with very good food (and Cheap 98 baht the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet), healthy food (not too fat like so many place), nice staff, close to Aden healthy store (where you can find a very good Vegan Alfalfa sandwich at 20 baht!) nice garden and no smoking restaurant.

Un tres bon restaurant végétarien (Tres vegan friendly!) ou vous pouvez manger a volonté (et tres varié) pour 98 baht (environ 2,5€). La nourriture y est tres saine et sans trop d'huile comme beaucoup d'endroit en Thailande. Les serveurs sont sympa, surtout le cuisinier. Le restau se trouve tres pret d'un magasin bio "Aden" avec un tres bon sandwich a emporter Alfalfa a 20 baht, et des simili, des barres de céréales, du savon...

Pros: Vegan Friendly, Lunch buffet is great value , Nice garden

Cons: Not wrote when vegan (have to ask)

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Tasty Stuff - Edit

Ate here recently as it's close to my house. Tucked away on Soi 17, with outdoor seating, meaning a few mosquito's at night. Overall, the menu is extensive and the food quality was very good with prices approx 50-60 Baht per dish. I will certainly be eating here more often.

Pros: Extensive Menu, Food Quality, Price

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Possibly the champ of Chiang Mai for flavor... - Edit

Khun Churn is a major vegetarian institution in Chiang Mai, so it's bound to attract both praise and criticism.

For my tastes, it's probably the best place in town, at least as far as flavor and (for the lunch buffet) value are concerned (though May Kaidee gives it stiff competition for flavor and Giva wins the prize for health and good chi). It's true that some of the curries and sauces are sweet, but i didn't find them overly sweet - in fact i find them rather irresistible. The peanut sauce (among the salad dressings) in particular is tops. I also appreciate that the som tam (papaya salad) has just a tiny bit of chili for authentic flavor, but it isn't excessively spicy, for which my digestive tract thanks them.

At 98 Baht, the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is a stomach-bursting good value. (Public service message: try not to eat yourself into a food coma, and don't overdo it on the oily dishes...)

The covered garden setting is quite pleasant, even when it's busy.

To reach Khun Churn on the cheap, you can take a songthaew to Nimmana Haeminda (Nimmanahemin) Rd and jump off at Soi 17 (just south of the Baiyoke Chiang Mai Hotel), then walk east on the soi for half a block. A songthaew to/from the Tha Pae gate area should cost no more than 30 Baht (as of Jan 2011).

Two corrections to the main listing (which might be updated by the time you read this):
- The lunch buffet price is now 98 Baht, not 80.
- They do accept credit cards.

Pros: Supreme flavor, Lunch buffet is great value, Nice setting

Cons: Buffet food can be oily & less fresh, Non centrally located

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bugs in the rice - Edit

Huge disappointment after the glaring reviews here.
Received a bowl of white rice that was clearly infested with little rice bugs. I would expect a restaurant of this caliber to check their rice supply and at least wash it before serving it to a diner's table

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Awesome lunch buffet! - Edit

The lunch buffet here is hard to beat. My favorite place for lunch in Chiang Mai. Such a huge variety of dishes, including many Northern-style items. I only wish I had a bigger stomach so I could eat more.

Pros: Large selection, Great taste, Good Value

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Foods are too sweet, Service no good - Edit

Me and my 2 friends went to Khun Churn 2 days ago. All of us did not enjoy their foods at all as TOO SWEET. We had Soup, Papaya salad and Kow Soy, we wouldn't eat. My friends couldn't beleive how SWEET??? Also the service wasn't good either. The waiter and waitress keep talking, we have to call them for service. We don't think we will go back there anymore.

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Not Good as expected - Edit

I went to Khun Churn for lunch, i had 3 dishes of the food; Papaya Salad, Tom Yum and Thai Noodle,they were so sweet. Service wasn't good at all. We finished out foods,but no one take out the empty plates from the table. No tissue on the table and we have to ask.... I don't think i will go back there a again as i know there are a lots of Vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai and some is very good, tasty and cheap as well...

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one of the best in Chiang Mai - Edit

first of it's a very decent restaurant. it's much more spacious than other vegetarian restaurants in town. the staffs are friendly but don't speak and understand english much. we really had a difficult time trying to tell them not to put red chilli into our dishes. the menu is extensive and it really encourages customers to return to the restaurant as there're just so many dishes to try and taste. it's really one of the best in the city.

Pros: excellent food, nice environment, extensive menu

Cons: no english speaking staff

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You must visit it! - Edit

The buffet is great, delicious, big variety of dishes. They have fresh cut vegetables, steamed vegetables, 3 dressing for them; 5 soups, brown rice, different noodles with 2 curries for them, dessert and choice of herbal drinks, plus ice and water. It as great as it takes! The place is very neat, clean and modern. Khun Churn shouldn’t be missed!

Pros: buffet variety, lots of good drinks, beautiful surroundings

Cons: very popular!!!

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Chiang Mai's best - Edit

One of the best Northern Thai Veg. restaurants in Thailand. It has both an open garden section with large fans and an indoor aircon section. Although it has a few too many Uni students for my liking it all ads to the atmosphere. Some of the dishes will be a little strange to those unfamiliar with northern food but are well worth trying. Reasonably expensive by Thai standards but cheap by western and, well, you have to pay for quality. Try the Khao soi, a masterpiece of northern style.

Pros: friendly service, excellent food, English spoken

Cons: can get very busy

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The best food i've had in Thailand! - Edit

I love the buffet they have at noon. They have a large variety of vegetables that you can use make a salad. Delicious penut sauce and dressings. A variety of steamed vegetables that changes daily. Brown rice. Several other tasty dishes that include a variety of local ingredients. 5 or more different kinds of soup. Noodles. Dessert. And several varieties of juice. And if this doesn't please you there's always the menu...

i love this place!

Pros: excellent food, great atmosphere, friendly staff

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Excellent - Edit

This place is open 10 to 10, 7 days, info current at August '08 confirmed by the staff.

This place is a bit of a hike from where most visitors are likely to be staying in Chiang Mai. It's a 40 minute walk from the old centre so best to take a tuk tuk, taxi etc. Tuk tuk was charging me 80 to 100 baht from old town & red taxi bus was 40 baht.

Khun Churn has a very nice ambience, it is set in a courtyard with a lot of grass & trees. There is an extensive menu, mostly Thai but with a few western dishes. Food was a bit mod, not like most Thai food places.

There is also a very good juice & smoothie bar attached, not sure if it's different owners but it seems to be separate but order off the same menu, if that makes sense.

I've sampled quite a few dishes & all were good. One criticism is that a lot of dishes contain egg & I'm a non egg eatig vegetarian. I was able to get them to prepare one dish without egg but personally I would prefer to see less of this.

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My best vegetarian food experience in Chiang Mai. - Edit

This place was great. The staff was very friendly and there was a huge selection of food. The outdoor terrace where the food was served was great too. I would definitely eat here often if I lived in Chiang Mai.

Pros: Large Selection, Atmosphere

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