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157 Dien Bien Phu Street, F15, Q Bin Tanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Small, family-owned vegan restaurant. Emphasis is on food made with heirloom red rice including pancakes, noodles, tea, desserts, and crackers. No added sugar. Also sells macrobiotic packaged food and books. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-9:00pm.

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17 Reviews

First Review by InnesPark

Better the second time - Edit

Nice restaurant, good service, large menu in English with photos. We spent about 10 minutes deciding what to order, to then be told that there was almost nothing available, only 2-3 options per page (out of 12 per page). The 5 spiced fried rice was just steamed rice with nuts on top and zero spices. The nori wrapped tofu was strong in flavour and tiny in size. The Thai noodle soup was sweet and full of inedible lemongrass. The individual rice cakes were a gluggy, pasty consistency with no flavour except the fried shallot on top. I had to add soy sauce to everything to make it taste better.
The second time the food was much better. Seaweed rolls with ginger, fresh spring rolls, seaweed fried rice, some sort of pasta with tomato sauce, steamed pumpkin were all great. I guess it's hit and miss, but I love the concept and what the owner is doing with brand.

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-03

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Bravo Khai Minh for standing tall in a "MSG world". :)

This humble place (it just looks like other typical grassroots eateries in Vietnam) serves you only natural food, maybe not the kind of MSG flavored veg dishes like in other chay places, so lots of people find this macrobiotic restaurant's vegan dishes "boring and flavorless" (!)
But as a 9 year vegan (nearly 100% raw vegan) I find the vegan food here amazing and I can taste the truest flavor of natural veggies, without any worries about MSG (this toxic chemical has been damaging asian people's health so much) in my food.

Bravo and just Bravo Khai Minh, thanks for being my only chay place everytime I visit Saigon.

Please keep doing your wonderful work! All of my respect,
HappyCow Ambassador of Hanoi

Updated from previous review on 2017-11-24

Pros: Great food, no msg for sure , Nice staff, Nice ambience

Cons: Honey

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Hard to find but worth it - Edit

It was extremely hard to find this restaurant for us as the address points somewhere else on Google maps. The neighbourhood is not the nicest, but in the end the food made it up for everything. The portions are relatively small so order more dishes at the same time and arrive early (no later than 8pm). They also sell spices, teas, seeds and even toothpaste.

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cheap, healthy, and a great exercise in patience - Edit

I've been coming back here for more than a year now to enjoy my favorites, and the friends I bring enjoy it too. The portions are on the lighter side, but the cheap prices remove the guilt of ordering two dishes. (18k-30k)The staff is friendly, and can speak a tiny bit of English. Must try: Hu Tieu Kho (dried noodles) Gio Cuon (fresh spring rolls with killer sauce), Bi do sup (pumpkin soup), Com Sushi (sushi roll). I have always liked it here, and I understand that the place has its faults. When they're busy, it may take awhile to get food, and they're especially busy on the 1st & 15th of Lunar calendar. The hours are listed until 9pm, but I'm often turned away at 8:30 or given very limited choice from the menu. The waitress always recommends that I go earlier. Otherwise they stock a lot of their products on shelves for purchase, like red rice, and red rice paper.

Pros: cheap, delicious, healthy

Cons: kitchen begins to shut down at 8:30

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Good service and cheap, tasty food. - Edit

I was given a menu in English which was very fortunate as sadly my Vietnamese is non existent. There is a big choice of food and drinks on the menu and quite a range of vegan products on sale in the restaurant. I opted for traditional pancakes for starters and a brown rice noodle dish for main course. The lotus seed milk I ordered came hot which I wasn't expecting but it was a very pleasant drink.

The food was very tasty and as I was eating the waitress gave me a bottle of Black sesame seed milk which was a nice touch. The bill was 72k dong for the 2 courses plus hot drink which I thought very cheap as it's a pleasant restaurant with good food. After my quest to try a new place everyday finishes I'll be returning here.

Pros: Good food , Good service , Cheap

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In my opinion the best vegan place in the city - Edit

This joint has it all - high quality ingredients, it's 100% vegan, it's super cheap and it has awesome staff. you get a full meal for about 1,5 dollars and if you are willing to spend a little more, for about 4 dolars, you can get pancakes or crepes, soup, spring rolls and main course. everything is very tasty and original. i'm pretty sure you won't be able to get this variety of vegan food anywhere else in the city. must visit!

Pros: Prices & portions, Variety of food, Staff

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Unimpressed! - Edit

We tried this place because of the good reviews but weren't impressed.

We'd been looking forward to trying the pancakes which were a starter. We ordered them but they never came and we had to ask for them to be taken off our bill at the end, which was not very easy as we don't speak Vietnamese.

We tried the turmeric noodles and red rice Udon noodles. The turmeric dish was OK. The Udon noodles were SO boring. Chewy noodles served in a thin soup that just tasted like water than veg have been boiled in once, with about 3 slices of carrot and some chopped spring onion or chives on top. It was like a homeopathic dose of veg - water with a vague, distant memory of vegetable.

It has a lot going for it as an idea - vegan, macrobiotic, worthy - and it seemed quite popular with Vietnamese customers working their way through large plates of red-brown rice - but it wasn't for us. I think it's the first time I've ever gone home after a meal and made myself a snack just to get some sense of flavour back in my life!

Pros: Vegan , Cheap

Cons: Didn't get dish we ordered, Dull, flavourless dish

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One of my favourites in HCMC :-) - Edit

Khai Minh is a godsend for vegans and coeliacs in HCMC - just pure, wholesome, great food. Was so refreshing to be able to take my coeliac mom somewhere to eat where she didn't have to worry about gluten lurking everywhere as the menu, as far as I'm aware, doesn't have any mock meat dishes. I love that all the food is made with brown rice (even the banh xeo and banh beo)and it's the only place where I've had brown rice noodles, which really makes such a difference. The noodle soup with turmeric is also absolutely delicious and I'd highly recommend it :-)

It's not got the cosiest of atmospheres and the staff don't speak English, but the menu is in English and whatever you choose, it's guaranteed to be of excellent quality. Morever, the food here is cheap, and I mean CHEAP. They don't skimp on portion sizes and I think the most expensive thing on the menu is 40,000 VND.

I've taken family and friends here and they have all said it's probably the best veg place I've taken them to, in terms of price and quality of food :-)

Pros: Pure, wholesome, good quality food, Sooo cheap!

Cons: A bit out of the way (nr. Saigon Zoo)

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Nice food! - Edit

So happy that I discovered this place. The food is so cheap and delicious! One of the things that caught my attention was the menu says:
"This menu is strictly vegan. This menu follows a macrobiotic diet. It only use natural ingredients. No sugar, no MSG, no additives whatsoer.
It is designed to bring the best nutritionalvalue to your body"

This words made me feel confident about the food I was eating. In vietnam, specially the Chay (vegetarian) restaurants use a lot of white sugar and MSG to mask the real flavor of the food, which is not very healthy at all...

Delicious food, the menu is in vietnamese and english both, but the waiter does not speak english.

They do sell some products as well... it would be interesting that the label of the products would be in english to know what it is...

Pros: Delicious food, NO MSG and sugar added, Cheap prices

Cons: They dont speak english (but engl menu)

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nourishing Food and passionate owners - Edit

I've traveled 9 months in south east asia. I'm limited in what I can eat due to the" MSG," and GLUTEN used in most dishes and sauce. I love this restaurant because of the purity in their menu. The couple who runs this restaurant are passionate and caring. Very delicious meals. Plus you feel vital and happy that the meal is animal free.
I went to this place not expecting to make friends from France and Australia, we would meet up every other day to have lunch. What a great time that was.
They have the best brown rice noodles, banh xeo,soup, and tasty entrées.
This place made my stay in Vietnam extra special.

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A True Healthy Restaurant - Edit

I come here often for many reasons. The food here is truly healthy for you and the owners are happy to tell you why. One of the few places in Saigon that I have found that uses brown rice. But the fact that it is healthy does not mean it doesn't taste good. Just the opposite, the food is fantastic and I just try anything on the menu and it is all good. The people that run the restaurant are so friendly and I often have them choose my food and they never disappoint. A couple times they will just bring out extra food for me to try, really nice and genuine people. After eating here I feel healthier, they make food the right way. Finally the price is very low especially for the incredible quality of food. This is certainly worth a visit while you are in Saigon

Pros: Healthy & Delicious Food, People who own the Restaurant, Price

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Mostly Vegetarian

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A real cut above any vegan restaurant in Saigon - Edit

Quan Luc Khai Minh knows what hollistic means.

I came there for food, I left with a smile, a new philosophy and a new family.

Super healthy, food as a medicine.
No sugar/MSG/additives.
100% organic food.
Super friendly.
Family-run, homemade.
Cheap. (1-2$/meal, 0.5$ for tea kettle of cereal milk (worth a try)).

There's simply no other places like it that I can think of in Vietnam. Come and try the macrobiotic diet. We are what we eat !

Pros: Super friendly family, Organic food, natural ingredients, Super cheap

Cons: You'll be sad to leave :-), English is being improved, It does not look like a 3* restauant

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Khai Minh 1 Update - Edit

Phone 0989678129 not 09396...
157 Dien Bien Pho - over Saigon River from District 1
Taxi cost about 60 - 100K Dong from Ben Than Market.
Meal 120K Dong with many courses and takeaway (for 1)
No English menu and some difficulty communicating but great help from Vietnamese customers (don't expect to see Westerner)
But they know "Happy Cow" and guessed where I had heard of them.
I left it up to them to bring whatever they thought
Cu Hu Dual (coconut plant in "hot pot") was highlight
Went well with Com Pham (plain red rice), but other customers had sushi with red rice etc.
With me the right food triggers a little prayer of thanksgiving with each mouthful - these two dishes had that effect.
Updated from previous review on Monday March 10, 2014

Pros: Food from , Non-Tourist experience, Interaction with other customers

Cons: Costs more to get there than meal, No Enlish menu

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Surprise Lunch - Edit

After reading the review of fellow members, I went to try out this restaurant. Is further from the city center but not too far. by the time I went in, it was pass 2pm so not many people. I thought maybe is a mistake. I look at their simple menu and order the banh xeo, and banh beo. Although nobody it took a little time before my lunch came. Is 5 or 6 pieces of pancake like omelet not look like the normal vietnamese banh xeo. That is big and yellow , the one Khai Minh serve is small, soft and brownish. No side vegetable and sauce. but as I dig into it, wow so natural flavor. Not much or no oil, it is soft and delicately delicious. No wonder it take so long, as I think the cook really make it with love. I am so surprise of the healthy food that I order a banh beo to go. Absolutely good and must come back for other dishes.

Pros: healthy, inexpensive, free tea

Cons: further from city center

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good food - Edit

We had been there twice and it was very tasty. They brought us food for free to try out. There are pictures on the wall and a small Vietnamese menue.
Tee is for free.
They use red rice which we didn't know before.

Pros: cheap, tasty, nice staff

Cons: small menue, no English menue

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Special restaurant - Edit

Khai Minh is a gem in HCMC. So far there's no eatery for macrobiotic fan (no GMS, no sugar, no pes, less oil). This family is the pioneer. Food is simple, but they make it with heart, so it's delicious, healthy and balanced. Try their pancake (banh xeo), tiny pancake (banh khot or banh beo). The whole grain drink is also a must try. If you want to totally take out the oil in the meal, you can also request them in advance.

Pros: cheap, delicious, healthy

Cons: time-consuming because the food will, be prepared when you order., not so many choices

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HCMC's healthy macrobiotic option - Edit

I have been coming to Khai Minh for lunch and dinner for several weeks and everyday the 'Com Phan' or dishes of the day are different every time, tasty and healthy. Some type of heirloom red rice is at the basis of most dishes.
Amazing value for $ and friendly service. Some English is spoken and there are pictures on the walls you can order from. An English menu is being developed.
Expect a lot of vegetables you might not even have seen before if you are not Vietnamese. A real find and a cut above the other restaurants in HCMC in terms of the healthy macrobiotic nature of the cuisine.
Three different sizes of mini-pancakes! And plenty of dried snacks, rice and menu items to take away..
Whilst you are eating they will surprise you with various foods to try that you haven't ordered :)

Pros: All macrobiotic, Great value. High quality. V cheap., Friendly atmosphere

Cons: No English menu., On a busy road

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