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Vegan fast food restaurant. Also a gallery with 12 LCD inform about vegetarian lifestyle. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by cdrk


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27 Oct 2023

Highly recomanded

Very good buffet with a large selection of dishes. The food was very good, the buffet decor was very specific. If you've been to Loving Hut, you know the vibe, it looks very similar and the Supreme Mistress is smiling from the photos😉Anyways, highly recomanded place with huge variety of vegan food.



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18 Oct 2023

A fabulous restaurant

An absolute go-to in a city that doesn't have a lot of vegan options. A wide range of rood, but you can't go past the skewers. I dream about them!

Pros: Cheap, Clean, Delicious


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25 Jun 2023


This is not fast food as it states in the description. It’s an incredible buffet with a wide range of mock meats, amazing brown rice and some veggies. They also have their own soya milk. Vegan ice cream available. Everything is great but I don’t understand why they pack cutlery into plastic. Nevertheless food is awesome and there is literally no competitive vegan place in Bandung


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21 Feb 2023

Amazing buffet

The choices at this place are incredible. They have an excellent selection of mock meats as well as lots of veggies, rice, and noodles. I wish I was in town for more than a day; I would definitely come back.


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20 Dec 2022

Lovely veggie buffet with huge vegan options

They also do a lot of local activism to raise awareness about veganism & sustainability - go support if you're ever in the area x


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Non Veg
16 Nov 2022

Makanannya Enak

1. Pahe Sehat Komplet 2
Paket 2 ini dapat2 lauk dan 3 sayur plus dengan minuman. Lauknya aku pilih sate dan udang balado, sayurnya aku pilih daun singkong, bihun goreng, dan keripik kentang. Walau ini makanan vege, rasa lauknya mirip banget sama daging, apalagi satenya, rasanya manis gurih dan teksturnya juicy. Udangnya juga enak, terbuat dari tepung dan jamur jadi teksturnya kenyal seperti daging udang beneran. Keripik kentangnya juga enak, crispy manis gurih. Cuma kalau kesini hati-hati ya sama cabenya, makan sedikit aja pedas banget.


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31 May 2022

Vegan foodcort buffet

Good place for vegan/vegetarian people, they give knowledge and different experience to eat the vegan food

Pros: Many choices , Homey style , Affordable prices


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25 May 2022

Great experience

I'm really happy i came here

Pros: Cheap, Delicious , Big variety


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15 Mar 2022

Senang makan vegetarian di restoran sederhana ini

Makanan bervariatif, penjaga ramah2, harga terjangkau, mantap!

Pros: Makanan bervariatif, Harga murah dan terjangkau, Tempat duduk banyak


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07 Mar 2020

Loved it

A lot of food options, buffet and menu. I usually prefer the buffet. The price is normal, a bit pricier than "normal" local warungs but not really expensive. It was super duper delicious. Spend 3 days in Bandung and ate atleast 1 to 2 times a day on every day of my trip. 😍

Pros: All vegan

Cons: /


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24 Jan 2020

So happy I found this place

After struggling for vegan food in Jakarta, discovering this place only 300m from my hostel in Bandung was just what the doctor ordered. The food selection was massive and it is so affordable and you get your food instantly. I ate here all three nights I was in Bandung and regret absolutely nothing.

The place is covered in vegan propoganda which kept a smile on my face, and on the way out I had a chat to the manager who is a big advocate for veganism and fighting climate change. Can't recommend this place enough.

Pros: So many options, Manager is vegan, Propaganda everywhere

Cons: Difficult to understand the ordering process


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19 Jan 2020

Great variety and price!

For less than $6 USD my boyfriend and I each got the rice 4 sides meal with an extra mock meat item and then 4 sates. Loved the sate as well as the mock meats and fried tofu. I would definitely come back to try more.


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26 Nov 2019

Great choice and value

This was really close to my hostel so I was very fortunate. I had the buffet - cheap, filling and quite spicy! I had planned to come here again but ended up on a trip all day so didn’t get the opportunity but definitely recommend it.
If I'd been in Bandung longer this would have been my daily meal I think.

Pros: 100% vegan, Good selection , Good value


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03 Aug 2019

Amazing vegan food

Went there for dinner and I was surprised by the huge selection of vegan dishes that they had in their buffet. You can either order a main which is pictured at the back of the buffet area or get rice with an array of sides. Everything was delicious. The soya proteins were really good and they had a lot of vegetables too, which you don’t see a lot in Indonesian restaurants. The drink I got tasted kind of odd though, but that might just be me.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Quick service, Promotes a vegan lifestyle


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31 Jul 2019

Food was good, poor service

The food tasted good but the serving size was small, when I got tempeh they only gave me one piece so i asked for another then got charged an extra serving of vege. I paid 18k for my meal, but felt i could have got a little more tempe or veggies in the serve, maybe my lady wasn't feeling generous that day. I tried talking to her but she didn't seem interested in us and I tried talking about veganism but she said she wasn't vegan. I just felt the workers there aren't vegan so you don't feel the vegan love even with all the vegan signs around the place. I personally wouldn't go back because of the atmosphere. They tried charging my sister extra for some serving of vege but she refused to pay the extra and said she got the right amount.

Cons: Workers obviously don't care about veganism


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28 Jul 2019

Great food, cheap price

We went twice while in Bandung and it was great both times. Simple menu and buffet with a lot of choice for a very cheap price. Portions can vary a lot depending on the person serving tho. Free drinking water is a plus! The staff is not really speaking English but with the pictures and the buffet it is quite self-explanatory.


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25 Jul 2019

Great food cheap price

Tasty food there’s a simple menu and also a buffet where you select what food you would like
Pretty cheap however portion sizes can be a lil small sometimes
They’re also on Gojek so you can get it delivered to your accomodation if you don’t have transport or don’t want to go out!
Closing time is actually 8/9pm though not 10!
Highly recommend the satay :)

Pros: All vegan with vegan propaganda everywhere, Free drinking water


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26 Jun 2019


I literally have no idea what I had, because the staff don’t speak much English and there aren’t labels for anything! But it’s all vegan and tasted amazing. Also very cheap. Plus, the vegan propaganda in there was top notch!

Pros: All vegan , Cheap, Tasted great

Cons: None


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15 Oct 2018

Vegan hub

Best place in Bandung, hands-down! Buffet style restaurant with lots of mock meat and vegetable sauces. Satay skewers are most popular for a good reason! One plate has a base price of about A$2 for rice and 4 veg sauces, but mock meats cost a bit more. Overall still ridiculously cheap for the amount and quality. Vegan message is widely noticed with lots of screens displaying good information! Ended coming here almost every day during our stay.

Pros: Cheap, Good quality, Good service

Cons: Sometimes food isn’t hot/fresh


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20 Aug 2018

Restaurant With Full Choices

this place is one of my favorite place to eat, full of choices, cheap and healthy. I fully recommended this place to everyone!

Pros: cheap, may choices, unique


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03 May 2018


The food was really really good, but also very spicy. It's full at lunch but quiet in the evening. Only 9.000 1.000 tax for a plate of rice with 4 options of veggies/tofu/tempeh. Vegan meat costs extra, but is also very affordable


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29 Apr 2018

One of the best vegan restaurants in Indonesia.

Tasty food, huge selection, fair price, including an education center for vegan lifestyle. Relaxed atmosphere! Come and enjoy this highly popular restaurant!

Pros: Cheap, tasty food


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02 Oct 2017

Good Lord, this food is great!

I was so happy that I could try vegan Sate. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and there's so much too choose that I almost took too much. Thanks for this place of awesomeness!


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09 Sep 2017

delicious vegan food!

Amazingly affordable (try the satay!!) and delicious vegan food. Portions are small so we went for second servings :)


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10 Aug 2017

Vegan Lifesaver in Bandung

Near impossible to eat vegan in this largely carnist city and thankful for this cafe.

Reliable opening hours in a country whose establishments are mostly unreliable with opening hours, even with a website.

Simple delicious local food and good variety. Rice with many choices of dishes and noodles. I ate here almost every day. My only gripe is the serving portion is tiny for someone with a good appetite like me but at extremely reasonable prices, you can always order more.

Awesome to see a vegan cafe promoting against the use and exploitation of animals. Please support them.

Pros: Delicious food , Good variety of local cuisine , Very reasonable prices

Cons: Very small portion


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04 Apr 2016

Best vegan joint in Bandung

Offer numerous vegan dishes served with rice in a buffet arrangement. You get rice and pick up to 4 sides for their basic offering for Rp 8,000. + tax.

They also have numerous faux meat dishes and vegan satay (faux meat skewers) which they grill on site numerous times during the day. You can add these for a surcharge to their Rp 8,000 package.

Also offer an ala carte menu with faux meat dishes which are both Indonesian and Western.

Only downside is they don't replenish their buffet later in the evening so choices may be limited if you come around closing time (open till 2100 on weekdays and 2200 on weekends).

Pros: Wide range of options, Cheap, Organised and clean

Cons: Not much parking outside


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19 Apr 2014

Great place.

I've been there a few times and tried more than half of what they serve.
Meals are extremely cheap (6000INR for one small portion of rice and for small portions of vegetables, a supplement of 5000INR is asked for some of the mock meat stuff - so in stead of paying almost double price I took two plates for myself, that was a lot but one plate is a bit small).
The food is very good, you can ask for some sauces (chilli...).
Usual drinks : tea, juices, etc. You can also buy some nice vegan krupuks (starch & seaweeds).
Friendly staff, some don't speak a good English.
You can take away in a box (recycled matter) for a small extra money or in the usual Indonesian paper pack (free).
The propaganda in the restaurant is the same than in Loving Hut, they are definitely affiliated to the same Buddhist sect.
There's a barbecue to make some vegan sate inside, unfortunately the smoke is sometimes invading the place...

Pros: Excellent food, Cheap, Friendly staff

Cons: The barbecue inside.

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