Restaurant est. 2016 serving vegetarian Thai cuisine. On the menu dishes like green curry with tofu, green papaya salad, pad thai with tempeh. Serves mocktails. Pick up and delivery only. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by veganpandabear


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01 Jul 2023

Yummy vegan food

The best curly fries ever and pad thai

Pros: Curly fries , Pad Thai



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28 Jun 2023

Noodle overload!

Big portions. Good noodles. Nice location. Friendly staff. What’s not to love?


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06 May 2023


Delish! I loved the GF drunken noodles and fried rice

Pros: Vegan friendly menu and GF menu

Cons: Little seating available when busy


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03 May 2023


I was impressed with the flavors here, the stir-fry I got was delicious. However, I was just a little bummed because there aren’t that many gluten-free options - they put soy sauce in a lot of things, including the curry, so what I could get was limited. But I tried something different and it was really tasty.

Pros: Delicious Thai

Cons: Not a lot of gluten-free options


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02 Apr 2023

Excellent first visit

Tried the Pad Thai with extra veggies and the Som Tum (papaya salad). Well-balanced flavors and textures. Generous portions suitable for sharing. Looking forward to exploring the menu in greater detail over the next few months.


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28 Feb 2023


Really tasty food. The appies were great. Left here having eaten wayyyy too much. Only thing I didn’t like about this place was that you had to order from your phone and pay and tip ahead of time. As someone who doesn’t have a zip code for the order system( not from USA) it made it difficult.
Also…. I like having a person to talk to, give recommendations and tip. The Computer thing is not my jam, and usually I love jam.


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09 Feb 2023

So good, but even medium is spicy!!!

The food is excellent quality. The veggies are fresh with a nice crisp. The sauce is flavorful, but spicy!! Order wisely:)


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08 Feb 2023


Never disappointed with my food from Kati but once I ordered Pad Kra Prao, I never wanted to order anything else. It’s the best!
My only complaint is that they are often out of an ingredient (even before covid) and therefore will not offer any items on the menu that contain that item (ie. Basil) to maintain the integrity of the dishes.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Parking is a nightmare, Often out of things


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31 Jan 2023

A lot of vegan options

I really enjoy it here, I am very glad they are reopened and look forward to trying more. I've only been here once or twice, I think what I got was good. I plan to try more items, some of what I ordered the 1st time seemed like a flavor overlap, but I like it.
I love their ordering menu you can +/- things in or out your meals, common allergens/sensitivities. That is a kind thought and must streamline for them, so a positive mutuality.

I want to note a reply to all who say it's $$$. Running a cafe in covid and recession etc must be very expensive. If you are willing to shell out for non-veg places, please don't say its too much at a veg spot. Food costs have gone up, as have many other things these days, don't blame cafes.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-31

Pros: a lot of vegan options , accommodating to sensitivities, menu ease // Kind staff


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08 Jan 2023


I got the red curry and enjoyed it! The only downside was the food took forever to come because they were very busy.


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06 Dec 2022

Will definitely be back

Delicious food and a dedicated gluten free menu

Pros: Dedicated gluten free, Optional spice level for everything, All veggie

Cons: A bit pricey


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23 Nov 2022

Good for Wildwood

Tonight, KaTi hosted a fundraiser for Wildwood Farm Sanctuary. I ordered the Garlic & Pepper Stir Fry with soft tofu, steamed broccoli, and jasmine rice in garlic sauce. I appreciate being able to order it not spicy. There was more tofu than broccoli, so I would have preferred more balance. Otherwise, it was very good.

Pros: choice of spiciness, big portions


Points +111

20 Aug 2022

Best Thai in Portland

If you are tired of the over sweetened, bland Thai food come here. Complex flavors balanced beautifully. Wok hai for days.


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14 Aug 2022

Tasty and lots of vegan dishes

Fun ambiance, tasty food


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04 Aug 2022

Good but expensive

Had an appetiser (the only one below $ 10) and one of the house entrees. Both were good, although for my taste the entree was a bit out of balance: too much tofu (fried in some basil-layer, pretty good), too few veggies. It was marked as spicy, the menu says "spicy is spicy", and it actually is spicy, so if you're not used to it I suggest going for medium spicy.

That said I do not feel like it deserves 5 stars: the music was so loud it was a struggle understanding the waitress; while I was still clearly eating I already was sort of coerced to pay; and the heat level of the food was regulated by simply adding dried chilli flakes instead of fresh chilis. For the rather high price (One cheap drink, appetizer, entree and tip will easily get you over $ 40) this could be improved.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-04

Pros: Spicy is spicy

Cons: Too expensive


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07 Jul 2022

Favorite Thai Restaurant

Their curries are amazing! Everything is full of flavor and good quality ingredients.

Pros: Everything is veganizable, Delicious , Generous Servings


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23 May 2022


One of my favorite restaurants in the country! The nam kao tod is phenomenal and I live for in-season mangoes for sticky rice!

Pros: Many vegan options, Fresh and flavorful, Exceptionally consistent


Points +365

07 May 2022


Highly recommended, delicious food and great service


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27 Jan 2022

Uncooked veggies

Tom Kha soup was good. spicy even tho I selected medium. Got drunken noodles and pineapple fried. Drunken noodles were supposed to be medium and had no spicy ness at all. I selected to have veggies instead of tofu. Kind of disappointing the unevenness of how the veggies were cooked some were cooked down well then I would bite into a raw mushroom or raw broccoli and just not what I was expecting for the price and the drunken noodles were all in solidified Chunks not like how they should be noodles.

Pros: Lots of vegan and gluten free options

Cons: Uneven cooking


Points +247

22 Jan 2022

Fun environment

This place has a fun vibe. I brought a non-veg friend and we had a great meal & really enjoyed their cocktails too!


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01 Nov 2021

Loved and hated it

Ordered Drunken Noodles with fried tofu and shelled out extra for veggies too. Super tasty but pretty expensive.

Also got an order of the Tom Yum soup with veggies which was just legitimately bad. We ended up throwing it out as no one liked it.

Both dishes were supposed to be medium level spicy but seemed to be spicier. I have a pretty decent tolerance to spicy food (used to live in San Diego, lots of Mexican) so didn't mind, but others who are a bit more sensitive should be cautious when ordering.


Points +523

30 Sep 2021

The best Thai food

Seriously the best Thai food I’ve ever had. So flavorful and if you request spicy food they actually make it spicy. Found my new go-to.


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08 Sep 2021

Hands down best Thai

The best Thai food, probably anywhere. Their “Hot” versions of dishes will take you on a journey. Definitely not white people spicy!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Easy to use online order, Great for takeout

Cons: Not a lot of seating


Points +82

07 Sep 2021

The best restaurant I have been to in my life

This was the absolute best flavor fusion happening in every dish. I am blown away! Truly this was an incredible dinning experience! They even have vegan Thai ice tea!!!! And be warned the spicy is serious! my husband is a spice addict and the hot had him crying and couldn’t finish it was so hot!


Points +36

29 Jul 2021


Everything we had was literally perfect! We had the vegan lettuce wraps as an appetizer, two coconut milk teas, a vegan tofu pad Thai, a vegan fried rice and a mango sticky rice (to take home). Everything was well seasoned, perfectly plated and pipping hot! It didn’t even need added soy sauce as the flavors burst on your taste buds with every bite. Everything tastes authentic and the staff was super nice! After a day of shopping and job hunting it was the perfect way to celebrate. HIGHLY would recommend this place even though I want to keep it to myself lol

Pros: Friendly Staff, Vegan Meals and Dessert , Budget Friendly

Cons: None! Run here when you can 🏃‍♀️


Points +4737

17 Jul 2021

Best Thai Food I've had in ages!

This place was fantastic!! It's a vegetarian Thai places, so you'll find way more great veg options than you would at a omni Thai place. The flavours were phenomenal, it was more delicious than I was expecting! Highly recommend Nam Kao Tod, and Boss Special. Pad Se Ew was great too! When we went (July 2021), we had to place our order over the phone (you can order online too), and they were open for outdoor dining.


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12 Jun 2021

Actually spicy

This was delicious. Ordered pad Thai and most of the time when I ask for something spicy, it’s just barely spicy. The spicy level is not for the faint of heart and was just right for me.

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