A small shop in the heart of the old town selling handmade vegan chocolate and sweets. Open Tue-Sat 11:00-18:00. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by TaaviKasemagi


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Mostly Veg
01 Dec 2023

Love it!

Amazing selection of chocolate. Full vegan! The owner is like the chocolate, sweet & funky 💓

Pros: Full vegan, Selection, Price



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05 Oct 2023

I'm amazed

This small place is so beautifully decorated. A lot of the chocolates are one of a kind and unique. Also featuring some tradiontal Esonian delights. Simply beautiful!

Pros: Special place, Not expensive


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05 Oct 2023

Delicious and pretty sweets but staff could be kinder

The store looks lovely and so do and taste the sweets. However, like I've noticed in most Estonian markets, attractions, shops and so on, the staff is pretty taciturn and looks like they hate working there. Not even a faint smile. Thus, we felt like we were intruding. Pretty awkward.

Pros: Delicious all-vegan sweets, Beautiful interior

Cons: Staff is taciturn like in many other shops, Awkward atmosphere


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25 Sep 2023

So cute!

It is a lovely chocolate shop run by a daughter and her mother! Everything is handmade and vegan, and the shop is very cute💗And the chocolate is delicious!

Pros: Friendly staff, Lovely interior, Great selection of vegan chocolates


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10 Sep 2023

Full vegan

So many different things to try here and it’s all 100% vegan! (Confirmed by the lady working) marshmellows, fruits, popcorn, cookie, slice, chocolates lots of fun flavours. I tried the peppermint and the biscuit slice and they were lovely, definitely a fun place to visit when in Tallinn


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02 Sep 2023

Amazing for everyone

Great range of amazing sweets for all testes, both for vegans and non vegans.

Pros: All vegan chocolate , Handmade , Exiting flavours


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02 Aug 2023

Lovely place

When we went, there weren’t many truffles. The lady at the store said they’d get some in a few hours, so we couldn’t try it unfortunately. But the ones that we did try were good - snickers bar, marshmallow and some liquer kinda thing. The fact that it’s fully vegan gets it an extra star!


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19 Jul 2023

Absolute magic!

This spot is adorable and the chocolates are as imaginative as they are flavorful. There is a huge variety and everything is hand made. This place deserves a place in the hall of fame of vegan dessert spots!

Pros: 100% vegan since 2016, Absolutely charming decore, Free coffee and a spot to relax


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15 Jul 2023

Pretty charming atmospheric cafe

We went to this cute place. Inside you smell the chocolate so tasty. You can chose between a lot of vegan chocolate sweets -like a little paradise. (2.50 euro/sweet). But the two we chose were not that nice. We got a snickers sweet with peanuts and a chocolate one with raspberry. The snickers one was very very very sweet, too sweet for us and the raspberry one had a very synthetic flavor (a kind of chewing gum style) ... so we would not recommend this two, but maybe the others are better...they definitely look delicious and fabulous! And to sit inside and enjoy the nice cozy atmosphere should be recommended as well :)

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-15

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Wonderful atmosphere

Cons: Too sweet and artificial flavour, Pice was okay, but not cheap


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08 Jul 2023

Amazing chocolate

Absolutely amazing chocolate, super nice owner, cosy place and reasonable prizes


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04 Jul 2023

Unique chocolate shop

Amazing selection of handmade chocolates! A must visit if you’re in Tallinn🍫


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03 Jun 2023

Not enough STARS**********

A beautiful and elegant little chocolate cafe with free coffee and tea in a beautiful sitting room. And the chocolate… oh my god. I had the Baileys truffle and the banana truffle—@€2.5.

Hint: they are about the size of an American brownie but really each one should probably be sliced up into 8 smaller truffles.

Of course, there are not a lot of vegan chocolatiers in the world that I know of, but this is the best of the few I have experienced. Ilva, who is Swedish, is the very friendly chocolatier.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-03

Pros: CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES, Extremely friendly, Adorable store see


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27 Feb 2023

Cute and delicious

A cute little shop in the old town. I tried the snikkers and the Bailey's. They were both delicious. The Bailey's had quite a lot of alcohol. The spice was also fine at 2.5€ each.

Pros: All vegan, Many options, Delicious


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14 Feb 2023

Best vegan chocolate

Very nice place with great vegan chocolate. A lot of options. Their caramel-sea salt chocolate is the best. Great staff, they let you taste the chocolate. Highly recommend to visit.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-14

Pros: All vegan, Super nice staff, Good prices


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28 Jan 2023

I have never tasted so good chocolate

The business owner is very pleasant lady who obviously knows a lot about chocolate making. I have bought a ton of chocolate and it was surprisingly cheap

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Pleasant owner, Affordable


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21 Jan 2023

All vegan chocolate and cake shop

A lovely surprise!! The lady working here said everything was vegan. We bought a big variety of chocolate and cakes and everything was stunning. Really not expensive either.

Warning: the chilli in the chocolate is not fooling around!!


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20 Jan 2023


We came from Warsaw for a weekend and found this Little shop😄super nice owner, super good sweets!

Pros: Mindblowing!, Cute Little shop, Super tasty vegan sweets!


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17 Nov 2022

Living legend

It's a must for us to visit Karu Talu every time we come to Tallin! The salted caramel chocolate is our ultimate favorite. It is perhaps good to know that they use liquor to achieve many of the flavours, so there is a ting of alcohol after taste in some of the pieces. Their shop is super cute, but note that they take only cash payments. The shop owner is super nice as well!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-16

Pros: Great chocolate, Cute place

Cons: Cash only


03 Jun 2023

It is no longer true that they don’t take credit cards. I just used one.


06 Jun 2023


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07 Nov 2022

Große Auswahl

Alles ist vegan und es gibt viele verschiedene Schokoladen. Leider ist auch einiges mit Alkohol gewesen. Preislich war es ganz gut.

Pros: Alles vegan, Viele verschiedene Sorten

Cons: Leider viel mit Alkohol


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13 Sep 2022

So much delicious selection (and all vegan!)

This is a lovely little shop near the town centre with so much vegan selection! I had a hard time choosing, so I took the proprietor’s top two recommendations: a Vana Tallinn chocolate square and a snickers square. Both were good, but not my favourite. I loved the texture and creaminess of the Vana Tallinn chocolate square, but I wasn’t a fan of how strong the alcohol flavour was (I’m generally not a fan of liquor, so I probably should have avoided an alcohol infused chocolate). I enjoyed how the chocolate was coated in gold dust - very creative.

The snickers square was big, but too sweet for me. I also thought it could have been better balanced: the puffed rice (?) base could have been reduced in favour of more peanuts and some caramel.

I wish I had the opportunity to try some other sweets - there were so many on offer that I had trouble choosing. I’m sure that I could have found a favourite had I gone back for more snacks! Prices are very fair. I think I paid €4 total for my two sweets. I’m giving this three stars because I wasn’t a fan of the two sweets I had, but don’t let this stop you from going. It’s wonderful to find a vegan sweet shop with so much selection, and I’m sure I’d have found sweets I liked had I tried more.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-13


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05 Sep 2022

The BEST! ❤️

I love Karu Talu chocolate shop. Owner is so lovely, treats look and taste like heaven and it’s located in the Old Town.
My favorite is marzipan and Kirju Koer.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-03

Pros: 100% vegan


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31 Aug 2022


im not really fan of chocolate but i had to try it and i dont regret it:) very goood and so rich!


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24 Aug 2022

Vegan chocolate heaven

The chocolates and sweets they have are delicious, and there’s so many options to choose from. The whole vibe in the shop is also great, with quirky interior and cute signs! Can highly recommend the Snickers and Marsipan, and also the one I bought which is on my photo (never really got the name).


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22 Aug 2022

Incredible vegan desserts

This is vegan heaven. There are loads of different flavours of chocolate truffle bars. I had a bounty and my boyfriend had a snickers. Will definitely be back. The woman is so friendly and even gave us free samples. The best part was that the bars are only 2 euros each! So cheap.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-22

Pros: Everything is vegan, So many different flavours , Very cheap

Cons: Shut either 2 or three days a week


14 Sep 2022


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22 Aug 2022

A Hidden Treasure

Located on a narrow street just off the main square of the old town, Karu Talu Sokolaad is easy to miss. But miss it you musn't! Everything from the friendly service, the charming interior, and the delicious chocolate (of course) will lure you back.

The snickers slice is a must try, and at only €2 per slice, is excellent value.


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28 Jul 2022

Willy Wonka‘s Fever Dream

Their peanut butter bars are absolutely delicious and basically a meal for two to three people. I just wish you could sit down and have a coffee with your metric kiloton of sugar!


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21 Jul 2022

THE place for chocolate lovers

This cozy store has everything a chocolate lovers wants and it's not very expensive. You can find many extraordinary sorts there.

Pros: Many options, Everything is vegan , extraordinary sorts

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