Serves meat, vegan options available. Will make basically any vegetarian dish vegan, plus many meat dishes can be made vegan. Staff speaks English and will happily adapt anything. 278 ノムラテーラーハウス寺町店. Reservations recommended. Open Mon-Wed 4:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 4:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm. Last orders 9:00pm.

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First Review by CarlovanEeckhoven


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21 Aug 2023

Lovely staff, great food

Wonderful experience. No yelling tourists, nicely organised for such a small place. Staff asks instinctively if you’re vegetarian/vegan.



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07 Aug 2023

Lovely little restaurant

We had a great experience here. We had a party of six, which is big for small Japanese restaurants to accommodate. They were very nice and made space for us. Everyone in our party loved their meals. The appetizers were fun.


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06 Aug 2023

A very good dinner in a small cozy place

The place is very small (12 seats at most) so book in advance if you don't want to wait, since a dinner from start to finish can be lengthy.
If you are 2 people you'll be seated right in front of the cooks preparing okonomiyaki which is awesome.

Be aware of cross-contamination: when you order a vegan menu they use a small portion of the cooker, they will clean it and use different clean utensils, but if the night is busy the cleaning of the cooker may not be thorough.
We personally didn't mind

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Pros: Food, Scenery


06 Aug 2023

What a helpful review, I better check this place out!


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15 Jul 2023

Great experience

The staff in the restaurant are lovely. We were sat at the bar so had our food made right in front of us. They completely understood what vegan means and checked with me beforehand that it was correct. They cleaned off the grill and utensils thoroughly and cooked my main on its own (a little awkward with the rest of the diners watching me eat after but it didn’t take long to cook their food once mine was made!). The food was excellent and I’m just sad that I won’t be able to get okonomiyake at home. The restaurant is very small, you will need to book if you want to go; they were fully booked when we visited and had to turn away many groups that tried to get in.

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Mostly Veg
01 Jul 2023

Very nice

I got the vegan okonomiyaki set and it was good. After trying okonomiyaki 3 different times I think I'm just not really into the okonomiyaki taste and so. It is a nice experience seeing them make all the food, the place looked nice and the staff was also nice, which is the reason for the 4 stars.
Also, if you want to go, you should definitely make a reservation!

Pros: Nice staff, Nice experience

Cons: Very little seating space, Without reservation you might have to wait long


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26 Jun 2023

Delicious Dinner

This restaurant is great for vegan/non-vegan families. I got the vegan set dinner (vegan okonomiyaki, a choice of starter, and a small appetizer of their choice) and it was excellent! For the starter, I recommend the dumplings, even my staunchly anti-vegan mom enjoyed one. The appetizer was a bit disappointing (just a slab of cut silken tofu with some ginger paste and green onions on the side) but the dumplings more than made up for it. The Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki was the best I have had so far on my trip to Japan.

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Friendly, English-speaking staff, Excellent and filling meal!


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28 May 2023

So flavorful ! Always make a reservation 🙏🏽

As mentioned in previous comments, you have to make a reservation if you want to eat here. You can go the day before and reserve directly or online. Staff is super friendly and accommodating. There are a couple of vegan dishes and appetizers. Everything was so good and tasty. We had the vegan deluxe set (appetizer plus okonomiyaki plus drink), have the plum wine on the rocks !!


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24 May 2023

Amazing okinomiyaki

Impossible to get dinner here without a reservation but I went in the late afternoon and the place was almost empty. Their food is of very high quality, I really enjoyed it. First time trying hiroshima style okinomiyaki and I think I might prefer it to Osaka style, so do try it!


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12 May 2023

Good but lots of fried food

We were able to order two different mains and they had a few different sides options. They required everyone to order a food item and a drink which felt a bit excessive but the juice we ordered was tasty. Very nice, they did speak English and understood vegan vs vegetarian. Nice environment but it only has a few seats (a bar and 1 table).

Pros: Great environment., Mains were big portions


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24 Apr 2023

Order vegan okonomiyaki

We had a great experience, food was so good!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-24

Pros: Last page is all vegan, Great okonomiyaki, Speak English

Cons: Very popular, make reservations beforehand.


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24 Mar 2023

Nice food, beaut atmosphere

Vegan options are clear and so many more than I've found at other restaurants in Japan. Food wasn't exceptional (which is my impression of Japanese food in general 😬), but it was very nice. The atmosphere was fab, staff were beyond friendly and spoke good English and the teppanyaki aspect was fun...the hotplate was given a clean between meals and utensils and sections of the hotplate appeared to be kept separate from meat and fish. Would recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-24

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Fun, Great atmosphere

Cons: Quite expensive for the set meal


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15 Mar 2023

Teppanyaki = cross contamination

Great vegan options, okonomiyaki and yakisoba were delicious. The chef does does use different utensils for cooking meat and vegan food, so thats good, BUT....the teppan is never thoroughly cleaned. I was the first customer of the day (4 pm) so I was fine, but the people that came after got to experience getting vegan food made after meat was cooked on it. If you're vegetarian for religious reasons or have allergies, avoid going to a teppanyaki place. Japanese people do not understand this concept well enough yet. Heck even for a non-teppanyaki place how do we know if there is no cross-contamination? we know here because we see it, other places we don't know and ignorance is bliss I guess.

Cons: cross contamination


17 Apr 2023

Hey there, were you a solo traveler? I am and they do not accept reservations for one, so I am thinking about going right at 4 as well


07 May 2023

Yes I was a solo traveler and he didn't take my reservation either, he just told me to come at opening time so I did


14 Jun 2023

This is helpful as I have a meat allergy, thank you.


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28 Feb 2023


Superb! Cozy ambience, helpful and accommodating chef, fantastic food bursting w flavours and overall a wonderful experience. We had a lovely time enjoying their vegetarian okinimayaki teppanyaki menu 😍 must visit place in Kyoto and ideally pls reserve in advance as limited seats

Pros: Ample vegetarian and vegan options , Fantastic food packed with flavours , Very hospitable chef

Cons: Small setting with very limited seats


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10 Jan 2023

Very good

Teppinyaki style food with a small vegan menu. Food was good but not great, but the intimate teppinyaki experience made it somewhere we would recommend. The rice dumplings in the set meal were a highlight.


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15 Dec 2022

Good veggie options for good price

I ended up having the set menu course with the vegetarían okonomiyaki and it was one of my fav dishes I had in Japan! I usually eat vegan but tries this one as veggie so not sure how the vegan version would be. Staff were great.


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20 Oct 2022

Tasty vegan menu

Vegan menu available, tasty food.


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06 Jun 2022

Great place

Lots of vegan and vegetarian options. Nice atmosphere, as they prepare the food right in front of you!

They try to adapt everything to be vegan, if you ask for it, but many dishes won't work out without egg, like the garlic pizza.

Pros: Many vegetarian options, Service speaks English , Amazing flavors

Cons: Many dishes don't work out without egg


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13 Mar 2022

Full of veggies!

Staff seem very accommodating and understanding of vegetarian requirements. When we ordered the vegetable okonomiyaki they confirmed what we could and couldn't eat so we were very reassured.
Brilliant ambience and delicious Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. We thought the cost was a little more expensive than other okonomiyaki in the area, but it was beautifully made and stuffed full of veggies and noodles. We did not go hungry!

Pros: Good understanding of dietary requirements, Lots of different vegetables


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28 Dec 2021

An experience worth having

English 👇 本格的な日本のB級グルメを楽しみたいのなら、『かめはめは』以外には考えられません。京都の寺町商店街の中にあります👘




If you’re looking for an interesting, authentic Japanese dinner experience, look no further than Kamehameha. You can find it in the Teramachi shopping arcade in Kyoto.

Here, you can eat authentically-prepared Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. You sit at the grill and watch the talented chef prepare it right in front of your eyes.

The vegan menu is available on request, and only seems to be in English. Which is disappointing because when our Vegetable Deluxe okonomiyaki was done, the lady next to us remarked at how tasty it looked. Maybe she would have ordered it herself, had she known it was there?

At 1700 yen (plus the one drink required), dinner came out to about 2100 yen per person. Not exactly cheap, but we were happy with our meal. It was fun to watch, and even more fun to eat 😋 #Veganuary


28 Dec 2021

Wow the menu looks incredible!!! Thanks for the great review 😍


28 Dec 2021


28 Dec 2021

Thanks for commenting, both of you! I hope you get a chance to try it one day!


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12 Nov 2021

Vegan okonomiyaki

I was very excited that finally I'd be able to try okonomiyaki in Japan (there are literally no vegan options around), however I was rather disappointed. The vegan one had about three times as much sauce as the non-vegan, and its flavour overpowered everything. It was also too sweet and salty. My non-vegan friend wasn't deeply impressed either.

Pros: Vegan okonomiyaki

Cons: One drink person, Way too expensive


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31 Oct 2021

Best Hiroshima style okonomiyaki in Kyoto!

Amazing place, vegan menu available.

Pros: Vegan options available


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25 Mar 2020

Very friendly chef + staff, amazing food with great vegan option!

Absolutely loved it here. I was with a friend who isn't a vegan, and we both had a fantastic meal. Also had a lovely conversation with the staff, all in all an amazing experience!


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13 Mar 2020

Great experience

Vegan options, was a great experience to dine and watch chef cook. Meal was enjoyable. Definitely pay for the experience but was worth it.

Pros: Clearly labeled vegan options, Good experience

Cons: More on the expensive side


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12 Feb 2020

Great food & atmosphere!

Only one vegan meal & one vegan meal set. But so worth it. Lovely, cosy atmosphere, staff were beautiful & I had a lovely experience.

Pros: Friendly cosy atmosphere , Yummy


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26 Jan 2020

Gorgeous food, great atmosphere

A small restaurant, so be prepared to wait a little while for a table- but it’s well worth it. The food is cooked in front of you by very friendly chefs and tastes delicious. Never tried Okonomiyaki before but will definitely be seeking it out again. Was slightly worried there might be meat cooked on the same area as the vegan options but everything is prepped especially for each dish. A great evening all in all.

Pros: Delicious food, Great atmosphere , Good location


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22 Jan 2020

Allow a five star rating I swear

AMAZING best food we’ve had in Japan/our lives

Don’t deprive yourselves

Eat this bloody food

(And don’t stress one smidge about the vegan options - all you have to do is say your dietary preference and they’ll sort you)

Pros: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

Cons: Want more, Want even more, Want even more even more


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20 Jan 2020

Wish I could give 5 stars!

Separate and extensive vegan menu! Beautiful authentic Japanese experience, great for a family with both vegan/non

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