Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant has a completely separate vegan menu with a large variety of dishes. Upon entry the staff will ask if a vegan or regular menu is needed. There are at least 20 different sushi rolls to choose from, main dishes, and appetizers. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, Mon-Thu 4:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 4:00pm-9:30pm.

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First Review by mandymoo


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19 Oct 2023

Separate Vegan Menu is a Plus

Kamakura was suggested as they have an extensive vegan friendly menu with a variety of rolls to try. I figured this would be as good as anytime to see how their vegan sushi stacks up to what I've had in the past.

I ordered their Vegan Dragon Roll ($13) and their Google It Roll ($15). The dragon roll was pretty unimpressive if I'm behind honest. It felt like a tofu-CA roll with slices of tofu on top. The Google roll was a lot more interesting and inventive, though the unagi sauce overpowered most of the dish. Overall, a very average sushi experience.

I also ordered a side of their Seaweed Salad but wasn't impressed with the small amount I received.

Overall, a very standard Japanese spot and although I appreciate the vegan options, one of the rolls simply didn't cut it for me.

Pros: Dedicated vegan menu



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11 Sep 2023

More than just sushi!

I've been coming to Kamakura since they opened their Seattle location and they never disappoint. Their sushi is good and I've had it a few times but for me, the real draw is the rest of the vegan menu: tempura, curry rice, udon... (They used to have a great vegan okonomiyaki but I haven't seen it on the menu in a long while.)

Portions are big and prices are very reasonable. The curry rice with fried tofu is my favorite and I usually get two meals out of it since it's so much food. This visit I had the agedashi tofu too - it was good but not prepared traditionally. They used firmer tofu cut into bigger pieces, making it harder to eat then agedashi tofu usually is. My husband had the tempura udon and it was delicious.

Some nights they're absolutely slammed by both dine in and take out orders, so you might be waiting a while for a table/your food.

Pros: Big portions, Good prices, Separate vegan menu

Cons: Parking is hell at peak hours


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06 Aug 2023

Separate Vegan menu!!

I actually ordered from this place on Uber eats because I was craving some vegan “sushi” style dishes. This place does not list that they have vegan options on Yelp, but they have an entire vegan menu! They have vegan appetizers, entrees, classic rolls, premium rolls and vegan nigiri. I was blown away with the quality of food especially since I had it delivered. I ordered 2 crunch inari and the Vegan cream on fire roll. The cream on fire roll is a Vegan California Roll with vegan tuna on top covered in special creamy sauce torched to gold brown finish with another layer of creamy sauce. It was hands down the best vegan sushi I have ever had. Their vegan tuna is made using marinated tomato and I typically do not like tomato so the fact that I loved this shows you how well it was flavored. Their vegan crab for the California roll is made using tofu and extremely delicious. My only regret is not finding this place sooner and actually eating at the restaurant since their photos online show a nice ambiance and great food presentation. My food was finished pretty quickly and packed with care so it appears their service for online orders is pretty top notch.


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21 Jun 2023

A for effort B- for taste

Lots of vegan options, did not excite me to return. I would give it one more chance though.


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02 May 2023

First time trying vegan nigiri & It looked like the real deal!

I ordered the 'Go Google It' Roll, and the Vegan Tuna Nigiri.

The tuna nigiri was FREAKY. But in a good way! I believe they use tomato for the 'fish'. And it literally looked exactly like tuna. Like I couldn't even tell it was vegan by looking at it and also texture was sorta similar. It didn't taste like fish per say, but it was pretty good 8/10! I really missed having nigiri and I was extremely happy to have that experience again.

The Google roll was okay. It tasted like the typical American-Japanese sushi experience. (Which I'm not the biggest fan of) Didn't even miss the fish. The roll size was way too large for me to eat in one go, unfortunately, so I had to kind of pick it apart to eat. 6/10

Overall, I'd definitely go back and try all the different nigiri!

Pros: Entire Vegan Menu, Vegan Appetizers , Free Wifi

Cons: Expensive, No Cellular Connection in Resturant


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17 Jan 2023

Best vegan sushi!!

Best vegan sushi I’ve had with completely separate vegan menu. Really recommend Death by Crunch and Cream On Fire


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17 Jan 2023

Best Vegan Sushi!

Separate vegan menu and really delicious. Wish it was all vegan.


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20 Dec 2022

Great vegan options

They have a huge variety of vegan options, and everything we ordered was delicious. It felt very indulgent and a little heavy for sushi, but that's probably due to the choices we made when ordering. I'm sure there are some lighter options if you're looking for them. We did takeout, so I don't know what the dine-in experience is like.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Decadent vegan sushi


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20 Nov 2022

I love this place! It it always busy and I can see why. So many vegan options!!

So many sushi options and appetizer options. I had the potstickers and they were fried and so delicious! I also got the jalaspicy roll and death by crunch roll. Those 2 are my favorite but I have also tried some of the other vegan rolls as well. You really can’t go wrong!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Sake

Cons: Parking, Wait times


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08 Nov 2022

Amazing vegan sushi!

A great spot for vegan and non vegan eaters. So many good rolls!


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06 Nov 2022

Good spot

Great vegan menu and less expensive than sushi Samauri

Pros: Fast, A whole vegan option, Delicious

Cons: Small portions, Expensive


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24 Sep 2022

Best vegan sushi I've ever had

Ask for the vegan menu and go ham. The variety is astounding. Rather than having to be satisfied with a simple veggie roll, Kamakura goes out of its way to make vegan equivalents to well known non-vegan rolls.


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22 Jul 2022

Amazing sushi

Possibly the best vegan sushi I've had, which I say begrudgingly after loving many other spots like Beyond Sushi and Buntopia having lived in NYC. Completely separate vegan menu was really comforting and lots of options.


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11 Jun 2022

Some of the best vegan sushi anywhere

I’ve had vegan sushi at a number of different places across the US and Europe and this is legitimately some of the best vegan sushi I’ve ever had. Has an entire separate vegan menu and is delicious. If you like sushi this is a must visit. There’s also another location (the original restaurant) further south in Lacey, WA that might be even better.


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Mostly Veg
03 Jun 2022

Great Sushi!

Huge vegan menu that they have as a separate QR code from the non-vegan menu! Not only a great selection of sushi but also appetizers and drinks! The atmosphere in the restaurant was really cute and the staff very friendly. We appreciated having a button to call wait staff so that we could order and have service when we were ready. Highly recommend the death by crunch roll, we will be coming back regularly!


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28 May 2022

Vegan Sushi!

The fish is not missed in Kamakura's full vegan menu, lots of tasty options will make you want to keep going back.

Pros: Fully separate vegan menu, Tastes great

Cons: Expensive, Still a full animal menu


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03 May 2022

Impressive vegan options

Loved the vegan tuna nigiri and jalaspicy roll. I’d like to see more vegan nigiri or sashimi on the menu in the future. Can’t wait to try more of their rolls. The vegan unagi sauce was pretty damn good. Also surprised to not see vegan miso soup. That seems like it would be easy to do.

Pros: Vegan specialty rolls, Vegan unagi sauce, Vegan nigiri

Cons: No vegan miso soup, Very cold inside

Their miso soup is vegan! They also got a side of vegan udon soup for same price as miso soup


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08 Apr 2022

So delicious!

I’d give their vegan menu a 5 if this app allowed me! They have SO many vegan options on a completely separate menu and it was hard to choose so I ended up getting two sushi rolls: the Vegan death by crunch and Vegan Google It rolls. My partner had yakisoba and loved that too. Highly recommend this place! Best way to view their menu before going is via clover so you can select the vegan categories to view. Or if you go there you can scan the vegan menu QR code and that’s what we did, it was very easy and clear that way.

Pros: Completely separate huge all vegan menu, SUSHI ROLLS!


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15 Mar 2022

Incredible vegan sushi.

Haven’t had such good vegan sushi in a very long time. Unlike many other places with only avocado rolls, this place offers a whole vegan menu with rolls decorated with vegan sauces. Service was also very good.


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14 Feb 2022

Good food!

Got the vegan California roll and vegan yakisoba. The yakisoba was a huge portion! Both were super good, but tbh nothing super special! Come eat here if you’re nearby! The big vegan menu is def the biggest reason to come here!

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-14

Pros: Big portions , Big vegan menu

Cons: Short staffed :/


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08 Feb 2022

Amazing vegan sushi

What a treat to get to try so many options from this restaurant. We have eaten here a few times and I loved the vegan sushi as well as the vegan yakisoba.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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23 Jan 2022

Can’t wait to go back!

I was so excited to find another restaurant with vegan options and their menu had a huge selection. Not something Vegans are used to in a non vegan restaurant. The food was delicious and well as the hot tea. Their Facebook says they will be opening a vegan restaurant in June 2022. CANNOT wait!

Pros: A lot of vegan options!, Delicious


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20 Oct 2021

What A Gem!

5 stars if I could! A great place with a separate vegan menu and asks you if you would like said vegan menu upon seating. We ordered several rolls and all were delicious. My favorite was the spicy California vegan roll. I would visit this place more frequently if I lived closer. Definitely come here if you’re craving sushi.

Pros: Separate vegan menu


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16 Oct 2021

Excellent Vegan Sushi!

We were quite impressed with this place! They have a separate vegan menu with lots of choices, and they even have vegan tuna and vegan crab!
We loved the Seattle Vegan Roll, Avocuddle Roll, Vegan California Roll, and the Vegan Tuna Nigiri.
Everything was phenomenal with outstanding flavor. It is some of the best vegan sushi I've had, and it definitely has more vegan options than most sushi joints. They don't make vegans feels like an afterthought here!

Pros: Separate vegan menu


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18 Sep 2021

Separate Vegan menu

If I could give 5 stars I would! Best vegan rolls I’ve had in seattle. Great fresh flavors

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Friendly staff, Amazing food

Cons: None


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07 Sep 2021

Separate Vegan Menu, Delicious Sushi

We had several vegan specialty rolls. They were all fantastic. Nice atmosphere, good tea. It’s so nice to have a separate vegan menu with a large selection. It was hard to choose!


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26 Aug 2021

Love this place!

This is my go to for vegan Japanese food in Seattle.

The Gyoza’s and Yakisoba are my favorite! I like all of the sushi that doesn’t contain the vegan crab. It’s too mushy for me.

Pros: Lots of vegan options!

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