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Vegetarian restaurant adjacent to the Hare Krishna temple. Offers a buffet of chapati and breads, soups, veggie dishes, and warm entrees. Confirmed open May 2020. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, Tue-Sun 5:30pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm.

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First Review by crunchygramz08


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24 Nov 2023

Pleasantly Surprised

I was thrilled to find their Thanksgiving buffet was so good. After the worst Thanksgiving week ever, it was nice to still get to have a great meal. When in doubt, get the pakora. Always get the pakora. It's the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Pros: Most things were vegan., The pakora was delicious!, We spent half what we do anywhere else we go.

Cons: Some things aren't vegan. , It's in Dallas. , Some things were less warm than preferred.



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Mostly Veg
16 Nov 2023

Absolutely wonderful

The food was fantastic, serve yourself. The garden was like something out of fantasy, magical. It’s quite a quiet place so you feel on your best behaviour a little


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03 Sep 2023

Best vegan/vegetarian food in Dallas

This restaurant is, in my opinion, the best vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Dallas! It is located in a beautiful Hare Krishna temple. The food is incredible with a menu that is almost exclusively vegan. They clearly mark which food options have dairy, are spicy, and are gluten-free. The service was excellent and the staff were very friendly and helpful. This was my first time here but I know I will be back soon!

Pros: All vegetarian, mostly vegan, Beautiful temple with a great atmosphere, Great service

Cons: Nothing!


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Non Veg
05 Jul 2023

Great Indian Food

Great traditional vegetarian Indian food buffet. Very decent price. The dessert was good (bread or rice pudding). Also decent selection on hot tea. I love the atmosphere here and the outdoor dining.
Was also told they are always having a "party" and to come by again. There is also a temple and will have prayer. This is definitely a neat dining experience. They also have cooking classes.

Pros: Excellent food, Great vibe


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23 Apr 2023

Flavorful buffet & great atmosphere

This is a very cool place. Loved the atmosphere. They have an outdoor sitting area, beautiful setting. The restaurant is inside a Hare Krishna temple. Very cool experience visiting the temple. They also have a gift store. This place is a must visit. The food is delicious. On the wall menu they mark nonvegan products with a cow 🐮. There was only 2 nonvegan (vegetarian) menu items when I visited. They mark spicy menu items with a pepper 🌶. There was only 1 spicy item. This is a buffet style restaurant so you can go back and get more food! They had 1 vegan dessert when I visited. It was like a chocolate pudding bread/cake. Amazing! The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable in identifying nonvegan menu items. They had tamarind water. I loved everything I tried. Do yourself a favor and visit this place!


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30 Mar 2023

Spiritualized food 😋

Great place and wonderful owners


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29 Jan 2023


Buffet style. The dishes were very flavorful. I only notice one non-vegan dish (paneer).

Pros: Almost exclusively vegan


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22 Apr 2022

Always a good place

Excellent food with lots of flavor.

Pros: Lots of choices


Points +155

03 Jul 2021

Ready to go again!

Totally delicious every time I go!! I love the rotating menu!! Friendly community and employees. Nice ambiance.

Pros: Wonderful ambiance & Good vibes!, Delicious, fresh & flavorful food!, I want to keep on going back! Top 5 favs!

Cons: Lookout 4 Vegetarian items if that’s not for you.


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10 Dec 2020

Love the vegan food and atmosphere

Most of their options are vegan and I love the atmosphere in the atrium sitting area.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff


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31 Aug 2020


Offers some delicious Indian food.


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Mostly Veg
21 Jun 2020

Beautiful restaurant, homemade food, great cooking classes

I love dining at the beautiful outdoor patio, attending the cooking classes, and chowing down at the buffet. Everything is fresh and delicious and this is one of my favorite places to eat in DFW. There's always a lot of vegan options, including dessert!


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15 Jan 2020

Great Food!

The food at Kalachandji's is great and the staff is super helpful in identifying what specifically is vegan or might contain common allergens. Make sure you save room for the dessert.


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12 Jan 2020

Love this place

This is a great place to go for a buffet of vegetarian (mostly vegan) food. The atmosphere of the location is great and you have the option to eat outside in a courtyard with a large tree in the middle. It's definitely worth trying - especially if you live in the area.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Buffet style, Atmosphere

Cons: None


Points +16

31 Aug 2019

Awesome place

My friend who lived in the area took me here. I loved the whole experience, the website updates daily and shows all foods vegan/vegetarian/ gluten free status. The mango halvah was amazing. The surrounding neighborhood would have made me nervous if I wasn’t with someone who knew their way around. Some stores had bullet holes in the windows. I would recommend going in the day time if you haven’t been before. And definitely eat on the patio! ❤️

Pros: Website updates menu daily, Tasty food, Romantic atmosphere on patio

Cons: Neighborhood


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01 May 2018

Very good

Easy buffet style lovely outdoor seating

Pros: lots of vegan option and only two non vegan items


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20 Oct 2017


Great food, great people and great atmosphere.
The neighborhood looked questionable, but there was a steady flow of patrons, and the interiors is totally serene with a temple area and open roofed seating. Plus


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05 Oct 2017

Great atmosphere

Great food, perfect atmosphere. Will definitely be back!


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29 Mar 2017

Wonderful experience

This place is so special. It's really a must see in Dallas. They offer a vegan dessert upon request. When I was there it was a really perfectly spiced delicious ginger cookie. Be sure to walk the grounds and temple and pick up something cool from the gift shop. You'll have a fantastic meal here with so much more!

Pros: everything

Cons: I can't think of one.


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02 Mar 2017


Except dessert all was vegan and gluten free.
Unique place in Dallas.


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21 Dec 2016

a must for everybody!!

This restaurant is a dallas jewel that happens to be vegetarian with a lot of vegan options. The Indian food here is delicious! DELICIOUS!! Come hungry for the buffet - huge selection - the RICE IS AMAZING!! Brought my non veg boyfriend and he loved it. Great place for taking someone from out of town. Sit outside in the courtyard!

Pros: delicious, fresh, beautiful outdoor eating area

Cons: prices went up (but worth it)


Points +196

13 Aug 2016

Spiritual Food at its Finest

Amazing veggie and vegan food with a menu that's updated daily and ayurvedic drive. Their courtyard may also be the best dining oasis in Dallas. Kalachandji's even teaches ayurvedic cooking classes.

Pros: Great food, Ayurvedic, The courtyard!

Cons: Not close enough to my house.


Points +2998

02 May 2016

My Favorite Place to Eat!

Kalachandji's is not just a restaurant it's an experience. You enter the temple and are transported into another world that is calm and peaceful. The food reflects the environment and the servers are always very kind and gracious. I love the tamarind punch, it's so unique and tasty. The food is always delicious and filling. If I lived in the area I would come to eat all the time!


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07 Sep 2015

Local on vacation

When I am there and sitting outside on the enclosed patio, I feel like I am on vacation. The patio is simple, but beautiful. The overall environment is calming and relaxing. Definitely a local "go to". Menu changes daily. Non Vegan options are identified when you don't see the dairy icon next to them on the menu board. Same for gluten. They use a wheat icon next to any items which include gluten. Buffet style. Salad bar, soup and hot items.. If it's not too busy, I usually start with soup and/or salad, then go back through the line for hot foods. Go back as often as you want. No alcoholic beverages served. If you want take away, ask for containers before you go through the line. They have great parking on the back side, parallel to Gurley off of Phillip Ave. They offer a Ginger cookie for vegan dessert option. Also, the cinnamon bread is vegan and tasty, but has wheat.

Pros: Unique and comfortable setting, Tasty food, Plenty of food for Vegans

Cons: Closed on Mondays


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22 Sep 2013

holy cow this is good!

Wow I ate there for the first time and it is amazing, nothing fancy but there is a calming vibe and super healthy food. If you are vegan just ask for vegan options. Great experience.

Pros: nice staf, great food, different

Cons: parking


Points +54

28 Aug 2013


Absolutely wonderful flavors! I tried everything that was vegan and each thing was better than the last! What a fabulous find!

Pros: great ambiance , great food

Carrie C. Reid

Points +47

29 Jun 2013

Great Place

I love this restaurant. The staff are so kind, the atmosphere is top notch in the vegetarian world. They change the menu plenty, and have a great selection of hot and cold items. There are lots of vegan options, and will tell you which ones they are. The restaurant prides itself on using simple ingredients to make amazing meals. It does not disappoint.

Pros: Atmosphere, Staff , Giving back to community

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