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Kaffi Vinyl

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Hverfisgata, 76, Reykjavik, Iceland,

Coffee cafe and music store. The cafe became all-vegan (the first in Iceland) in Mar 2016. Hosts live DJ spinning tunes; happy hour 4-7pm. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-11:00pm, Sat 10:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Western, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, European, Fusion

Reviews (39)

First Review by bleadof

Extremely good food, bad service - Edit

The food is crazy good, a bit pricy but worth it. The staff was a bit impolite though and the food came all at separate timing to the table, some of us were almost done eating when the others got their food. But apart from the service the food is great!

Pros: Great food!

Cons: Bad service

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Great Food! - Edit

This place was great. We went for dinner and had the Thai noodles and BBQ oumph burger which were both delicious as well as a chocolate cupcake for dessert which was yum. The staff were also really friendly. Highly recommend 😊

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The best place for a vegan in Iceland - Edit

The food is really amazing, I loved everything I had here.
The place has very good ambient with a DJ using vinyls.
The only vegan place I found in the area. I ate here two or three times even while my budget was a little off. Totally recommended

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-04

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A Must for Vegans in Iceland! - Edit

The atmosphere is cool and retro with records playing in the background and furniture and decor from the 60s and 70s. The food is amazing with very large portions, even for this hungry American family. They have while ale on tap and others which are a good quality. They have cookies and cakes for desert to add to their menu that is very diverse. We ate here twice- once for lunch which was so filling we could not finish, and once in the evening we stopped in for desert and drinks where they had a deejay mixing some tunes, it was a good scene both times. We will definitely return if we are in Reykjavik again😀

Pros: large portions , diverse menu, all vegan offerings

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amazing food! - Edit

We have been for a couple of days in a row, the lone star is amazing, a must try! The Kawaii also very good. Service was incredibly slow the first day but very quick the second. Bring something to read in case they are having a slow service day. The desserts still need a bit of work, all a bit dry and bland, but I'm sure in time they will be much better! Lovely atmosphere, the music is great, busier on rainy days!

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Wonderful spot! - Edit

Great atmosphere, delicious food and friendly staff (in the morning) night crew doesn't smile as much. We visited this place 3 times and loved it! ❤️️

Pros: Excellent food, Cozy atmosphere , All vegan

Cons: Younger staff doesn't smile

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Reviewer Avatar

Too busy? - Edit

Good food, but after spending 8200kr
In 3 days because it's all vegan, they forgot about me 2 of the 3 days. Had the lasagne the first and secon day, first day took over 1/2 hour. The second day came right away. Third day I ordered a coffee and after 15 min I had to ask and they forgot about it again. When I come back in spring I probably won't come back. Don't know if they are to busy or don't write orders down or whatever, but it's not fun waiting while I see others who came after me getting their food and coffee first.

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Great vegan option in Reykjavik - Edit

We were looking for a strictly vegetarian option for dinner our last night in Reykjavik. I'm a vegetarian and my husband is Vegan. We happened to drive past Vinyl on the way back to our hotel and actually had planned on eating at a restaurant we had already visited a few days before but they were closed. Lucky for us because it allowed us to experience Vinyl.

We ate there for dinner. The vibe was great but the music although good was a little loud. The menu wasn't very large and yet there were still 3 or 4 items that looked really great. Portions were very generous. My husband and I shared the asparagus soup which was fresh and tasty. He ordered the lasagne which was outstanding. I had the quinoa kale salad with oomph (vegan meat substitute). What was called Kale was actually what we would consider lettuce in the US. The strawberry dressing was bland but I added balsamic vinegar which they had available and that was the perfect dressing. We had enough for lunch the next day.

Even the vegan latte was spot on. The one item that didn't knock our socks off was the cookie, which although large and tasty was not fantastic like the rest of the meal.

Pros: Varied menu, Fresh food, Large portions

Cons: Pricey, Music was a bit loud

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Lovely hip place - Edit

Close to the central shopping street but very apart and different. Warm atmosphere, good music, all vegan food. The coconut- caramel cake was exceptional. Artisanal beers were reasonably priced. wish I had Tim Eti come back for lunch. The food looks great.

Pros: All vegan food, Good music, Peaceful but hip

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Tasty food - Edit

A typical icelandic hipster alternative café, that serves some hot meals: sandwiches, burgers and so on. I tried the kawaii sandwich with oumph (soy protein - as I found in internet, the girl was unable/unwilling (?) to explain that) and it was soooo good. Also had a shot of a really good coffe, with almond milk of course (thanks God they serve more milks that only the soy one!). Highly recommended, especially if you do not mind spend some money.

Pros: New flavours

Cons: Icelandic prices, Staff slow and not smiling

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Excellent - Edit

Several days before actually eating here, I walked in and attempted to eat; however, I was perplexed as to whether I was meant to seat myself or wait (and there seemed to be no one willing to assist me), and the fact that there were some extremely attractive Icelandic boys sitting at the bar wasn't helping either. Thus, I left hungry after a couple minutes. However, the following visit--this time with my extroverted friend who accompanied me on my first trip to the country that shall forever hold my soul--far preponderated this initial let-down.

We found our own seats this time, and shortly after it transpired that this was indeed the correct procedure, as a server quickly came over to greet us. We then were instructed to go to the bar to order. I chose the 'Leslie' (olives, cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley tapenade; sans 'oumph'...still haven't the slightest idea as to what that is), and my friend went for the lasagne.

My open-faced sandwich was excellent: not too salty, but perhaps would have benefitted from either the top half of bread, less topping or a lot of napkins, as it was quite messy to eat (not so fun when you're already enormously anxious over all the aforementioned Icelandic boys and their impeccable hairstyles).

My friend confirmed that her lasagne, which most reviews tend to rave about, was indeed delicious and perfectly baked.

As this was our last dinner in Iceland, we decided to splurge on the beautiful desserts on offer, which included a blueberry cheesecake and a (black bean?) brownie. Both were simultaneously delightfully decadent and light enough to motivate us to continue exploring Reykjavík until the sun set around 23:00 (and, in my case, for many hours after that, as I couldn't bear to sleep with the knowledge that I would soon have to leave the peaceful, clean, wonderful, quirky island that is Iceland).

What's more, I even managed to carry out two interesting, meaningful conversations with locals (one about veganism...yay!) whilst in the café (it seemed to be very much inhabited by locals, which is awesome), in no small part thanks to my friend who, unlike myself and many Nordic people, isn't enormously introverted or terrified of talking to strangers.

For Iceland's first 100% cruelty-free, compassionate, vegan restaurant, Kaffi Vínyl is doing a brilliant job. Needless to say, I'll be back (and hopefully in a much more attractive form...).

Pros: Great food and in good portions, Friendly locals (after you crack one's 'shell'), Free, fruit-infused water

Cons: Pricey, but then again this is Iceland..., Not clear whether to sit or wait to be seated, Stylish, modern Icelanders are EVERYWHERE ;Þ

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Nice place & good lasagna! - Edit

I love this kind of place, with some old things for the decoration, a little bit hip but so simple and friendly. If you want to listen to music, customers can choose a vinyl and put it on the turntable.
We had lasagna and it was so tasty, with some icelandic beers. :)

Pros: excellent food, 100% vegan, good location

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Vegan oasis in Reykjavik - Edit

I love everything in this coffee.
Music, people, simple service.
I had the lasagna and it was great, tasteful, filling and well presented. The olive tartinade served with it was a surprise. Perfect match. Will go back tomorrow for a chocolate cake that looked amazing!

Pros: all vegan, nice desserts, 5 plant base milk

Cons: a small menu, expensive like everything in island

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All Vegan Place in Reykjavik - Edit

Kaffi Vinyl is all vegan, which was very nice to have while staying in Reykjavik. The atmosphere is casual and hip. They have a small selection of sandwiches, many of which have or can have added a mock chicken-like meat called Oumph, which I thought was quite good. They also serve soup, salad, and a Pad Thai style dish with tofu that is pretty good. There are a few baked items such as cupcakes, and coffee, a few beer taps, and cocktails. There's even a breakfast option of toasted bread with a variety of spreads. Prices are in line with most other restaurants nearby (meaning for an American they seem high, but comparatively they were not). I think this is a must-visit place for a vegan in Reykjavik.

Pros: All Vegan, Oumph faux chicken, Good selection

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Great food, interesting people - Edit

My boyfriend and I went to this place, each tried something different and they were both very delicious. The only open table had 4 chairs at it but one with a jacket. We chanced it and sat there, and the coat owner seemed ok with it when he returned a few minutes later. It was a very cool place, but a man at the next table very loudly and quite in the open waved a satchel at us and spoke something in Icelandic, to which I replied I didn't understand. He then asked if we wanted any cocaine. In broad daylight in the middle of this place. I said no and when he left I asked our table mate if he'd been kidding. He just shrugged and said he wasn't sure, smiled, then said "Iceland" as though it's normal or maybe that you never know what you're going to get.
The food was still worth it and if we have a chance to go back I'd like to take the food "to go."

Pros: All vegan menu, Great food

Cons: Not enough seating, Undesirable clientele

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Good place - Edit

I went to the place on the day before I left. It was good. Cream of Broccoli soup was amazing. I believe I ate a bunch. Sandwich, noodles a burger I believe. They were all good. Good thing is they have varieties. Usually small vegan places don't have that. But, it has sandwiches, wraps, noodles, burgers, salads. Ambiance is OK. People are typical Icelandic, extremely friendly. Service with a smile. I would say it is a must place to check out in Reykjavik.

Pros: Friendly, Varieties

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Amazing for every meal - Edit

Vinyl is one of those cool vintage places with amazing food, where you want to try the whole menu and spend the whole day hanging out.

I tried a sandwich with oumph (a Swedish vegan protein made out of soy) and it was delicious! I also tried a dessert and their coffee and everything is spot on.

They were also very happy with the HappyCow stickers and immediately put them on the door ;-) Very friendly staff.

Highly recommended.

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a vegan haven, off the beaten path - Edit

I stopped by Kaffi Vínyl 3 times when in Reykjavík this week. Every time, it was delicious. In the mornings it’s quiet and mellow, and in the evenings the music is loud and it’s full of energy.

The coconutmilk chai tea was luxurious. The Kawai sandwich was a fabulous mix of flavors, and I would highly recommend it with the Oomph, the tofu-based optional add-on that gave it a toothsome feel.

I was there at non-peak hours, so the cafe was half-full and the music was in the background and did not interfere with conversation. In the evenings, it looked packed and loud. Check for events at their FB: https://www.facebook.com/vinilrvk

Tip for international visitors:
Since this isn’t on the main streets that are swarming with tourists, you might miss it -- or at least you will have to go out of your way to find it. In Icelandic, the “i” in the name Vínyl is “í” with an accent, which is a different letter than “i” without an accent. If your search engine or mapping software can’t find this cafe, check the spelling. Once you find it, you’ll be delighted to find the staff spoke excellent English, and there was no communication challenge.

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Solid option - Edit

It's a basic little cafe that is enhanced by the music and DJ playing while you eat. Nothing super special here, but there are not many vegan options in Reykjavik, so it was nice to get a full menu. The lasagna was solid, if nothing spectacular. We also tried a thai noodle salad that was OK. It's expensive - but no more so than anything else in Iceland. Definitely worth going to, but nothing outstanding comparatively. Portions are not particularly big.

Pros: Music - nice vibe

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I love it here! - Edit

Wonderful place, delicious food, nice service, good music, good people.
Pretty small menue, what in my opinion is a very good sign.
They really know how to prepare the 8 or 9 dishes they offer.
The Coffee and Beer I can recommend as well.
Try the Thai Noodles❤️

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Cool vibe and tasty food - Edit

This café has a comfy yet cool 60's vibe and they play records to fit the atmosphere. The lasagna is definitely their trade mark dish and comes with an awesome red pesto, roasted bread and a side salad. I liked the cashew ricotta on the lasagna and the pesto best, they really know how to do cheese alternatives! The lasagna itself had too little salt for my taste but this was adjusted easily ;-) My accompany had the cous cous wrap and especially indulged in the thousand island sauce that came with it. They also serve sweets and cakes which we haven't tried but they looked promising.

Pros: food that bursts of flavour, fancy interior, located in the city centre

Cons: pricy, but that's a given in Reykjavík

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Great food, beer, cupcakes! - Edit

We had the BBQ sandwich and Thai noodles, both were great. they also sell Violife cheese which is a plus. Really happy with everything. The best, and currently only, all vegan place in Reykjavik.

Pros: Vegan stuff galore!

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Best Food In Iceland - Edit

Been to quite a few restaurants around Iceland and none can compare. Had the lasagna here and it was fantastic. Great relaxed atmosphere, great music (all vinyl, naturally), great service. Would visit again.

Pros: Food, Prices, Service

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Vegan lasagne - Edit

First (and currently only) vegan restaurant in Reykjavik. Went there the other day for some dinner.

Had the vegan lasagne it was really good and filling. The place is more of a cafe though so expect the seating to be like that.

Like someone said its not very cozy, has a rather raw feel to it.

What mainly bugged me was the music was so loud you had to talk very loudly.

Pros: Everything vegan but they have milk for the coffee

Cons: Not very cozy, loud music.

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Great vegan lasagna - Edit

I can't speak for anything else, but I'd like to go back. Everything is vegan, which is a first for Reykjavík. The vegan lasagna was great.
With the decor, they're going for a certain look, but it doesn't quite hit the mark for me. It was fine for a quick bite to eat on my own in downtown Reykjavík but not somewhere I'd want to hang out long.

Pros: great vegan lasagna, good selection, all-vegan

Cons: not very cozy

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Good food - Edit

The Lasagna is to die for and is served with a tasty bread and a delicious spread. However I didn't think that the place was that cozy, it had an industrial and cold feel to it. However, the staff was superfriendly and we loved the food.

Pros: Great Lasagna, Friendly staff, Good location

Cons: Kind of expensive, Not that cozy

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Vegan in Reykjavik - Edit

This place is so cool, everything on the meny is vegan, very friendly staff and the decor is super cozy. I had the thai dish and hubby had the lasagna. They have a DJ with vinyl records adding extra coziness to the entire experience. Make sure to visit when in beautiful Reykjavik!

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Nice vegan café with live dj spinning vinyls - Edit

We sought out this café on our trip to Iceland. Situated one street down from the main street Laugavegur it offered everything we wanted: Super good vegan food (the lasagna!), good selection of beers, nice staff, comfy chairs to enjoy beer while listening to the DJ spinning some funky vinyls as well as proper tables for enjoying a meal. The staff was friendly and it didn't seem like the first go-to place for tourists. Very pleased all in all! It would have been nice with more options on the menu though (didn't even notice there would have been any desserts?), besides the lasagna there were wraps and sandwiches if I remember correctly.

Pros: All-vegan menu, Excellent lasagna, Nice music, live DJ

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Superb - Edit

There is not much to say about it, the only Vegan only menu in town.
Finally and for the first time my only concern when looking to the menu was, What to chose, instead of trying to pick the from the little options available has a vegan.
With a top lasagna. My congrats to the chef.

Pros: Only Vegan menu

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Hip cafe - Edit

This hip cafe, with limited seating, offers a few clearly marked vegan options on the chalk board. We had a garlic bread bruschetta and the daily soup. Both were good. After we ordered, we noticed the display case in the counter which had a couple wraps which might have been our choice for ordering had we known they were there.

Pros: Vegan items marked, Friendly staff

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Reykjaviks vegan sanctuary - Edit

Usually I'm not much for hyperbole, but their vegan lasagna is to die for. The sweetness and bitterness of the tomato sauce played perfectly with the sourness of the cider vinegar seasoned kale. Also the amount of cheese and slight crustiness of the top layer formed a well rounded combination of bite variety and texture.

I don't do it often, but it was so good I really wanted to hug the person responsible. So I did! Their chef was not just knowledgeable about veganism, but has been one for a long time and not just that, but based on my other trials is really knows her stuff.

While the food is great, so is the ambiance, from furniture to music... I wish we would have a place like this in Helsinki, where you can feel like you're normal.

Pros: decadently tasty food, live dj playing music at times, mood

Cons: location is not where ever I live in

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