Vegan restaurant and bakery est. 2020 in Frogtown. Menu includes bowls, sandwiches, bagels, and a selection of baked goods. Offers pick-up on-site and online ordering. Open Mon-Sat 8:00am-4:00pm, Sun 9:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by toastandjammies


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24 Nov 2023

Biscuits and mushroom gravy/THE ONE AND ONLY SANDO

On this excursion, I got the biscuits & mushroom gravy /THE ONE AND ONLY SANDO.  so amazingly delicious. 

Pros: The biscuits/gravy, beautifully, seasoned , Sando the bread was amazing the cheese unbelievabl, All of their big goods are phenomenal

Cons: I’m not a big fan of yo egg but I keep trying



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05 Nov 2023

Best Frogtown Restaurant

I love going to Just What I Kneaded. Their LA Breakfast Burrito is the best! I also love their desserts and their drinks. I haven't tried much in terms of the food, but my one complaint is that the chilaquiles need to be saucier and that they need to be heartier.


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17 Oct 2023

Kneadful Things

I ordered a Brown Sugar Walnut Donut and The Joe Cool. The doughnut was delicious. The Joe Cool includes Impossible fennel sausage, tofu egg scramble, smoked Gouda, and house-made jalapeño aioli on an everything bagel. It was messy, but tasty.

Pros: all vegan, outdoor seating

Cons: difficult to find parking


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05 Sep 2023

Exactly the vegan cupcakes you were looking for!

Chocolate buttercream! Wow!

Pros: Delicious , Good vibes

Cons: Hard to park, Expensive


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04 Sep 2023

Makes me happy

I love this place. Everything about it—
the food, the location, the vibe, and especially the sugar cookies.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-04


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02 Sep 2023

Cute spot and tasty eats

Walked over to this all vegan breakfast spot and luckily it got there before a line formed! I got an iced chai, a Mexican chocolate donut, and a foxy lox bagel with a fried egg added. Everything was so delicious! I loved the patio that was covered in plant life and the wide variety of pastries.

Pros: Pretty Patio, Lots of pastries


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07 Aug 2023

Very Nice

I had the Snoopy Waffle and the new Lavender Latte. The waffle which I enjoyed, was topped with blueberries and sliced nectarines (a first for me). I detected only a hint of lavender, which may be the point.

Pros: The service, The food, The patio

Cons: Atrocious Parking , Very small dining space


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03 Jul 2023

Best Bakery

Just what I kneaded is hands down my absolute favorite vegan bakery. They pride themselves in quality and fresh baked goods. It’s a small little pink bakery by the LA river path.
They source the majority of their ingredients from farmers markets. Their desserts always change and some of their bests and classics are the pop tarts and cookies.
Their coffee is also really good and they make their syrups in house.
They also serve food like crunch wraps, chilaquiles, breakfast sandwiches, carrot lox, and many more. They have special orders available for birthday cakes and holidays.

Pros: Farmers market fresh, Quality

Cons: Parking, Long wait times


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Mostly Veg
16 Jun 2023

Best vegan breakfast spot

This place is a gem. This was our last spot prior to leaving LA to head back home, and at this point, it's become tradition to stop here to end the trip on a good note. I've been twice, and both times were amazing. It's so hard to find satisfying vegan breakfast sandwiches. I miss the days of getting brunch and eating a biscuit with eggs, breakfast meat, and cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed their YES Chef ! Biscuit breakfast sandwich. The biscuit had major height. I believe they have an option of just egg or tofu scramble. On this occasion, I got just egg. The breakfast sausage was well seasoned, fatty, and melt in your mouth. My husband got the "The Joe Cool", it was a bagel breakfast sandwich which was also delectable. We topped it off with a yummy latte and pastries to go. We were overwhelmed by the number of pastries in the display case. I do wish there were labels to identify what every pastry is. After asking what each one was, I couldn't remember most of what they told me. Lol. We picked a strawberry coffee cake muffin and a doughnut. We didn't love the pastries as much as the breakfast sandwiches, but I'd like to try other things they have.

The second time I went, I tried a basic egg, sausage, and cheese biscuit sandwich, this time with tofu scramble. It was just what I needed on a rainy day.

If you're looking for a breakfast spot, this is your place. They'll be sure to have something for everyone.

Pros: Delicious breakfast sandwiches , Variety of vegan pastries


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14 Jun 2023

Excellent vegan breakfast spot…

This is a cool little spot to grab some vegan breakfast. They offer a variety of pastries and breakfast sandwiches. I had the sausage, egg and cheeze biscuit sandwich which was delicious. The biscuit was very savory and tasty. Highly recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-13

Pros: Great vegan breakfast sandwiches

Cons: Kind of a weird secluded location


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31 May 2023

Oh So Yum

Everything was delicious and fast! The baked goods and food are to die for!!!


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20 Mar 2023

The vegan eggs of dreams!

My partner and I hit up this place with 2 weeks left of our holiday. We’ve been here over a month. To say I intend to make up for lost time is an understatement!

The coffee is good - though perhaps not the biggest draw. The Joe Cool bagel was delicious (and huge.)

It was egg, a vegan Gouda and an impossible patty in an Everything Bagel. A solid 10! We added our own ketchup which I appreciated (Heinz too!)

Really recommend!

Pros: Very large portions, All vegan, Friendly staff


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19 Mar 2023

Great Sunday Breakfast

Such a find!

Loved this place. Excellent breakfast food served in a chill and relaxed atmosphere.

Food and coffee were really great!

Only downside were cupcakes, they are fresh but refrigerated so were cold and hard icing. it

Pros: All vegan, Reasonably priced, Great coffee!


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26 Feb 2023

Cosy, Delicious Bakery

What a friendly, great vegan bakery this is! Had a open croissant-style pizza,, and it was delicious!


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13 Nov 2022

Best Bagel Sandwiches

Great food. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Pros: Fully vegan, All day breakfast and delicious lunches, Rotating pastry case


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30 Oct 2022

Scrumptious Vegan Treats

Purchased at Seabirds Kitchen in Los Feliz, enjoyed at home!

What a total find! Can’t wait to visit their establishment!

PS, High marks for the pun!

Pros: All VEGAN Baked Goodies, Items Available at Other Vegan Places (Seabirds)


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25 Oct 2022

Best bakery ever

Amazing. Perfect. Buy every item. Street parking is tough. Go to Suay Sew Shop while you’re there.


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23 Oct 2022

Arguably the best bakery

Amazing desserts and a huge variety of them. The cinnamon pop tart was amazing, as was the funfetti sprinkle cookie. Cinnamon roll and bundt cake were not bad either


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18 Oct 2022

A Reason to Be Cheerful

How to Eat A Vegan Cupcake?

First, come here. If you can't choose, simply buy them all! No regrets!

Next, peel off the patty case holding the cupcake in one hand just below the icing. Now, tear the bottom half of the cupcake off and eat it in two bites. Warning this should only be attempted with top quality cupcakes that are delicious and moist like those found here.

What's left is a pile of icing and half a cupcake. Carefully, regard the cupcake as psychological admiration is 75% of food enjoyment and promotes good digestion by activating the gut-brain neural-link.

Finally, ever so carefully open your mouth halfway and very very gently smash the whole damn thing into your face! Make sure icing gets everywhere! Smack your lips a couple times and say out loud, "Goddamned!" The louder the better.

Check your face for sugar paste remnants and lick the residual smears from your fingers. Bask in the afterglow. How many times do the thoughts of these cupcakes cross your mind for the remainder of the day? Count them.

This is how you measure success.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-18

Pros: Cupcakes, Pastries, Coffee., Friendly Staff, Cute Patio., Also sandos or something, idk.


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30 Sep 2022

Delicious pastries

I got the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cinnamon roll, walnut carrot cake, black and white cookie and sausage and cheese kolache
The latte was delicious. My favorite item was the pumpkin cinnamon roll. So fluffy and yummy.
The sausage and cheese kolache barely had any sausage and cheese and I wasn’t a fan of the cream cheese on it (a lot of dill) but the bread was so sweet and delicious it definitely made it worth it!
Wasn’t the biggest fan of the white and black cookie. It was soft baked which I’m not a fan of but my husband really enjoyed it.
Bakery is super cute and staff was very nice and friendly. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of breakfast vegan options in LA during the week day so this is a solid spot to get some at! They also have a who menu with breakfast items if you don’t want pastries.
Would recommend this place if in the area!!


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23 Sep 2022

Heavenly bakery

They do sweet and savoury!! The sandwiches are huge and super delicious. Same for the cakes and tarts, so yummy!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Delicious Sweet and savoury , Eco friendly food packaging


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04 Sep 2022

I do knead it in my life

It’s great when food is so good that it doesn’t matter to the non-vegans in your life that it’s vegan. Everything we’ve tried here (cookies, danish, sticky buns, biscuits, etc.) is delicious. Because it’s LA, because it’s a novelty, and because it’s a tight space, the service can be a little slow. What they lack in efficiency, they more than make up for in flavor!

Pros: Amazing baked goods, Decent options , Nice portions

Cons: Busy, Pricey


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30 May 2022

Amazing all around

Jwik has delicious vegan pastries and baked goods. Both savory and sweet options. You can’t got wrong with their tomato basil galette and potato quiche.

But don’t just try their pastries because their food is sooo good too. Killer breakfast burrito and sausage biscuit sandwiches. They’ve also recently been serving a Crunchwrap that is perfect. Only $9 too!?

You also can’t skip on their coffee. While there are good coffee options around the area, jwik coffee is delicious as well. Their vanilla latte is the perfect amount of vanilla flavor, sweetness, and espresso.

Pros: Cute place, Great breakfast food, Great coffee

Cons: Street parking can be hit or miss


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26 Mar 2022

Great breakfast

Charming spot with excellent baked goods and a wide breakfast menu. Highly recommend.

Pros: Tasty fresh pastries , Reasonably priced, All vegan!

Cons: Not organic


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20 Mar 2022

Unreliable warning

I’m really bummed and never write poor reviews but JWIK really left me in a tough spot. I inquired 5 days before about a friend’s birthday cake—once via email and once on their contact form since it wasn’t super clear and I didn’t want my order to be missed. They got back to me the next day and asked me some questions about my order and to reply that day to be put on the schedule. I replied in a timely manner but didn’t hear for 2 days and then was told that the earlier day I requested was full and that the original day I requested (Sunday) was the only option… to which I replied (again as soon as I read the email) that that was a bummer but yes, that would be great! Then I literally hear back at 2PM the day before I was supposed to pick up my cake that they ended up being “too overwhelmed” and “couldn’t accommodate the order”!! If I was told this earlier in the week, I could’ve made other arrangements—but being told less than 24 hours when I had requested the smallest cake size, 5 days in advance? I literally couldn't order anything anywhere else in less than 24 hours and it completely ruined my trust, view, and excitement to try this place. How was my small order which was sent in days and days before the pickup date all of a sudden not able to have been accommodated and I’m hearing about it the say before? Not even in the morning might I add. I’m not only disappointed about how unprofessionally and disrespectfully they handled this request but now I can’t say I’ll ever want to place an order with them in the future if they aren’t reliable. They didn’t even respond to my email after bailing! They really lead me on and left me with no other options. I will not be recommending this place to anyone and I’m just writing this to warn everyone else so their plans and hopes don’t get ruined as well :(

Pros: Their offerings

Cons: Their communication (or lack thereof), Their reliability , Their customer service


12 Apr 2022

Hi Alex this is the owner of Just What I Kneaded. I went ahead and reviewed our email exchange. Unfortunately this was a particularly hectic week as we were short staffed and over booked. If you haven’t visited the bakery we are a very small team and often the baker is also the emailer and the emailer is also serving coffee. We’ve managed to survive the pandemic as we opened in June of 2020 , but are still working on scaling up and accommodating our growing orders as well as managing covid complications. Again I’m so sorry we were not able to accommodate your order and the last minute cancellation ruined your celebration. We did not respond to your last email as you referred to our manager as “a toxic ex boyfriend”. We didn’t think engaging with a response would result in anything productive or kind.


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14 Mar 2022


Stopped in for some treats. We got a blueberry tart situation and a cupcake. Really good! Would visit again


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10 Mar 2022


I just spent 3 days in LA and stopped here twice- it was that good. My favorite was the Elaine Bagel Sandwich.

Pros: Vegan, Fresh, Unique

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