Vegetarian eatery serving Chinese food. Oct 2019 reported not fully vegan. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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16 Nov 2023

Herbal Soup for the Soul

The herbal soups they serve are reminiscent of the ones my parents would make to cure all that ails you! I'm not saying that these soups can make those same guarantees, but it's refreshing to see these types of soups being offered in a restaurant. That makes Jisu stand out to me as a person growing up with this type of cuisine. The portions of the foods are plentiful, fresh and not overly greasy/oily. Their prices are also very affordable.

Pros: Generous portions, Affordability, Authentic Chinese Herbal soup



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28 Aug 2023

Delicious Boxed Sets

Jisu was my last veg stop of my trip and they packed a wonderful bentou box set for my flight back home to the Bay Area.

They are a wonderful vegan friendly restaurant near Chinatown that offers a variety of dishes, some of which utilize mock meats. I ordered a Vegan Abalone lunch set ($11) which came with brown rice, picked raddish, steamed veggies, a nice serving of their mock abalone, and even some potatoes and cha-shu.

My box was nicely prepared and very good. Veggies tasted fresh and I enjoyed the way they prepared the abalone. On my flight, it was the perfect portion size to keep me satisfied until I landed back in CA.

I will definitely be back in the future to try out more of their boxes.

Pros: Affordable and delicious


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01 Jun 2023

Very cheap, drinks aren’t vegan

Many of their drinks include honey. Lunch specials are very affordable and would highly recommend.


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30 Apr 2023


Came in for lunch and had the vegan General Tso's chicken. Not much flavour. I've had better in our local takeaway in Ireland so was disappointed that this place in New York's Chinatown was not as good.

Pros: Extensive menu

Cons: Not much flavour


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27 Apr 2023

Plain tastless food

Plain tastless food

Cons: Plain tastless food


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03 Apr 2023

Amazing vegan options :)

The smoothies are automatically added with honey so make sure to tell China mama that you don’t want honey in your smoothies if you are vegan , she is a hard working China mama growing up with 8 siblings, back in the old days it’s actually expensive to eat animal products so everybody was raised up vegetarian. I like her food very much, it’s not too much flavor not too much added on, I feel very comfortable after eating it😄will totally come back again , thank you so much😄謝謝🙏


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26 Feb 2023

Nice atmosphere, good food

This place is great. I’ve had multiple soups and they’ve been excellent and a good value. Lots of healthy options. The atmosphere is casual but clean and serene. Located next to a Buddhist temple.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-04

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good food, Nice atmosphere


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08 Feb 2023

My favorite vegan Chinese food in NYC!

Highly recommend general tsao’s chicken and vegan bbq beef immortal meal. Anna the wonder is vegan and the most wonderful human!!


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10 Sep 2022

Friendly and nice place!

Very good, so many options, friendly staff. Food is great and portions are big! 4 stars because vegan desserts were missed.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-10


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06 Jun 2022

Many amazing Vegan options

There is a huge menu of Vegan options.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Tasty food, Affordable options

Cons: They used plastic cup for the smoothie


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27 Dec 2021

Good food

Huge vegan selection. Most of the dishes were great, some of the vegan seafood not for me. Small and very nice place for a lunch. #Veganuary


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15 Jan 2020

Great Food, extensive menu

Great place and right on Canal street.Simple and clean interior and restroom. Had the Veg Soup with noodles, great taste, veggies done perfectly , noodles good, price great, went back 2 days later and had the BBq soup with veg and noodles, excellent and only a Dollar more , really inexpensive. Staff was really great , friendly, helpful, food arrived fast, hot and delicious. I will be visiting often, Thank you Jisu!

Pros: Great food , Great price, Very clean

Cons: None


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26 Dec 2019

Good food, fancy menu

Dinner here was very good. The eight immoral balls appetizer was quite nice. The sauteed pea sprouts is done well, and always a good choice in Chinese restaurants. The vegan fish rice noodles seemed more like veggie ham, but was fine. The vegan abalone with greens would be better and clearer labeled as mushroom and greens, as that is what they were. They taste just as good even if they are not abalone.

I would rate the prices here as moderate, they were not inexpensive. Some dishes seem to be higher priced than I would have expected.

Cons: not inexpensive


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10 Dec 2019

Quite bland

I might have just had a bad experience cause it took over an hour after estimated delivery, but I thought the food was really really bland. The vegan dumplings were just greasy with no sauce


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28 Nov 2019

Lots of choice - very friendly!

Huge menu! The staff are friendly and very helpful. Very happy vibe😊


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18 Nov 2019

Had a blast here!

Such a great place. The menu is ENORMOUS! So many great options. Very affordable. Hilarious and helpful staff. Great food.

Pros: Affordable, Amazing staff (funny too), Great food

Cons: No alcohol haha


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09 Nov 2019


This place hasn’t been here all that long and I actually walked by it a couple of times but never went in.. until today. It was VERY tough to choose what to eat as they have a very prolific & though menu with actual lovely photos to boot! Since it was my first time I wanted to sample various things. I ordered these crispy veggie & seaweed balls with a sweet dipping sauce. Very nice although they could’ve been a bit hotter (in temperature). Next was a BBQ ‘pork’ sandwich with vegan cheese. The sandwich had as very deli like taste to it but without the grease & guilt. My only complaint was that it wasn’t burly enough. It was more on the flimsy side but I think it was because of their choice in bun. Finally, there was the vegan fish ball & fish cake noodle soup. The fish balls were scarily real tasting, the broth light & there was bok choy, carrots & snow peas added. You definitely get a bang for your buck here and the staff are very friendly & helpful! I think there’s certain growing pains but I’m sure they’ll improve and I’ll totally come back. 😊


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04 Nov 2019

Great food great price

I Had a Mixed Plate Witz macrons AS a Dessert and i realy liked IT. The AC is on superfreeze, so Take your Jacket with you.


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22 Oct 2019

Okay first visit

Came here to check it out w Omni parents. Maybe we got the owner of the restaurant, cuz she was pretty confident recommending a fish filet herbal soup with free multi-grain rice. Besides that mom decided on green veggie dishes, when they probably would've enjoyed another imitation meat one. All the dishes tasted well-seasoned though.

The environment felt pretty comfortable.

Pros: Many options with quality ingredients, Friendly staff, Comfortable decor

Cons: Herbal soups can be expensive


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29 Sep 2019

Deep in Chinatown Chineses vegan food

This place is across from the Manhattan Bridge. The place is clean, but not elegant. The food is all vegan, with delicious rice and faux meats--but mixed with vegetables to a greater extent than many other vegan Chinese places. All the other people eating in the restaurant when I was there were Chinese speakers--not surprisingly, since this place is off the main tourist drag, and my sense is that this place is a bit more authentic than some others. In all, with the possible exception of Wild Ginger, food here is much better than the other Chinatown places that serve Chinese food.

Updated from previous review on 2019-09-05

Pros: Great price--very affordable!, Tasty

Cons: Not elegant (but not dingy)


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28 Sep 2019


This conveniently located vegan spot is perfect for a health conscious began on the run. Food is light and tasty. Prices are very reasonable! Waiters very friendly.
Highly recommend!!


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24 Sep 2019

LOVE! Honest food.

If you loved Happy Vegan’s takeaway options then you’ll equally enjoy this brick and mortar location. Awesome prices. No frills. Super sweet staff. A whole lot of veg and may-wah protein.


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14 Sep 2019

Great vegan option in the heart of Chinatown

Jisu Vegetarian is a vegan take on traditional Chinese food. There are lots of delicious options for a group (crispy mock duck with cucumber, spicy eggplant, etc.) as well as individual meals with vegetables, mock meat or fish, and rice for people who may not be used to the more traditional sharing.

Jisu’s mock meat has some of the most realistic texture of any restaurant I’ve tried, making it a good option if you’re bringing meat-eating friends.

Not uncomfortably fancy, the decor is nice with lots of seating options. It was a great place to have dinner.

Pros: Location, Lots of mock meat and fish, Good for groups

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