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錦憶素食 A food stall located inside Meng Soon Huat Food Centre. Serves Chinese tze char (a la carte) and is known for its fried hor fun. No garlic or onion used. Liquor is used in some of the soups but you can ask them to omit it. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-8:30pm. Rest on odd-week Mon.

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First Review by consciouscookieee


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03 Aug 2023

One of the best zhi char

Been frequenting this stall for 10 years. IMHO one of the best zhi char out there with affordable prices. Used to need to wait for around an hour to be serves due to the long queue at peak hours but ever since they hires a second cook, wait times seems to have been reduced considerably. Still, patronising outside of peak hours recommended😄

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-03

Pros: Restaurant level taste, Affordable prices

Cons: Have to wait for a long time during peak hours



Points +52

19 Aug 2021

Highly recommended

Serve fresh and delicious vegetarian dish.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-19

Cons: Long Q during peak hour.


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23 Jun 2021

$4.80 Mui Fan With No Mocked Meat

This is what you will get for ordering Mui Fan with no mock meat. Only Cai Sim and nothing else, $4.80. Not even some carrots, let alone tofu. Thanks but no thanks, this is the last time. Will go to Tanaka Vegetarian in the coffee shop 1 min away.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-23

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-23


Points +422

21 May 2021

Delicious vegetarian food

Supported many years. Very nice!


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24 Apr 2021

Variety of choices

Very good vegetarian food. But take note that the fried mushrooms contain egg for the powder used. Business might extended till 9pm if customer too many on the night.

Pros: Better call to order before closure at 8.30pm.

Cons: Long q waiting time around 20 minutes.


Points +34

18 Feb 2021

Go-to veg spot in Gombak

Awesome food, good quality, one of the best in Singapore.
Been patronising since 2015
Waiting time is long but trick is to call ahead and preorder your food to reduce waiting time significantly.
Waiting time is longer than usual as they like to serve their dishes at one go, and not serve 1 dish every 10 minutes type.
V reasonable pricing.

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Consistent standard

Cons: Relatively longer waiting time if nvr call be4hand


Points +54

23 Dec 2020

Got Wok Hei

Hidden place within a coffee shop.
Was right next to a non veg the stall. Was recommended this place by a non-veg friend who lives nearby when I was looking for a place to lunch at. There was slight waiting time even though it is off peak, coming to 2pm when I arrived. Order took about 20mins to arrive, though I din see any orders being served.

Pros: Portion was okay.


Points +31

29 Sep 2020

Not advisable to visit when hungry

Slow in serving. Waited for 35 mins for no food. Those that come late got their food first.
Experienced several times
Never ever visit again

Pros: Poor service

Cons: Long waiting time always


Points +90

17 Jul 2020

One star review.. (cannot even let me rate one star)

We waited for more than 45min for the food but it didn't come. when checked with the store aunty, still say haven't cook yet.
Saw alot people have collected their food for take away. Even people who have ordered after us had their food served...

Pros: Non.

Cons: Order can be forgotten. Waiting time is very long.


Points +405

20 Aug 2019

Big size, tasty, 2pm start working

The food is very good, and it is a big size. If you eat less, it is enough for two people to call a plate. Food is a bit salty。

Peace ...

Points +3070

21 May 2019

Dry Hor Fun

Went to Jing Yi Vegetarian, wanted to try their Hor Fun but it wasn’t ready yet. In hurry, took their suggestion ordered Dry Hor Fun ($4.5). Friendly staff.

A big plate for me, tasted almost the same as their next door vegetarian eatery - Hwa Jin Family Vegetarian estaurant which is only at $4.

My idea of Dry Hor Fun is not so white but those Hor Fun noodle minus away the sauce. Guess, I need adjust my perception.


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Mostly Veg
03 Jul 2018

Best stir-fried veggie gravy :’)

Absolutely wonderful stir-fried veggies ($6) & tasty ‘chicken’/‘pork’ chunks :) Their dry hor fun is really yummy too but personally it’s too oily for me xP // 3 July 2018 —> Didn’t expect the sweet & sour ‘fish’ to be deep fried till it arrived 😅This dish was mostly made out of flour and sauce with thinly sliced king oyster mushrooms inside. I’d recommend getting their super tasty signature hor fun & stir-fried veggies of the day instead! Love their unique ginger-spiced savoury sauce & their supreme wok hei :’)

Pros: Cheap & tasty food, Best vegetarian gravy in SG for me so far


Points +266

24 Mar 2018

Fantastic Hor Fun

I went to this stall to try its famous Hor Fun based on reviews I read elsewhere and I was not disappointed at all. Having tried both the dry and wet version, I prefer the wet one. The wet version has the wok hei (smoky flavour) infused into the gravy and the combination was perfect. Most good zi char chefs can get wok hei into the dry version but to infuse it well into the hor fun gravy is another level higher.

I remember during my last visit on a weekday afternoon, most of the other coffeeshop patrons also ordered this hor fun. If most of the local residents are eating this, you can be sure it must be pretty darn good. This dish by default includes eggs so do request to omit if you do not consume them.

Most of the dishes here are good since the chef's zi char skills are fundamentally sound.

Pros: Hor Fun easily one of the best in Singapore

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