Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese restaurant offering 20+ vegetable based rice/noodle dishes most of which are vegan and all can be made vegan on request. Staff is knowledgeable about veganism. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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Michelle Bridi

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09 Jun 2023

Can not recommend if you don't speak Korean

The menu was in Korean only but honestly also in English it wouldn't have helped me since there is 0 description of the food. The owner called someone and we tried to figure something out but as her English was limited my options were as well. I said I would rather prefer not to eat a soup or something too spicy and I hot a dish with noodles in black sauce with onions (and like maybe 1 mushroom). I was wearing a delicate white dress so the choice really made me nervous. But also I really didn't like it so much.I had a very simular dish before in Seoul and it had much more flavor.I wouldn't come back because the lack of possibilities for me to choose made it a bit unpleasant and honestly this city has better choices.If you love Chinese food and speak Mandarin or Korean it might be your place though.

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06 Feb 2023

Absolutely delicious!

I went to Korea back in November 2022 and I found the restaurant through happycow, which I'm so glad I did. I went to have the jajangmyeon and it was the best meal out of all the meals I had in Korea. Sooo delicious and a really big portion that I couldn't even finish. The staff was really friendly and seemed to be used to foreign customers even though they don't speak English. I definitely recommend eating here if you're vegetarian/vegan since it's really hard to find a good korean veg meal.

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Pros: Taste, Portion size, Friendliness


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25 Jan 2023

Some of the best vegan food!

I really really liked this place, they had a whole section of vegan and vegetarian menue options, the staff was very nice and knowledgeable about veganism, and the food was just amazing! So good. But on the second time I saw that they also serve shark fin soup apparently unfortunately, so definitely worth thinking about whether you want to support that or not..


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08 Oct 2022

Nice Chinese Korean restaurant

The menu is exclusively in Korean and contains 2 pages of vegetarian/vegan dishes, some of which are quite pricey. My first choice of Japchae with garlic chives was not available, so I opted for a noodle soup with mushrooms and vegetables.
It came with a complimentary cup of tea, pickled radish, raw onion and what I presume is 춘장, aka the paste used for 짜장면.
Good flavour and filling, and it only cost 9000 won.
If you can't read Korean, you can use a translation app like Papago.
Practice your chopstick skills, I haven't seen a fork in there.

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Pros: Good food, Many veggie/vegan options , Affordable food on the second page

Cons: Menu only in Korean , Some dishes are pricey


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04 Sep 2022

Yummy & heaps of options (in Korean)

Friendly staff with some English, heaps of veg options.

I couldn't read the menu but the lady helped me out, with me just telling her what I like.

The noodles were really yummy.

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Pros: Lots of options, Friendly staff, Quick service

Cons: Expensive


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26 Jul 2022

A welcome spot!

This Chinese restaurant is located a bit away from the Hanok village but is a really convenient place between the historical center and the more commercial areas. There was a lot of vegan options (two entire pages) but I sticked to the traditional jajjangmyeon and was not disappointed. Really tasty and with lots of veggies in it. The sauce was also abundant. The menu is in Korean and the staff did not seem to speak English. Otherwise, it’s a great gem in Jeonju.


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30 May 2022

Lovely place!

I'm not 100% sure what I had for dinner tonight as there's no English menu but I'm sure:
- It was vegan (that's the first thing the owner asked when I sat down)
- It was super good
- Very budget friendly!
- Noodles with soy sauce & rise & mushrooms.

It's a cute Chinese restaurant with two pages on the menu for vegetarian & vegan options. The owner made her best to ensure I had a lovely dinner! Great option for a quick hearty dinner.

Pros: Budget friendly, Friendly staff, Big portions


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13 Mar 2022

It was good

There are not much vegan 짜장면 options in Seoul anyways, so it was a pleasure to find this spot in Jeonju. The food came out fast and staffs were friendly. They had like 4 different types of mushrooms in my vegan 물짜장 and it tasted good. Also we had vegan 탕수육 made with mushroom, and even my nonveg friend enjoyed it.

Pros: Food comes out fast

Cons: You might need to wait a bit to get a table


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13 Jun 2020

Super delicious!

The staff here was really nice and understand what vegan means. You don't need to wait long for it.
I ordered the Jjajangmyeon. You need to try it! And beside of that you get the pickled radish (Danmuji), onions and a Tea. 🤗


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23 Dec 2019

Good noodles

Recommend coming here


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08 Nov 2019



Pros: 有素食菜單, 價錢便宜, 店員親切


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30 Sep 2019

Super delicious

Tried the spicy version of jjangmyeon & the sweet and sour chicken made of mushrooms. So good! Highly recommend. Some of the items area quite pricey food the portion size.


Cons: Expensive


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08 Sep 2019

Great Chinese Restaurant in Town

Jinmi (진미) offers vegetarian and vegan Korean-Chinese food in the heart of Wedding Street. Located just down the street from the popular Nomadic Brewery, Jinmi has been serving delicious Chinese food since 1976, and they include a whole page for vegetarians and vegans.

This special menu page is very unusual for restaurants in general, so it’s a wonderful surprise to find it at a Korean-Chinese restaurant! At Jinmi, you can try meat-free versions of common Korean-Chinese dishes like noodles with blackbean sauce (짜장면, 7,000won) and spicy “seafood” noodle soup (짬뽕, 8,000won). Each dish is made with lots of vegetables seasoned and cooked so as to mimic meat, therefore filling you up while also being healthier.

The truly special dishes though, will cost you a bit more. For 28,000won you should order the sweet and sour “pork” (탕수육). Soft shiitake mushrooms are breaded and fried, but are somehow more chewy than crispy. They are served alongside a clear and viscous sauce which has raw vegetables like carrots and onions. This sauce is certainly more sweet than sour, and despite its price it isn’t enough to fill up two people, so I would suggest ordering it as an appetizer. It’s a speciality of the restaurant, and the quality definitely shows.

In addition to the food, the appearance of the restaurant sets it apart from many other places in Jeonju. On the outside, a stately facade welcomes you into the restaurant, reminding you you’re in the Chinatown of Jeonju, while the inside looks special because of giant mural on one side of the restaurant. If you come with a big party, you can even sit upstairs in one of the private rooms. The staff primarily speaks Korean, though the owners can also speak English.

Sadly, the vegetarian/vegan page of the menu does not have English translations of the dishes unlike other pages in the menu, so come prepared with Korean names of dishes you want to try. I can’t wait to try the spicy garlic fried “chicken” (깐풍기) on my next visit!

Pros: Unique Dishes, Vegan Menu

Cons: Expensive


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18 Jul 2019

Nice place

The staff was very sweet. They will show you a menu page for vegan friendly foods. We ordered black bean noodles and udon. All tasty!

Pros: Friendly staff, Easy to find


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17 Jul 2019

Delicious black bean noodles!

The owner is super friendly and knows about veganism. I recommend the black bean noodles, very filling and yummy.


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08 Jul 2019

Tasty food

Korean and chinese dishes, nice and very helpful staff (they speak english)


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25 Jun 2019

Convenient location, close to Gaeksa and Hanok Village

Of the few vegan-friendly restaurants in Jeonju, this is the only one close to Gaeksa and the nice busy part of Jeonju. As stated in the listing, there is a page of vegetable and noodle/rice dishes that are either vegan already, or can be made vegan easily. There is no translation on the menu, and I don't believe the staff speak English, so be aware of that going in.

I ordered a blackbean sauce dish, which was a little salty, as well as japchae with rice and maybe a sweet and sour vegetable dish (I cant remember exactly). Food is good, not great, and for the price I think it is fair. The real utility of this place is it's location, as it can be jarring having to drive across Jeonju to find food otherwise. But if you have the time and are travelling just for the food, I'd reccommend the grass flower buffet or even march rabbit over Jin Mi.

Inside is maybe 7-10 tables. It got pretty busy when I visited. Interior is simple and has chinese art and such on the walls.

I think the place has been open since 1976, which is impressive as most places in Korean seem to have a short lifespan.

Pros: Location, Cheap, Authentic

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