Serves hotpot and local dishes like rice and noodles as well as some western ones like pizza, veggie burgers, and sandwiches. NOTE: Vegan options are not labelled and staff don't speak English. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by BenBaumtomate


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02 Dec 2023

Amazing East-Asian style, can easily do vegan.

Amazing vegetarian food, they made my food vegan. I went back 3 times. The food is nutritious and has a good serving size.

I don’t know the origins of the restaurant/cuisine but it remind me of vegetarian restaurants in East Asia, namely Hong Kong. Certainly there is Khmer style as well.

In the description is says they don’t speak English but this is not entirely true, some of the staff do speak English in fact when I ordered my food they checked if I ate eggs or not before I said anything! Very nice staff.

I am gluten-free so I avoided all mock meats.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-02



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26 Nov 2023

Excelent mock meats

Authentic food, great mock meats


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09 Sep 2023

Good Food

Good Food and Good service. Lots of Choices for Vegetarian and Vegan. Not Spicy.


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12 Aug 2023

Yummy dinner

We went overboard with the mock meat, our favorites were the chicken wings, sizzling beef and satay. Staff were really nice and we all watched K-Pop videos together all evening. Lots of fun.


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27 Jun 2023

Good food

Local friends brought us there after an event, all of the dishes were good, recommended.


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13 May 2023

Not Vegetarian

Sells egg & fish and they cannot understand options without no onions, no garlic, no mushrooms.


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10 Mar 2023

Fantastic wholly vegetarian Chinese restaurant and cheap!

The food was brilliant, like nothing else! We ate here twice, the first time we didn’t realise everything on the menu is vegetarian including the “roast pork” styled like the street food. We had tofu etc. But on our second trip we were informed everything is and WOW, I think the substitute food would even trick a meat eater!


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27 Feb 2023

Couldnt find vegan options

Everything has egg- milk or butter. I asked which options they recommend and they didnt say anything. Also the price for everything is very expensive and the place is not so cleaner

Cons: Expensive


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21 Dec 2022

Not good for vegans

The menu doesn’t differentiate between what is vegan and what is just vegetarian. And as the person serving me didn’t really speak English, I just ordered what I thought were a couple of ‘safe’ vegan choices; fried spinach and deep-fried tofu.

The spinach was vegan, but the tofu had been made with a batter very obviously containing egg.

As that was the biggest part of the meal I ordered, it meant I didn’t really have much to eat.

I take responsibility, as I should have done a better job of checking what was vegan before ordering, so I didn’t complain.

I just ate my spinach and paid for the whole thing, making it a rather expensive plate of spinach.

From a vegan perspective, this place could be made so much better by just marking in the menu which items are vegan and which aren’t. As it is, it’s just pot-luck, so it’s really not a very vegan-friendly place.

Cons: Doesn’t mark vegan items in the menu


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09 Dec 2022

Yummy all veg

Lots of options! We tried the green beans (absolutely amazing), the spicy tofu (also good), and the sweet and sour ‘pork’ (so so tasty!!). Nice service and good food, only con is a little expensive for Cambodia.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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11 Nov 2022

Good selection of Chinese vegan dishes

Friendly management and staff. Comfortable restaurant. Good tasting food at reasonable prices. I wish the vegan options were clearly labelled vegan.

Pros: Greate selection of dishes, Friendly management and staff, Comfortable restaurant

Cons: Not the healthiest food, Vegan dishes not clearly labelled


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09 Nov 2022

Nice place and delicious food

Best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've been in Phnom Penh. Huge menu with mock meat, tofu and mushroom options. They make sure if you want food with egg or not. The sweet and sour fish was absolutely delicious! It is run by a Chinese family and the restaurant is big with nice and cozy decoration. They accept credit cards (but with a 3% extra fee).

Pros: Good prices, Big portions

Cons: They also charge 10% VAT tax


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26 Oct 2022

Best meal in Phnom Penh

I ordered the stir fried oyster mushrooms which were delicious! I really liked the option for a small or large meal, as most Cambodian portions are too small for me. Highly recommend


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10 Oct 2022

Great menu and helpful staff

Big choice on menu and the staff understand vegan. The food was good and I was given a free vegan dessert. After I’d paid and left I went back about 10 minutes later and asked to use the wifi to book a tuktuk. They gave me the code again no problem and offered me free water. Great customer service.

Very handy from Central Market (less than 10 minute walk) - use the exit where you can see ABA Bank. Definitely worth visiting if you’re anywhere in central PP.


27 Feb 2023

I wanted to try those noodles but the owner said that contains eggs


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17 Aug 2022

Sells shark fin soup

Although the restaurant looks nice, friendly staff and a large menu. We decided not to eat here as they do sell shark fin soup

Pros: A large menu with lots of options

Cons: Sells shark fin soup


10 Oct 2022

Are you sure it’s real shark fin? The other dishes are often labelled duck or fish but it’s veggie/vegan versions without saying so.


10 Nov 2022

It is not real shark fin. They serve mock meat of duck, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp and others. It's all vegetarian or vegan.


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10 Aug 2022

Great vegetarian restaurant

The menu is huge and food is delicious

Pros: Huge menu, Huge restaurant , Delicious food

Cons: A bit pricey for Cambodian standards


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20 Jul 2022

Good and various

Good and various


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16 May 2022

Love this place

Clean, comfy and air conditioned restaurant located not too far from riverside. Extensive vegetarian menu with lots of vegan options. The staff understand what vegan is and are able to help you with your selection. Very tasty and excellent value for money.


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06 Apr 2022

Amazing food

Lovely staff, great service and amazingly tasty food.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-06

Pros: All vegetarian , No problems making it vegan, Lovely staff


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20 Jun 2021

Great service!

This is a great place to eat, it’s difficult to choose between all the options they offer and the best thing here is that the owner gives suggestions, all staff is friendly including him. Delicious and fresh food, great service!


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16 Dec 2020


Vegan-friendly, great atmosphere, large selection. A little overpriced but we like it.

Pros: Vegan friendly

Cons: Overpriced

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