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Jagannath - Kuznetsky Most

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Kuznetsky Most Str 11, Moscow, Russia,

Veggie cafe, restaurant, and health food shop 10 minutes from Red Square, near metro station Kuznetsky Most and Lubyanka. Food is mostly vegan and are labeled in Russian. Limited English spoken. Pay for food by weight buffet style set up. Some internet PCs available (pay at the check out). Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, International, Buffet, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (33)

First Review by zroq12

Not getting better - Edit

I used to like Jagannaths at first, but now I find these points rather disappointing. They have three kind of wraps and none of them vegan. I mean, why don't just do it without cheese? Tried sandwich, it was wrapped in lots of layers of oh-so-ecologic stretch foil and the bun was a lot like rubber: hard to chew and tasteless. Once I tried microwaving buns and got same thing. Did they microwave it? Why so, if yes? It was cold anyway... The food in the buffet can be hardly called lukewarm. It's rather cold.

A lot of desserts, but if you're vegan you can have only some little raw candies or rice ball with cherries.

Ah and also! You can't just put things from buffet on your plate. You have to ask for them. After you asked whether it's vegan.

They also have a shop and it's like 1,5 times more expencive than other healthy shops in Moscow. Veg card worth buying though. It's 100 roubles and after easy online registration gives you discounts in vegeterian and vegan shops, caffes and even in some yoga studios and so on across the whole Russia.

Pros: At least no meat

Cons: Cold food, Not an actual buffet, Too much of milk and cheese

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ISKCON Restaurant - Edit

Having eaten at tens of Govindas/Haris Restaurants worldwide, I expected good food - that was the first mistake. Second mistake, expecting it to be tasty. Final mistake - expecting it to be at right temperature. Dissatisfied on all three counts. Soup was at a temp that can best be described as below luke warm. Rice was cold and so were rotis. Veggies, whatever they were, had no taste other than sour. Tofu roll was ice cold too. Saving grace - they had papadums, of all things!! If you are going here to eat Indian food and know what Indian food is, don't go at all. At best, food here might charitably be called Russified Indian-themed food. Whichever ISKCON Group is running this restaurant needs to really look at whether Krishna and AC Bhakti Vedanta Srila Prabhupada would approve of the tasteless, cold food they serve. They do need to invest in kettles to keep soups piping hot, steamer for rotis, and warmers for buffet items. Even both Govindas in Irkutsk had much better setup and tasty, warm food than here.

Pros: Vegetarian, Location, Papadums

Cons: Cold Food

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Good Selection in City Centre - Edit

I didn't expect to be able to find a restaurant with vegan options right in the centre of Moscow. Quite a trendy area.

There are quite a lot of items with dairy, etc but we happened to find a good selection of vegan dishes. Not a bad price, either. We tried a spinach dish, meatballs (very good), tofu with sprouts, rice, salads and the ever-popular buffet item, the Strawberry Drink.

Nicely decorated and also has a pretty large shop and cafe in the same building.

Pros: Choices, Location, Tasty

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great for a quick, cheap, tasty lunch - Edit

Good variety of buffet/canteen style food (vegan choices in green text) Excellent value, nice atmosphere. Food is very good but the warm food section should be hotter.

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Indian buffet - Edit

A little intimidating at first if your Russian isn't great as you have to ask for what you'd like from the buffet. Staff are somewhat patient and know a tiny bit of English. Lots of choice. The tofu curry is really nice and such a good price. I'd been paying a lot more for my curry fix in the past so happy I've found this place.

Pros: good value for money , can see what you're getting, nice seating area

Cons: buffet style difficult to order (the first time), you don't know the price until the checkout

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Always a good meal - Edit

I always drop by this place when I am nearby. The food is simple but filling and hearty. Also you can get a discount card which saves you a lot of money if you are a regular guest.

Pros: good food, nice portions, helpful tags

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Fair food, fair prices - Edit

I really appreciated that every single item has a tag indicating the ingredients, in Russian, yes, but you can sort it out with a dictionary (and if you're a well prepared vegan traveller, you already memorized basic words such as milk, eggs, cheese), so it is not difficult for a vegan to sort out the non-vegan items. I'm very thankful for this effort, I would suggest, you can make this even better, for instance, just add the international vegan icon to the dishes that are vegan, that would make many lives easier.

I was told that sometimes the personnel was unfriendly, I don't think so, I went there at least 4 times and mostly they are shy of trying English if you're a foreigner, but unfriendly, absolutely not.

The food and the price you pay is absolutely fair, it is good without being amazing but for that price you cannot complain, and you pay by weight -some individual items cost more, so if you're not that hungry, then you just end paying less.
I found it a bummer that they don't serve any alcohol but I guess that's the spirit of the place. It comes with a vegan/vegetarian shop which comes very handy (but don't expect English, I managed with a dictionary)

Pros: Cheap, Large offer, Every item with list of ingredients

Cons: U like a bier with your food?, forget it

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Bad food and service - Edit

I don't like Jagannath chain, as the food is always a disappointment. Another problem is their stuff, who are very slow and unfriendly. However, there are no other inexpensive vegetarian cafes with the central location, so Jagannath is always busy with locals and tourists.
In spite of Indian name and interiors, the food is not Indian at all.

Pros: location

Cons: service, food

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Good veg restaurant - Edit

Good food, central location and when we were there we got to talk to an english-speaker at the staff. The vegetairan food shop attached to the restaurant was a great plus!

Pros: Buffet, Good food, Nice place

Cons: Crowded

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So Much Choice! - Edit

Visited twice, the food was good but very little English spoken so it's a case of pointing to stuff and seeing what you get! It's all pretty tasty though so not too much of a problem. A great variety of dishes from Indian to Russian. Staff were a little on the relaxed, vague side. Restaurant was always busy, always a good sign but often no knives and forks and queue for food! Good value and a great ?feast. Very pro-veggie!

Pros: Variety, Taste, Location

Cons: No English, Staff, Queuing

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Staff needs improvement! - Edit

I often go to Jagannath and I have visited all three restaurants. Staff is definitely busier in the Kuznetsky Most restaurant, but they are also rude at times, laugh between themselves while the customers are waiting to be assisted in front of them and seem to be bothered while they are assisting you. Some of the staff is not willing to help and literally throw the plate to you as if they hate you for coming to the restaurant.
I guess there are many other people looking for a job who would be better workers, so my suggestion for these unhappy and unhelpful staff members is to find another job that suits them better. At least they would not ruin the meal to all the customers coming to the restaurant.
A part from that, food is tasty and fresh. And cheap, which is rare in Moscow.

Pros: Cheap, Close to Metro, Always open

Cons: Rude Staff, Very hot inside, Non-dairy milk not available at the bar!

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chandarlal 17 Oct 2013 - Hi yes some of them really very rude but not all of them ,rest of all very good ,hope when you visit next time you well find more friendly staff,

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Good food, plenty of (vegan) options! - Edit

Jagannath is a nice, big but cozy place with colorful Indian-inspired interior and plenty of vegan options at a reasonable price.

I doubt that it is still true that there is "Very little English spoken" as it says in the description here on Happy Cow, when I see other people's reviews here I think this info is out-dated. Even if it was still true there will always be other guests who are willing to help to find out what is what (this is my general experience in Moscow). Yes, the labels are still all in Russian and you will need some help to match them with the food you see if you don't speak Russian. But I believe language is not a big issue anymore.

While standing in the queue I asked a guy from the staff for advise on some items and he was very friendly and helpful. But very busy, too, so I did not ask him as much as I would have otherwise.

In general I am not too found of that type of self service restaurants where you have to move in one big queue along all the food and only when you reach the cashier you have seen it all. Nearly always I would have made different choices knowing it all up front, but, moving along with the queue, I tend to grab stuff which looks OK not knowing what type of good food comes after. Jagannath is such a restaurant and the day I was there it was quite busy. After several visits you probably get a better feeling of what is where along the queue. I have been there only once and I found it a bit stressful, also since I was carrying my laptop and some other stuff with me I was not too much into standing an a queue and balancing a tray.

But once I reached a table with my tray everything was fine and the atmosphere quite relaxing. I had some vegetables with wild rice and an Asian noodle dish, both with vegetables, a spring role, a little cake as dessert and - as take-away- a samosa. Both the rice and noodle dishes where not very hot, rather lukewarm. But still very tasty, as well as anything else I had here.

Pros: good food, plenty of vegan options, reasonable prices

Cons: one big queue

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Great Indian cafe - Edit

The busy cafe offers a healthy, tasty Indian-style buffet. Lots of the workers spoke English to me and were happy to point out the vegan options - probably about half of the buffet was vegan. I had a sprout salad, dhal and a curry dish with tofu and veggies. The food was all great and the price was reasonable. Expect to pay 200-300 roubles for a salad and a main. They also have vegan sweets - Indian-style and more Russian-style. The ambience is bustling but relaxed with lots of colourful Indian artworks and ornaments, and a krishna feel. You get a tray at the counter, then point out what you want, pay and choose a table. Their shop is also good with lots of spices, vegan products, tofu etc.

Pros: Tasty, healthy vego Indian food, Plenty of vegan options, English spoken

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Love it! - Edit

I love this place! Each time me and my husband coming to Moscow we are visiting this place! Food is delicious, friendly people, everybody speaks English there..One of our favorite place in the world!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff , non-smokers

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Absolutely lovely - Edit

Most of the reviews I read people thought the staff was unfriendly and the labels are difficult. I am fluent in Russian so if there was a cultural gap I did not feel it.

The atmosphere of this place is amazing! The walls are fantastic, ant it's a lovely buffet. For those who have difficulty reading the cards! The orange ones are vegetarian, the green ones are vegan. Almost all the dishes that had 'mayonaise' and 'sour cream' were vegan versions. I decided to go there for my birthday and I did not regret it: They had amazing food AND amazing deserts for a vegan! Only spent about 400-500 rubles for A LOT of food (so much to choose from!) If you do speak Russian, the staff will provide recommendations for you. I loved it!

Do go and check out the shop. May be priced a little higher but have so many essentials for a vegan. I had a tough time finding tofu and they had it here. They also post tons of flyers and info about cool vegetarian upcoming events. Heaven.

Pros: healthy food, excellent food, great selection

Cons: store prices a bit high

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Ok - Edit

Food is ok, not too expensive. Better learn some Russian for this one though because no English is spoken and everything is labeled in russian. In true russin style the staff are not friendly or helpful too.

Pros: Good food, Big selection

Cons: Staff not friendly

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disappointing experience - Edit

There is a restaurant AND a bistro. Our local friends had told us to choose the restaurant as it has better food. So we did.

We ordered non-alcoholic white wine, noodles with veggies and a seitan meal. The FOOD was decent, however, the prices were quite high.

What we absolutely despised about the place was the SERVICE. It was around 10:30pm (they close at 11), so the waiter looked very discontent
and made us feel like we should hurry up cuz he wants to go home. Later, when the bill arrived, we gave him a creditcard, to which he replied
that they don't take creditcards there, although before sitting down we asked the staff if we could pay by card and they said it was possible.
Nevertheless, he *did* take the card and returned with a sales slip for singning. Finally, we wanted to tip him, but only had large notes, when
asking if he possibly could change them to smaller ones so we could tip him, we were stopped mid-sentence with a blunt "no need". Our "thank you,
goodnight" was not returned either.

To sum up, the food is ok, but when I go to a "restaurant" I expect more than just that..

Pros: marked vegan options

Cons: service, attitude, price

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getting worse - Edit

before Jagannath was very nice place with excellent food but now in my opinion it getting worse. Restaurant and cafe have the same dishes but prices in restaurant high. In cafe not always u can find a place to seat.
Salads looking not fresh. Plates are small..
There is small shop where u can buy some vegetarian food like vegetarian sausage.
If you want tea-break - then i recommend, usually its good desserts there and there are some choices.

Pros: location, desserts

Cons: not always fresh food

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chandarlal 10 May 2013 - Hi ital
Thanks for your comment ,I am a Chef and vegetarian have a more then 20 years experience in cooking field ,now I join jagannath please come one more time ,hope you like it,thank you have a good time !

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best meal in moscow! - Edit

It is really hard to find vegetarian food in Russia, so thank God for Jagannath! I ate there 4 times during my 3 day visit to Moscow.
Everything is labelled in Russian only, so I had no idea what I was getting. But at least I knew it was all safely vegetarian (not sure what the deal is for vegans though - it may have been labelled). The staff were really friendly (another thing that is hard to find in Russia), and I just pointed at something that looked good and they dished it up.
The way it works is that all the food is in serving trays and you get small servings of anything you want. They had soups, snacks, stews, curries, rice, stir fries, pasta, desserts, everything! Each dish was about 100rub (£2 or $3) and I found that about 3 was the right number for me. Everything was delicious and it had a nice atmosphere and was great value.
I highly recommend it!
PS - try the square lump thing, it was delicious!

Pros: friendly staff, delicious, huge variety

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Worth visiting - Edit

Located in the centre of Moscow, this place is a lifesaver for a hungry vegetarian. There's always a wide variety of dishes, and you can choose between the cafe and the restaurant. The restaurant prices are way higher, but the restaurant room is very cosy. Both the restaurant and the cafe food is ok. Smoking is prohibited, which is not common in Moscow.

Pros: very good location, good value, non smoking

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Best local vegan restaurant in My city - Edit

I love it!it'a my fav restaurant in Moscow,love their food but sometimes i have to ask several times if its vegan and vegetarian and staff usually hesitates so i just don't take it.But i love it' excetp prices could be little bit less.

Pros: tasty, in the centre, wi fi

Cons: little expensive, can be not vegan at all

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Jagannath, Moscow - Edit

I would have been lost without this place in Moscow and ended up eatnig here everyday. Big choice available in the pay by weight buffet. Staff were helpful in getting me vegan food with a bit of pointing at the dishes and with a few 'das' and 'niets', hand signals etc.

Pros: vegan veggie friendly, good choice, tasty food

Cons: None

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Delicious Buffet - Edit

It wasn't until after I booked my trip that I realized this place was only about a block away from the hotel -- what a relief! The buffet was delicious! Although to be honest, I'm not sure that I knew what everything was since all of the Russian I know was from a few weeks of CDs and learning the alphabet after deciding I needed to go to Moscow to see what it was like there. I don't expect locals to speak English since I'm the one visiting their county, and that expectation was met in this restaurant :) Like a prior reviewer, there were lots of das and niets, as well as pointing, smiling, nodding, and giggling with the staff. Not only is the food great, but this is a neat restaurant inside, too. Simple, but with art on the walls and a cool feel to it. When in Moscow, be sure to try out Jagannath.

Pros: delicious buffet, inexpensive, fast

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Veggie Oasis in MOCKBA - Edit

Wish I discovered this place early when I lived in Moscow. The Russian as well as the Indian specialities are outstanding and this is just the restaurant section.

Given the vast urban area that is covering Moscow it is not easy to visit the city centre every day, but Jagannath has been welcome in providing a nice section of home-cooking food items. Specially like the soy sausages & burgers.
Go there again for sure!!

Pros: Russian specialities, Healthy & light, Veggie groceries

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Red Square Veganism - Edit

This place was an incredible find in a city and a country where veganism is a completely foreign concept. However, in the land of Tolstoy I figured something must exist. The restaurant is located very close to Red Square and isn't hard to find. We ordered from the buffet and dined inside. Only one employee spoke broken English and he pointed out the vegan options. There is a health food section that carries a variety of vegan meats, cheeses, and milk. This is a great place to stock up if you are heading out to rural parts of the country or taking the Trans-Siberian.

Pros: Vegan, Location, Tasty

Cons: Few English Spoken

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Offers Outdoor Seating - Edit

We ate at this restaurant, not realizing that the outdoor seating menu was different than what was inside. As a result, we missed out on the buffet. The food we ordered was very good and we enjoyed it. We regretted not getting to visit the buffet though.

When we asked about the internet PCs, we were told they only have wireless access and no PCs for use. When I mentioned that we had found the restaurant on the Happy Cow website, the waiter had no idea what I was talking about. Otherwise, the staff was helpful.

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Heaven for Vegans - Edit

This is a superb oasis of vegetarianism in a city like Moscow where it can be hard to find a menu that has as much as a single meat free option. And in summer it has a delightful outdoor area where you can have a drink. And it is also attached to probably the best shop for difficult to find foods in Moscow.

However, it does suffer from problems that are common to all the service sector in Moscow which is that the staff can be extremely rude. Although in a city where it is normal to be sneered at by the staff it's no better or worse than elsewhere. Also another problem with cafeteria style food is that it can be cold at times which is a lottery that can spoil the experience.

Pros: unique food, no moody waitresses, shop

Cons: food can be cold, moody servers

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Wonderful in the centre of Moscow - Edit

Near Kuznetsy Most station, this gem is mostly a buffet. I chose a wide selection of dishes just by pointing - they didn't seem to speak English but we got by OK! There's salads, soups, some Russian dishes and pastas with desserts and cakes as well! Delicious!

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its friendly - Edit

I had someone help me find this... sadly i only sat outside.. go inside you can choose something nice. they stamp the sign of the dish with vegan if its suitable. Health food shop is expensive.... but i mean if you really want some soy or rice milk its there... friendly pepole. around 200 R for a meal

Pros: vegan food in russia, nice flavours, large range

Cons: pricey

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maybe the only real vegan in moscow ? - Edit

so far the first place in moscow i found where you could eat vegan style food, but half of the menu has diary so still watch out.prices are OK .and bring your laptop for great free unlimited internet or use few of the pc's there on the wall. its kind of hare krisna place , that explains the vegans here. few people in service here do not seem to have happy faces , wich it seems normal in moscow...but if you have questions , a few service people do speak litle english here. and they have a vegan foodshop as well.

Pros: vegan OK, near red square, free internet

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A Nice little gem - Edit

Jagannath is a multi purpose place that offers the Vegetarian/vegan some great food ideas. There is a small helth food section for all your vegan products, a cafe and a sit in restaurant. Some staff do speak a little english but it is best to take the Vegan passport with you and they will tell you what food is suitable for vegans. Great atmoshphere and nice staff.

Pros: Value, range of goods, friendliness

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