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Serves meat, vegan options available. Burger joint with a house-made vegan patty option. Has vegan mayo as well toppings like lettuce and beetroot. Burger order comes with a side of chips.

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First Review by DODX


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13 Dec 2022


Everything about the burger is amazing and the chips are so crispy and salty. Definitely my go to burger shop!

Pros: Soft brioche like buns, Creamy tangy mayo, Chips are 10/10



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18 Nov 2022

Rude Server

My non-vegan, but lactose intolerant sister ordered a burger with vegan cheese & vegan mayo. The female server who served us told us there was a 20 min wait, which was fine given how busy it seemed. The female server was quite polite. When we came back to pick up the burger, the male server handed the order to my sister & in a rude tone told her "we don't have vegan cheese" when she asked if the burger had vegan cheese as she had requested. My sister assumed that meant there was no cheese in the burger, fine. When we got back home, she opened the burger to find dairy cheese. She calls the place up to let them know the issue and at first the man who answers apologises, but when she goes on to explain how it could affect someone with a dairy allergy, he hung up mid sentence. Do not recommend at all if you're vegan, lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.


24 Nov 2022

My biggest concern always going into places that are not bigger chains is that most of the staff don't really care. Kinda like trained monkeys, without trying to sound rude. Narrow mind sets so don't really get the ethical thing we are all doing. Annoying as hell. The amount of times I've ordered coffee with almond milk over the years from smaller cafe and gotten cows milk is scary.


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Non Veg
31 Oct 2022


On my way through from a job in the area, I hadn’t had breakfast OR lunch and it was 3.30pm so I was starving. I dropped into this joint because I had bought a few takeaways previously and hadn’t had problems.

I walked up to the girl at the counter (who looked 12), ordered sweet potato fries on their own as I thought that would be enough till I got home, but then standing there I noticed on the menu it said “all served with fries” so I asked the girl if I could order a burger but have it with sweet potato fries instead, she said yes you can.

So I said is it possible to change my order to include a burger? She got the owner to come out from the kitchen it was just them two and the place was empty, he complained a little but added the burger and I said hang on, you are charging me full price? I wanted to change my order not “add” to it, CLEARLY he knew otherwise he wouldn’t be complaining!

He said well it costs $5 extra to change from standard chips to sweet potato so I just charged you for the burger.. I said well I’ve already paid $8.50 for the fries, don’t I get a reimbursement for the difference?

He THREW his hands in the air and walked off saying “YOUR TOO DIFFICULT”…. 😳😳😳 I was STUNNED as I wasn’t yelling nothing just asking in a normal voice. I stood there for a second and thought, you know what I don’t want to eat anything this man makes after he has been so rude to me.

So I told the girl I wanted a full refund. When she told him he started yelling at me FROM THE KITCHEN, saying he wouldn’t give me a refund because he was already cooking and I said to him WELL you should have thought of that before you were rude to me! He CONTINUED to argue trying to make it that I was the one that was rude and I said all I did was ask a question and you bit my head off, I said you need to learn to talk to customers and train your staff better!

He then told me all of his “other” customers are happy and I’m the only one, told me he was going to call the police (that part made me laugh 😂) and that I need to learn to read the menu, I said I DID read the menu that’s why I asked your staff member what the deal was!

He REFUSED to take responsibility, told me he has been doing this his whole life I said mate, I have worked in customer service my whole life and the way you just treated me is disgusting! I told him I was going to put a complaint against him and write some reviews.
He then decided to give me my money back “because he didn’t want the headache”.


24 Nov 2022


Points +36

23 Jan 2022

Have us a meat patty

Got the ‘it’s a vegan’ similar item is ‘it’s a burger’ music is so loud it’s impossible to speak with the cashier and they’ve given us a meat patty that has had an eaten bite. The schnitzel burger was good but I guess I can’t give more than 1star as it’s rare that happens these days.

Cons: Gave us meat


Points +192

02 Jan 2022

It’s-not-a chicken schnitzel

Pretty tasty
Only two vegan options
The other is “itsavegan” vegan patty


Points +20

08 Feb 2021

Great vegan burger

Only one vegan option but it's one of the better vegan patties I've had!


Points +16

13 Jan 2021

One option, was simple but delicious!

Burger place across the roads from the beach. There's only one vegan option, it's a fake beef style patty with vegan mayo, lettuce and beetroot, comes with fries. Was simple but it was delicious, I would order again.

Pros: Delicious, and includes Fries

Cons: Only one vegan option.


Points +28

07 Jun 2019

Worst saltiest burger ever

The most salty burger I’ve ever had, would never eat there again!!

Pros: One vegan burger patty option.

Cons: So salty!, Expensive


Points +18

23 Mar 2019

Very tasty vegan burger!

Super tasty vegan burger! Came with fries too!
Came with vegan chilli mayo and jalapeños, vegan cheese and a great vege patty. Nice staff and beautiful atmosphere. Highly recommend

Pros: Well seasoned and great flavours , Came with fries , Nice service


Points +43

08 Feb 2019

Good vegan option

Vegan burger was very good, though a bit salty . Would definitely eat there again though.

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options

Cons: Limited vegan options

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