Vegan Japanese restaurant with branches in Japan and UK - this one est. since 2012 is located in Maruyama. Dinner by reservation only. Schedule will be updated on a monthly basis on Facebook. Open Wed-Sun 11:30am-5:00pm. Closed Mon-Tue.

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First Review by JesseD


Points +79

Mostly Veg
15 Aug 2022

Tasty, looks beautiful dish with relax ing atmosphere

Very warm and relaxing atmosphere with the fresh and tasty vegan meal

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-15

Pros: Vegetable tastes strong and sweet, Has a lot of antique furniture and good atmosphere, Use non harmful material



Points +124

13 Mar 2022

Life saver in meat heavy Sapporo

After a week of lifeless supermarket foods (mainly natto sushi roll, cabbage salad and korean shin ramen), I was craving for a proper, nutritious, warm vegan food 😭 I’ve been to their London shop so I thought it would be good one too. And they didn’t betray my expectation! The restaurant was small but cozy and the foods were very tasty and filling. I had okara ball with veg and rice on sizzling stone bowl.

The staff was also lovely and helpful. Highly recommend if you are looking for some wholesome goodies.

Pros: Tasty food, Lovely staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A little walk from subway station (worth it)


Points +1647

26 Sep 2021

A great affordable multi course meal

Wonderful experience at this homey wood-covered restaurant. The staff was friendly, as were the little kids running around! There were several set options, and a kids menu too! See my picture captions for details about each dish on the two different sets we got. Overall, really nice and super tasty cheesecake like dessert.


Points +527

20 Sep 2020

Vegan healthy organic lunch set

Small and cozy restaurant where I had a vegan taco rice and black sesame pudding dessert with barley tea. Everything was very tasty, while there was only that one option for lunch.
Owner is very friendly and has a restaurant in London and Paris as well.


Points +120

20 Feb 2020

Amazing experience

What a cute wee place. Amazing service and it was like a 6 course meal. Fully vegan and very traditional food.

Pros: Fully vegan, Yummy, Reasonably priced for the quality of the food


Points +50

11 Feb 2020

Hands down the best

Japanese vegan food that feeds your soul. We ate here in winter 2017 and again in winter 2020. This is my favourite cafe/restaurant not just in Sapporo but also my favourite out of all the places I have been to in Japan. Both times we ate here I have left feeling inspired to pickle more veggies (including peanuts) and to cook more real food instead of using mock meats.


Points +26

08 Feb 2020


We ate here 3 years ago, on our first trip to Japan. We were so excited to come back again today. Everything is so tasty. Light and healthy but we left very full!

Pros: All vegan, Cute place


Points +149

30 Jan 2020

Worth the trip!!!

What a gem! Numerous choices of food from a small meal right through to a feast. The staff speak some English and it’s super easy to order with an English menu. Very delicious and filling food. Location wise it’s a little out of the way, but if you’re going to be in the general vicinity, it’s well worth the walk!!!

Pros: Sooo many choices!!, Super delicious, Cozy feel

Cons: A little out of the way


Points +13

26 Dec 2019

Peaceful and cute place

Very nice vegan place with stunning food.


Points +23

12 Nov 2019

Very cute venue!

The owner was so sweet and made an effort to talk to me in English. The food was so yummy!

Pros: Good venue, Delicious food


Points +168

26 Oct 2019

Organic & Vegan = Heaven

Super delicious food, went there for lunch and got the full lunch set. Two bento boxes and a main, absolutely great!! Food had a great taste, they don’t use sugar so much which I really liked. Also the dessert had just the natural sweetness from the rice flour.
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Pros: ORGANIC, VEGAN, friendly owner


Points +50

05 Oct 2019

Great Vegan Japanese

I got what was probably the biggest item on the menu. Looked like two bento boxes put together on one tray. Maybe 8-10 small dishes of brown rice, tofu, veggies and pickles. I told the owner I didn’t want the dessert, so she swamped it out for another tofu dish — unprompted. So you’re treated quite well here, and the food was very good. Highly recommended.

Pros: Ample portions for the meals I ordered, Tasty food, Very gracious host who deserves our support


Points +79

17 Jul 2019

Fantastic restaurant

Delicious meal, small place but very warm and cordial.

Pros: Each plate is delicious, Small portions so you can taste everything , Exceptional menu overall!

Cons: You have to make a reservation for dinner


Points +3161

06 Jun 2019

Incredible food and atmosphere

One of my favorite restaurants I have ever visited. The owner was so incredibly kind, and the food was delicious and prepared with a lot of care and love. We had the dinner set and loved every single dish. Truly amazing!


Points +28

Non Veg
10 May 2019

Nourishing In Every Way

What a delight!

We entered to an amazing little room that has no hard corners. Then we met the wonderful owner who was nurturing in her attitude to life and food. She radiated true inner beauty.

Our lunch was delicious and we brought along a non vegetarian friend who was so impressed that he has been back with another friend.

Pros: All vegan, Great surroundings , Lovely owner


Points +100

10 Feb 2019

Definitely a happy place 🤗

Place has all you wish for - excellent organic food incredibly well tasting prepared, friendly stuff and a cosi location - we will definitely go there again. We had the dinner set that comes with a soup, a pre main course, main and desert - can not say what was best because I loved it all

Pros: Organic, healthy and super tasty, Family business with very friendly stuff, Quick - if you are starving 😋

Cons: Nothing to mention here :)


Points +99

18 Oct 2018

Authentic delicious food, worth the price!

This is a higher end vegan restaurant with delicious authentic Japanese food. I had a delicious meal and dessert. It's on the pricier side but worth it, for sure!

The staff was friendly and the place was cozy and quaint.

Pros: Delicious , Authentic , Atmosphere


Points +84

14 Oct 2018


I asked my hotel to make a reservation. They warned me to get there by 4:30. So we took a taxi to be there on time. Yes. Well worth the effort. It was a great meal, the place was relaxing, the owner very gracious. So happy that the food is all organic, vegan, local and in season. And very tasty.
I would vote for this as my favorite veg. restaurant in Hokkaido, especially after the delicious soy-based cheesecakes for dessert.

Pros: all vegan, local, organic., delicious, good dessert


Points +640

28 Jul 2018

Delicious Japanese cuisine

I really wanted to try this place during my time in Sapporo, because I love Japanese food and flavours. We went here for lunch and dishes were around 1000-2000 yen. We all got a middle-sized one for around 1500 yen and were very satisfied and full (in a good way) afterwards. The set menus includes many small dishes so you can try a bunch of stuff and enjoy different flavours. The staff was very attentive and always brought the next dishes in perfect timing. I loved this place very much and it deserves 5 stars for the food, but a few points that I explained below made me give them only 4.

Pros: Many little dishes and flavours, Very calm and relaxed space, Nice and attentive staff

Cons: No water, No English menu (we went at lunch), Small selection of dishes

Jasmin Aplin

Points +78

09 Feb 2017

Loved it!

This place was so cute! Great service and yummy vegan Japanese-style cuisine. Definitely warmed us up on a snowy winter's day!


Points +32

27 May 2016

Traditional Japanese food

I loved the Japanese and vegan mix here. It was great to see the owner (I presume, a lovely lady) cooking my food fresh. The restaurant itself felt very rustic and the ambiance was very relaxed. The highlight for me was the amazing banana ice cream at the end, so tasty!


Points +17

04 May 2016


stille und angenehme atmosphäre. essen liebevoll und lecker zubereitet.


Points +126

06 Apr 2016

A Japanese-style gem

We visited Itadakizen after spending a morning walking around nearby Maruyama Park. It was a cold winter day, and we were so happy to arrive in such a cozy and inviting little restaurant. I am an American who loves Japanese food, but being vegetarian, I often get to enjoy only a small range of it. So I was delighted by this restaurant. I probably would have given this restaurant a five-cow rating except that during the same week I had the pleasure to enjoy two vegetarian special-occasion meals that were specially prepared for me. This restaurant is good, but falls short compared to my friend's mom's cooking (as does most food).

We were there for lunch, and there was a choice between two set menus. I'm not sure whether the food would exactly fit the definition of kaiseki-style (because I don't know exactly what the parameters are), but it's at least kaiseki-like: many small dishes, carefully prepared. All were good, and a couple were great. While I'm sure we could have found a cheaper lunch in the area, I thought the price was very reasonable for the value.

The dining room is small and though the restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived, it was completely full by the time we left. We didn't plan to arrive slightly ahead of the lunch rush, but it turned out to be a good thing that we did.

One last thing: the woman who served us mentioned that they are scouting locations for a new branch in San Francisco!

Pros: Good value for price, Near Maruyama Park


Points +94

01 Aug 2015

Traditional Japanese

The owner was exceptionally kind. We went there for lunch and wanted to try one of the dinner sets and she obliged. Pretty presentation of the food.


Points +13886

26 Jul 2015

A very pleasant experience...

I found this place easily with directions from the Happy Cow website and came here for both lunch and dinner. It is a cute space with a warm, rustic interior and soothing music playing. The staff were very friendly, asked me if I was vegan and how I knew about the restaurant. (Happy Cow of course, which they appreciated.) I was brought tea and utensils and an English menu with two lunch options and I chose the Kanseihan Tanno set for lunch and for dinner the sushi course for dinner. I won't go into individual details of the food, but I will say it was mostly delicious and always interesting and beautifully and intricately presented and served. With the number of courses and the preparation involved, it is a slow process. I was here on a very rainy day, so it suited me well. In the evening I sat at the table, drinking organic beer, enjoying the atmosphere. It is not cheap but if you want the dining experience it is not outrageously overpriced either, what you would expect to pay for three courses and drinks in a typical restaurant.

Pros: Great atmosphere , Intricately prepared food, Friendly service

Cons: Not cheap


Points +13

19 Jun 2015

In deep gratitude

Whether a vegan or not,the refined food served at itadaki Zen leaves one feeling replenished,light, and energetic.
Practicing alternative healthcare nearby,I've been gratefully taking out their lunch boxes for over a year. My favorite is the pan-fried rice ball brushed with a savory four-year-aged soy sauce:it is nutritionally-balanced,substantial,and convenient when on the go.
Located in Maruyama,one of western Sapporo's scenic commuter towns,river rocks welcome you into their stuccoed peaceful snug.
Adopting East Asian traditions and the macrobiotic diet,with perhaps a dash of oriental medicine,their cooking remind me of dietary heritage from Buddhist monks:simple,wholesome,and yet not bland.Variety of flavours,colors,and textures served in small portions are festive and should whet anyone's appetite.
Needless to say,the dishes are prepared with skill and care,putting togather fresh,seasonal,locally grown,and organic produce available;they must consciously balance food energy and the vast array of nutrients,too.Along with the staff's courteous service,itadaki Zen has a harmonious ambience for dinning-all in all adding up to a kind of spiritual experience.
So smack your lips over uplifting cooking.Positive vibrations put into each dish will restore your health and make you feel satisfied on a deep level.Are we not all in need for such food to stay calm,centered,and well?


Points +331

08 Jun 2015

Amazing atmosphere

They say that while traveling, you should always eat in the same place to make friends with the staff. I tried this theory during my 3 day stay at Sapporo. The first time I was really late but went to check if it was still open. It wasn't, but they opened the door anyway and sold me a bento box. They were really nice and talkative.
On my second night I went back and had a delicious Japanese-Vegan set. I was alone but talked a lot with the cook. On the third night she offered me cheaper options but I ended up spending the same amount of money because everything was really delicious. The theory was truth, I ended up exchanging mails with the cook and we still write to each other.
The place is cozy, with mud walls the owner made herself. They play really nice relaxing music.

Pros: English speaking staff, Beautiful and traditional atmosphere

Cons: Won't speak Japanese even if you do, lol, Tiny from the outside, hard to find

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