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Counter selling oyaki, which are dumplings stuffed with different types of vegetables such as potato, pumpkin, mushroom, and/or red beans. All the varieties are vegan. Previously loocated in Midori department store (the sub-store called Oraho, 2F) which is part of the shopping malls in Nagano central train station. Located in the basement of hte shopping center. Take the escalator down and go straight ahead and take a right. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by Astrid_Maine


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31 Jul 2023

Delicious Oyaki

We got red bean and pumpkin flavour and both were super yummy. Not a bad price either. Would definitely go again!

Pros: Cheap, Good location



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30 Jul 2023

Underrated Nagano Snack

I lived in Nagano 5 years ago and never fully appreciated oyaki! Now as a vegan, I love them! I got the mushroom and pumpkin and the mushroom was my favourite. So full of flavour. If you're waiting for a train or passing through get a couple to go! And they warm them up for you too. They really are a must-try. There's one in Nagano Station in midori and one near zenkoji.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-30

Pros: All vegan, Local snack, Variety of flavours


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24 Jul 2023


Heel erg lekker, aardig personeel maar lastig te vinden. Overal staat iets anders.

Its in the basement of the Tokyu shopping centre. When leaving the escalator go strait and then right.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-24

Pros: Lekker, Aardig personeel

Cons: Moeilijk te vinden


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17 Jun 2023

Wow these are so good!

These were a perfect lunch after visiting Zenko Ji temple. We ordered an aubergine one and a cheese one and they were both great. The cheese one was a bit of a wildcard because the quality of cheese in Japan can be a bit mixed, but I think I slightly preferred it.

Pros: So tasty


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30 May 2023

obsessed!! 😍

This is pretty much my dream food. So delicious, easy to try lots of varieties, convenient to pack along for your day trip or eat right away (nobody would judge you for that either).

We tried all 9 varieties and enjoyed them all though we were less into the adzuki bean (maybe just a bit too many mochis consumed to fully enjoy it?) We got them for lunch at the JR station and they warmed them up for us (in the microwave).

Ended up passing the stall by the temple later which looked sweet too with benches outside to enjoy. Picked up more at the station to bring back with us for dinner. Suffice to say, I’m obsessed already. 😍

The location is very easy to find in the station and there’s some open seating across from the stall if you want to enjoy right away. Highly recommend when you’re next in Nagano! 😋

Pros: Delicious, Good price, Lots of variety


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26 Mar 2023


Sooo delicious! I bought 4 to eat on the train and I wish I bought more!!


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22 Mar 2023

Delicious oyaki!

We basically pigged out on oyaki, as I'm a bit nervous about where I'll get my next meal from in Japan! Nice to have local food, not have to struggle with language/working out if something can be made vegan and for it to be delicious! We had the following oyaki and would recommend them all 😜: mixed veg, radish, pumpkin, mushroom and some sort of green veg. Enjoy!


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20 Mar 2023

Delicious warm dumplings!

Omg these are so good. I tried nearly every flavour, they were all good, radish and mushroom both amazing! Available inside the train station and a couple of other locations in Nagano


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16 Mar 2023

Surprise little delights

These will blow your vegan mind. They’re sensational!!! Love love LOVE these. Found this place in Nagano train station today and will be going back tomorrow. There’s nothing better than finding a Happy Cow sign on the wall. It’s like being home…

Pros: Amazing food, Great service, 100% vegan!!!


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25 Jan 2023

Super lecker!

Leckere Dumplings mit Gemüsefüllung. Der Laden liegt sehr zentral, direkt im Bahnhof.

Pros: Alles Vegan


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24 Jan 2023

Really good food especially in the winter

The dumplings are really good and tasty, can either grab them on the go or get them heated up! The location changed to the street along before the Zenkoji Temple. #Veganuary


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14 Jan 2023

Stand Irohado au Nagano Tokyu (1BF)

J'ai trouvé un petit stand Irohado au magasin Nagano Tokyu (1BF). J'y ai pris 3 Oyaki : Nozawana, Patate douce et pâte de haricots rouges sucrée. Tous les 3 étaient très bons, mais un peu secs.

Pros: Beaucoup d'options !

Cons: Rien n'indiquait que c'était vegan


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10 Jan 2023


You can find this store in the train station, nearby mall and on the walk to Zenko-ji temple. They are very tasty and one of the only vegan options in town. If they aren't warm make sure you ask them to warm them up. Our favourite flavour was oriental veg.


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08 Jan 2023


So many varieties! Traditional Japanese food to love.

Pros: Lots of vegan options.

Cons: No cons


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22 Dec 2022


We were so pleased with this place!
We tried lots of filling and each one of them was delicious. We recommend green onion, the pumpkin and the azuki.
It’s located inside Midori at 2f, stand number 4.
There is another store near the Zenkoji.


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09 Dec 2022

Very delicious

I tried mixed vegetables, Bunashimeji and Nozawana. All of them are very tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-09

Pros: All vegan options, Cheap


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02 Dec 2022


I tried all 6 type. All were delicious


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23 Nov 2022

Must try

I came here twice and have tried every flavour LMAO except green onion because I didn’t want my breath to smell. I don’t know which to recommend but they’re all delicious - it honestly comes down to your personal taste and preference. My top 3 were spinach, radish and mixed veg. But I also very much enjoyed them all, truly. They’re soft, squishy and the flavour of the filling shines through without the taste of salt or sugar (idk whether they add this but the flavour of the veg used is authentically vegetable-y)


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30 Oct 2022


Located in the train station, have many different flavours - tried shiitake mushroom, green onion and mixed veg. Recommend.


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12 Jun 2022

Really good!

Great service, everything tastes great, definitely recommend.


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12 Aug 2021

Delicious train food!

Got a bunch for my train trip to Tokyo.
Lots to choose from. Around 220¥ a pop with delicious filling. Shop is easy to find inside Nagano station, on the second floor of the little shopping mall inside the station.


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27 Dec 2020

All Vegan Oyaki

We first stopped by their branch by Zenko-ji Temple (not listed on Happy Cow) and got the pumpkin, miso onion, shimeji, and mixed veggie oyaki. Everything was so delicious that we went back for two more of the shimeji ones. Then we visited the Nagano station branch and had one more of the shimeji and one maitake. Really really recommend! So good! They also sell them frozen in some souvenir shops around, even saw them in Karuizawa. Get some, if you have a chance!


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14 Dec 2020

Delicious, fast and unique

I am a big Oyaki fan thanks to Irohado. Fantastic selection of flavours and perfect to eat nearby or take away. They have full range frozen as well to stock up the freezer. Perfect winter travel food.

Pros: Fresh or frozen, Good range.

Cons: I live very far away


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03 Oct 2020

Delicious, Unique, Fast

Open and fully operational as of October 2020. Very tasty, cheap, and fast. I particularly liked the radish and mixed vegetable buns. A good option to pick up for a train ride or snack.

Pros: All vegan, Variety


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09 Mar 2020

Delicious Vegan Oyaki

Oyaki are fist sized pan fried round dumplings stuffed with different vegetables. And the selection here are ALL plant based!


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08 Mar 2020

Pretty sure it’s fully vegan EDIT: YES CHANGED

Firstly, these oyaki are AMAZING. I’ve had them four times now and they’re just so so good. My savory favorites are green onion and mixed vegetables and my favorite sweet is azuki bean. Secondly, I asked the staff and they said all the balls are vegan. Might’ve been only on that specific day, but I haven’t seen them serve any balls with meat. I’d assume the place is at least fully vegetarian, maybe vegan.

Pros: Might be fully vegan, Delicious food, Instant serving


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29 Feb 2020

Tasty Oyaki

Our first time trying oyaki! We tried the mushroom, mixed veg, green onion, potato, and nozawana. The mixed veg was the best!

Pros: Takes credit card, Easy to find, English signs

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