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Infinity Foods Kitchen

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50 Gardner St, Brighton, Brighton, England, BN1 1UN

Brighton veggie restaurant. Offers changing special. Closed entire Sept month 2014 for refurbishment. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-5:00pm, Sun 10:00am-4:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Organic, Fast food, Take-out, British

Reviews (32)

First Review by Foxtrot

Normal food, delicious cakes - Edit

Today I tried Infinity Foods Kitchen for the first time. The raw avocado and coconut cake was delicious!

I also tried one stew so I can't say, that all of them would be the same, but this one wasn't something exciting to come back for, just simple stew as I would eat at home, only more expensive :D

As there are lots of great reviews I think I will come back to try something else.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-08

Pros: Delicious cakes

Cons: A bit pricy for simple food

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YumyumyumYUM!! - Edit

I LOVE the food soooo much it's so colourful and healthy and yummy !!

The only problem was that I think the people that work their could be a little more friendly but it might just be because they are busy I'm not sure.

It does cost a lot but it's worth it because it's great quality food.

I love the lovely sourdough burgers, the jacket potato with dhal and the salads.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-02

Pros: Yummy , Healthy, Filling

Cons: Needs more of a friendly feel

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Great vegan scones - Edit

Ate here today, nice little place with outside seating to watch the world go by down the Lanes. We ate vegan scones with jam & a pot of tea. Very reasonably priced. Lots of tasty food to choose from. Would definitely go back.

Pros: Cakes

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Bit disappointed since the refurb - Edit

They had a refurb last year, I used to love this place. There seems to be less seats and the menu is harder to work out. I had spinach and mushroom on toast last time. It was a bit bland and the toast very soogy. I've had it before and really liked it.

Pros: Good range of vegan options , Friendly staff

Cons: Menu isn't that clear , But bland sometimes

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Lovely vegan breakfast/brunch - Edit

I came here with a local friend on her recommendation for vegan breakfast/brunch and loved it. I had some really tasty scrambled tofu and portobello mushroom with roasted polenta slices, but was intrigued by the delicious full vegan breakfast my friend had. I also thoroughly enjoyed their peanut butter and pistachio vegan cheesecake! I would definitely go here again.

Pros: Amazing vegan breakfasts, Tasty coffee, Nice space and atmosphere

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Only Cake - Edit

Great place but the only desserts they have are cake. Cake is bread. I don't want bread for dessert. I want custards, puddings, pies - anything that is not cake. The bakewell tart is cake with too much icing on top.

Pros: nice place

Cons: only cake

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welcome to infinity foods cafe - Edit

very good vegan food.
not only classic english breakfast with vegan sausages, also the sandwiches are great and don't try to finish that vegan chocolate cake after you've had a complete breakfast. you'll fail! :)
still, you'll be happy to have the cake with you in a nice paper take away box when you feel hungry again during the day.

super friendly staff, i felt completely comfortable.

Pros: vegan breakfast, cakes and juices, staff

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Good quality! - Edit

This cafe has nice premises, I especially like the upstairs seating where you are away from noise and can look out at the quirky street below. There is a good selection both in food, cakes and tea.
All ingredients are organic, and almost all the dishes are vegan. I usually go here for cake, because they do sugar free cakes, but the food is splendid as well.
And they have wifi, which is not always the case in Brighton.

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Finally some variety in vegan cakes! - Edit

As a vegan it's hard to find anything but a vegan chocolate or cheese cake, a muffin or flapjack anywhere. Even vegetarian restaurants often have a *very* limited chioce of vegan desserts. Obviously it's different at vegan restaurants and cafes but also at Infinity Foods Cafe.

I was so overwhelmed by the choice that I ordered the weirdest sounding cake: the lime, coconut & passion fruit cake. It was very silly of me. I just had this very childish impulse to take something I can't get anywhere else while in fact I don't like passion fruit and the combination with coconut and lime doesn't sound appealing to me either. So, obviously, I didn't actually like the cake but that was definitely not the fault of the place nor of the cake. It was a good cake - it tasted fresh and definitely of passion fruit, coconut and lime. If you like these ingredients I'm sure you'll love the cake.

Pros: excellent selection of vegan cakes

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Mmmmmm :) - Edit

A good hearty, tasty lunch and wonderful desserts (with a large selection). Almost everything is vegan and the staff are very friendly! Whenever I am in Brighton, I practically camp outside of their door until they open at noon.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Great value

Cons: Limited opening hours

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Nice restaurant - Edit

I went to this restaurant with a meat-eater and we both appreciated the vegan blt sandwich with homemade potato wedges and salad. The vegan cake was nice too!

Pros: Good food, good value, nice place

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I liked it! - Edit

We went to Infinity Foods Cafe for lunch in September 2010. I had a plate of salad which was delicious and some potato wedges. We've eaten there before and it seems consistently good. My only reservation is there is no table service and if you're out shopping alone it's quite difficult to balance shopping and your tray whilst climbing the stairs to find a table.

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excellent little cafe! - Edit

This cafe offers a good selection of breakfast, lunch and cake options. The all day breakfast is always very tasty and comes with a free cup of tea before 12.00pm. There are many vegan cakes to choose from, none of which ever disappoint. The food is all or mostly organic and there are fresh salads and sandwiches which you can eat in or take out. Although a small cafe, there is a seating area upstairs and some seats outside if you want to watch the world go by. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend this if you are visiting Brighton. There is also an Infinity Health shop at the end of the road where they sell lots of health food/veg and vegan items as well as fresh bread and organic veg.

Pros: tasty food, reasonable prices, chilled out

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Loving Infinity - Edit

lovely fresh vibrant vegi and vegan food.
all organic and home made. the most expensive meal is £7.15 for an individual organic beautiful mezze platter. dolmades,falafel,chargrilled vegetables,dips,fresh salad,breads from the infinity artisan bakery.
just amazing.
AND sublime hand made raw chocolate and almond cake. wowee
friendly helpful and happy staff.
such a great place for vegis,vegan,gluten and wheat free-ers.

Pros: tasty, affordable, ethical

Cons: more outside seating please

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Overpriced - Edit

Its extremely overpriced. The speicals aren't very good and usually not vegan. I like the salads but they can't cost more than 10 pounds to make in bulk. The drinks are twice as much than the store price, and its not even served to you. The vegan cake is terribly dry and also overpriced. The staff can be a bit cold as well.

Pros: good salads, small

Cons: overpriced

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kipperklock The specials are always vegan.the only non vegan items in the whole cafe is a cheese sandwich,or optional added cheese to jacket potatoes and a small handful of cakes.the salads are hand cut daily with hand made pestos and dressings and ALL the ingredients are ORGANIC.
remember you cant compare what it costs you to make a salad in your own home.
Infinity cafe is a cooperative and pays a fair living wage and runs an ethical sound business.
they recycle and compost daily,give a fair percentage to charity and sponsor loads of local events.
the drinks are approx 20-30p more than the store. and if the vegan cake was dry then you only had to say and the staff would be more than happy to help out with a better slice.if you don't say anything to them when you are there then how can things improve and that goes for anyone that has a VALID complaint in an eating establishment.
and yes occasionally the staff may be having an off day and that isn't acceptable but im sure its dealt with .
iv e mostly witnessed the happiest helpful staff there ,only too willing to help you with just about anything.

The Best Place to eat in Brighton! - Edit

This place is incredible. All food is 100% vegetarian and 100% organic. Everything. There are no freezers or microwaves in the building, so every single item is fresh, as local as possible, and organic.

The food is just beautiful. Some may claim that it is too pricey, but from what I heard, they are hardly making any profit because the ingredients are such good quality,,and 100% ethical..making them very expensive.

It is rare to find a place this ethical. They are genuine in what they tout. No gimmicks here.

The best food in Brighton. (Well maybe Terra Terre beats it, but that is very fine dining.)

I love Infinity Cafe.

Pros: Amazing Food, 100% Organic, 100% Ethical

Cons: Tad pricey., Busy.

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Goodish goodness - Edit

Much like the shop Infinity Foods Cafe provides a good service for vegans, but you can never avoid the nagging feeling that you are being slightly overcharged. The menu certainly isn't vast, or stunningly creative, but the food provided is of a decent enough standard, and vegans are always fairly catered for. The cafe aims for the wholesome atmosphere and ethos you would expect from a health food shop, but the food itself doesn't quite match the standards of other establishments in Brighton, even within the lanes themselves.

Pros: Wholesome, Atmosphere

Cons: Range of meals, Value for money

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Worth it - Edit

Ethical, organic, fair trade veggie food. Yes, it is a bit expensive but portions are usually very generous and very tasty. We've never had a bad meal at this cafe.

Pros: Vegan options, Ethical organisation, Good cake

Cons: Pricey, Can be very busy

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maybe a tad expensive - Edit

We visited infinity foods cafe twice on our recent trip to Brighton. The breakfasts here are amazing, and although maybe a little highly priced is definetly worth it. My boyfriend tried a sandwich which i think was sausage and onion and that go the thumbs up from him. From what i've heard, it can get busy. We got there early on and it was quiet both times. Good cake selection- waitress even rang the person who made the cakes to double check it was vegan. which sadly for me it wasn't- someone had put the wrong label on it :( Quite a good range on menu. Friendly staff.

Pros: good vegan selection, Vegetarian Cafe

Cons: maybe a tad expensive

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Worthy food - Edit

The food served at Infinity can be really expensive and on the worthy side of vegan eating (I like wholefood as much as anyone...) It does have a great selection of vegan cakes and the vegan BLT's are out of this world. Its just very expensive (it must be due to the amount of organic ingredients that they use!)

Pros: ethical, local food , part of a co-op

Cons: really really expensive, worthy food

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Our Favourite - Edit

This is our favourite restaurant/cafe in the town. The food is tasty and healthy. The price and the portion of food are both reasonable.
You order and pay for the food at the counter and the staff will send the food to you.

Pros: Food

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Enjoyable Lunch - Edit

A friend and I went here for lunch. We were half an hour late for breakfast and they weren't willing to make one for us, so we both ended up having the veggie BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) Sandwich.

Was very well put together, the roasted cherry tomatoes around the edge were divine. I was a bit dubious, but it was delicious.

Not a wide menu but certainly this dish was very good. I'd give them 3 1/2 if the scoring system allowed due to the limited menu, and not letting us have a late brekky after coming up from London, but think they are closer to 4 than 3.

Pros: Co-op!, Funky

Cons: Busy, Menu limited

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Worth a debate - Edit

After reading other reviews and also having been in this place a few times over the years my opinion does sway a little. Yes, it is a great ethical co-operatvive with very eco friendly policies and standards in their cafe. Sustainable wood, biodegradable cleaners, recycled and other amimal, human and enviromental friendly materials.These are great things to have and all establishments should be moving towards these high standards. However the food is very over priced and out of reach of the person on a low income, single parent or others on certain benefit packages that means they cannot afford this level of pricing.

At first i thought 2 coffees and 2 slices of cake for about £10.50 was ok but at the moment i am earning a good wage and will soon be a student again and this will be out of my league.

THe food selection is good for a cafe, very fresh, healthy and plenty of vegan options which is great for me. I had a bowl of soup recently which was lentil, cocconut and lime which was great.

It is a shame that this place is out of reach for the low income worker, parents and others who are not in a position to be able to afford a healthy diet. Maybe Infinity needs to redress this as i use their warehouse where the food is very cheap at bulk price and is the best way to afford wholefoods.

If anyone from Infinity reads these reviews please consider the working class population, the people on benefits and others who cannot earn London City wages.

Pros: Healthy, Vegan friendly, organic

Cons: very expensive, not community friendly

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Overpriced - Edit

There's no doubting the ethics of this place, but £4 for a slice of cake which tastes mostly of margarine and icing sugar is really pushing it.

Pros: location, vegan options, ethics

Cons: expensive, not much flavour in food

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