The oldest and largest independent health food store in the region. Has bakery, a fresh vegetables and fruits section, frozen and chilled food, beverages, health products and toiletries. Open Mon-Sat 09:30-18:00, Sun 11:00-17:00.

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01 Mar 2024

Infinity Foods

Central store with a good range of vegan products. You do need to check labels though as not everything is vegan.

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03 Feb 2024

Everything you can wish for

You can get anything you need from here


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11 Dec 2023

Amazing selection!

This is a huge health food store with a very big selection of vegan goodies ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, toiletries, chilled foods and even a pastry section! The majority of the products appear to be vegan and I was very impressed by the range. Definitely worth a visit!

Pros: Huge selection, Pastry section, Stocks smaller brands too

Cons: Pricey


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17 Nov 2023

Best vegan grocery store

The selection is incredible, and they also help little businesses. The vegan bakery is amazing, every baked goods is fresh everyday.


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30 Jun 2023

Great store for vegans!

This store is great for vegans. You can find a lot of vegan stuff. I bought fruit, crackers, cold kombucha's and two pastries. The kombucha's were refreshing.They have a lot of different chilled drinks, soda's, beers, kombucha's, juices etc. I visited this store in the afternoon, so some pastries were out of stock, but I chose the vegan sausage roll and the Chelsea bun. Both were tasty, but I have had better pastries.

If you are in Brighton, visit this shop for a big arrangement of vegan stuff and vegan food.

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Pros: Vegan pastries , Cold drinks , Friendly staff


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20 Jun 2023

Nice store

We bought a vegan Chelsea bun and sausage roll here along with two kombuchas to enjoy in the park. Also convenient if you need some fruit on the go or basically anything else.

Pros: Nice vegan bakery options , Conveniently located in the center

Cons: They also sell non vegan produce


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03 Apr 2023

All round goodie

Yep, it’s another highlight of Brighton, stocks pretty much everything so it’s like a vegan supermarket. You’ll find all the whole foods needed for a 5/5 vegan diet.


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24 Jan 2023

Simply love the store

There is many option of vegan food as pizza, snack, sweets and also natural products, supplements and more. Lovee


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30 Dec 2022

Amazing local shop

Always loved infinity foods - not just for groceries but also for pastries and snacks. The mince pies from bakery section are divine - more pastry less filling - just how I prefer it 🙃 the sausage roll is a fave too, alongside Chelsea buns!
You can also get frozen açai in the freezer section which is perfect for smoothie bowls.
I mostly love how this shop supports local small businesses - I can always see new things on their shelves and a lot of them are luckily vegan!


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27 Jun 2022

Best vegan chocolate ever!

I found my absolutely favourite vegan chocolate.
Offers a big variety of vegan foods, gluten free foods etc. Lots of cosmetics etc - vegan and cruelty free.


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15 May 2022

Bakery has vegan stuff

Vegan chelsea buns and vegan scones both yum aaaah

Just an update that I’ve gone many more times since this review and will always get a pastry - normally the chelsea buns (£2 ish for quite big ones!). They also have sausage rolls, various breads, shortcake and croissants and even pizza! I love it here

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02 May 2022

Check out the bakery

Very well stocked vegetarian independent supermarket. Not the cheapest but some items are on offer. Bakery at the back has loads to offer inc vegan muffins, buns, sausage rolls and pizzas.


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04 Sep 2021

I make sure to shop here whenever I’m Brighton

It’s not vegan only market, but has the greatest selection of everything, can’t leave the town without grabbing a vegan scone or Chelsea bun! But the best thing is their rye sourdough!!

Pros: Wide selection , Freshly baked bread, Also sell supplements


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02 Sep 2021

Varied selection of vegan goods

Infinity foods are great for vegan food and toiletries. There is a large selection of toiletries when you first come ins they sell chocolates, healthy snacks, ingredients, bakery items and even artisanal cheeses. Also great for seasonal products. If I lived closer I would be here a lot more!


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26 Oct 2020

Huge variety

You could find anything you need as they sell everything. From fake meat or cheese to cleaning products. We though it was a bit expensive but they had a few items on sale and they were good value for money!


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18 Oct 2020


Have such a big selection of all different kinds of foods, cosmetics, household stuff etc. We also tried their vegan flapjack and shortbread from the bakery and they were delicious

Buddha boy

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25 Nov 2019

Worth visiting Brighton just to shop here!

My first go to place to shop when I visit Brighton. Fabulous choice of vegan scones, Chelsea buns, flapjack’s & shortbread, plus lots of other fresh baked goodies. My naughty but nice fix! Get there early before they sell out! Plus so many other vegan goodies. I could spend a day in here! Spoilt for choice. I need to move to Brighton just to shop here. Super friendly staff.

Pros: Amazing cakes and bakes, Huge vegan choice of everything, Friendly staff

Cons: None


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09 Nov 2019

Specialist vegan/vegetarian supermarket

Infinity foods stock a huge range of products, from ingredients to fresh take away food and cake, household cleaners to cosmetics. I especially like it for its selection of vegan sweets, so far unparalleled in a bricks and mortar shop.

Pros: Lots of vegan sweets, Lots of specialist vegan ingredients , For finding new products

Cons: Not cheap


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05 Oct 2019

Great for specialised stuff

A supermarket for the vegan shopper. Get everything you could possibly need from ingredients through to a delicious vegan pizza slice or sausage roll.

Pros: Any ingredients you can think of, Lots of ready made hot vegan options for lunch, Good cake and baked options for treats

Cons: Expensive


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13 Sep 2019


An absolute gem of a shop, if only every town had one! I was just visiting Brighton for the day so I couldn't buy too many heavy things so I just got the hard-to-get products like vegan toffee, Jokerz (vegan Snickers), condensed coconut milk, whipping soy cream etc. It's all plant-based so it's healthy, right...? I also bought some vegan shortbread from the bakery and it was indistinguishable from buttery shortbread, definitely going to have to try it myself! Fab shop well worth a visit.

Pros: Massive range, All the treats, Baked goods


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05 Sep 2019

Best shop in Brighton for food, organic produce and health

Bakery with vegan items marked, lots of vegan fridge foods and organic produce. Make sure to try the vegan Chelsea Bun if you do pay a visit!


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13 Jun 2019

Great selection

I was rather impressed when visiting infinity foods. the vegan baked goods look amazing and i would have loved to try a lot of things but decided to go for a sausage roll and a scone. The sausage roll was ok, i guess i expected a real sausage inside.. but enjoyed the scone the next day, and really liked it.
Apart from that: lots of vegan finds, bring some time to fully dive in.
They even had ecofriendly glitter which i have only heard of so far but never actually seen.


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10 Jun 2019

Quite A Range Of Products

I visited this store yesterday and thought the staff were helpful and there was quite a range of products in the bakery. I got myself a vegan sausage roll (annoyingly they use a premade vegan sausage mix so they had 0 idea what was in it ingredients-wise), some vegan scones which wele tasty and I would totally recommend. I'm not sure what they use as the alternative to dairy for the milk or butter etc though. I also got a rather large slice of pizza. At first I thought it was rather expensive for a slice, but then I realized it was massive for a single piece.
I managed to get my hands on a bag of soap nut shells too, which I had been searching high and low for for weeks. I think I'll go back there at some point because I forgot to look and see if they have a bulk section for loose things (oats, dried fruits, nuts etc).

Pros: Make their own dough for pizzas., Great range of products., Helpful staff.

Cons: Premade vegan sausage mix.


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08 Apr 2019

great little store

love getting the vegan sausage rolls, so yummy and it's got almost everything you'd need!

Pros: amazing staff and wholefoods

Cons: a bit pricey and they sell unethical dairy :/


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28 Mar 2019

My favourite health food store

I love coming here, the vibe the vegan options are fabulous. The vegan sausage rolls are the BEST in the entire world. I always bring a container and get as many as I can. They are amazing!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Well priced


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27 Jan 2019

Busy shop

This place has so much stuff that you miss half of it as it is always so busy. It can also be a bit pricey. But saying that it's well worth a visit plus the staff are always very knowledgeable and helpful.


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03 Jan 2019

Marshmallows and chocolate!

That’s all I have to say

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