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Indian Veg Bhel Poori House

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Contact 020-78331167

92-93 Chapel Market, Angel Islington, North London, England, N1 9EX

Snack foods, all-you-can-eat buffet, and drinks. Brown rice available. Some curries contain cheese. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-11:30pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Indian, Buffet, Fast food

Reviews (24)

First Review by Jemima

Very good and a great bargain - Edit

I'm from the States and here on a study abroad. I was pretty thrilled when I saw the sign for an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet at such a low price and within walking distance to where I'm staying nonetheless. I decided to go in for tonight and was not disappointed. Almost all of the dishes were vegan, so naturally, I got a bit of almost everything there. Most of the dishes are clearly marked with what they contain, the ones that were not marked were pretty clearly vegan (vegetables and stuff). It was all very flavorful and I was certainly satisfied. The area is a bit tight, so be mindful of that, but it was fine by me (what cheap restaurants aren't crammed in London?). The decorations on the walls prevented me from getting bored and I learned some fun facts. There are some beverages for sale too, and you are allowed to bring your own (it seemed that most people did). I only have a week left in the UK, but hopefully I'll have the chance to come back.

Pros: Price, Food, Ease

Cons: Tight space

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lvoely food, great price - Edit

years ago, when visiting this place for the first time, the buffet was 3,95. the last time, 2 weeks ago, I paid 6,50. For London, that's still a great price and the food is just as delicious as it's always been! BUT I can't eat as much as other people, so buffets don't do much for me. Don't get me wrong - I like the idea and i think it's fantastic, that you can taste a little of everything (which is the main reason I visit & enjoy buffets) but for a similar price, there's several other places in London.
I really like this restaurant, especially the decor, but as I usually have to go out of my way to get here, it might not be included in my plans every time I'm in London from now on. It's still highly recommended as I believe it's one of the very rare places where people actually stand for their believes in making a change by being veggie :) The people running this place are nice & friendly but unintrusive. great atmosphere.

Pros: taste, price, atmosphere

Cons: location

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Excellent vegan restaurant - Edit

Fantastic value for money. You wouldn't expect the food ti be so good and good quality for a buffet and definitely not at that price. The restaurant walls are covered with very interesting quotes and facts about vegetarian diet. I could eat here every day! The staff is very kind and helpful. We ordered two extra lassi and they were delicious.

Pros: Food quality , Price , Unlimited food amounts

Cons: The restaurant is a bit busy and untidy, but it is

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Excellent, and it's nearly all vegan. - Edit

I've been visiting this veg restaurant for about 20 years, even before I stoppped eating meat.

It's hands down my favourite place in the whole of London, with an amazing selection of vegan food and yes, vegan nan breads too!

The drinks can be a bit expensive, but if you drink alcohol you're welcome to take your own in there.

There is usually one non-vegan dish that the staff will happily show you, and the mint sauce contains yoghurt. It would be fantastic if they could get rid of this and make it fully vegan.

Pros: Pro veg posters all over the walls, Excellent prices, Central Location

Cons: Drinks can be expensive, Could easily be made fully vegan., Some dishes run out quickly

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Distracting decor, but excellent food - Edit

They offer a rather large vegetarian all-you-can-eat buffet for 6£, and almost all of the choices are vegan. The food is varied and very good overall. The walls of the restaurant are plastered with posters full of "facts" and quotes about why vegetarian diets are superior. Unfortunately, some of the statistics are misleading or even flat out wrong. In all, this was rather distracting from enjoying the food. However, aside from this, a very recommendable place.

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Cheap, delicious all you can eat - Edit

I went here with a few friends recently and didn't know what to expect. Safe to say I was presently surprised. Its basically an Indian all you can eat buffet for around £5/6. There is a large selection of curries, a few rice options including brown, a salad cart, some sort of small nan bread things and something that is labeled as onion delicacies which were very tasty! NOTE NOT ALL CURRIES ARE VEGAN ASK WAITER.

The restaurant itself is decorated in a bizarre way with veg conscious posters covering every available wall space. You can also bring your own drinks so a quick stop to sainsburys next door is all that's required. Something else to consider is that the restaurant doesn't have air conditioning which when I went in July was almost un bearable. Overall very good!

Pros: Lots of choice, Bring your own drinks, Good location

Cons: No air con and restaurant gets hot

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Reviewer Avatar

Value for money - Edit

We really enjoyed this buffet. The curries were made with a lot of oil but there were a good selection of salads and 2 dishes which were not oily that much. The price is now 5.50. We will definitely visit again.

Pros: cheap, good selection of salads

Cons: Some dishes were made with a lot of oil

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Excellent - Edit

Everything was perfect. Very nice staff, prices are cheap and the food is the best. Lots of vegan options (only 1 dish and 1 sauce were vegetarian) and our non-veg friend loved it too. Amazing! om nom nom

Pros: nice staff, best food, good price

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Very cheap, tasty Indian food - Edit

I enjoyed coming here for the first time this month, and was very pleased to learn on arrival that all the dishes out for the buffet that evening happened to be vegan, although I would have appreciated signs being out to say what the dishes were and whether or not they were vegan. I had a very filling and tasty dinner here with friends and will definitely be back!
Updated from previous review on Thursday January 24, 2013

Pros: Extremely cheap, Good vegan range, Relaxed setting

Cons: No signs indicating vegan dishes, Staff very rushed

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Can be depended upon! - Edit

I've probably been going to Indian Veg Bhel Poori for around seven years now and always feel safe that I shall get a good meal (and likely leave feeling stuffed having over done it, again). It hasn't changed much over the years, there is more to read on the walls, the salad bar has expanded as has the range of soft drinks. You can't buy alcohol anymore but are welcome to bring your own for no charge. The thing that really remains the same is the high quality of the food on offer and the amazing value for money. It's now £4.99 but trust me this is the best bargain eats place in London for sure. I've often come here before going to a gig in Angel and it always works out a cheap night as after I've been Bhel Poori I'm always to full to drink any beer at the gig! Vegans just be careful of the Panneer that's in usually only one of the curries, it's best to ask.

Pros: Uber cheap, Tastes great, Healthy

Cons: Could be 100% vegan?, I actually like the propaganda...

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Indian Veg Bhel Poori House - Edit

I go to this restaurant as many times as possible when I visit London. Without doubt it is my favourite restaurant. - I am a meat eater and not fond of much vegetarian food, but I actually found this food really tasty indeed and suits me... (It is the only vegetarian restaurant I go to.)
You can bring your own drinks BYOB along too, but I actually love their huge selection of good drinks, so I buy the drinks there, to support the place as well.

The proprietor sends money from the restaurant to India to help buy teaching materials for schools etc. (he has family who are school teachers there) - So not only do you have a yummy meal, but some of the proceeds go towards helping others. (see Youtube video link below) - It is an 'Eat all you want' Indian buffet for the very good price of £4.95 - I say good because London is expensive to eat out in on average... unless you go for buffets coated in M.S.G.

I have never been disappointed with the food every time I have been here... I am always satisfied with the choices/selection of food provided.

The staff are also very nice. I shall be going there for my early Christmas meal this Friday. - My friends emailed me to day with this video link for the place:


The video is nearly 10 minutes long so if you want to skip to the charities who have written to the proprietor, thanking him for his support and donations, then skip ahead to this time on the video: 5:56

Overall great value for money in my opinion!!

Pros: inexpensive, good value for money, great food

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Cheap Healthy Food - Edit

Indian Veg is a star of London, they've been managing to create good, healthy, tasty food on a shoestring budget for more years than I can count. The curries are heavy on swede, cabbage, carrot and other standbys of budget cookery, the chefs use whatever is available cheap at the moment. And they use it very well, getting maximum flavour and enjoyment from their ingredients. And right outside the door is one of the remaining authentic markets of London, where you can get your own inexpensive food to cook at home. This is a very casual place, feel free to come in on your own & read as you eat.

Pros: Tasty, Healthy, Cheap

Cons: Maybe you wanted , yucky, unhealthy & expensive?

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It is 4.50 pounds now :) - Edit

Went there on Tuesday evening at around 6pm with my family. It wasn't busy. The restaurant is easy to find. If you come from Angel underground, cross the road and Chapel Market street is just right at the corner of department store M&S. To get there, you will pass by Iceland supermarket. The restaurant is full with propaganda for vegetarianism. No complain about the decoration, i think it is just basic Indian style, like those that i had visited right in India. They had brown rice, white rice, briyani rice, 3-4 salads, 1-2 appetizers, 3-4 main dishes and a couple of Indian dried snacks. I think the main dishes were a bit too oily but my brother thought they just tasted so good! They 'encourage' their customers to bring they own wine at no extra charge, one can buy the soft drinks/ juice directly from the fridge. We had a sweet lassi, it was good. The down side for our visit was, they did not have high chair for my 22 months toddle.

Pros: Price, Location

Cons: No high chair, Food a bit oilly

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Cheap - Edit

After studying late into the night, I often visited this place for a cheap evening meal. Emphasis is laid on 'cheap' for the saying "you get what you pay for" stands appropriate here. Not the best food, not much variety, and the hosts can assume a bit more consideration for their guests; but for the price of vegetarian food - in London - this spot wins merit. Some elegance in decor would be nice as well; it's not the coziest of restaurants.

Pros: cheap, open late

Cons: bland taste, poor atmosphere, inconsiderate staff

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Excellent! - Edit

Astonishingly cheap all-you-can-eat buffet curry in the centre of London, and that in itself should be enough to get you down there. As a few of the other reviews say, it's not exactly a luxurious setting, but the food is tasty, filling and, perhaps most importantly in London, cheap!

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Amazing value and great food - Edit

An all you can eat Indian vegetarian buffet, for only £3.95! Fantastic! When I was there last weekend all the dishes but one sauce were vegan. As the place filled up they changed the big pans of curries etc, meaning I kept on having to go up and get a little taste of the new dish. Word of warning - DO NOT OVER EAT! It is very easy to overeat. I also had a lovely soya mango lassi. It's a very relaxed place to be, and even if you go on your own (as I was), I didn't feel out of place. Definitely worth going. I think they also did take-aways.

Only downside, as someone else has said, is that the dishes aren't labelled with their names.

Pros: Great value, tasty, low key

Cons: dishes not named

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It may not be posh - but it's PERFECT! - Edit

This place is wonderful.... starters bahjis and the like, big steaming tubs of hearty Indian nosh, 3 types of rice, and veggie propaganda all over the walls. Well, a big pic of Joanna Lumley is always going to go down well - as does the food itself which is delicious.

Vegetarians have to take care to eat enough protein so there's a pulse / bean based curry provided here as the owners are clearly on a mission to make visitors happy AND healthy.

It's not posh..... don't expect yourself to be sitting next to the Beckhams, but that's a plus in my book. They can have the overpriced meat emporiums, I prefer this excellent eaterie.

It's the perfect place to eat before attending a gig at the Islington Academy AND they have a nice selection of chilled bottled beers so all in all the place is just about perfect!

And I haven't even mentioned the fact that it's the best food deal in London!

Well, I have now. Not to be missed!

Pros: Tasty, Nutritious , Evangelistical vegetarian

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what we needed - Edit

after an exhausting day out on the town, this place was exactly what we needed. the only complaint i have is that it was so good, that i had to take one portion more, and i shouldn't have, because it made me really full.

we were seated in the inner left corner next to a poster with "weird facts", which was quite amusing.

food was really great! only minus is that i thought it was a bit hard to tell the different curries apart. it would have been great if they were labeled (also in hotness, because one was much more hotter than the others) + non-vegan items also labeled.

Pros: cheap!, easy to find/close to tube, good food if you like indian

Cons: nonn-vegan foods not labeled

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Great all you can eat indian buffet - Edit

I've gone here many, many times over the years and always really enjoy. Ok, it's not flash and not in the nicest area (it's about five minutes from the Angel tube, hardly the long walk others have implied!!) but for £3.95 for an all you can eat indian feast you can't go wrong. All the curries are vegan with the only non-vegan items being some salads (easily avoided). There are several types of rice, including brown, and lots of extras including bread, poppadoms, fried savouries etc. There are about five different curries and the pots are regularly replenished so they don't 'sit around' for long, which can happen in some of these 'all you can eat' places. The walls are covered in information and facts about vegetarians and the staff are friendly. There aren't really any desserts though there are lassi's (vegan and dairy) that are worth trying (sadly despite having several vegan lassi's on the menu they've only ever had the soya mango one available when I go...I wish they'd take the others off the menu).
Yes, the place isn't the smartest and could do with a bit of tidying up and redecorating but if you are a fan of good indian food and don't want to spend a fortune you should try this place.
Finally, for somewhere that is so proud, so it seems, of being 'cruelty-free' they do need a better understanding of vegetarian/vegan alcohol. I suspect the owners may not drink themselves but several of the alcoholic drinks available(ie Guiness) are not suitable for veggies...this needs addressing. That is my only real complaint though for this highly recommended place. I would have given it 5 stars if all the alcohol was vegetarian.

Pros: Very cheap, Lots for vegans, All you can eat style

Cons: Non-veg alcohol, Could do with a lick of paint

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Very good value for money - Edit

My experience was similar to that of the reviewer just below. We went at around 8:00 on a Saturday evening, and while there were plenty of other customers, there were also plenty of empty tables, so we were seated right away. There were three types of rice (pilau, plain white rice, and brown rice), four curries (but two appeared to be the same and two others were similar) plus dal, fried bread, fried starters, plus sauces and salads. The food was all right. The curries all contained potatoes, but they were still flavorful and substantial. Fresh batches of several items were brought out during the hour or so that we were there. Everything on the buffet was dairy-free, from what I could tell.

There is a large refrigerated case containing canned and bottled soft drinks of many kinds. There's also a separate drinks menu for things like tea and lassi. The drinks are offered at normal restaurant prices, not the ridiculously cheap 3.95 buffet price, so if you have more than one or two, you'll be paying more for your drinks than for your food. But it's still a bargain.

Pros: Cheap, Vegan, Soya mango lassi

Cons: Nothing fancy

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Poss Cheapest Meal in London - Edit

Once you get to Chapel Market from Angel station keep walking until you reach the restaurant, failry far down where it gets quieter, signboarded in green and white on the left hand side.
Cheap and cheery, yellow lighting, vegetarian propaganda on much of walls. Busy on a weeknight with many groups and pairs dropping in after work and sport for some judging by their appearance.
All you can eat buffet consisting of entrees pappadams and onion bhajis, five curries, about five types of rice, bread, pickles/salad. The drinks menu is quite extensive. Food was fair. Mango lassi was quite good.
Service was pleasant, prompt, knowledgeable and accomodating.
Great value!

Pros: Cheap and cheery

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Reviewer Avatar

£3.95 buffet? - Edit

If this is the right restaurant, it is a treasure to know about. For £3.95 you can eat all you want, no dairy produce, about 5 different curries AND ...what a marvel and worth going for...BROWN RICE!!!
The drinks are extensive, the decor is interseting(posters about vegetarianism in India and health facts) and even though it's a bit of a walk from Angel, in not such a pretty area, this restaurant is well worth passing by. Maybe too many tempting fried foods, but it is still worth it, if you keep off those.

Pros: staff efficient, not too noisy, interesting customers

Cons: ugly area, in need of refurbishing

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