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Opposite Hira restaurant Kalba Road, near National Pait R/A, this place serves homestyle Gujarati Indian cuisine. Generally crowded. Unsure if it's pure veg or not... please verify for happycow! Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-11:00pm.

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22 Feb 2024

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I'm glad I found Redeemed Hacker Pro, an honest fund/crypto recovery company. Their team of professionals was able to retrieve my crypto that had been stolen from a forex trader who had deceived me by saying I would receive a 35% return on my investment. I was able to receive all of my cryptocurrency back after writing to this team about my situation in less than 24 hours. I was overjoyed because I had thought all hope had been lost after being duped. I highly recommend them with full confidence. File a complaint to this company to get your stolen cryptocurrency and other digital assets back. In addition, he can help you get back on more profitable trading platforms, recover forgotten or lost cryptocurrency wallet passwords, and protect you from extortionists. Speak with the actual deal at Email: redeemed.h.p. @consultant.com 
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Non Veg
18 Feb 2024

How can I recover stolen crypto investment?

- Cyber Genie Hack Pro- Cyber Genie Hack Pro- Cyber Genie Hack Pro-

Cyber Genie has written its name in the sands of time concerning resolving crypto stolen or lost to scammers or sent to the wrong wallet. For example, they have assisted customers in getting lost or stolen Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies back lost to fraudulent investment schemes. Furthermore, they have expertise in managing many forms of cryptocurrency recovery situations, such as those involving compromised exchanges, misplaced or forgotten passwords, and phishing schemes. Because of their experience, they have established a solid name in the Ethical hacking sector. The many endorsements of Cyber Genie Hack Pro from happy customers also demonstrate the high level of customer satisfaction. Are you a victim? Find Cyber Genie Hack Pro as soon as possible with the info below.

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17 Feb 2024

Contact Redeemed Hacker-Pro in any case concerning Hacking/Recovery of Stolen/scammed Funds or Crypto

I met and fell in love with a handsome man on an online dating site, but I was duped. I chose to look into him since he persisted in demanding money and other things, even though I couldn't see him. I was able to access his phone and all of his personal information from my home country because I contacted Redeemed Hacker-Pro, a hacking and digital asset recovery agency, to do a phone/system hack on his phone. Thanks to Redeemed Hacker Pro, I discovered after the hack that the handsome man I had met online was not who he claimed to be. You can also contact this agency through their hotline in any situation involving hacking and the recovery of lost money or cryptocurrency.
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Pros: Excellent services


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03 Feb 2024

To My greatest surprise, Redeemed Hacker-Pro helped me recover all my lost Funds/Crypto.

The services of the group Redeemed Hacker-Pro, Hacking/Digital Assets Recovery Agency, are highly recommended by me. They work with professionalism and discretion; using the card, I was able to withdraw $85,000 to get things started. In just three weeks, my life has completely changed; they have the best hackers & recovery agents, and above all, they have the best customer service representatives who genuinely care about your happiness. Please email them at redeemed.h.p@consultant.com or Website: redeemedhackerpro.wixsite.com/redeem-hacker-pro, if you would like to obtain a program blank ATM card. You can also contact them for assistance with clearing or erasing criminal records, recovering funds or cryptocurrency, and many other issues.


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26 Jan 2024

Working with Redeemed Hacker Pro for a few hours to my greatest Surprise they were able to recover back all my lost Funds/Crypto.

About three months ago, I recognized an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, so I seized it. In the hopes of making a sizable profit, I reached out to a broker who I had seen videos of on YouTube and invested a sizable quantity of money in Bitcoin and Ethereum. I noticed that I had quadrupled my money on their website while I was waiting. I attempted to withdraw money since I needed it to pay my expenses, but the broker suggested that I either keep investing or pay a fee to take out my money. That's when I realized that I was being scammed. A month later, I saw a post about Redeemed Hacker-Pro, a hacking and digital asset recovery agency that helps people recover their lost funds. Immediately, I contacted them, and to my greatest surprise, after giving them the information they required, Redeemed Hacker-Pro managed to retrieve my Ethereum and bitcoins. They were successful in getting back all of my lost money and providing me with the scammer's location, which I forwarded to the authorities, and these scammers were apprehended. I want to express my gratitude to Redeemed Hacker-Pro and urge everyone to use their emergency services. Email:- redeemed.h.p@consultant.com or Website: redeemedhackerpro.wixsite.com/redeem-hacker-pro


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22 Jan 2024

Redeemed Hacker-Pro is the best solution you need to recover back your lost Funds/Crypto.

It can be quite bad to lose money. It can, to put it mildly, always lead to hopelessness and suffering, which is exactly what happened to me. Everything appeared genuine until I discovered, after putting $1,894,000 in cryptocurrencies in an online investment scam, that I had been conned. I had been depressed for days until I saw an article about Redeemed Hacker-Pro, a hacking and digital asset recovery agency, and how they help victims of fraud regain their lost money. After some hesitation, I chose to give them a shot. Working with Redeemed Hacker-Pro, I was able to recover my stolen money back after a few procedures in a matter of hours. Redeemed Hacker-Pro is also available to assist any further victims of scams. reach out to them now through their urgent line at' Email:- redeemed.h.p@consultant.com or Website:- https://redeemedhackerpro.wixsite.com/redeem-hacker-pro

Pros: They well reliable and honest


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13 Jan 2024

Get in touch with Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency, a legitimate hacker and repossession Agency.

I have a strong interest in this subject due to my prior experiences, which have increased my understanding of it. Had I had this information earlier, I would not have fallen victim to scams to the extent that I did. In my quest to earn enough money to retire early, I lost a lot of money to several investing platforms. I was clueless about how to restart after losing everything. Fortunately, I was directed to LORD HACKER ULTIMATE DIGITAL ASSETS RECOVERY AGENCY by a friend. I was able to contact them at L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, and they helped me recover my lost 11.6 BTC and introduced me to reliable investment platforms that are currently helping me realize my ambition of retiring early. Given how crucial this is, I hope it will assist someone who is in need, you can also reach out to them on WhatsApp: +16266210821, Telegram: @Lordhackerultimate & Signal: +16266210821

Pros: Excellent


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14 Dec 2023

I got all my lost back to my wallet with the help of Lord Hacker Ultimate.?

I would like to say a very big thanks to the man who commented on how he got his Bitcoin recovered back to his wallet with the help of Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency at (L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM) I was facing a similar problem, without hesitation, I had to reach them for help in recovering my lost bitcoin, and right now I am attesting to comment, they are truly genuine, as I am typing now I have my bitcoin back in my BTC wallet, I'm so much in deep happiness right now, With attachment of their Other contacts below,
WhatsApp: +16266210821,
Telegram: @Lordhackerultimate,
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Pros: Best

Cons: Excellent


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12 Dec 2023

How Lord Hacker Ultimate hacking agency came to my rescue when all hope was lost by helping recover all I lost to those heartless scammers?

I was convinced to invest here by a friend I met on Instagram, Her name was Ruth (now I know she could be anyone online working with scammers). At first, everything was good until I requested a withdrawal, that’s when the nightmare started… I had to put in more funds before I could withdraw. Then came the unending taxes; I was fined and taxed for various reasons which I complied with until I was tired of everything and I noticed it was a scam then began to look for a solution to get all I had spent back. Since all the payments I made were through crypto, my local Police could not do anything to help. Luckily I finally found Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency through the Google search engine online. I contacted them through their hotline and I finally got help from this authority. Wonderfully, after providing all the details required by them, it took them barely 4 to 5 hours to trace and retrieve my lost funds/Crypto. Get help from them if you are in a similar situation through their hotline Email: lordhacker963@gmail.com, Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, WhatsApp: +16266210821, Telegram: @Lordhackerultimate, or Signal: +16266210821.
Kindly let them know that Henry Walker recommended you to them.


Pros: Excellent services

Cons: Best service


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11 Dec 2023

Reclaim Stolen/Hacked Bitcoin-USDT-ETH.

Cybergenie (@) Cyberservices (.) Com
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I am putting this out here so others don't make the same mistake I made and if they have, there is still a chance for redemption. I entered a cryptocurrency scheme I knew nothing about because I was intrigued by the huge ROI numbers mentioned and how it has changed many lives, PS, I read those reviews from the scammer's website. This con artist I bumped into made me believe cryptocurrency trading and mining are so easy. All I had to do was register his crypto mining website, and make a deposit into my account while they sorted out the rest for me. After a few deposits, I was running into hundreds of thousands of profits, which motivated me to invest more, the more I invested, the more woes for me to access my invested funds. I had it enough and threatened to quit, and I was locked out of the account and discovered they were crypto scammers. Not many who had lost money to various scams were able to recover their stolen money back, but mother nature was fair to me as she directed my path with Cyber Genie Hack Pro. This team of professionals ensured I got back all I had invested in that platform along with the profits. I got help reclaiming my lost money back with the help of CYBER GENIE HACK PRO.


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28 Nov 2023

How Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency Literally saved my life?

I had already given up on trusting any online cryptocurrency or Bitcoin investment platform after losing $784k to an online BTC investment scammer in March this year. Fortunately, I was able to find Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency online, a company that is an expert in both cryptocurrency and blockchain networks. It was a horrible time for me, but Lord Hacker Ultimate essentially saved my life by assisting me in Recovering and pulling back all of my transactions to the scammers in a matter of hours. I also received the same amount that I had lost to those scammers. I would recommend anyone in a similar circumstance not to worry; Lord Hacker Ultimate got you covered. You can reach them at Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, WhatsApp: +16266210821, Telegram: @Lordhackerultimate, or Signal: +16266210821.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-26


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Non Veg
27 Nov 2023



I'm Wesley Jean Butler, and I'm from United Kingdom. Although there are hazards involved, investing in cryptocurrencies may be a profitable option. Sadly, I had to learn this lesson the hard way when I lost my $415,000 first investment to a phony online investment site. Fortunately, HACK ANGEL helped me retrieve 95% of my money. I'm posting this for everyone to see since I'm so appreciative.

The following is their contact information:

Email: hackangel@cyberdude.com

WhatSAp: +1 203,309,3359

Web: https://thehackangels.com



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25 Nov 2023

SUCCESSFUL CRYPTO RECOVERY >>ethicsrefinance@gmail.com

How do I recover $65,500. BTC sent to a romance scammer?
It’s possible to get back your money little I know it was a big shock of my life because the company i sent my money to was revealed to be a total scam.
I contacted the professional and they helped me with the recovery of all my money successfully, you can also contact them for help. They will help you retrieve back your money, I was able to retrieve all my money back through the professional, you can contact them too they are ready to help….

CONTACT: (Ethicsrefinance@gmail.com)
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Bank Transfer

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Bitcoin Loans !!!


Cons: no, no, no


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20 Nov 2023

"The Role of Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency''

Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency stands as a beacon of hope for individuals who have experienced the anguish of losing their hard-earned funds or valuable crypto holdings. The agency comprises a team of seasoned experts with profound knowledge and experience in the intricate realm of digital assets and blockchain technology. Their primary objective is to provide comprehensive assistance to those who have encountered setbacks in their digital asset endeavors, offering a glimmer of hope in what may seem like a dire situation, I was also a victim of a crypto scam victim, after I lost about $8,700,000.00, to fake online investment, though all hope of recovering back my funds/Crypto was lost, but with the help of Lord Hacker Ultimate, I was able to recover all i lost, you can also contact them if you are a victim via hotline service:
Telegram: @lordhackerultimate,
Signal No: +16266210821,
WhatsApp No: +16266210821

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17 Nov 2023

Are you in search of Recovery Professional?

Are you in search of Recovery Professional?

Montgomery elites truly live up to their name indeed! So I did invest with a fraud invest company bitcoin worth $94,800. Weeks after making that deposit, I was impressed by the sight of my dashboard showing it growing to about $140,000. Well, my joy was about to dwindle as I attempted withdrawing the profits and it was refuted. I continually emailed support severally but they weren't writing back. I wasn't about to let that go and so I started thinking of how it was to get back what's mine. I encountered folks on socials who also were victims to a similar investment plan and had it successfully reclaimed with the help of (montgomeryelites@) contractor.net). I emailed montgomery elites and they helped reclaim $81,330 of the deposit. The montgomeryelites_contractor _net pros are dazzling. Anyone requiring to recover money lost to swindlers, just test the montgomery elites, goodluck!


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13 Nov 2023


I want to testify about Lord Hacker Ultimate blank ATM cards which can withdraw money from any ATMs around the world. I was very poor before and had no job. I saw so many testimonies about how Lord Hacker Ultimate sent them the ATM blank card and used it to collect money in any ATM and become rich. I emailed them also and they sent me the blank ATM card at an interesting Price which I paid to them before sending it to them. I have used it to get 900,000 dollars. withdraw a maximum of 5,000 USD daily. Lord Hacker Ultimate is giving out the card just to help the poor at an amazing price. To hack and take money directly from any ATM vault with the use of an ATM-programmed card that runs in automatic mode.
You can also contact them for the service below
• Western Union/MoneyGram Transfer
• Bank Transfer
• PayPal / Skrill Transfer
• Crypto Mining
• CashApp Transfer
• Bitcoin Loans
• Recover Stolen/Missing Crypto/Funds/Assets
you can contact them for yours at their hotline:
Telegram: @lordhackerultimate,
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Pros: Something good

Cons: Non of the above


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12 Nov 2023

Any bitcoin that you lose to scammers can be recovered

You may be confident that any bitcoin that you lose to scammers can be recovered by working with Joe recovery team at Email (Joehackexpert@gmail.com) . Joe treats his clients with the utmost professionalism and offers a 24/7 help service for your consultations. They are well prepared with Cryptocurrency recovery tools that are updated and upgraded on a regular basis to give you the most dependable and secure recovery process. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable, effective, and available to address any inquiries you may have regarding the recovery of your funds.

Remember to mention that Jimmy Scott suggested you.

Pros: Successful


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17 Oct 2023

The best and most reliable hacker online that can help you recover your stolen crypto and funds.

Beware of Hackers while trading on Bitcoin, I learned this the hard way. As I was trading on Bitcoin on the 28th of August 2023, my account was hacked, and the $718,000 that I was trading with disappeared in the air, I was devastated and in distress, and I immediately started looking for a way to recover my lost Crypto! I went through several ads and I came across an Ad on Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery, after doing thorough research I noticed several people had gotten help from him and were actually happy after getting back all their lost funds, I personally inbox several of them and they confirmed of the excellent services they received from Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery, that's when I made contact too and as advertised I am here to testify that he helped me recover all my lost $718,000. He also gave me tips on how to keep my crypto account safe from hackers. If in any case, you have lost funds while trading on crypto, quickly contact them now at: L.H.ULTIMATE@ FASTSERVICE.COM Or website: lordhackerultimatee.wixsite.com/hacker their services are 100% guaranteed and he doesn't waste time recovering what you lost.

Pros: all good

Cons: non


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09 Oct 2023

When investing in cryptocurrencies, one must exercise extreme caution...

When investing in cryptocurrencies, one must exercise extreme caution. My capital investment was locked along with all of my returns at a binary investment firm, which was the exact issue I was having. Though I genuinely think there are legitimate businesses you can invest in, the difficulty is how to know for sure before making a decision. It was almost like watching a movie as the whole thing played out for me when I fell for these con artists posing as investors. Before it happened to me, I was unable to believe that such things exist. But when it turned out that I couldn't withdraw my money, I started looking for a way to get it back. Fortunately, through recommendations from others, I was introduced to a recovery agent named Alister Recovery. When I discovered that the scammers' website had been taken down, Alister Recovery was such a lifesaver; they were able to access it and helped me get my money back. I can't be more grateful. You can catch up with them by email: ALISTERRECOVERY(at)GMAIL (dot) com


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07 Oct 2023

Yes, indeed recovery of your lost funds/Crypto is possible

Yes, indeed recovery of your lost funds/Crypto is possible because I was once a victim of those scammers, and I lost all I had to those scumbags, which was $7,9450,  all my hope were lost of getting my funds/BTC until I met an article online, talking about (Lord Hacker Ultimate), Digital assets recovery, about the good thing they have been doing to the public on hacking/recovery of lost funds/BTV, a Reliable & honest hacker without tricks? Through Lord Hacker Ultimate, Digital Asset Recovery, all I lost was recovered back to me within 4 hours, contact their hotline: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, Telegram: @lordhackerultimate, WhatsApp No: +19095063423, Website: lordhackerultimatee.wixsite.com/hacker

Pros: Excellent, Excellent


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27 Sep 2023

Do you want to withdraw money from your wallet?

Finally, after an unregulated broker hoarded my trading money for more than three months while denying me access to my trading account, I was able to recover every penny I lost—roughly $350,000—that I had lost. I had never thought I would ever see my lost funds again. I'm overjoyed to have received all of my money returned without any hassle. My counterpart, who introduced me to Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery, a licensed binary options recovery specialist, deserves all the credit. Do you want to withdraw money from your wallet? Does your broker want you to make further deposits before you can withdraw money? Have you ever lost money on a Bitcoin investment made online? Are you unsure of what to do? Use one of the approved methods listed below to get in touch with Lord Hacker Ultimate, Digital Assets Recovery right now for assistance. Information: Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM, WhatsApp No: +19095063423, Website: lordhackerultimatee.wixsite.com/hacker, YouTube page: @lordhackerultimate, Telegram: @lordhackerultimate

Pros: Good Value, Good Value

Cons: non, non, non


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22 Mar 2022

WhatsApp (+1 704-313-9661) after being ripped off my money

This is for persons seeking to recover all of their lost funds to online scams, you can contact Schwartz Software via the address--> [Schwartzsoftwarehackingprogram@gmail.com WhatsApp: (+1 704-313-9661) for a successful recovery and thank me later. I had my blockchain wallet spoofed by merciless rippers, due to lack of 2FA authorization, they were able to get away with my life saving (6 BTC) from my wallet, this made me very sad and depressed as I was desperately in need of help, I made my research online and came across a very credible and reliable recovery agent on this page. The hacker whom I learned is a partner with analysis and audits of where your stolen funds end up helped me recover all I lost and also revealed the identity of the perpetrators, that's why I'm most appreciative and also sharing the contact. For anyone in a similar situation seeking to recover funds lost to online scams, contact the recovery specialist he will attend to it Email:Schwartzsoftwarehackingprogram@gmail.com or chat him on WhatsApp (+1 704-313-9661)

Pros: WhatsApp +1 704-313-9661 Great Hacker, WhatsApp +1 704-313-9661 Great Hacker, WhatsApp +1 704-313-9661 Great Hacker

Cons: Get your Bitcoin Key Finder now to be the first t, Get your Bitcoin Key Finder now to be the first t, Get your Bitcoin Key Finder now to be the first t

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