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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant chain offering lunch, dinner, and cocktails in a modern lounge setting. Has extensive menu with marked vegan options and tofu as a protein choice. Uses eggless noodles. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Tue-Thu 5:30pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sun 5:30pm-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-3:30pm.

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First Review by Smooches4Pooches


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03 Sep 2018

Will go back, but.....

Pro: interesting and different menu, many items of which I’d never seen before. Great flavors; we had the baby corn chili appetizer (big basket & one of only 4 appetizers half off at happy hour) which was spectacular and the vegetable coins which were very good. Mancharían cauliflower (dry instead of sauces was recommended by our waitress & she was right) & a shrimp dish (1 non-vegan at the table) that she loved. 2 of us took food home.

Con: spotty service is just as others have said. One woman ordered a vodka martini & it came with a maraschino cherry in it (it was undrinkable); after she got white wine instead, the bartender came back with an olive martini & seemed offended that she didn’t like that one either or that it doesn’t go with white wine. They then neglected to remove the martini from the bill & assured us it had been done. We were proudly offered the brand new cocktails menu (first day they had it) & the 1st 2 drinks I ordered they didn’t have (they blamed the liquor delivery people). I ended up with a watery piña colada. And the first white wines my friends ordered wasn’t available either. The waitress was nice, informed about the menu, & well-intentioned but the bartender was terrible (still can’t believe that cherry). Check your bill and avoid the bar. Out of 5, I’d give it a 4 for food and a 2.5 for service.

Pros: Flavors, Friendly, helpful waitress, So many vegan options & unusual choices!

Cons: Dreadful bar, ignorant bartender, Service; bill mistakes & unavailable items



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14 May 2017

Somechin's Missing

After having lunch at Inchin Bamboo Garden I would say an average rating is rather accurate. I would not go out of my way to eat there again.

I wish a raving review was deserving, because their menu looks wonderfully appetizing with the numerous vegetarian options. Five stars for the planning and thought that went into designing the menu. I wanted to order one of everything veggie. The descriptions were THAT good. Unfortunately the dishes were not as flavorful as their descriptions and a few of them were far too oily.

Usually my all time favorite appetizer is spring rolls. There's something about them that makes me want to snack on and on.

IBG's appetizer consisted of:
3 piece crispy spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables (no tofu) for $8. Side sauce wasn't served at first and when I requested some, a lightly sweet starchy gelatin looking sauce was brought out. Yuck! I ate the rolls plain.

There were several dirty bottled sauces on the table but I didn't dare try any of them for fear of lurking bacteria. Shouldn't restaurant workers know they're suppose to wipe down the table condiments??!

The best item:
6 piece vegetable tulips appetizer for $9.
Flaky crunchy shells filled with tangy and spicy mixed vegetables. What a knockout! They were like deconstructed spring rolls that moved on up to the east side into a deluxe apartment in the sky-high-yyy.

Also very delicious was the garnish that topped the
6 piece steamed dumplings for $10.

The hakka noodles were good, but not flavorful and I probably should have requested spicy. Hakka is a thin eggless noodle that tastes like lo mein. It came with shredded vegetables for $12.

Two items that could've been better:
1. Chili bean eggplant with onion and hot bean sauce for $12. Good, but not fantastic. Too bad they didn't drain off some of the oil.
2. Cauliflower manchurian with cilantro, onion, chili, and celery for $12. The seasonings fell flat in this dish and it relied on soy sauce for flavor. This was more oily than the eggplant and gave me a headache.

Two Disappointments:
1. Singing tangy vegetables mixed with tofu for $13. I don't know if they ran out of veggies or what because on the plate with the skewers were rice and fries. FRIES?! On the same platter as rice. Who does that? Also it sat in a pool of brown sauce.
2. Crispy chili potatoes for $9 were supposed to be tangy, spicy, potato strips with scallions. Crispy? Not.
Tangy? Not.
Spicy? Not.

Pros: Varied menu, Lots of seating

Cons: Server could not remember the order, Dirty condiment bottles


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07 Aug 2016

Exciting Flavors!

I have been to Inchin's a few times now; dine-in twice, carry-out twice.

I enjoyed their noodle dishes, but they, alone, never seem to satisfy. I always end up adding something to the dish. For example, I added the curry to the Hakka noodles and the result was delicious.

I was disappointed in the Gobi Manchurian. Every Gobi Manchurian dish that I have ever had has been a red color and full of spice. Theirs is a brown gravy, soupy dish. I did not enjoy it.

The Garlic Green Beans and Crispy Chili Potatoes are both excellent! The green beans are cooked perfectly, not too raw, not overcooked. However, it is a small portion of beans for the charge of a whopping $12! This is a $6-$8 dish, tops! Shame on them.

I agree that service can be iffy. There is one employee in particular who appears to be really trying; she puts for an effort and it shows. Another employee, not so much.

Pros: excellent spices and flavor, a dedicated vegan menu

Cons: over-priced, spotty service


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31 Jul 2014

Interesting, flavorful food but spotty service

Each food encounter we've had at Inchin Bamboo Garden has been good. The food is varied, flavorful and fresh. Offerings are Indian, Chinese and Mongolian. Half of the menu is vegetarian/vegan and any dish can be made vegetarian or less spicy.

We dined there with friends from India who explained that the food is Indo-Chinese and different from American Chinese or Indian food which they find to be "ordinary." They love killer siciy-hot food so IBG was perfect for them. I thought some of the dishes were spicy but good. My husband, who is from The Meat-And-Potatoes-Midwest couldn't eat it. Tip: Look for the red dots on the menu. (0-3 red dots)

I prefer wok vegetables that are crisp. On one visit, the vegetables were cooked beyond this, but I'll give them a pass because it was a very busy Saturday night.

The service, on the other hand, is sometimes spotty. You know it's a risk when there is a banner in the window of a restaurant that says, "Now hiring." We've visited when there was a knowledgeable server and good bartender. then one Friday night, we took friends to IBG when there was a server who didn''t know anything about the menu and a bartender who knew even less. Even drinks on their cocktail menu were unavailable or the bartender didn't know how to make them. (Our advice is to stick with bottled beer.)

On weekends the restaurant gets packed with families from India and surrounding regions--which is always a good sign that the food is authentic.The large, somewhat dark (black walls) dining room becomes lively and busy. It's quiet at lunch and mid-week during dinner. Get there early on weekends.Although this appears to be a chain restaurant, it doesn't give this impression.

Pros: Interesting ethnic cuisine, Good spice blends and sauces, Many vegetarian/vegan options

Cons: Spotty service, Be aware of ultra-hot dishes. , Not knowledge of mixed drinks on menu.

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