Serves meat, vegan options available. The kitchen makes organic stone oven pizzas. Has vegan cheese for pizza, and you may choose the toppings such as spinach, mushrooms, and/or garlic. For dessert there's a vegan chocolate mousse. Take bus 706, 727, 773 exit at São Bento or take bus 773 exit at Praça das Flores. A 10 minute walk from Rato Metro. Open Mon 19:00-23:00, Wed-Sun 19:00-23:00.

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First Review by Jayneisastarr


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08 Jan 2023

Rica pizzería con opción fe pizza vegana y vegetariana sin glut

Pizza Staccioni vegetatiana sin gluten

Pros: El restaurante es muy agradable, Opción de pizza vegana y vegetariana GF, Personal muy amable



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04 Oct 2022

Good options

Clearly labelled vegan options and incredibly quick service. The vegan cheese is lovely and mild with a beautiful creamy texture. Amazing homemade chilli oil!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-04

Pros: Clearly labelled options

Cons: Expensive additional toppings


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26 Nov 2021

Good choice

Busy pizza place selling fresh local organic produce, with clearly labelled vegan options

Pros: Good selection of vegan foods , Clearly marked , Good staff


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26 Apr 2021

Good, but pricy

It’s nice they have two vegan options. The pizza was good, with a very thin and crispy dough. I chose to add garlic and tofu sausage to the vegan pizza, so my pizza finally costed 16€50.

It felt a bit overpriced. If I go back, I would probably choose a more traditional marinara which is way cheaper.


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13 Aug 2020


Best vegan pizza in Lisbon. Yes it is expensive but the atmosphere, customer service and menu is excellent. We got the 4 seasons and the spinach and tomato pizzas. We were very happy with everything ☺️

Pros: Flexible menu, Great customer service, Nice vibe

Cons: Expensive


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28 Oct 2019

I would give it 5 starts if I could!

Best pizza in Lisbon with great vegan options!!


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24 Oct 2019

Delicious pizza

Had a vegan and gluten free 4 seasons

Pros: Can make any of the veg pizzas with vegan cheese, Good dessert choices, Helpful staff


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17 Sep 2019

Creative vegan options

Tasty but a bit expensive. Vegan cheese, including ricotta. We had a pizza and pumpkin spaghetti.


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20 Aug 2019

Great pizza

This is a bit out if the way but worth the trek if you’re into pizza.

Pros: Staff really friendly and wanted to help, really fresh ingredients , lots of vegetarian choices

Cons: only one vegan option that I could see


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03 Jul 2019

Pretty good, pretty pricy

The pizza is suuuuuuuuper thin (which is great, although crumbly crust), but because of that the pizza is basically like eating topped air.

Whilst it's a lovely pizza, it's just not worth the price - a typical GOOD pizza in Lisbon shouldn't be more than ~10 eur, and this place isn't that fancy, nor amazing that it should cost so much more.

Sangria costs ~26.50 eur for 1L - most places give you unlimited Sangria or 1L for 10-15 eur. House wine is around 4.5 eur - the whole bottle in the supermarket (same wine) costs 2 eur.

The chocolate mousse with chilli in was 5 eur, and honestly just had too much tofu blended in it was more like a pudding...a spicy pudding at that. (New Moment has WAY nicer, decadent, aerated chocolate mousses..for 2.5 eur)

I am extremely happy they offer 2 vegan pizzas, with the option to add whatever toppings you wish (at a high cost). But this place is simply not fancy enough, nor good enough food to justify such high prices. It's an averagely good place and should have averagely good prices to reflect this (like 10-15 eur max?).

We ordered 2x pizza with 2x toppings each, 1x lemonade, 1x chocolate mousse. Total = 40 eur. - Again this price is not bad for many countries, but expensive for less central Lisbon, and what you get.

Pros: Really good choices, Lovely and quick staff, Pretty good location

Cons: Expensive, Food is good, but not good enough for the price, Mousse a bit ehhh :(


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16 May 2019


Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I could choose any pizza (many veggie options) and sub vegan cheese. I ended up with a vegan margherita with black truffles. Very good. Also good for my omnivore travel companions.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: A tad expensive


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24 Feb 2019

Excellent pizza

The thin crust pizzas were delicious. We had the marinara and 4 stagioni without cheese. Both were really good but marinara edges it for me. My so had the chocolate mousse and it got a favorable review as well.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great service

Cons: Expensive


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14 Oct 2018

Best pizza in town

The most amazing pizza. I had mine with the vegan cheese, porcini and truffles. Was in pizza heaven.

Yummy starters and puddings too.

Pros: Truffles, Great staff, Good vibe

Cons: Not entirely vegan


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15 Aug 2018


The best restaurant of my life it was yummy and I hugged the waiter we love you Lisboa

Pros: Vegan options, 100% organic

Cons: Expensive


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22 Jun 2018

Pizza perfection

The pizza is unbelievable here. The waiter was very helpful in helping us build a vegan masterpiece. Starters were fresh and tasty, but can’t get that pizza out of my head! Probably worth booking in advance, although they did squeeze us in.


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20 Jun 2018

Vegan options clearly marked, knowledgeable staff

Amazing thin and tasty pizzas with a lovely ambience and great wine

Pros: Great pizza options with vegan cheese, Desert selection , Lovely atmosphere

Cons: Busy so would recommend booking


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01 May 2018

Best pizza ever?!

One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Super thin crust with lots of tasty organic toppings and the most incredible tomato sauce (the tomato is really the star ingredient!). And vegan cheese. And vegan deserts. Very nicely designed. Worth booking.


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14 Feb 2018

Best organic vegan pizzas ever..!

I can't find the words to describe how incredible delicious the pizzas are!!
There's many vegetables you can add to your pizza, and there's also vegan cheese!!
Also the vegan deserts (chocolate mousse and almond ice cream) are breathtaking.

Pros: Many vegan options, nice place, very welcoming peo

Cons: it's actualy expensive..

Vera Peres

Points +3162

11 Jan 2018

Bio, delicate, and cheese more cheese

The pizzas in In Bocca Al Lupo are really elevated, they are super thin and with delicated flavours.

The vegetarian pizzas are clearly marked on the menu, as well as one vegan pizza. However, you can just ask any of the vegetarian pizzas with vegan cheese at no extra cost.

The desserts are very tasty and unusual too.

Definitely a worthy food experience. And all bio :)


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20 Dec 2017

Amazing vegan cheese pizza

I think we would all agree that as Vegans we miss things like savory pizza. I walked into a warm and loving environment in this first class restaurant with a great wine list. They had a variety of pizzas, maybe 20 different types, and each one of them had the option of adding the vegan cheese. It’s a vegan cheese I have not heard of and it wasn’t the typical soy. I’m going to post a picture of it. The cheese was savory and wonderful, and I don’t feel sick. I’m going to research more.They treated me like royalty.

Pros: great cheese pizza vegan style.


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24 Nov 2017

perfect pizza

Beautiful restaurant in a lovely part of the city. The pizzas are superb, the restaurant is smart with a great ambience and the staff are helpful and friendly. It's advisable to book as it's very busy.

Pros: good vegan options, vegan cheese, ambience

Cons: not 100% vegetarian, not cheap


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17 Oct 2017

Pizza time!

Best option in town if you crave a pizza! Their ingredients are organic and high quality. The crust is amazing and they have vegan cheese that you can replace for cow cheese at no added cost.
They also have a vegan appetizer and vegan desserts.
The atmosphere and the location are good and the staff really nice.
You can also order for taking away.

Pros: Great crust, Top quality ingredients, No added cost for the vegan cheese


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05 Sep 2017

Delicious and great staff

The restaurant is located in a very nice neighborhood of Lisbon near the Rato subway station.
The place itself is very cosy and has a very nice atmosphere event though the seats (pine wood) are not very confortable.
The staff are adorable and very helpful.
As appetizers, we tried the soup which was delicious but extremely small portion, and the peppers and artichokes salad, which was both delicious but pricy.
There are one plate of pasta and 2 options of pizzas for vegan (12 € for pizzas with vegan cheese and 9,5 € wo) but you can top your pizza with almost anything even though the toppings are quite expensive. 5€ for artichokes for example and I'm not sure there was even 1 artichoke heart on the whole thing. The pizzas are cooked in a oven wood and the crust is extra thin and crispy and are absolutely delicious.
For dessert we tried the chocolate mousse with an original twist to it since it has chili. but the real show stopper is the amazing vegan coconut-almond-date ice cream which is topped with grilled nuts.
As a whole, we had such a great time there that we went back a second night in a row. We absolutely loved it.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly Staff, Nice place and great neighboorhood

Cons: Serves meat, Expensive, Closed for lunch


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25 Jun 2017


I'd like to say it was a hidden gem but judging by the fact it was packed full on Sunday night I think I'd be off the mark. I'd suggest making a reservation, it's a good job we did. What can I say - there is nothing small about these pizzas (including the price) but delicious vegan melt in the mouth pizza is what you get, and it's good. Add to that a vegan desert and starter if you feel like it and you have an excellent meal. Friendly service, English menus, quiet location in a narrow Lisbon back street - it seems to appear as if by magic. It may not be your bio vegan Buddhist rice and lettuce kind of place, but thank goodness for that.

Pros: Awesome vegan pizza, Vegan dessert, Friendly service, English menu

Cons: Not the cheapest, A little warm, Meat


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12 Apr 2017


Everything was clearly marked vegan and staff was very nice and knowledgeable.
Price point was kinda high and the portions weren't very big compared to price.
But it was a very fancy restaurant so that could be why. They also brought some bread that I thought was free, but ended up paying €3,5 for.
We had a pizza with vegan cheese which was absolutely delicious! No faults there.
But one point off for serving meat and one for portion size.
All in all it satisfied our pizza craving, so we're pleased.

Pros: Very tasty

Cons: Small portion compared to price


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26 Nov 2016

Excellent Pizza!

We went to this place because of the good reviews on HappyCow. Where I live, pizza places are quite cheap, so I was shocked when I saw the prices… I had almost decided not to have a pizza with vegan cheese but a normal one without cheese, as usual. But then I decided to go for the one with vegan cheese, although the price premium isn’t really justifiable (about 3 €, when I remember correctly).

Actually, my vegan pizza with two of the cheaper toppings cost me 15 € and was the most expensive dish I had in Portugal. But…it was worth it! The pizza dough is thin and crispy and baked in a wood-fired oven. The vegan cheese is really great (I had the tofu-based cheese, they also have a lupine-cheese), and the quality of all ingredients very high (and organic). I especially loved their olives! The wine I had was also very very good.

All in all, we enjoyed our evening at “In Bocca al Lupo” very much. It is a lively and popular place with very nice staff.

They also have vegan starters and desserts. Everything is clearly marked. They also offer a huge selection of drinks – this is a place where you can also enjoy some cocktails.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-26

Pros: excellent pizza!!!!, nice staff, great atmosphere

Cons: expensive


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02 Oct 2016

Pizza Hunt

Haing decided to give up completely on visiting Terra, the long standing vegetarian buffet restaurant close by after going regularly since 2012 we needed to discover a new place in this local, mainly tourist free and intimate part of Lisbon. By the shear chance of good luck (literally In Bocca al Lupo or "in the mouth of the wolf" as used in Italian opera or theatre circles) this was it. I love pizza. Over the years I have probably eaten hundreds, if not thousands of pizzas. Here in Lisbon tonight I have seen a freshly made vegan pizza baked in a traditionally fired oven right in front of my eyes. It was one of the best pizzas I've ever had in my life. Thin crust, delicate tomato base, vegan cheese and my choice of fresh garlic, onions and olives as toppings. The restaurant is beautiful. I wish I could award 5 happy cows but of course some meat is served so this is not possible. The staff are knowledgable. There is no need to worry about any confusion when ordering as vegan. It even comes up on the TV screens so the chefs know exactly what pizzas to prepare as vegan. I felt absolutely 100% confident in everything we consumed here. Even the house wine was labelled as organic and vegan. See my pictures. I completely love this place. This is wonderful authentic Italian dining in the secret heart of Lisbon. There's also a gorgeous craft beer place very close by. But keep that information to yourself please.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-12

Pros: amazing pizzas, wonderful location, friendly staff

Cons: some meat pizza toppings

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