Mostly-vegan ice cream cafe offering almost 100 flavours of coconut milk ice. Note that products with Milo are not vegan. Free Wi-Fi, air conditioned. Previously called Ice Love You. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by walkingvegan


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12 Aug 2023

Never Seen So Much Ice Cream 🍨

As soon as we entered the store we were greating by a wall of ice cream flavours and the friendly staff member gave us a quick runthrough of all the flavours, and we were handed a notepad and pen to write down as many flavours as we'd like! We ended up ordering 10 different vegan flavours for 410THB.
After we selected our flavours we were served some warm tea to help us warm up again, and after waiting a bit our ice creams were served to our table, an amazing sight!

There isn't a lot if seating at the place itself but it wasn't superfull when we went.

Be prepared to make some of the most difficult choices you've ever had to make!

Pros: Vegan flavours were labeled, Fun experience, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited seating



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25 Jul 2023

Mind blowing flavors. It’s an experience.

Ice cream flavors you would never imagine. He said he makes 10 new flavors a month. It was wild. Great atmosphere, and the service is amazing. He even gave us a free scoop😄and they give you hot tea to pair with your ice cream. Wow.
It was impossible to rank the flavors I got because they were all amazing. I’ve never not been able to choose.

But if I had to choose…

1. Ferrero Rocher
2. Taro coco (I was shocked. Amazing.)
3. Cappuccino chocolate chip
4. Hotel California (this could have also been #1 though)
5. Thai tea

Pros: Insane flavors, Nice owner/staff, Great atmosphere


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08 Feb 2023

Unusual flavors that taste amazing!

Although this ice cream shop isn’t 100% vegan wow they have loads of vegan options, from mango sticky rice flavor to Khao Soi.

Pros: Nice clean cafe with lots of space to eat in., Great presentation , Stunning flavored ice cream


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28 Dec 2022

Ice cream heaven

This is amazing! So many vegan ice cream flavours to choose from! #Veganuary


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31 Oct 2022

unconventional flavours

I liked the people working here, the big variety of flavours and the fact that most of it is vegan. it’s yummy but not the best. still recommended!
we had: nirwana choclate, thai tea, french vanilla, macadamia caramel

Pros: mostly vegan, interesting flavours

Cons: no simple vanilla flavour, no pistachio flavour


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31 Oct 2022

So many vegan ice cream!!

They have so many vegan flavours!
Some flavours are a bit adventurous like khao soi, som tam… things I wouldn’t try…

Thai tea, chocolate, macadamia and vanilla was yummmy


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27 Jul 2022


There are an abundance of vegan flavors. The flavor of the icecream was great. Not amazing but definitely yummy. The price is good too, compared to the other locations. Definitely recommend. Forgot what flavors I got. But I liked all 4, and he offered 1 to me for free.

Pros: Lots of options, Price


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15 Aug 2020

Amazing ice cream and vegan roti

We tried 6 flavours and also a vegan roti which came with 2 flavours.

Our favourites were almond caramel, a sort of Apple caramel crumble called Stand by me and a few different chocolate flavours.

There is such a massive choice and vegan flavours are marked with a green V.

The roti was also fantastic.

Pros: Delicious ice cream, Vegan roti!

Cons: Expensive


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21 May 2020

the vegan ice-creams are 😋👌🏻🥰

I went there a few times in 2016! Lovely place and the vegan ice-creams are very yummy especially the banana, coconut flavored ones and I remember there was one called Spiderman -loved it 😋🥰 it’s the blue and pink one on my photo! Oh and I didn’t eat all myself 😆 we were a group of people and we ordered many to try ☺️😅 can’t wait to be able to travel again to go back to Thailand and visit this place again! 🇹🇭 💚💙

Pros: A lot of vegan 🌱 options , Cute place, Yummy 😋 👅


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05 Mar 2020

Loved it!

Got seven scoops, I liked most of them (thankfully who I shared with liked the ones I didn’t, so nothing was wasted)! My favorite was the black sesame, followed by the cappuccino, also got the chili mango, banana chocolate, mango sticky rice, matcha, and royal Thai pudding (hated that one). Wish I could have tried them all! About half the flavors were labeled as vegan

Pros: Lots of flavor options, Yummy


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16 May 2019

High expectations medium quality

We had to come three times because the shop was closed although the opening hours at the shop and online told otherwise. They have a huge selection of vegan ice creams and really rare ones like Durian and Khao Soi. It was fun to try but the quality of taste and texture was just okay.

Pros: A lot of vegan options and rare tastes

Cons: Unclear opening hours and medium quality


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14 May 2019

Ice cream heaven for a vegan

Best in Chiang Mai w/ great prices. Created with no added sugar and no artificial colors. This place is a haven for those who crave ice cream. There are 25-30 choices to choose from. Flavors include wasabi, Thai tea, matcha, durian sticky rice, black bean sticky rice, mint choco chip, mocha, strawberry & many more.

Pros: Excellent flavor, Good value, Great service


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11 Feb 2019

So many choices

Amazing ice cream.


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06 Dec 2018

Ice love you too!

I loved it here. Lots of vegan options and they are all clearly marked. Lovely ice cream. Nice service.

Pros: Vegan ice cream!! , Lots of options


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01 Nov 2018

Loads of ice cream

Loads of vegan flavours to choose from - all clearly marked😄


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15 Oct 2018

amazing ice cream heaven

This place is the best for vegan ice cream, small and cozy but big atmosphere! The owner is really lovely and explained the ice cream to us. The durian was great, and the roti dish is super. We walked a fair bit to find it but so worth the trip.

Pros: lots of options would take many trips to try them


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13 Aug 2018

Amazing choice of vegan ice cream: colors and flavors

This place is like the devil. You enter for a scoop and you buy seven of them! They literally have tens of vegan flavors, and not only sorbets. Cappuccino, cookie, oreo, chocolate, mint, aspargus, garlic and vanilla, red fruits, etc. are among the numerous flavors they have. My favorites are passion fruits and mint-chocolate but every flavor was awesome. The scoops are generous and well presented in bamboo platter and bowls. Each scoop is 35 bahts, the staff speaks English and vegan flavors are clearly marked. The place is cute and welcoming. Definitely the Devil!

Pros: huge choice of vegan ice cream, tasty flavors, cute place

Cons: not 100% vegan


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06 Aug 2018


Nice place with lots of vegan choices. I had the thai tea
and the orange something? ok, 1/2 the description was
in english and the other in Thai. The girl doing service
didn't speak english well so i didn't get what it was but
i liked the colour and it had orange so i thought why not? So the missing part i quickly discovered was cherry tomatoe! which was quite gross!! haha! I think this place is great! I just picked one wrong scoop..
lots of other sweety stuffs!
about a buck a scoop!

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-06


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29 Jul 2018

Amazing selection of vegan ice cream

They have a ton of vegan flavors of ice cream, and the texture is just right. We had the spiderman, the durian, and the chocolate one. All very good. The location is a bit out of the way if you are in the old city, but worth the try. The interior is great, and lots of seating.

Pros: Huge variety, Delicious taste

Cons: Expensive, Far from old city by walk


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19 Jul 2018

Cute semi-vegan ice creamery

Most options are vegan except some odd balls like, get this, fish curry ice cream. *ugh*

Anyways, I had a single scoop of cappuccino chocolate chip, which was nice despite the fact that they were somehow out of BOTH types of cones, classic.

The ice cream itself was nice, slightly icey but not too bad. I would come back again but hopefully they will have cones next time.

Pros: Large selection of mostly vegan flavors., Unique flavors not found elsewhere., Cute little shop tucked away from the main road

Cons: Had no cones on hand, had to get a bowl., Some odd-ball flavors that may not be appealing, Not all flavors vegan


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17 May 2018


Make sure you get the roti with ice cream! It's to die for. Warm crispy pastry with super creamy ice cream. Great place.

Pros: Great selection


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Mostly Veg
14 Apr 2018

Holy Vegan Cow.

Wow. Im at the restaurant as we speak and had to write the review after i demolished the ice cream.

1st off the menu is mainly vegan. So thats a huge plus because its hard for me to find ice cream in Thailand that is vegan friendly.

2nd the man behind the ice cream is a master craftsman who apparently has created over 350 flavors including thai dishes like Khao Soi and a bunch of other ones i cant pronounce. I had the Rotee masterpiece with Korean yogurt/Coconut/thai tea/& black bean.

3rd i love the art put behind his menu. Atmosphere is great. Love it. Yall gotta try atleast once if ur in Chiang mai!


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17 Feb 2018

THE place for ice cream in CM

The largest selection of vegan ice cream I have seen in one place to date. Creative flavors, fun decor/theme. Just go already.

Pros: So many flavors!, fun decor/theme


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Non Veg
12 Feb 2018

Great ice cream

They offer 200 flavors, nearly all of them are vegan and they also have a vegan dessert menu. If you like durian, try their durian ice cream, it’s amazing!


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06 Feb 2018

Amazing place- sweet taste and service

Would recommened it kindly to every Vegan/Vegiterian/unsure about themself. Amazing tastes and spaicel flavours...

Pros: Lots of options for Vegan and non vegan

Cons: Nothing


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02 Jan 2018

awesome treat

Really good ice cream, sounds like they increased prices, 35-45 a scoop. Not all flavors avaliable, pretty basic ones only, no cool ones that were “wow!” Factor, but they were pretty good!

Pros: mostly vegan, tasty


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03 Dec 2017

experimental options

The decoration of the shop is a bit odd.. the ice cream is very experimental, which is nice. However, i have tasted better ice cream.

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