A made-in-house ice cream shop with vegan options including soft serve (vanilla, chocolate, and twist (soy base), and scooped (coconut base). Non dairy milkshakes and sundaes available, as well as floats and sodas. Coffee is also served. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by ladyekelund


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03 Sep 2023

Love this place

The vegan hard serve flavors aren't always that exciting, but you can't go wrong with a soft serve twist! The vegan sundaes are epic, too.

They recently added chocolate and vanilla hard serve with a pea protein base.

As of August 2023, there are vegan brownies! The vegan brownie sundae ($9) was delicious and too big for me to finish in one sitting (and that's saying something).

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-03

Pros: Reasonable prices , Vegan sundaes, Friendly staff

Cons: Could have more hard serve without coconut



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Mostly Veg
14 Jul 2023

Non dairy soft serve!!!

I love this place. I always get the ND soft serve but tried a ND cinnamon scoop and it was so good.


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11 Aug 2022

I wish I lived closer!

A twist soft serve cone is a rare vegan find! This is so delicious!

Update 8/22:
They have vegan hot fudge and almond butter caramel topping! So delicious! A must visit if you’re at the cape!

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-19


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02 Aug 2022

Homemade Vegan Ice Cream 🤤 😋

Delicious homemade vegan ice cream 😋🤤 Many pea protein based and some coconut and soy based.


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06 Jul 2022

Delicious vegan flavors

Love the salty caramel and chocolate hazelnut, both vegan. Sitting outside at the tables is pleasant. Today, this was lunch!

Pros: Hard serve and soft serve vegan options, Usually plenty of choices, Pleasant staff


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15 May 2022

Lots of vegan options

I had a come with the hard-serve salty caramel. It was really good! They even have a bunch of vegan sundae toppings


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14 Oct 2021

Nice options

They not only have vegan soft serve and hard serve, but also vegan hot fudge, which is a huge bonus!


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17 Mar 2021

Yummy local ice cream

Never had a bad experience here! Vegan ice cream is always a win!


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08 Oct 2020

weird customer service

went here over the summer with some friends from upper and mid cape and it was alright. The vegan soft serve machine broke down right when we got there so they only had a flea favors of hard serve. The one I got tasted a bit icy and would rather have gotten sundae school at that point. Anyways what justifies the rating is that the window lady proceeded to start an argument with my friend over his order as he didn’t want much. She tried to upsell him and then just started asking him all these weird questions which held up the line for a good 5 minutes for absolutely no reason. There was a massive line behind him so I didn’t really find the point in her trying to get him to spend more and arguing with him over his adamancy to just get what he ordered. Then in sort of a pity party she gave him what he ordered for free, then proceeded to ask personal questions about the guy to my next friend in line in an attempt to make sense of things. But it all seemed really off as he didn’t step out and create the issue, she reacted very weirdly to his order and then made it awkward for all of us and everyone waiting in line as well. Ah well, next year it may be different when the soft serve machine works and when the expats are back.


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27 Sep 2020

Delicious vegan soft serve!

Adorable ice cream place with options for everyone, including vegan options. I tried their vegan chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve and it was fantastic! It tasted like an almond base. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area.

Pros: Vegan soft serve


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31 Aug 2020

Best vegan ice cream ever

I was on the cape for a week and got a non dairy twisty almost everyday. Oops!!!! Hehe

Pros: Vegan milkshakes, sundaes, etc. , Variety of hard and soft flavors , Best chocolate vanilla twist ever!


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02 Aug 2020

Great ice cream spot with plenty of vegan options!

The Ice Cream Cafe is an awesome place to stop in for a treat. They offer vegan options for both hard and soft serve. The vegan soft serve was delicious and not too sweet. They also had vegan hot fudge that was to die for! They also have an ice cream truck that parks at the nearby Nauset beach. Definitely check this place out!


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30 Jul 2020

Great for a hot Summer day

The menu clearly labels vegan (non-dairy) ice cream options, and there are some good offerings for both hard and soft serve. I would have liked the toppings to also have indications of they were vegan or not, though. The staff was friendly but didn't seem too keen on knowing which toppings were indeed vegan or not, and when I asked, they just pointed to the menu board and said they are labeled. They were not. I got a vanilla blizzard and it was delicious, though. It really hit the spot on a hot Summer day. Easy ordering and pick up to go with parking on site.

Pros: Good ice cream, Variety (soft serve, hard, and blizzard)

Cons: Staff not knowledgeable about the menu, Toppings do not indicate whether vegan or not


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30 Jul 2020

Vegan Hot Fudge

They have vegan hot fudge. That’s all I needed to hear. The ice cream was delicious.


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17 Jul 2020

Vegan Soft Serve!

So stoked to find this gem on vacation! It has been so long since I’ve had soft serve and it was amazing.

Pros: Vegan soft serve, Vegan hard ice cream , Vegan sundaes and Whipped cream!


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08 Oct 2019

Perfect Vacation Spot

The Ice Cream Cafe was the perfect spot I wanted on my little vacation! They had so many vegan options it was hard to choose, but staff gave recommendations that did not disappoint!

Pros: friendly staff, great vibe


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08 Sep 2019

Good vegan options!

Vegan soft serve and hard ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream!

Pros: Good vegan options!


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29 Jun 2019

So many options!!

Incredible number of vegan choices! Sundaes, blizzards, hard and soft serve, toppings.


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27 May 2019


I ordered the vegan chocolate & vanilla soft serve and it was incredible. It was super creamy and rich. This is the best vegan ice cream I have ever had. It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Has soft serve and hard serve , Prices are fair

Cons: Far away from home


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30 Aug 2018

Amazing Vegan Soft Serve

This is the first place i have seen serving vegan soft serve. It was great. Expect a long line, but it moves pretty fast.


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28 Aug 2018

Yummy Soft Serve

Delicious coconut based soft serve: vanilla, chocolate and twist. Rich and creamy! Yum!


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19 Aug 2018

Chocolate Birthday Sundae!

Such a treat to find this place. We drove 20 miles just to try it! Vegan-friendly and dog friendly too, win! Young woman behind the counter happily offered me samples of the vegan options (soft serve twist, chocolate, toasted coconut), all delicious. Friendly vegan in line suggested the vegan hot fudge. Oh my! Chocolate with hot fudge and a fresh cherry (not the fire engine red variety). Omnivore hubby got the coconut, also good. Enjoyed with our dog on their patio. (They have Doggie Sundaes too!)
Wish this place was closer to home!

Pros: Delicious chocolate, wouldn’t guess it’s vegan, Dog friendly , Tons of standard flavors for vegetarians

Cons: Too far from home ;-)


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17 Aug 2018


Until I became vegan I didn’t realize how much I missed soft serve ice cream! I got a Sunday with strawberries and vanilla soft serve and it was incredible! Note to self: the regular is BIG!

Pros: Soft serve and hard ice cream! , Vegan options , Large serving size for good price!


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05 Aug 2018

Awesome Vegan Treats!

This was a wonderful unexpected treat to find!

Pros: Vegan choices!

Cons: None!


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21 Jul 2018

Amazing vegan ice cream options

The vegan hot fudge is amazing!! They have great milkshakes, soft serve and hard ice cream. It's so great to be able to have vegan options. Great place!


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03 Jul 2018

omg salty caramel ice cream!!!

Amazing. 4 vegan choices today on menu. Salty caramel is divine . So happy to have vegan choice :-D

Pros: Not just one flavor , delicious!

Cons: none


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04 Jun 2018

Worth a trip!

I went to this place back in 2015, and I've been dreaming of it ever since. I went this past weekend, and it was still as delicious and vegan-friendly as ever! It was so good I went here twice during a two day trip. I love that they have hard-serve and soft-serve options!

Pros: Lots of options: Hard-serve, soft-serve, sorbet, Friendly staff, So good

Cons: A little pricey, but all vegan ice cream is, No vegan whipped cream that I'm aware of

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