Vegetarian restaurant offering a large menu of mostly Indonesian food with some Chinese dishes. Ample vegetable plates with choice of noodles or rice, plus a variety of mock meats. Located on the way to the airport on the Kuta Bypass Rd. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by swestrich


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28 Mar 2023

Definitely check this place out

Very good place , especially as not many others locally - wouldn’t say best food I’ve ever had but better than most in Bali !

Pros: Unique vegan menu, Free Wi-Fi , Good price

Cons: Staff don’t speak English had to chat thru google, The food I seen recommended out of stock



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10 Mar 2023

Go visit the place! 😍

Too bad I could only eat there once - the menu is huge and divided into vegan & vegetarian food! The food was delicious and served fast.

Pros: Lots of options, Cheap


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16 Feb 2023


Lots of options to choose from

Pros: Lots of options, Nice atmosphere


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15 Feb 2023

Good Chinese/Indonesian veg place by the airport

Restaurant offering a large variety of Chinese and Indonesian vegetarian food. They have separate vegetarian and vegan menus.

I had nasi goreng and tofu rendang with a fresh juice. Food came fast and was all tasty. The nasi goreng was on the oily side, but not overwhelmingly so. Price was good but not great.

The restaurant was a little dark inside. There was a small dog who barked at me as I came in, but it settled down once I took a seat. As a previous reviewer noted, it's hard to get to on foot; the road in front is very busy and there are no good places to cross.

Cash only.


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20 Sep 2022

The food is delicious

The food was soo good and cheap for vegan food in Bali, but it was kinda hard crossing the road outside way too much traffic and no real crossing. Also staff wasn’t friendly but not rude either and didn’t really understand English menu is also in Indonesian

Pros: Delicious food, Cheap

Cons: Hard to get there if you are on the other side , Menu is in Indonesian , Staff can’t really speak English


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13 Mar 2020

Some great dishes

Pretty big restaurant but wasn't busy when I went in. Staff not rude but wouldn't say friendly either. Really didn't like the nasi seafood dish. Did like the chicken satay, nuggets and tempura shrimp. Hard to believe its vegan!! Will definitely be going back, there's so many dishes to try!


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29 Jan 2020


Looks a little rough from the outside but don't let that stop you from coming in. IT IS SO GOOD! I tried like 4 items in two different occasions and was delighted. Food is mainly Asian with many options and very affordable. They also have snacks for you to take home on purchase. Great place, don't miss out.


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16 Nov 2019


Great little place to eat. Good food and a huge menu to choose from! Very good price and serving size as well.
Service was very prompt.


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14 Oct 2019

interesting and yummy

De Ra Sa has a huge all vegan menu (don’t be confused by the ‚vegetarian‘) with different asian dishes. Luckily the menu features pictures (but no explanations) otherwise we wouldn’t have understand anything at all 😄
They offer many mock meats, which was interesting to try, so we had some vegan duck, Nasi Goreng and a meatball soup, with a coke and two pineapple juices.
All together was about 150k = under 9€, so super affordable!
Staff was friendly, but not all speak English.

Pros: good value , all vegan and many choices

Cons: pretty oily


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17 Apr 2019

Must try place for vegetarians

Good number of options for vegetarians. A must go foodie place for veg lovers who visit Kuta. Most of the balinese veg food is available here and its yummy.

People are not that much friendly though.


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11 Dec 2018

Great food, great prices, huge menu, kind family

We ate at this vegetarian restaurant more often than any other in Bali. Not only because of its proximity to where we stayed, but because they had such a huge variety of dishes and it was all tasty and cheap! It’s a family run restaurant, they’re all very kind but have limited English skills. There’s a photo for each menu item, so that helps! But it’s tough to know exactly the taste of what you’ll order unless you’re family with Balinese cuisine and language. But no matter, order a few things to share around and you won’t be disappointed. In Bali many places serve up small portions, this place is no exception though may be slightly more than average compared to Loving Hut, for example. But again, prices are cheap! Oh, and the prices aren’t listed anywhere on the menu haha, but they won’t cheat you. Good folks. Asking them how much everything is will make ya tired... it’s all cheap.😄One issue is the location, it’s on Ngurah Rai and you can make any right turn for a while, so if you’re coming from the west or south you’ll have to go up a long ways until you can make a u-turn. It’s also too dangerous to cross this road on foot.

Pros: Huge variety of tasty items , Cheap, Kind family business

Cons: Ngurah Rai road is a pain


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28 Oct 2018

Walked out, bad service, dirty.

We sat down to eat and 4 of the staff sat down at the table opposite and just stared at us. We asked for water and it was aggressively plonked down by a carnivore. No ethic, no thanks.


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31 Aug 2018

i love it

Taste good, a lot of choice, beautiful place


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18 Aug 2018


Food ok. But staff unprofessional. Empty restaurant when arrived with 3-4 staff members sitting around who didn’t bother to help me through the door with my suitcases just left me struggling and watched. Furthermore, they spent the entire time laughing when we ordered food and then when we went to pay one staff member was flicking pieces of biscuit at the one writing up our bill. Even worse on my way to the toilet I saw a rat run from the kitchen.


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29 Jul 2018

ow my god

Delicious that was enjoyed by all, food tasted scarily like meat.


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17 Oct 2017

nice food

There food taste good and the Chinese Boss is a nice people

Cons: around RP20000 to RP35000


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11 Aug 2017


We went in to this restaurant and had a nice meal, cheap and fairly tasty.

However I have had SEVERE allergic reactions twice since eating there. Once after the two 'chocolate shakes' that I had there. As I liked it so much I decided to buy a pouch of chocolate shake to take home with me. When I got home the ingredients state it contains SKIM MILK, so no wonder I had a bad allergic reaction to this. I also bought(from their vegan bakery section) a box of chocolate pies. After eating two a week or so after going to the restaurant I got very sick and after checking the ingredients on everything I'd eaten that day I realised that the pies contained both egg and milk as their top two ingredients. I am mortified, both for animals sake having not eaten anything non-vegan for 6.5 years, and for my own healths sake as I haven't been well since the incidents. Do not go.

Pros: food was pretty okay

Cons: staff don't speak English, menu isn't in English , NOT VEGAN(doubt it's even vegetarian)


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06 Aug 2017

So delicious!

There was so much choice on the menu and everything I tried was delicious. My favourites were the sardines, the fried seafood noodles, and the broccoli with ham. Everyone working there was super friendly and I hope that I get to return one day.


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21 Jun 2017

good place

i enjoyed this place. i took about 20 minutes or longer to study the enormous list of vegan dishes in the endles list of choices in the huge menu that they offer to clients. we ended up ordering at least 3 fruit drinks and about 7 dishes for 2 people. i asked extra spicy and it was satisfying. all vegan plates were very nice and tasty.
i had vegan fish , vegan sate, soup, spinach , soursop drink , and some more. Each plate was about 3$ or less. This is definitely a place where i would come back at a next chance. The place does not look fancy with expensive chairs and tables , but just fine and simple. Most important is the great food for a great price. English spoken ! Closing time at 9PM. Friendly service. All plates have pictures so you can see what you order.

Pros: large menu with pictures, Fairly priced. not expensive. , english spoken


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05 May 2017


The food was awesome, great spot to stop before catching your flight! Would definitely recommend!

Depending on where you are coming from it could be a bit of a pain to get to as your taxi cannot do a right hand turn off the bypass road and it's a couple of km up the road to the uturn bay.

Staff were very helpful! They did their best with their limited English and even called out taxi for us so we could get to the airport

We had the Nasi Campur and the sate ayam which were both great!

Pros: great tasting food, friendly helpful staff, close to airport

Cons: could be difficult to get to, average atmosphere


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04 Feb 2017

Nice Vegetarian Chinese Cuisine

I always eat here when I want to eat a clean Chinese style cuisine without garlic and onion. Nice and delicious food. This place is not suitable for you if you want to eat vegetarian organic food restaurant, but if you want to taste some vegetarian Chinese food, then it's a must go restaurant in Bali.

Kenny Teo

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29 Dec 2016

It felt as though I was at home enjoying mom's cooking

I was thoroughly impressed with this restaurant. The surroundings were very modest, but the food and staff made up for everything else. Grade A comfort food at an affordable price, great for those days when you just want something hearty. Nothing more I could ask; left the restaurant with lots of good vibes and an unexplainable warmth in my heart.


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12 Jul 2016

Found it amazing!

I loved this place and thought it was super easy to find (right on a main road).

Delicious food, friendly service, English on the menu.

I ate here while killing time for a flight; otherwise, I would've gone a 2nd time.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly, Delicious, cheap food


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13 Jan 2016

just ok

The place is not very easy to find. You need to take a taxi and our driver had to call to find the restaurant (so keep in mind that you need the phone number). The location is a bad one. The place is not very nice. Staff are kind, only a girl spoke English but she was very clear and helpful. The menu has a great choice, which is mainly mock fish and mock meat. If you love mock flesh, you will like this place. But if you are more a "healthy and fresh veggies person", this restaurant is not for you, as the food is tasty but looks very artificial. Honestly, I did not like it very much, I had the feeling that food was not healthy.

Pros: nice staff, wide choice

Cons: location , artificial flavors , basically only mock meat


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26 Oct 2015

fresh, tasty, vegan

We have been around the place for late lunch. Unfortunately there is no outdoor seating available, but plenty of room inside. We ordered Ayam saté, nasi Kare Malay and Nasi Campur. With 2 water we paid IDR 75k. Everything was fresh and tasty. Defenitely value for money! Huge menu. We come back! - the Ayam saté is exceptionally:)

Pros: menu, quality of the food, value for money

Cons: no outdoor seating


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11 Aug 2015

Enormous Menu

The menu required two volumes. It can be difficult to narrow down what you want for to the immensity of the menu and that all of the dishes are described only in Indonesian and accompanied by very blurry photos.

The food I had was delicious, though. I didn't really know what is was going to be, but I was not disappointed at all.

My one complaint is the "fresh juice" tasting conspicuously like watered-down drink mix in a glass of mostly ice. That was a huge disappointment, but the food was quite tasty.

Pros: Huge Menu, Tasty Food, Quiet

Cons: Huge Menu, Bad Juice


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26 Mar 2015

This Place Is Beyond Delicious!!

We have to go to the immigration office to get visa extensions so we're staying just two blocks from this fantastic restaurant. We stopped in for dinner and after spending 10 minutes with the two menus (one for frozen mock meat dishes, one for non-frozen), we ordered 4 plates without rice or noodles and were blown away by the flavor and texture. None of the fake meat we had was offensive or weird in texture. We had a grilled satay ayam (grilled chicken on a stick), cah sayur mete hem (cashew veggie with ham), bebek (duck) peking mushroom, eggplant. So pleased we may return for breakfast!

Pros: Biggest Vegan Menu Ever, Mock Meats That Don't Gross You Out, Great Sambal

Cons: No Dessert, Portions May Be Small For Hungry People

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