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First Review by sachadowell

hotpot - Edit

Nice place with great staff. I had the hotpot and fried pumpkin flowers. The staff were super friendly and helped me know what to do with the hotpot. Food could've done with more flavour.

Pros: large menu, great staff

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Bring a map to find - Edit

Inviting atmosphere and friendly staff who spoke a little english. The restaurant was clean, but the location was a little hidden as if walking in to a little alley. If hard to find, ask a friendly local.
We ordered the mushroom curry, spicy curry and steamed rice was included. The food was full of taste and the portions were big.

Pros: tasty food, good service

Cons: medium price range, no signs on the main street

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For the adventurous! - Edit

First impressions of the menu: "Woah!" and "What on earth is that?" So many ingredients I'd never even heard of! Naturally, this means you may not like what you end up with. I had sushi with lotus seeds and while the seeds are nice, I found the sushi quite tasteless and it only came with plain soy sauce. I also had a banh xeo pancake which the waiter showed me how to eat (after I looked puzzled at the side plate full of lettuce), however I found the mushrooms in it a bit chewy and rubbery. My friend had fried chilli tofu which was nice but hard to eat that much tofu at once. The meals are more filling than you'd think. IMHO it's best to come with a group so everyone could have a small sample of each dish.

The ambience was great with traditional Vietnamese music :)

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An incredible choice of vegan dishes - Edit

The place is nice, close to one of the busiest roads but hidden and peaceful. The staff is extremely kind and friendly. The menu is impressive... So many vegan dishes! I wanted to try them all! I had the fresh spring rolls, sushi, a jackfruit salad, rice pancakes with lotus seeds (such a fascinating recipe) and coconut rice served inside a coconut. This last dish was so beautiful to see and so tasty to eat! A little price for a great dinner. Highly recommended.

Pros: good (and beautiful) food, nice staff , nice place, location

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Huong Sen Vegetarian, Ho Chi Minh City - Edit

Just to clarify re the current blurb listed on happycow... I have to report that this establishment is not 100% vegan (I'll submit an update requesting that is corrected). For example on asking about the milk and cream they list as ingredients for one of the items on the menu the waiter confirmed both were cow products.

My co diner and I had some very enjoyable food here. There's a pretty big choice on the menu like so many places in this town have. The guy serving seemed to smile a lot.

Pros: Vegan friendly, Tasty food

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A Vegan Gem! - Edit

This restaurant is hidden down the side of an alley but once you find it, you'll be glad you did! Beautifully decorated, friendly staff and an extensive English menu of Vegan Cuisine! I ordered the coconut rice which came in an actual coconut and was to die for!! Check this out!

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Good quality food ! - Edit

The atmosphere is very relaxed. The place is cozy. The staff is friendly. They remember you when you come back second time.
The food was fresh and delicious. They have so many options to choose from. If you like mushrooms it's a perfect place because most of the dishes are with mushrooms. I don't eat mushrooms myself but I was able to find some other good meals.
The prices can be low and can be high. It depends on what you order. I was eating for around 3-4$ including drink.
They do delivery as well ! ;)

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Brilliant find! - Edit

I was very surprised to find a vegan restaurant so close to my hotel and very pleased with it. Huong Sen has a diverse menu and I had bean spring rolls followed by delicious sushi! My friend had the fresh spring roll and then a sour noodle soup. The bean spring rolls weren't the most flavoursome but came with a delicious spicy sauce and the peanut sauce with the very big fresh spring roll was divine! The sushi, though lacking pickled veg and wasabi was surprisingly tasty, a rich amount of flavours and very filling! The noodle soup was jam packed with veggies and two types of tofu. Everything was beautifully presented too! I can see us coming back here very soon! The prices are reasonable 40-65k VND for a main course and the staff speak great English and are very friendly! They were happy we had found the restaurant as it is hidden down a side street but along the main Le Lai street there is a sign so be on the look out!

Pros: diverse menu, vietnamese and other cuisine , friendly staff, Good prices!

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Calm place, good food - Edit

The restaurant is situated near the backpackers area (district 1). As it is in a side street, it is calm and you can relax from busy street life. The food is good, very big variety and all very clean. The waiter is friendly and understands basic english. I can definitely recommend this place!

Pros: Good food, Clean, Variety

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Nice Place - Edit

There are something like 120 choices on the menu between soups, sides, starters, noodles, rice, and other categories. It's certainly not a bad problem to have, but it did take us a few minutes to get our bearings.

Once the food arrived, it was presented beautifully. The taste was great, it was spicy, it wasn't overdone in any regard that I am prepared to judge.

It's a pretty comfortable place, too. The lighting is fluorescent, which doesn't necessarily encourage relaxation, but otherwise it was good. Bamboo theme, cool ceiling design...

Anyway, if you are in the neighbourhood, definitely make your way to this place. You'll have a good meal with many options to share.

One note: they have NO NAPKINS. Astoundingly, and as though none of the employees had ever dined anywhere else in their lives, no one had any clue what I was looking for. They brought me one of those sealed wet-napkins on a platter accompanied by a really confused look. It didn't seem that anyone could comprehend why someone would need anything like that at a restaurant. I love spicy food, but it tends to 'clear my sinuses'... Napkins on hand would have been great.

Pros: Huge Selection, Nice Atmosphere, Great Taste

Cons: No Napkins. none.

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top! - Edit

It was almost TOO much tasty food to choose from on their menu :) located in a small back alley, super fresh food and really sweet staff. We've been there twice in 2 days already. Personally I recommend the spring rolls and the jackfruit salad. Do not miss!

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above and beyond the call of fudy - Edit

this cant be traditional or can it? whatever it is, i loved it. killer vietnamese cuisine with a super healthy twist. my style for sure. and gourmet to boot. the price reflects the time and care put into the food. still cheaper than home. had the 2 different fresh spring rolls and a "pho" mushroom soup. the soup didnt really hit me as pho but was really good and so were the rolls. i will add a photo. i usually dont take pix of food but had to at this place.

Pros: tasty, well presented, healthy

Cons: no people, hope they stay in business

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huge menu to choose from!! - Edit

Went here for dinner one night on my own. Fairly easy to find lane just off le lai. Has a neon sign saying vegan restaurant above the entrance which you can see from le lai. Staff were all young and friendly although only one spoke much English. Ordered a spicy curry dish which came hotpot style. Very tasty. Had taro (some kind of root veg) , potato, bell peppers and onion in it. Also ordered some potato, seaweed and sesame cakes which were a bit bland. When the young waiter brought them he apologised and said they hadn't turned out quite right so they gave me plate of spring rolls for free. So nice!!! Restaurant itself was nice and bright and seemed clean. Would definitely go back there and try more from the menu which was huge.

Pros: Lots of choice, clean, reasonable prices

Cons: limited English spoken

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My first taste of Phở - Edit

After having thoroughly enjoying the diep rolls at Hum Vegetarian (also in Ho Chi Minh) I gave the rolls at Huong Sen a go but unfortunately the Asian Basil overpowered all of the other flavours in the roll and they weren't to my liking. I also had my first taste of the Vietnamese staple, pho, which came with all the traditional trimmings lime, chili and (a lot of!) Asian basil leaves. The pho itself had lots of mushrooms and tofu but the broth was a little bland. I also enjoyed fresh coconut juice and it was nice to be given a small spoon to be able to scoop out the flesh and use all of the coconut.

Huong Sen is a quiet, clean and modern restaurant but make sure you brush up on your Vietnamese before going as when we were there, there were no English speaking staff. Although my meal wasn't amazing I would definitely go back to try something else on the menu.

Pros: Clean, quiet, modern space

Cons: Food was average on first visit

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not my favourite - Edit

This was the second veg place I ate at in Saigon so it was hard not to compare. The place I ate at in the morning, Mani, was cheaper tastier with better portion sizes. I felt like we just might have ordered badly here. I ordered the baked aubergine which tasted quite nice but was small and not that exciting by itself. My husband ordered lemongrass tofu which was pretty disappointing, just big blocks if tofu. I think you would have to order a lot of dishes to have a nice varied meal. It was ok though.

Pros: English speakers, fairly cheap, good decor

Cons: small portions, food a bit bland

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quite nice, had better - Edit

The service was a bit slow and the dishes were quite small. The food was nice but potions small. Location is nice, tucked away just off the busy street. It seemed to be full of locals so I guess that a good sign but we were a bit disappointed.

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Decor And Service Great But.. - Edit

I ordered a fried soya cheese with spinach dish and they ran out of soya cheese.
The server didn't speak English so they just served it without.

If I knew, I would've ordered another dish.

Didn't have that Buddhist feel.
Boys busy watching movie behind their laptop and some dude was smoking.
Bit of loud arguing so I came at a crappy time I guess.

Pros: Close, Decent Priced, Decor

Cons: Poor English, Ok Service

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Good food and nice place - Edit

Very close to Ben Thanh market and the backpacker area.
Nice and clean restaurant, there are 2 rooms, one with fan and the other with AC.
The food is good. They don't use MSG. I had 2 spring rolls (10.000 vnd each), bun rieu (a kind of rice noodle soup, 40.000 vnd) and iced tea (5.000 vnd).
For each meal, there are 5.000 vnd given to charity.

Pros: good food, good price, plenty of choices

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pretty good - Edit

Was staying at a hotel near here, so I went here twice. The food is quite nice. I was the only foreigner in the restaurant so I was a bit of a spectacle but everyone was quite nice. They say this is a vegan restaurant but we got a sauce that was "vegan" with EGG WHITES! they said that if you don't use the yellow part it's vegan. So I'm a bit confused. Be careful what you order if you're vegan. Very popular restaurant so a lot of things were sold out.

Pros: good food , popular with locals , cheap

Cons: might not be vegan, no pictures on menu , lots of things sold out

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Decent restaurant. - Edit

A colleague and I walked here for dinner. It's not particularly difficult to find, but for two people with no idea of the area, having Google Maps and GPS did make it much easier.

We went crazy and ordered a huge amount of food, yet still managed somehow to eat most of it. On the whole, the dishes were great. One was a little bland, but otherwise delicious.

The menu is entertaining ("love noodle salad") and Basil the Siberian Hamster made a cameo appearance.

Pros: Tasty food, Decently priced

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Fantastic vegan food, best we ate in Saigon. - Edit

Found this place on Happy Cow and it was pretty near the main tourist area up a side street but with a big neon sign so pretty easy to find. Really tasty food, enjoyed all the dishes we tried and would thoroughly recommend them, very fresh tasting and original recipies. Menu in English although staff don't really speak much but no problem. Only found this place on our last night otherwise would have eaten here again.

Pros: Freshness of food, Good value, Original recipies

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Nice Place - Edit

This restaurant is in a little side street so it's quiet but you need to look for the street number and sign on the main road. Food seems to be nice but no good raw food options. Nearly all salads are served with tofu and menu only half in English. They have a "raw" cabbage spring roll which was tasty but I saw some noodles inside. Only bad thing I noticed was some staff was smoking in the back...

Pros: Quiet, Clean, Good atmosphere

Cons: Smoking in the back, Menu not fully In English

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You'd be an idiot not to eat here! - Edit

Too crass? Sorry. Go eat here so you can thank me later.
This place was so damn good, we're going back. If I lived closed to this restaurant, I'd have my own table. You hear me talkin'?

The place seems small and quant but there is a back room and an upstairs. So it works for big groups.

We at the stuffed calabash (pictured here), which is a type of squash. It's stuffed with tofu and seaweed. It's cut into the shape of a fish and garnished with vegetables. Served on a platter over a flame. A feast for less than $4.

We had fantastic fresh spring rolls for $.35 each.

The beef roll is awesome for about $3

The lotus root salad was very good for about $3.

With fresh juices and way too much food our total bill for 2 people was $12.

Go. Eat. Here. Seriously.

Pros: Awesome fresh food, Super cheap, Fantastic service

Cons: You're not there yet

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delicious!! - Edit

i had a delicious meal at this restaurant, a huge selection of veg. food, for a very reasonable price. it's off of le lai, tucked into an alley way, so a bit difficult to find if your not looking for it. i highly recommend this restaurant, i look forward to my next meal there!!

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Nice atmosphere, good food - Edit

I ate here a couple of times and thought it was a nice place to eat. One dish was coconut rice (fried rice served inside a coconut!) which was very good. Very handy to the tourist area too. Definately check this one out!

Pros: Great atmosphere, Good food

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