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Small chain of casual eateries offering hummus, falafel, pita, fries, rice, and soups. English is spoken and on the menu. Allergen information provided. This branch, located in the city center near the Parliament, is all-vegetarian. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-19:00.

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First Review by morrowdoug


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28 Jun 2022

Hummus Bar Vegetarian

This is a great lunch option if you are working in (or passing through) the area. I really enjoyed the hummus and falafel.



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05 Apr 2022

Great Little Place

Fab little place with a great menu. We had the falafel and salad bowl. Excellent value for money and the girl running the place was super helpful. You can eat in upstairs too which was an added bonus.


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04 Aug 2021

Perfect place for lunch!

Great little spot for lunch. Really easy menu that clearly stated what was and wasn’t vegan. I got the pita falafel with whole grain bread and chili. The staff was nice enough to give me an extra cup of chili when I asked. Would have given it 3.5/5 if possible but they get a 4/5 then. What takes it down is the size of the portions and that the bread and falafels could have been warmer. Also I could have been nice with a bit of tomato in the pita for some sweetness.

Overall a great place for a vegan in Budapest 🌱

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-04

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Nice staff and fast service , Great taste

Cons: The food could be warmer , Not the biggest of portions


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22 Mar 2020

Good but not great

The hummus salad plate was okay but the soup arrived cold.


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18 Feb 2020

Hummust Visit

Really clear menu, the stuff in blue was vegan so super easy to figure out what we could eat. The hummus plates were tasty and big portions.

Only downside is it was quite a long wait to get our food.

Pros: Clear menu, Big portions

Cons: Long wait


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23 Jan 2020

Great hummus & falafel !

We ordered take out from there and loved it! It was amazing. Definitely recommend the hummus bowl and falafel sandwich. The soup portion was SO tiny though. I thought i was a joke for a min. But tasted really good too!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Quick to serve, Fair price


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17 Oct 2019

Lovely salads

Loved the salad and falafel plate. Great ratio of hummus to toppings. Yum homemade lemonade. Very friendly and helpful staff. Such a clear menu for vegans.


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21 Feb 2019

Not the best

To be honest I’m not sure which branch we went to. We ordered the tabbouleh, a mushroom hummus plate, some fried aubergine , sour cabbage and fried bread sticks. Everything was cold and nothing seemed fresh. We have had much better versions of everything at our local falafel and hummus place in Bristol,UK. The tabbouleh in particular was bad and we couldn’t even finish it. None of the staff seemed very happy either!


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19 Sep 2018

Great hummus and falafel

The hummus was delicious and the falafel is even better! They serve big portions with delicious bread! However the staff isn’t super friendly. They also make an awesome homemade ice tea and lemonade.

Pros: Vegan options , Cheap, Many options

Cons: Not too friendly staff


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12 Aug 2018

Not that Great

We went there one afternoon around 5 pm and we’re told that they were out of falafel. We decided to get some hummus topped with Israeli salad which turned out to be very watery, the pita bread was only toasted on one side which came out burned, the other side was cold. The hummus itself was pretty good though.... also the place itself looked very trashy, we sat outside so it didn’t bother us that much but we wouldn’t want to sit inside.


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22 Jul 2018


My family stopped by Hummus Bar for a quick dinner and were pleasantly surprised by the delicious vegan and vegetarian food found there. We were in a bit of a rush since we had to catch a bus for a tour, and the staff was very accommodating in bringing out our food quickly, and wrapping up leftovers to go.

Excellent options for many different kinds of hummus exist here (try the special chick pea hummus) and also several falafel sandwiches. My kids really liked the French fries here too.

I loved the inspirational “hummus” sayings all around the restaurant, about the component ingredients of hummus, the restaurant’s loyalty to their customers and how as a small business they are committed to their suppliers. The best was a wall called “Hummusology”, about why eating hummus is freedom; an artistic expression good for your body & soul.

Pros: Menu, Fast Service, Inspirational Sayings


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13 Jun 2018

rude staff, watery hummus

We've been to a few hummus bars in Budapest but I didnt like this one at all. The woman behind the counter was rude, the hummus had too much water and the pita looked like they just threw all the leftovers in it...


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07 May 2018


I WOULD GIVE IT 0 STARS IF I COULD. Disgusting, terrible service, vindictive waiters— They don’t bring us the complimentary lemonade, refuse to take our orders (just glare at us), overcharge us for pita, and bring a plate that was supposed to be vegan with dairy, 1/3 of the size it should’ve been (with the smallest, muddiest dab of hummus you’ve ever seen) that they obviously just threw ingredients on messily to make it known that we weren’t welcome. When we mention that the service and food were bad the servers cuss at us. Jokes on them because we’re not tourists--we live here and are never coming back. Oh, and we’re also telling our friends NEVER to come here.

Cons: Vindictive service , non-vegan plate, messy, monstrous food


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29 Apr 2018

When hummus is life...

Could not recommend this place more- the hummus plates are to die for!!


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02 Aug 2017

Best falafel pita ever

My bf and I ordered the falafel pitas on our first day in Budapest and loved them so much that had them for lunch everyday for 5 days. Th falafels are moist, the hummus is creamy, the pita bread is warm and seems to be homemade. And it's so cheap! Only problem is the staff, two girls who never said hello or goodbye and looked really blasé.

Pros: Very tasty and moist, Cheap , Vegan options

Cons: staff is not friendly at all, some are quite rude


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31 Jan 2016

Great veggie place!

This is one of the many Hummus Bars in Budapest. Although the others offer meat too, this smaller place is vegetarian and about 80% of their food is vegan. The pita and the falafels are fresh, the hummus is tasty and the service is fast. The hummus plates are huge and pretty cheap. They also do takeaway.

Pros: big portions, cheap, tasty


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Mostly Veg
29 Dec 2015

Great Place Reminds me of home!

I ate there and it tasted really good!


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26 Nov 2015

Nice stop

Very tasty inexpensive food. Had a bit of a predicament when the only waitress and I tried to figure out if there was any gluten free options as I am a coeliac. She had very basic English so it was confusing for both of us but she did make an effort and eventually her friend who had better english helped translate. Sadly only 2 or 3 things were gluten-free, the hummus plate and moroccan carrots were what i had and there were delicious! my parents had falafels, hummus and pita bread.

Pros: tasty inexpensive food, fast service, city centre

Cons: not much gluten free options


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10 Aug 2015

Unfortunately no smiles with your felafels!

The food was good enough, good felafels and hummus. The tabbouleh was average though and the staff didn't smile once while we were in there. This put a dampener on the experience as the place looked very promising upon entering but the service was very average. I'll take my felafels to go next time!

Pros: Tasty hummus and felafels, Fast, Cheap

Cons: Unfriendly staff, Not very fresh, A lot of things unavailable


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05 Apr 2015

Pretty bland

I was disappointed with this place. I had the cous cous soup and a tabouli salad and both were unexceptional. The cous cous soup in particular was oily and bland with hardly any vegetables. The tabouli didn't have any bulgar wheat that I could see even though it was listed on the menu and the tomato was soggy. The dressing was average. My boyfriend had a pita pocket with falafel and it too was pretty average. I'm not fussy with middle eastern food, it's pretty easy to make it taste great in my opinion and this place was a big let down. Also most of the veg options had egg.

Pros: English menu

Cons: Bland, small portions


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28 Aug 2014

nice soup!

Had a great meal here, my friend and I ordered a vegan feast of couscous soup, hot pitta breads, fries and hummus plate with aubergine... delicious! really good prices too, so cheap we thought we must have got the currency conversion wrong!

Pros: great food, cheap!


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30 Nov 2013


We ask for a lentil soup and a hummus complete plate. Both were excellent. One of the guys that work there also brought us a simple of a typical Hungarian drink...I think it was called Sakla. It was very good, an hot drink very welcome in a chilly day. It is not vegan although, because was made of milk.

Pros: good selection, Friendly staff, Good environment


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28 Jul 2013


We chose salad, fries and hummus in a pita bread but it didn't taste very special. The service personal wasn't too friendly either, there are better Hummus bars in Budapest.
See here as well here for other restaurant tips in Budapest: http://rawsday.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/vegan-in-budapest/

Pros: Cheap, Free lemonade when entering


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19 Aug 2012

best falafel in Budapest

excellent falafel. Nice relaxed place, friendly staff, menus in English and the staff speak English too. Good range of vegan stuff and the homemade lemonade is very nice. There are 7 Hummus Bars in Budapest - we tried several. Two are solely vegetarian, but the other 5 have a good range of vegan food too. and they have free wifi too.

Pros: top falafel , nice atmosphere, friendly staff


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14 Aug 2012

a place you wish to come back to

Hummus tastes here incredible! food is yummy, you should check lemonade, too. they have very nice outdoor seating.

Pros: outdoor seating, delicous food


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02 Aug 2012

Best in Budapest, must visit!

The hummus plates is something I have never eaten before. It is so yummmy I can't describe it! Also the lemonade was delicious. When you order you don't need to pay in advance, you just sit and eat and pay after you're done. When it's hot outside, you get free shot of lemonade before you even order.

Pros: Yummy as hell, Cheap, English menu


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27 Jul 2012

Decent pita's, old tasting fries, oily salad

My wife and I visited this hummus bar during our trip in Budapest. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere while starting off with a Hungarian Dreher beer. The terras is situated on the pavement, so you can enjoy lots of people walking by (some frowning while seeing a vegetarian bar, which made us laugh actually). I ordered a hummus pita, because I had already some falafels during our trip through Eastern Europe. Tasted good, nothing to complain about. My wife had a falafel pita, which tasted good according to her. The fries we ordered tasted a bit old, not the best. Also the side salad (home made salad mix) was not what I had hoped for: mainly cucumber cubusses drawned in olive oil (I was hoping for some low fat leafy greens to load up some vitamines for the rest of our trip...).
Updated from previous review on Friday July 27, 2012

Pros: decent falafel, the way it should be

Cons: the salad was too oily, no leafy greens, fries tasted old

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