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Hoa Sen means "lotus" in Vietnamese. Features a large menu with items such as crispy fried rice, coconut soup in hot pot, rice crepes, vermicelli noodles, mock meats, and Vietnamese appetizers. Food is vegan; dairy used in drinks. Open Mon-Tue 10:00am-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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23 Reviews

First Review by Boxer


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10 Apr 2023


Really delicious food. That's it. It's not fancy, it's not trendy, it's just freaking delicious. Love it!

Pros: All vegan menu, Good prices , Large portions



Points +22

31 Jan 2023

Great Food. Great service. Great prices.

I’ve been here so many times.


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17 Feb 2021

Fresh, flavorful, and reasonably priced food in strip mall.

Found this wonderful spot through Happy Cow, and was happy to see its a mile from home. We order the clay pots, fried rolls rice noodles, pork rolls and egg rolls most recently. The dipping sauces/soups are so tasty. We haven’t ordered anything that wasn’t good..friendly staff and efficient service.

Pros: Authentic Vietnamese food, veganized, Extensive menu , Reasonable pricing


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05 Mar 2020

One of Orange County's best

I have always considered this one of the Hidden gems for vegans. I never know where it is until I find it on my Happy Cow app. It really is exceptional, but be aware that some soups are spicier than others. Really nice people, and very affordable.

Pros: Delicious AND affordable! Unique vegan options, Authentic

Cons: I got something a little too spicy, you should ask, I keep coming back!


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03 Mar 2020

This is authentic Vietnamese food with Thai & Chinese fusion

Hidden gem

Delicious authentic food

Buddhist emphasis images if lotus flowers etc on tv screen.

Buddhist music

I love it!

Pros: Super nice hot pots with Thai basil , Super fresh & value for money, Really nice friendly people & relaxed atmosphere

Cons: None!


Points +25

31 Dec 2019


Every item I've ordered has been absolutely delicious! Definitely recommend the clay pot mushroom, noodle wonton soup, and big size stir fry noodles. Takeout is a breeze also.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good service, Easy takeout

Cons: Parking lot sucks


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08 Sep 2019

Vegan Vietnamese food

My friend that frequents this place says that this place is very vegan friendly, with almost all of the dishes being vegan. Service was quick, and the food came out very fast. I thought the clay pot and as well as the spring rolls were delicious. I docked a star off because the bun rieu didn’t taste as good here, and that’s a personal favorite of mine when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine so that could just be me being biased.

Pros: Variety of items , Good price, Good food


Points +75

22 Mar 2019


I had last been here in 2014 with a boyfriend who had severe allergies and he ordered something he didn’t know had peanuts. Once the food came we saw them garnished and asked to have it remade with out them. Unfortunately they picked out the peanuts because we noticed them once we were half way through. You can imagine the commotion, and how someone’s life could’ve have been affected. We walked out. Coming back here on my own I decided to try them out again and they have sure come a long way. The staff is attentive and cleaning right away! The restaurant is improved! So I’m glad to say I’ll be coming back here again. Great job Hoa Sen.

Pros: Large portions, Improved staff, Improved atmosphere

Cons: Milk, Hasn’t gone vegan. , Needs to go vegan. #govegan


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02 Feb 2019

Delicious food

The soy chicken salad was delicious. Also had the spicy chicken- very flavorful! Rice is extra (I passed). Portion for the entree is a good size


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08 Sep 2018

Authentically Yum!

All I can say is... go! You won't be disappointed! My husband, son, and I were looking for a vegan option in the Disneyland area. Oh my goodness... Yum! My husband and I both had two different types of vermicelli stir fry. Our son got the pho. Hard to decide. So many options!

Pros: Lots of vegan options!, Authentic Vietnamese food!, So incredibly flavorful!

Cons: None!


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01 Jul 2018

Everything is delicious

One of my favorite restaurants. My go to favorite item is their clay pot mushroom and rice. Its incredible.


Points +104

12 Aug 2017

Tasty food, with a side of extra hair!

I thought this place was 100% vegan but apparently they use dairy in their smoothies. I also found a hair in my Cà Kho Tô (braised "fish") this could be an indicator of sanitation problems at the location. The staff were friendly enough they refilled my glass whenever it was empty. The place was very affordable with the aforementioned hairy fish only setting me back 7.50$ ( 2$ for brown rice.)

Pros: large menu with many options , yummy and cheap food , alright service from the staff

Cons: I found a hair in my food , they use dairy in their smoothies


Points +1166

30 Jul 2017

Great place

Sometimes you just want an authentic meal at a normal place. Not every meal has to be a dining experience at a hipster cafe or a super nice place. This is really tasty food at a great price and the food is delivered extremely fast. This place brought us right back to our trip to Saigon.

BEWARE: The food is vegan, BUT we were told there is some milk used in ice cream and smoothies, but we didn't even see that on the menu.

Pros: Taste, Authentic Vietnamese, Price

Cons: Have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bat


Points +40

03 Jan 2017

Delicious Vegan Vietnamese

This is probably the best Vietnamese restaurant I have been to. Their food is well-priced and comes out quick. I recommend the pho chay, bun bo hue, BBQ pork spring rolls, crispy rice claypot, fried tofu, and beef with vine leaves. The durian ice cream is also tasty if you happen to enjoy durian.

Pros: Good prices Lots of options Friendly and fast ser


Points +1351

07 Oct 2016

Excellent Vegan meal

I was getting some herbs (eye bright) from a shop in the same center and when I went to check in I saw this place. And decided to check it out in the near future.
I went back that afternoon with My daughter and we were so pleasantly surprised by the amazing food.

The staff was attentive and fast. When were were looking over the menu a dish was brought to a near by table. I knew right the I had to eat this! It was a yellow noodle with veggies and Chick'n. It was served on a hot iron platter. It came out sizzling and smells so amazing. It's presentation was equally as impressive as the taste it was delicious! We also ordered the BBQ pork spring rolls, they were crisp and fresh served with a peanut sauce. We rounded it out with a fried rice dish. Everything was so good that I had to go back 3 days later with my Mom for the vegi noodle dish and spring rolls. There was a monk at the table next to ours (further proof this place is legit) and he kept looking over at our noodle dish like this was his next meal.

I loved that it is family run and the proprietors children were seated at a table eating and doing their homework. I try to support small business' when I can.

Pros: vegan, family business, authentic Viet food

Cons: closed Wednesdays not really a con, but be aware


Points +213

06 Dec 2015

Not my favorite.

Asked the server which options were vegan considering the fat that the restaurant advertises as vegetarian. The server said that everything on the menu was 100% vegan yet for some reason I really didn't trust it. Decided to try it anyways and honestly, nothing was really that great. we asked for spring rolls and we're given egg rolls, which were a lot heavier on our stomachs than we wanted. my boyfriend ordered the wanton noodle soup which was fine and I ordered the braised fish in a clay pot which had a very strange texture and afterward I felt absolutely awful. I don't think I'll be visiting there again.

Pros: good chai tea

Cons: Suspicious servise, Non appetizing food


Points +20

13 Jan 2014

Hit or Miss

I have always had a good experience with the food which is always yummy of the things I've tried. It appears to be a family-run business with the parents in the kitchen and the children as servers. I always get my food quickly but then the service does a disappearing act either behind the cash register or back in the kitchen. I come here because it's close the food is good and consistent. The food is fairly priced. But the service is always a hit or miss.

Pros: food, priced well, food comes out quickly

Cons: follow up service, no checking with after the food, Son/server hides behind the cash register playing


Points +13

28 Sep 2012


I went here for the first time and ordered out. The mock chicken wasn't cooked right. On the chicken salad it was dried out and in the lemon grass chicken it was overcooked and burnt on some pieces. This place is alright but not on top of it's game. I strongly suggest going to Thuyen Vien down the street for same prices and a better menu.

Pros: uses mock meats, reasonably priced

Cons: poorly cooked, not the friendliest staff


Points +600

03 Nov 2011

Had a Bad Experience

I don't normally write bad reviews, but perhaps the one day I went here happened to be a "bad day" for them, because the server was this young girl who didn't know a thing about serving. My dad was with me and ordered a coffee and told her more than once that he's diabetic and doesn't want sugar... she comes back ages later with this super sweet coffee... c'mon. For food I ordered a noodle soup and some teriyaki soy chicken & rice. The noodles in the soup were awful, like Campbell's. The teriyaki soy chicken did taste delicious, but I can't say the same for the rice. They didn't have brown rice, just white, and in the rice I bit into a hard, white, plastic pellet! Almost cracked my tooth! I couldn't believe it. Awful waitress, bad noodles, plastic piece in rice. What the hey? =/

Cons: Service, Noodles, Plastic in food


Points +106

04 Sep 2011

vegie chef rated

As a gourmet veg.chef and former award winning restaurant owner,I am always looking for good vegie rest. In my area. Happy cowed because I left another vietnamese rest.due to over pricing and small portions. I have been here three times and I am quite impressed. Servers are sweet,I think its all vegan seems like traditional viet fare. Good portions and fare pricing.lloyd i


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02 May 2010

Authentic Vietnamese food!

The Thai tea is absolutely delicious. Since going vegan, I haven't had Thai tea in ages so I was ecstatic! I ordered the crispy rice which was tasty and would definitely recommend it. The only thing I found weird was the mock meat used on that dish looks red. The other dish we has was the soy beef with egg rolls on top of vermecilli. Just a note that if you don't like lemon, you will hate this dish. Secondly, there was tons of peppermint which I also dislike but that's a quick fix. Just tell them not to put it in your
bowl if that is the case. Overall, this place had good food and was very cheap. For two teas, an appetizer, and two dishes it came out to $20 with tip. I will definitely be going back!


Points +17

30 Jan 2010


My wife and I ordered the spring rolls with the faux-shrimp and the crispy/fried "dough". It was the crispy "thingy" that won us over. These are the best spring rolls we have had until now and we have tried many spring rolls from many vegetarian/vegan restaurants. We ordered these for our Christmas dinner and our meat-lover relatives really enjoyed the spring rolls.

Pros: good value, friendly staff


Points +113

28 Jun 2009

Wow. Food and service were excellent!

What else is there to say. Food and service were excellent and their prices are great. Nothing fancy here but very nice and very clean. Had the Pho and bun, delicious.

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