Serves meat, vegan options available. Chain ramen bar with labeled vegan options including a vegan ramen dishes and a few starters. NOTE: July 22, reportedly does not use separate fryers for vegan items. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by LaurenLavaysse


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04 Sep 2023

A must visit in Japan Town

Extremely fast service and DELICIOUS food! Plenty of clearly marked vegan options!



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28 Jan 2023

Super Disappointed

Unfortunately, not the best experience. The soup was bland and soaked with oil. I believe it may have had MSG as I got sick afterwards. Very expensive. There are a lot of better vegan options in Japantown.

Cons: Super expensive , Forces QR code and give personal information , Unpleasant dining experience


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24 Jan 2023

Best vegan creamy ramen in the world!🌏🙌💕

I wish I could give them five stars. My favorite place in the world to eat. Travel far to just have their ramen, been to their shop in Japan also.

The best:
* Vegan Creamy Ramen
* Green Gyoza
* Yasai Kakiage

A few options I miss (I think they got rid of once they opened more shops):
* Tofu veg-cake topping on ramen (they now use inari)
* Crispy fried yam naga-imo
* Iced matcha tea

I love Hinodeya! 💗 #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-24

Pros: best vegan creamy ramen in the world, amazing vegan appetizers with best sesame sauce, mint sencha tea


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21 Dec 2022

Proud Japanese American

As a Japanese American, enjoying dashi based foods was something I enjoyed and thought I’d have to give up. This ramen was satisfying and very yummy. I’m very much a soy gal and really liked the broth. After a while it tastes sweeter than I’d imagine but the spice level 3 covered it. One thing I wasn’t stoked about would be the oil from the crispy kale. Maybe if it was dehydrated to get the crisp it would be nice but it made the dish heavy.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-21

Pros: Vegan options labeled , Yummy veggies


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22 Nov 2022

So so

Not bad, but not great. Veg ramen is overly sweet and not particularly flavorful.

Pros: Vegan ramen

Cons: Boring, overly sweet.


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19 Nov 2022

So good!

I thought this was excellent. The gyozas and tempura were absolutely delicious, tempura best I've had.

I do understand the reviews saying the ramen is on the sweeter side, though I did still enjoy it. Portions are generous, and the spice level is serious. So be warned!


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02 Nov 2022

Sweet ramen / tasty gyozas

Creamy ramen 4/10, so sweet maybe they used sweet soy milk, tofu is really sweet.
I'm a ramen lover but I wouldn't choose this again.

Pros: Green gyozas, Crispy kale

Cons: Sweet ramen, Very sweet tofu, No really cramy ramen


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24 Oct 2022

The best ramen I’ve ever had.

I am visiting San Francisco and stopped by Japantown. I got the creamy vegan ramen. I am very picky about my ramen and this was the best ramen I’ve ever had. It was so nutritious too. Sometimes in order to be delicious you have to compromise the nutritious. But this was nutritious and delicious. It had crispy kale, spinach noodles, some squash and the broth was amazing. The tofu was on the sweeter side, but it balanced well with the savoriness (is that a word?) of the broth. A must try if you are a ramen lover.


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19 Sep 2022

Nice Ramen with a few vegan options.

At least two vegan ramen options with various sides that are also vegan (gyoza, spring rolls, edamame etc.) Tasty ramen.

Pros: At least 2 vegan ramen options., Speedy service (but must order online at table), Reasonably authentic, gyoza were great

Cons: I’ve had better vegan Ramen.


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03 Sep 2022

Just OK

We came here following all the recommendations on happy cow, and were quite disappointed.
We took the creamy vegan ramen and the zen vegan ramen. In both the kale was too oily and the tofu was way too sweet. The broth itself wasn't very good either.
So in our opinion, the food was average and didn't match up to the hype.


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30 Aug 2022

Bland food, terrible dining experience

What an unpleasant meal we had here.

After almost 30 mins waiting for a table, the staff were totally uninterested in us when we sat down - they just pointed to the table, and pointed out all ordering and payment is through their app instead of any human interaction.

The app has a terrible user interface, so after 15 mins of trying to navigate it, of course my phone ran out of battery. We had to start again - at least they
had a backup iPad we could use the 2nd time around.

Our drinks, starters and mains all arrived that the same time too - clearly there was no one actually thinking about what would make for a decent dining experience.

But just after our food arrived and we started eating, a staff member turned up to tell us we needed to pay immediately as they were closing soon - right in the middle of our meal!

It didn’t make much difference anyway - the ramen was terrible. The “creamy” soup was so bland it tasted basically like warmed up soy milk.


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30 Jul 2022

Good food

* vegan creamy ramen - delicious, I got a level 3 spicy and it was perfect, a little intense. I have an okay spice tolerance. My gf got level 2 and she said it was too spicy.
* gyoza vegan dumplings - good

Would be great to see more vegan options on the menu in the future!


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26 Jul 2022

Not vegetarian-friendly, let alone vegan!!

I went to their location on Clay Street (near Chinatown) this weekend for lunch.

First of all, due to the following note on their online menu:

"please note that our vegan items are prepared in the same kitchen and cannot avoid contacting non non-vegan ingredients."

I made a request to the waiter to please ask the chefs to change their gloves before making our vegan ramen bowls, thinking that the warning was about cross contamination due to the handling of food by human hands and/or utensils.

However, to my surprise, the friendly waiter informed me that they use the same fryer for all ingredients (veggies, meat, seafood), and so the vegan bowls are actually not vegan (not even vegetarian) since they have been cooked in and contaminated by the same oil by various meats and fish/seafood ingredients.

Since we were with other people, we couldn't just get up and leave. Instead, we compromised by substituting out all the fried items (kale, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers) and we were left with inari, spinach, nori. Not a very satisfying or interesting meal.

Please be careful when you eat at Japanese (or any other, for that matter) restaurants that are not 100% vegan (or vegetarian), and don't necessarily trust menu items that are marked "vegan" or "vegetarian."

Also, I waited a few minutes for one of their two (individual) bathrooms right after one of their chefs had used it and found that the previous occupant (who I assume must be the chef since it's unlikely that he had spent a few minutes in the bathroom doing nothing but take a break) had not flushed the toilet but instead had covered up the dirty content with toilet paper and napkins. I thought maybe the toilet wasn't working, but it was fine. I flushed it, and the water pressure and flow was normal and strong.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-26

Cons: vegan food not vegan at all., vague, misleading warning about "vegan" items., not sure about level of hygiene


26 Jul 2022

This is a deceptively titled review. Food made in a shared deep fryer is non-vegan only in the conception of veganism which concerns itself with personal purity rather than just reducing animal exploitation. It’s fine and appropriate to note the fact, but please don’t presume to tell others what’s appropriate to their ethical choices.


27 Jul 2022

Not at all, my title is entirely valid and accurate.

Any vegetable that has been cooked in a vat of oil mixed in with meat and fish juice and components is not vegetarian, let alone vegan, by any stretch of imagination.

One may recall the controversy with McDonalds and their french fries some 20 years ago:


If this does not bother you, good for you! However, for many vegans/vegetarians who may not want to accidentally consume food that is in fact not vegetarian, I would think this warning should be welcomed.

(When I first became vegetarian over 40 years ago, I did not initially know about all the pitfalls, such as gelatin in dessert, lard on baked goods, dashi, bouillon, oyster sauce, fish sauce, etc. and had to slowly acquire knowledge along the way. I only wish that I had been wiser sooner and quicker. Therefore, I wrote this review in the spirit of information dissemination.)

I don't presume to know your particular definition of "veganism" and to tell you what to eat and what to avoid - I am merely giving out factual information. I was careful in saying "please be careful when you eat at Japanese..." which is a friendly warning, not an admonishment. Take it or leave it, but information is power, and it is vital for consumers to make informed decision. I was trying to be helpful. Don't worry, nobody is challenging your world views or your dietary preferences.


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20 Jul 2022

Best Vegan Ramen

I had their creamy vegan ramen (spice level 2), vegan gyoza, and tempura. Everything was so delicious! I love how you can customize your spice level. I grew up eating really spicy foods and a level 2 was a little too spicy for me.

The vegan items are clearly marked on the menu. You can order/pay from your phone and the staff will bring your order over.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-20

Pros: Great vegan options , friendly staff


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21 May 2022


Had their stellar creamy ramen, shishito peppers, veggie gyoza. Was so fast and SO GOOD. Great atmosphere! I’ll be coming back religiously every time i come to San Fran! My omnivorous friends loved it too.

Pros: Great vegan options


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09 May 2022

Creamy vegan ramen

I got the Creamy Vegan Ramen (spice level 2 — it was pretty spicy even for my decent spice tolerance! I recommend a level 0-1 for those with a milder spice tolerance)

I really do think this place has really good vegan ramen! Tied for first or close second to only Mensho Tokyo on Post street.


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16 Dec 2021

Amazing vegan ramen

Easy to order as well on an iPad, soup was creamy and came with crunchy seaweed on top, and kabocha squash in the soup


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02 Nov 2021

Yummy vegan ramen

I found this restaurant on HappyCow and was not disappointed! I got the creamy ramen and really enjoyed it. I loved the noodles and the tofu. The restaurant also had a really great atmosphere and service.

Pros: Vegan options had many toppings, Good experience at the restaurant

Cons: Could have more vegan options


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Mostly Veg
25 Oct 2021

Solid ramen

Great vegan options, cozy space, fast service

Pros: 2 really good vegan options, Tasty noodles, Good non veg options and appetizers

Cons: One bathroom in the entire place!


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24 Oct 2021

Yummy Vegan Options

Tried both to share with my kids. They loved it! Tiny place though and this was the first time I’ve been asked for proof of my vaccination status.


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24 Sep 2021

The Best Vegan Ramen in the Bay!

I love the vegan options here. Both the zen and creamy ramen are quite good. 10/10 for both presentation and flavour!

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-24

Pros: Tasty vegan options, Contactless ordering and paying, Close to everything in Japantown


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03 Aug 2021

Hands Down THE BEST Ramen!

This is hands down the best ramen I've ever had! I got the creamy vegan ramen with an addition of corn and green onions and it was AMAZING!! So much flavor, I've been dreaming about this ramen ever since having it. The green gyozas appetizer were also bomb!! Highly recommend checking out this place if you ever find yourself in Japantown.

Pros: Good vegan options, Indoor and outdoor seating, Restroom in restaurant

Cons: Pricey


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Mostly Veg
10 Jul 2021

Creamy ramen is a winner

Ordered the veggie gyoza, zen ramen and creamy ramen. Creamy was definitely the winner (uses soy milk) and more flavorful. Noodles were so fresh! Could have used more spicier options and more pumpkin to kick it up a notch.


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29 Dec 2020

Delicious vegan ramen

I tried the Zen Ramen, which has mushrooms, seaweed, carrots, goji berries, inari (sweet tofu), spinach, and fried kale. The broth was delicious, and the noodles had a nice bite to them as well! I really enjoyed eating at Hinoedya Ramen – definitely would love to go back.

Pros: Excellent food, Large portion


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26 Sep 2020

Outstanding ramen!

I tried the creamy ramen and it was so good with the spinach noodles, fried kale, and squash. Spectacular flavor. Even though there are only a couple vegan options it's worth it to try Hinodeya Ramen out. Also as the other person said, yes, the toilet is fancy. It had a heated seat and my family couldn't stop talking about it

Pros: Fancy potty, Spectacular flavor


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27 Feb 2020

You have to try it!

I had the creamy ramen, and it was stunning. I’m just about ready to get back in the car and drive hundreds of miles to SF so I can have some again!

Pros: Vegan options well labeled , Knowledgeable staff

Cons: Regular price for San Francisco, about $18/person


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15 Feb 2020

Ok Ramen

Good service. The ramen was ok but not what I expected. The creamy ramen was sweet and the zen ramen lacked flavor. They offer very few modifications and absolutely no spice options.

Pros: Vegan Ramen

Cons: Small, Food was bland

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