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Plant-based drive-thru and takeaway opened 2017 by the operators of Evolution Bakery. Offers a menu of healthy vegan fast foods and drinks. Find choices like breakfast bagels, vegan bakery treats, burgers, sandwiches, sweet potatoes, salads, hot dogs, juice and smoothies. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by arenoodlesanadventure


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15 Sep 2023

Good food decent prices

Got the nachos here twice. A lot of food for reasonable cost, especially for Kona. Staff friendly, outdoor atmosphere pretty cool. Validated parking.



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15 Sep 2023


"These were the best nachos I've ever had" - my wife

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-15


15 Sep 2023

Now THIS is what I like to call a food review


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27 Aug 2023


The food was great and they have planty of options to choose from!

Pros: Breakfast Burrito, Open Breakfast through Dinner

Cons: Pizza is expensive


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24 Jul 2023

Tasty food, good selection, quick and friendly service

We had the Chickpea “tuna” salad, Pono burger and the Poke Bowl. Everything was fresh and very tasty. The Pono is a Beyond beef patty. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Food was out very quickly. There are pay parking signs but staff said you don’t have to pay for 2 hours. Plenty of time to eat and relax.

Pros: Friendly , Tasty

Cons: Funky location


Points +60

31 May 2023

Chicken sandwich on point

Great sandwich options and shakes. They were out of pizza when we went. Highly recommend for vegan food on the west side of big island.


Points +22

09 Apr 2023

Cool vegan spot, quality is ok though

Went there a few times. They had a great amount of options, but a lot of their items were sold out (such as donuts, pastries, stuff like that)

One thing that did sort of irk me is I saw they used a lot of store bought options to make their meals.

Pros: 100% vegan, Great chill vegan vibe, Decently priced


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26 Mar 2023

Convenient all-vegan spot

Centrally located with drive through window and easy parking and small outdoor eating area. Southwest breakfast burritos and breakfast English muffin sandwich were hot, tasty, and filling. Smoothies are delicious. Prices are expensive like everything else in Hawaii, but definitely reasonable for the area. Love the vegan literature lying around, too! We ate here 4 times over the course of our visit to Kona because we enjoyed it so much! As a separate tip, the surrounding parking lot is also cheaper($6/hr) compared to neighboring pay lots ($11/hr or more) but still within walking distance to the Kona waterfront/farmers market!

Pros: Yummy menu , Reasonable parking and prices for area, Good hours


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26 Mar 2023

Quick, delicious, friendly!

If you’re a vegan trying to decide between Herbivores and Journey Cafe, CHOOSE HERBIVORES. I found the service some of the best on the island, with plenty of options that were very filling and cheaper than elsewhere. Everything at Herbivores is vegan. They have an outdoor setting, but it’s covered from rain/sun. Plenty of parking (and depending on time of day, free). I enjoyed the nachos and bowl, and when I eat dinner tonight, I'm sure I’ll enjoy the burger as well. Thanks for everything Herbivores staff!

Pros: Friendly staff, Delicious , Cheaper than most


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18 Mar 2023

Go to Journey instead

This place was not accommodating, limit the menu to times of day that don’t make sense, seating is minimal, staff doesn’t care, and there is an amazing vegan restaurant down the road that has the best food ever go there!


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23 Feb 2023

great place

Love the variety of food and their delicious vegan nachos and vegan chili dog.

Pros: Great food, Lots of space to sit and plenty of parking, Great staff


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18 Feb 2023

Fun place. Probably best for dinner.

Permanent food truck. Beyond burger was meh. Nachos were good. Smoothies are great.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: Expensive , Lunch items are not inspired


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11 Feb 2023

Great spot

Lovely outdoor seating. We had the breakfast sandwich, burrito, and a couple of smoothies. Highly recommend the Chile sauce smothered on the burrito.

Pros: ALL VEGAN, Fun tunes, Good outdoor seating


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Mostly Veg
07 Feb 2023

Fast and Satisfying

Came here for dinner and got their Pono burger and Taro burger. They have options to swap out the kettle chips for purple sweet potato. We saw some other people order their pizzas which looked delicious and huge! The pizzas are a bit pricey though, around $30 each, and only available for dinner.

While we waited for our food, they had vegan-themed children’s books that were quite entertaining. So happy to see that books like these exist.

The Pono burger was more similar to your typical burger. Taro burger was more “pasty” but still good.

Probably most worth it meal thus far.

Pros: All vegan, Fast, Outdoor seating

Cons: Pizzas seem pricey


Points +29

03 Feb 2023


The poké and burritos were tasty, and the smoothie was delicious. The patio was fine for the location (in a parking lot by a busy-ish road), but it’s probably a better idea to use the drive through window and take it somewhere more scenic.


Points +687

27 Jan 2023

Inventive food truck

Found this pop-up restaurant while driving around Kona. So glad found it as we went for dinner and then breakfast the next day. Good food, what you see is what you get. Wish there was something to add to the breakfast sandwich.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-19


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25 Jan 2023

Pretty tasty!

We got the breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese which was pretty good but I would have liked some veggies on it! Salad was very big and delicious! Donuts were off the hook. Would definitely come back to this place. #Veganuary

Pros: Unique , Delicious, Affordable


Points +221

09 Jan 2023

Very very good!

The poke bowl was so delicious, the burger was one of the best we’ve ever had., s’mores cheesecake was unbelievable. #Veganuary

Pros: Delicious , Great staff

Cons: Parking lot atmosphere


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02 Jan 2023

Yummy but imperfect

The food here is pretty good! I tried the chili dog and chicken burrito and they definitely satisfied me. They just weren’t the most flavorful and well put-together vegan options I’ve ever had. Definitely worth a stop if you’re vegan and want to have a full menu available, but not the best food I had during the trip

Pros: All-vegan menu, Outdoor, covered seating

Cons: Meh flavors


Points +176

01 Jan 2023

Local vegan place here in Kona, great comfort food, great atmosphere.

My son and I had the hotdog and the Pono burger. Fresh veggies with it, no culinary exploration, but just tasty comfort food. That is exactly what we wanted. Happy customers.

Pros: Good options


Points +31

31 Dec 2022

Yum plant based place on the big Island

Take out or sit down .. kind of fast food And in a parking lot #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of options , healthy and comfort , Burritos, bowls, pizzas, burgers etc.


Points +948

27 Dec 2022

Good but not great

Had the animal lover pizza and a slice of cheese cake.
The pizza toppings are decent, but the base is too dense and burnt.
Cheese cake is too sugary and out of shape, it melts like an ice cream.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-27

Pros: Full vegan restaurant!

Cons: Expensive, Okay ish taste


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16 Nov 2022

Vegan Fast Food island style

Love their smoothies and the jackfruit nachos!


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15 Nov 2022

Chili cheese dog

This place is so cute, and the food was amazing. Vegan chili cheese dog goes crazy

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-15


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Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2022

Loved it and will be back!

So great to find an all vegan place in Kailua. We had the Jackfruit nacho and the Love the Sea Chickpea ("tuna") salad. Very tasty. Portions are large , but we soldiered through!
I saw some negative reviews in the last week, and I have to wonder if they were at the same place? If so, maybe someone was having an off day. Of course any restaurant can have an off day, and so can a reviewer.
If there's a downside, it's that the vibe is "parking lot". But you knew that when you walked up! It's really convenient for their drive up carry out trade and the outdoor seating is solid and well protected. Little traffic while we were here. So I, for one, forgot that we were in a parking lot at all! Wait? Is that a downside?

Pros: All vegan all the time


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29 Oct 2022

i have mixed feelings about this.

i’d love to rate higher but don’t feel this was a 4-star meal.

i had the chick’n caesar salad. the chick’n was delicious as was the dressing. the salad was of only one kind and therefore a little bland. there was nothing that added a little crunch (e.g. seeds or flax)
i asked if i could swap the vegan parmesan for anything else (as i don’t like cheese) but could only order it without. i then asked if they could put the parmesan on my husband’s burger and the guy taking my order said yes but i was asked to pay for it, which confused me a lot.

all in all it was nice to find a vegan place on Big Island that wasn’t super expensive but the experience won’t make me come back.

Pros: all vegan!, healthy options

Cons: salad a little boring, burger not the best, weird customer experience


Points +18

25 Oct 2022

If You Love Gardein...

(I'm forced by HappyCow to give Herbivores two stars for being vegan, They deserve between one and zero.)

It's not often that a place serves food so bad it makes me angry, but here we are. My wife and I live in Pahoa but were in Kona to hit Costco (of course). After reading all the glowing reviews for this place, we were excited to add it to our agenda for the day.

We ordered the Pono Burger, because it looked like their signature burger, and the Chick'n Sandwich, along with a lemonade and slice of apple pie. Including parking, we dropped over $60. The patties in both sandwiches were both clearly defrosted Gardein-type garbage, complete with visible freezer burn. The buns appeared to be from a supermarket. Each had a squirt of mayo and ketchup. (Ketchup on a chicken sandwich?) There were scraps of lettuce, onion, and tomato, all of which were flavorless. The chips were plain Kettle Chips. The pie was actually tasty, so clearly they bought it from somewhere else.

Here's the thing: If they'd at least tried to craft homemade versions but failed, I'd respect them for putting some effort into it. But they didn't. This is the laziest food I've ever eaten from a restaurant. It's what a mean, alcoholic mom would make her kid before she rushes to the casino for the night. I don't understand why someone who cares so little about making food, let alone good food, would open a restaurant, other than as a cynical cash-grab from an underserved vegan community.

What if this were an omnivore's first time eating vegan food? Why would they ever try it again? A place this bad turns people away from veganism and ultimately hurts animals. I'm mystified by all the positive reviews. Vegan restaurants don't deserve praise simply for being vegan. They deserve praise for giving a damn, which Herbivores obviously does not.

Pros: Good apple pie, Had sriracha, which I haven't seen in months

Cons: Awful, expensive food, $8 parking, Terrible music blasting at top volume


Points +90

19 Oct 2022


We ate here for dinner and then again for breakfast the next morning. It was delicious! We really liked their smoothies too.

Pros: Delicious food, Plenty of outdoor seating, Yummy smoothies

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