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Serves meat, vegan options available. Casual cafe serving breakfast, lunch, coffee, smoothies and cakes, with counter service. Options include toast, breakfast bowl, açai bowl, smashed avo, pancakes, bagel, vegan burger and vegan fried egg on toast. Under new ownership July 2022 - added meat to the the menu. Open Mon 8:00am-2:00pm, Wed-Fri 8:00am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-2:30pm.

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First Review by IsharaAhimsaLove


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17 Jun 2023

Ignore the menu, eat the SOUP!!!

Tried a couple of things, but the 2 soups (“celeriac, potato and mushroom” and “Italian vegetables with butter beans”) were by far the best (and pretty much half the price of the other dishes too!!) Spectacular soups!!

Lots of toxic chemicals in the bathroom, inappropriate for a place called heal thyself! How am I supposed to heal when someone's just sprayed endocrine disrupting “air freshener” all over the place? Should have low tox handwash and natural air freshener at least!

Pros: Soups to die for, Lots of vegan options (unnecessary, because see 3), Soups are more delicious and cost only $13.50

Cons: Everything other than soups is a bit pricey , Does have meat on the menu, Lots of toxic chemicals in the bathroom



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12 Apr 2023


ordered the corn fritters, portion size was disappointing. i thought they had forget to add the vegan feta until i realised it was one small smear on top of one corn fritter. the fritters also didn’t taste very good. the staff were not very welcoming. also 2$ extra for one small scoop of ice cream is a little much.


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11 Jan 2023

Fresh & delicious!

Pancakes and salad bowls are amazing! Sweet vegan treats also very good and large variety.


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29 Sep 2022


New owner. No longer fully vegan, serves meat and eggs.
The vegan options are still good, but I liked going to a place where I can order off the entire menu without thought.
Still recommend it as an option if you are in the area.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-29

Pros: Flavoursome vegan options, Vegan baked goods

Cons: Pricy.


04 Sep 2021


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29 Sep 2022

Been visiting for a few years

This Cafe was vegetarian then vegan but now it has meat such as bacon and chicken. We have still visited but the last few times it just isn't the same and the coffee tasted bitter. It didnt have the upbeat friendly vibe of the old owner. While we were there a woman came to complain that her meal wasn't vegan it had bacon on it. We read the menu and realised an old favourite was no longer vegan. They maybe settling in, but for us there are other places we prefer now.

Pros: Lots of vegan foods, Some nice vegan cakes, Nice place

Cons: Coffee is bitter, Staff seem down, You have to be careful to clearly order vegan.


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18 Jul 2022

Inventive and tasty

Cute little restaurant in the heart of Yarraville. With heaps of vegan options that all looked fantastic.
I ordered the smash avo with a vegan fried egg and edamame. I highly recommend if in the area.

Pros: Many vegan choices , Tasty coffee, Friendly staff


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01 May 2022


It’s vegan and has vegan options which is good. But lacks flavour - from the smoothies to the food. The service is also average

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: No flavour , Poor service


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05 Apr 2022

Assuming its position as top cafe in Yarraville

We came here to check out the new and improved version of HSCo. I used to live in the neighbourhood and my experience over the years was a bit uneven, but I think this cafe has upped its game, in part by going completely veg. We ordered the chicken burger and the Hey Babe bacon sandwich. I wonder if it really makes sense for a veg place to name a mock meat item after the animal associated with it. The sandwich was good though, with the tasty bacon, creamy avocado and juicy tomato making it work. The burger was fine but had typically unimpressive, slightly rubbery and bland mock chicken in it, neither convincing nor appetising and it was left to the creamy sauce to provide flavour and the cheese slice to give it texture. We also ordered smoothies, which were huge. The blueberry one was a bit thinner than I expected, even with its peanut butter but still nice enough. The green smoothie was thicker and tangier and I thought it must have yoghurt in it but I checked and I think it was actually the vitamin C powder. I’d say this place is now the top cafe in Yarraville.


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19 Mar 2022

Vibing high!

Great coffee, served hot, generous servings, produce is FRESH!!

Meals are put together with thought to not just nutrition but also how it will visually appeal.

I've been there twice this week as I'm down from Brisbane for work. First time I was a little rushed so visited this morning again to take it all in. The number of people that streamed in while I was sitting there was testament to a successful business with happy repeat customers. Visit. Stay for a couple of hours. Try the breakfast. Smoothies are wholesome and delicious. Coffee? Get two! I love that they have the pay it forward coffee offering for those doing it tough. This cafe loves what they do and want to delight. Get in there and try this place out. Hands down the best vegan breakfast I've had. Thanks Heal.Thyself💐

Pros: Coffee, Smoothies, Cooked breakfast options

Cons: Dislike that they're not near to where I live , Disliked that I couldn't hang around longer!


29 Mar 2022

You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much xxx


29 Mar 2022

You're welcome. Good service and food makes happy people who want to come back. Nice work team!


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10 Feb 2022

Fully Plant-based at the heart of Yarraville!!

This hidden gem is the place to go. Everything from the menu will blow your mind. And to top it up with good vibes, the owner and the staff are lovely people!!! Not many photos ‘cause we wolf down the amazing food! #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-10

Pros: Delicious food!, Great staff!, A beautiful dog, Arlo 🤩

Cons: Lived 3 years in Yarraville without knowing this!


29 Mar 2022

Love you guys!!?? And Arlo does too!!! Xx


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07 Feb 2022

Delicious food, great venue

I have been to lunch twice now at this delightful cafe. I’ve enjoyed the nourish bowl, the burger, a chocolate brownie and an iced mocha with vegan ice cream. The food has all been really tasty and the menu has a good array of savoury and sweet options. The staff are lovely and have been very helpful to me when eating out with my baby. They offer high chairs and have somewhere to change a baby in their bathroom. There’s lots of lovely shady outdoor seating (some on the street and some in a courtyard out the back) and inside is nice and bright. I be will coming back for more meals at this great place!


07 Feb 2022

I haven’t been here since it went all-veg but I’m looking forward to making a visit soon


07 Feb 2022


29 Mar 2022


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20 Apr 2021

Great menu

I have been meaning to eat here for ages! I was impressed that so much of the menu was vegan or had vegan options. I ordered the affinity bowl and an iced coffee. (I was going to order a smoothie but the staff told me they were filling and they’d probably not order with food, so helpful!) the bowl had a lot of variety and it was tasty. The iced coffee was nice too. Staff were lovely. I’m keen to return and try some of the other options


04 Sep 2021


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04 Dec 2020

An absolute gem!

We love coming here - the food is incredible, the staff are fun and attentive and they love it when you bring your dog! The manager is so cool and nice. One of our favourite places in Melbourne.

Pros: Everything can be made vegan, Lots of healthy options, Big servings


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04 Aug 2020

All time favourite

This is hands down my favourite cafe in Melbourne to visit. The staff as always so lovely and the food is incredible. So fresh and tasty!

Pros: Great product , Friendly staff, Well priced


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23 Feb 2020

Great choices

Delicious food and great helpful staff.

Pros: Most food vegan, Great staff

Cons: Too many choices - haha!


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10 Dec 2019

So much choice!

Most of the menu is vegan and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
My nourish bowl was tasty and fresh without being too oily. I bought some baked goodies to take home for the kids. I'll definitely be back with the family. Thank you! 😊


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07 Sep 2019

Best Cafe in Yarraville

Visited HealThy Self a few times now and throughly enjoyed everything I’ve had. Food has been fresh and delicious with friendly and helpful staff. Always come away feeling full and refreshed


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07 Jun 2019

Great place for a hearty breakfast

Never had an issue live the breakfast

Pros: Plentyful breakfast with live the tofu

Cons: Don’t love there almond milk hence do but coffee


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23 Dec 2018

Much improved

I'd been to HealThy self a few times when they were fresh on the scene and was unimpressed. After seeing some recent reviews (on here and other sites) I thought I'd give 'em another go.
I am glad I did!
I had the okonomyaki which was fresh and tasty served with all the right condiments. The coffee was great and the pancakes, I am told were ahhhhmmmmazing! Serving sizes also seem to have increased.
Service was friendly, although they don't come to the table for your order, you order and pay at the counter.
It's not cheap. Less of the self service (ordering/water) would be a great improvement (especially given the price point).


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04 Nov 2018

Gimme the Haloumi!

This place is my go to! Love everything on the menu. Staff are friendly. And love that my pup Greg can join us for lunch!

Pros: Many vegan options, Puppy friendly


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29 Aug 2018

Friendly staff, delicious food

Really lovely place, food was delicious, staff were friendly. Would recommend to anyone

Pros: Pancakes are amazing


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25 Jun 2018

#1 in Yarraville

Obviously can’t give 5 star on HappyCow without the cafe being fully vegan, but I LOVE this place. I saw someone said they didn’t like the BLT but having tried almost everything on the menu (I’m local) I think they didn’t try their strongest dish. I love the cauliflower sandwich, almost all the bowls, their vegan egg is great, the iced coffee, soups, croissants, muffins and I love the spicy bean on the breakfast menu. They also have vegan pancakes-I’m not a fan of the chocolate ones but they sometimes do it with stewed fruit and they are awesome! If in Yarraville, this is your number 1.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Excellent customer service/ friendly staff, Evolving menu

Cons: Not all vegan (but close.) , Sometimes hard to get a seat in peak times


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22 Jun 2018


I’ve been here a few times and am always satisfied and love the flavours. They always have a vegan pancake special and a good selection of vegan items on the main menu as well as drinks and desserts.


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28 Jan 2018

Highly Recommend

A super vegan friendly place which everyone in the area should visit!! Açai bowl is a must, as are the smoothies.


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13 Jun 2017

Very little vegan food.

Reading the description of this cafe, we thought we were in for a treat, as it says basically everything is vegan. This was very untrue, there was only one hot vegan option, which was basically smashed avo on toast...boring, but we thought it would be made a full meal as the menu said it also had beans and a seed topping. We added mushrooms on the side and the meal came out without beans. They said they were trialling changes to the menu, but didn't tell us. So $21.50 each for avo on toast. Total $53 for 2 coffees and 2 avocado toasts. Hmmm. Also the waiter spilled our coffees into the saucers when bringing them the metre or so from the bench. The meal and coffee tasted decent, it was just a disappointing experience because we went out of our way to a place we thought was mainly vegan, due to the Happy Cow description. It is certainly not!


04 Sep 2021

Hi Ishara,
Sorry your experience was not all you had hoped.

We have never claimed to be an all Vegan and plant based kitchen until 3 months ago. It’s been a long road to get here and we are very proud to have reached this point.
Wishing you all the very best and hope of you ever feel inclined to return again one day.
Thank you
Zerin x

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