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This branch opened inside the Anaheim Packing District in 2019. Offers salads, pizza, burgers, and pasta dishes. Location is towards the back of the packing house. Has outdoor seating and a patio with a bar. NOTE: Reported to close unexpectedly, check ahead. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:00pm, Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Passittowill


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09 Nov 2023

Sooo Good

I cannot say enough good things about this place. While it is nowhere approaching healthy, it is absolutely delicious. Best fried chicken sammich you will ever eat. 10/10



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01 Nov 2023

Sooo good! Amazing selection

So glad we stopped and tried this place! Impressive menu selection! Pizza, burgers, fries. The Margherita pizza was so good. They also have fried mozzarella sticks which were my favorite out of all the vegan mozz sticks I have had in the past.


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19 Aug 2023

Kale Mediterranean

I skipped the burger and fries, and I should’ve had the junk. Salad w/chk’n was just OK. I liked the falafel, but for some reason the quinoa and kale salad just didn’t have enough flavor. I brought most of it home so I could dress it up and make another meal out of it.


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19 Jul 2023

Enjoyed the food

I liked what I ordered, a fried “chicken” sandwich with fries.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-19


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18 Jun 2023

Not impressed

We prefer to support vegan places but just did not like the food here. The pizza was almost inedible; the vegan cheese was very gummy and salty. Also got the Middle Eastern Bowl and the falafel and hummus were both sub standard. The burgers were ok but nothing special. Unfortunately we won’t be returning.


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01 Jun 2023

A MUST visit

The menu is huge, the food is great, and the staff is super friendly.

Pros: I love that their food is all vegan., Prices are reasonable., Friendly staff.

Cons: The marinara sauce is watery.


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23 Apr 2023

Delicious and healthy

I love the outdoor patio/bar area, where even the alcohol is vegan! The sweet scent of orange blossoms wafts through the air! The ambience is casual and fun. A great place for an office or cast party!

The food is absolutely delicious, and although they have plenty of vegan junk, there are also a few truly healthy options - which are no less tasty than the junk!

This place puts me in a good mood! Go - you’ll love it!

Pros: Cruelty-free (vegan), Healthy Options, Outdoor patio seating available


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09 Jan 2023

The only vegan place I’ll never go back to. Used to frequent it.

This place almost always disappoints in one way or another. #Veganuary

Pros: Vegan. That’s all.

Cons: Orders always wrong, Not open at posted times, Slow. Very slow.


Points +519

04 Jan 2023

Good vegan food hall option

Who doesn't love vegan junk food?


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02 Jan 2023

Get the Loaded Fries ASAP

I've had a lot of vegan loaded fries that are takes on animal fries and Healthy Junk for sure has the best! I have eaten here a few times, and everything they make is very different but they do it really well. Nothing is ever dry and is super saucy regardless of what you order. A great place to take non-vegans hooked!

Pros: Great portion sizes

Cons: A little slow on the service


Points +83

20 Nov 2022

Finger Lickin Good

The vibe is awesome with good staff & great food. My wings were so good! I believe it was seitan & the texture was spot on. Can't wait to go back & try more from the menu!


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12 Nov 2022

Throwback Animal Style Fries

"Healthy" and "junk" can only really go together when you're thinking of plant-based foods, and when it comes to their repertoire of nostalgic American comfort dishes, this place really hit a home run.

* Crispy Chick Burger ($15) - one of the best chick'n burgers I've had! Super crispy and flaky coating over the soy patty, with that familiar texture as well. The side of slaw was also a refreshing touch with our massive burger.

* Loaded Bunny Fries ($8) - now THIS was the most exciting for me. It's essentially In N' Out animal style fries and everything about it left me wanting more. Sauce was fantastic, grilled onions on top gave it depth, and every crinkly fry was so good.

* Mighty Kale ($15) - because even when you indulge in food that's clearly bad for you, a salad needs to come through to save the day. The mighty kale was simply the best - tangy flavors from the peppers and pineapple, with a light vinaigrette over all the kale goodness. Eat your greens!

My body may have been screaming afterwards but no regrets - this place packs a serious punch. Location offers tons of indoor and outdoor seating, so pick and choose. We dined outside on a beautiful sunny Southern California day.

Pros: Amazing salads, Excellent comfort food options


Points +18

10 Oct 2022

Close for some reason. Working giving attitude

Store closed for some reason, worker or manger gave a reason but seemed more like an excuse. Didn’t seem at all concerned he had to turn away customers


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11 Jul 2022

Awesome junk food!

The loaded fries were so good.

Pros: All vegan!


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24 Jun 2022


Had the kale salad and it was amazing! All good on menu looked delicious! Highly recommend!!


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Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2022


All vegan restaurant in a food court with lots of restaurants and bars. Great vibe and many other choices for the non vegan with you.

Pros: All vegan, Food court venue is amazing., Great food!


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Mostly Veg
12 Oct 2021

I didn’t know healthy Junk could taste so Good!!!

100%Vegan, Having Gluten Free options was really kool. I was kinda bum from the rodeo 39 trip this totally made up for it. So glad I came out to try Healthy Junk….and Yes it’s gets a “FIRE”Rating That was the best plant based food I’ve had on my Disneyland visit.

Pros: Hella Vegan options , Gluten Free options , Worthy the price

Cons: Expensive


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15 Sep 2021

It’s meh

A lot of the food is soggy and greasy. The animal style fries were good but those are hard to mess up to be completely honest. Not really worth the price in an area with a ton of other vegan options. Asked the staff if there was any gluten free options for a friend and they told me straight up there were zero.

Pros: Ok junk food

Cons: NOT allergy friendly , Overpriced , Soggy


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05 Sep 2021

Bad Customer Service and no time perception

Love the food and been coming to both locations for years but for some reason my service was terrible last night. ordered for pickup about an hour in advance. Went to pick up a few minutes after the time it was supposed to be done. When I arrived they clearly forgot my order and they began to make it right then. They weren't busy so no problem, but nobody communicated anything and I could tell the cook was aggravated. 30 minutes later the cook said the order was up but I noticed they forgot a pizza and when I told the cook he was very upset like it was my fault. the food was great per usual but almost an hour after it was supposed to be ready on top of no apologies, the lack of communication and outrage in the cook. It was uncalled for.


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20 Jun 2021

So disappointing

I am basing this on 3 visits. over the last few months.

My first recent visit was about in May 2021 a gf and I ordered a mushroom and sausage pizza with a side of buffalo wings. The service was great, the pizza was beautiful came out perfect and the wings had just the right amount of sauce and the dressing was good and as far as I could tell we were not charged extra for it. Again the food was great and my omni friend whom I shared the meal with was impressed.

6/13/21 I went back again with another gf and I ordered the mushroom and sausage pizza and the BBQ wings. We went to wait and after about 15 minutes I got the page to pick up my food. They gave me my wings no pizza, I asked about my pizza and they told me it would be about 4 minutes. I asked for my ranch for the wings and they told me that there was an extra charge for it free this time.. So I walked back to my table and waited. 10 minutes later I was paged again and I picked my pizza. The pizza was inedible there was so much sauce it was undercooked and soggy on the bottom, but totally charred and on top with a ridiculous amount of burnt basil, I think, I am not one in general to put a place on blast. I went to the manager to tell them that the quality of the pizza was not up to standards. That I wanted to bring it as a training moment. They offered me a new pizza, I declined and as I was doing so I was informed that they were out of pizza (it was like 5 PM) they refunded the cost of the pizza cool thanks.

6/19/21 Came back to the Sacred Bar for a Birthday. The service was awful and the food was just as bad. I do not understand. It took 3 requests for a lemonade. I ordered a second cocktail that never arrived. It was just chaotic. The food came direct from Healthy junk no outside food allowed and I totally get that and agree, but the food needs to be edible.

A friend ordered a burger and fries no complaints there. I ordered the 6 Chik'n taco-quitos. They did not have enough so subbed me 3 chik'n and 3 potato. The potato were fine, a little bland I generally add green chili and some spices to my potato blend but they were ok. The chik'n was over cooked like it was hard and crunchy inside. I didn't take a pic and wish I had. We also ordered a peperoni and pineapple pizza it was not up to standards edible but... Finally another friend ordered a cheese pizza the first one came out totally burnt and a second was brought out and it was totally undercooked

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-20

Pros: 100% Vegan, Cocktails Service at the Bar

Cons: Horrible sServcie, Sub-par Food, Pricey


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14 Feb 2021

Family Favorite!!

We order for pick-up about twice a week! They have been super safe through Covid and we appreciate this!! The pizza, smoothie and soft serve ice cream is sooooo yummy! My favorite is the BBQ chickin wings with ranch!! Amazing!!! The staff is wonderful too!

Pros: Delicious food!, Covid safe and friendly staff, Fresh ingredients

Cons: Parking can be a pain but worth it, They don’t use food delivery services


Points +88

01 Nov 2020

Plant 🌱 based pizza 🍕

Love this place lots of options great place awesome 👏🏽 atmosphere

Pros: Pizza , All Vegan , Lots of options

Cons: Pricey $$


Points +477

05 Oct 2020

Don’t waste your time

Excited to try this new restaurant we were extremely disappointed. They are the only restaurant in the packing district that has not opened their seating area. That aside, the food was ok. The girl who took our order was not accommodating and made it clear they would not accommodate for gluten free. The prices are really high too. We ordered the spaghetti burger which had a weird aioli sauce (spaghetti with Mayo)- kind of repulsive. The kids chicken nuggets were alright but my daughter wanted pizza. However, they do not fire up their pizza oven until 2 hours after they open up. We will not be back.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Expensive, Not accommodating , Only sell some of the items on the menu


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23 Dec 2019

There are better options elsewhere. Save your money.

This is a gimmicky type vegan restaurant that doesn't offer much substance. The food is quite expensive for small portions, bland, and poorly put together. I paid $15 for a small sub about the size of my hand. The place still does have some vegan versions of classic favorites, and is worry-free eating. If you're in the packing house with omni friends, hit it up, go to one of the other amazing places in the area.

Pros: Extensive menu with many classic favorites

Cons: Expensive, small portions, bland


Points +32

16 Nov 2019

Love this

The original location was the first vegan restaurant I had ever tried and I’ve loved it ever since. When I heard about the second location I simply HAD to try it. The food is awesome, as usual and it has the cutest set up. They also carry their merchandise at this location as well. The packing district itself has funky seating, but there’s not a lot of it. Healthy junk itself has some seating inside its area just for the restaurant which is helpful so you don’t have to scavenge for it, but it’s not huge like most of the packing districts restaurant seating but it definitely helps.

Pros: Tons of options for food, smoothies, and juices, Friendly staff, Seating inside


Points +2933

09 Nov 2019

Different Menu

Healthy Junk’s second location is great. I like that they have a Completely different menu then their first location with just a couple items that they’ve brought over. The staff are very friendly and the restaurant is extremely clean and well kept. I had the fettuccine alfredo and a slice of blueberry cheesecake, both were fantastic. I highly recommend checking the new location out.

Pros: All vegan , Different Menu

Cons: Parking

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