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A vegetarian concept offering a variety of meals plus juices, shots, and energy balls. Find it at the main entrance hall, before passport control. Open Mon-Sun 00:00-00:00.

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First Review by Eefje


Points +2081

06 Aug 2023

Vegan options but not healthy

Not healthy at all, tho most options are vegan



Points +737

07 Aug 2022

Nice concept, poor execution

Expensive and limited options, the only reason you should take a look is because there are almost no vegan options at Schiphol. You're better off going across the square to Stach and getting a fresh sandwich there.

Pros: Cool concept

Cons: Poorly stocked, Expensive , Boring options


Points +38

03 Jun 2022

Vegan options. Bad labels.

Labeling is not clear. The product information before buying does not clarify what the product name (e.g. chicken wrap) contains.
The brownie contained eggs.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-03

Pros: Grab and go, Open all day, Vegan option

Cons: No labeling system, Egg in desserts without label, Confusing product names


Points +4801

17 Feb 2022

Ok for a quick option

There were only 4 options. It was quick and conveniently came with a spork. A bit pricey for a packaged option - 6.95 euro.

It’s located right by the entrance to the trains/ public transit.

Pros: Convenient

Cons: Expensive


Points +252

17 Oct 2021

A healthy option surrounded by fast food

It's a difficult "wall" to find. It's a bit cornered above the train station next to the exit doors to the bus station.
There are just a few vegan options, everything is numbered and described as well.
I had to buy something to eat on the flight bc of the lack of healthy vegan options on board the plane.
I had a wrap with falafel and I absolutely loved it (forgot to take a picture bc I was that hungry😄). Gor a good fast meal I think the price is oke but for the choices it might have been lower maybe. Overall I was glad I had something healthy to grab instead of biting my lips.

Pros: A few vegan options , Good for on the road, Healthy choices

Cons: Not too many vegan options , Hard to find (need to know basis), A bit expensive


Points +63

22 Sep 2020

Poor, old selections of food

Poor, stale selections! Only vegan food please! Your Quorn wrap had the international green “vegan logo” on it, but it had egg products and was mushy and wet

Pros: Great idea

Cons: Hard to locate , Arrived at machine @ 0840am most items sold out , There was a Quorn wrap that was mushy, not vegan!


Points +1663

15 Jan 2020

Your mileage may vary

When a friend told me about the Health Food Wall, I had to give it a try. Ever since, I am hooked. The food machine is rather easy to find near one of the middle exits and entries of Schiphol Airport (and right above the platform for the trains).

I basically like everything the machine supplies, but the experience differences from day to day. Over time, the menu changed. I just loved the curry wrap and couldn't get enough of it. I would buy one almost every time I visited the airport. However, it has recently been replaced by a new wrap which is dry and tasteless.

The three vegan bowls are often sold out. My favourite by far is the marinated tempeh, but I have to agree with reviewer Eefje that a little more sauce wouldn't hurt. The couscous based bowl also can use a little more moisturiser as the couscous absorbs the little sauce provided in seconds.

While I never got anything bad from the machine, I have been disappointed. Often things are sold out and some of my favourites have been removed in favour of by mediocre replacements. Also: a more clear marker of what's vegan and what's not would help (are the bowls vegan?). Another hint for the owners of the machine: how about a "spork" instead of the supplied knife and fork? There's nothing to cut here, it's not meat!

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-15

Pros: 24 hour service, easy to find, eat anywhere

Cons: expensive, often sold out, menu changes not always for the better


Points +69

09 Nov 2019

The quinoa with tofu was delicious

Many options and easy to see and choose what you want

Pros: Many vegan options, Easy to get it , Not too expensive

Cons: Many plastic


Points +176

13 Jul 2019

Wasn't blown away

I love this concept. The marinated tempeh dish with rice and satay sauce sounded yummy, but unfortunately tasted disappointing. The balance was way off, with too little sauce and too much greens (and I'm not usually one to complain about greens). The rice tasted hard and old. Also definitely not great to eat cold.

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