Vegan bakery that offers a range of vegan cinnamon rolls. Open Wed-Sun 11:00-17:00. Closed Mon-Tue. Opens first Sunday of the month only.

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First Review by mherm


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24 Aug 2023

Cinnamon roll heaven

Heavenly cinnamon rolls and a super cute shop concept with happy pop music and pastel colors. Big recommed for anyone into pastries and sweet stuff. Limited outdoor seating only.



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21 Aug 2023

Perfect cinnamon rolls!

Multiple flavors, super lekker!
We had the original, pistachio, speculoos, en caramel. Very delicious!

Pros: Delicious, Quick service, Consistent quality


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19 Aug 2023

oh my word

these rolls are another level. absolutely delicious. various flavours to choose from, we had a caramel and peacan one and a classic with vanilla frosting. so so good

little benches outside to eat them on too


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18 Aug 2023

Very good roll

Enjoyed the caramel cream roll. Would also give some other tastes a try too. 3,9 per roll seams reasonable


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30 Jul 2023

Great place for cinnamon bun lovers!

So many different kinds and the ones I tried were really good. Would recommend!


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16 Jul 2023

Delicious cinnamon rolls

For me personally the sugar on top was too thick, but I will definitely get some again. Freshly baked and you can smell them all the way leading up to the store 😍

Pros: Cinnamon smell, Friendly staff


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15 Jul 2023


Best vegan cinnamon rolls I’ve tried. And so many to chose from! Must visit when in the area.

Pros: Many different flavours , All vegan


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26 Jun 2023

Amazing rolls

We got a box with four rolls. They all tasted delicious!

Pros: 100% vegan, Great taste

Cons: Bit expensive


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21 Jun 2023


Took 3 rolls home with me, for me, my mun snd my boyfriend. We all love it.


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18 May 2023

Heaven in a roll

Just delicious! Really the breakfast roll is my favorite or the one with apples!


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09 Apr 2023

Sweet tooth cravings

The rolls are perfectly cinnamonny and there are a lot of toppings to choose from. Perfect when you crave something sweet. BIG rolls - don't go if you're having dinner soon ;-)


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04 Apr 2023

Delicious big cinnamon rolls!

Delicious and really filling vegan cinnamon rolls. I love their branding and the colors. There’s not much space to sit but there are a few benches outside. The rolls are a bit pricey(€3,90 each for the special ones) but definitely worth a try.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Cute branding and colors , Lots of flavors to choose from

Cons: Building and street is not the prettiest , A bit pricey


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18 Mar 2023

Have a roll, or two or three 🥰

Bakery which offers a range of vegan cinnamon rolls with different flavours. We tried the speculoos, cookie dough and snickers. All of them were very tasty, my personal favorite was the cookie dough.
We ate the rolls outside of the bakery where a few benches are put by the bakery.
It smelled a bit like urine… next to that some graffiti was sprayed on the walls above the bakery.
Cinnamon rolls 5 out of 5, environment around the place 3 out of 5.

Pros: Totally vegan place , Very tasty rolls!!


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08 Feb 2023

Good range of flavours

When I arrived the person was applying cookie dough to some of the rolls. She explained what each flavour was and I ended up getting the cookie dough flavoured one and the coffee flavoured one. They were both nice and tasted very fresh. I preferred the coffee one but I do love coffee!


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13 Nov 2022

On a roll

Small bakery that only has cinnamon rolls with various toppings and drinks. When I went here I smelled the cinnamon as soon as I went around the corner into the street. Very tasty food and really nice people working here. I loved it.

Also maybe I should not have eaten 3 rolls, but they were so tasty I couldn’t help myself.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-13

Pros: Cinnamon smell all around


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02 Nov 2022

Very tasty vegan cinnamon rolls

We had Box of 4 for 15€. Tasty and big!

Pros: Vegan only


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23 Oct 2022

Can I marry these?

Amazing cinnamon rolls, not too sweet, love the different toppings. Lots of different drinks, too! Definitely worth the short walk outside of the busy city center.


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03 Oct 2022


It’s so hard to find vegan cinnamon rolls, but these ones were a surprise ! lots of variety as well


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24 Sep 2022

Cinnamon dream 🤤

We tried 3 different rolls (3,80€ each) and they all tasted just perfect 😍 Also my non-vegan friends liked them a lot. But I would not recommend to take more than one cinnamon roll per person because they are quiet big and very sweet, so after one we were all totally satisfied😄

Pros: all vegan, simply delicious


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14 Aug 2022

Fully vegan roll shop!’

When I saw this shop on HappyCow, I couldn’t not go, so I went.
First, super nice warm welcome of the staff behind the counter. She described me all the rolls, and I asked for her suggestions.
In the end, I ended up with the pistachio one, which I nicely shared with my sister.
The roll was super fluffy, and the pistachio ganache was not too sweet. Paired very well with a nice black coffee!


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07 Aug 2022

Sooooo delicious!

Absolutely delicious, soft cinnamon rolls and super friendly staff. Had one roll to eat there and decided to take some home because they were so good. They also offer some drinks like soda's and coffee's. Really nice to have a refreshing drink together with a tasty but quite heavy roll.
Store is quite small and there is some seating outside on a couple of benches but nowhere to sit and eat if it is raining which is a pity. If they could find a bigger place and make it more of a cafe style I think that would be an amazing thing.
Definitely somewhere I would love to go again when I'm visiting Antwerpen and I would recommend everyone getting some rolls when you are nearby.

Pros: Super delicious, many flavours, friendly staff

Cons: No inside seating


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05 Aug 2022

Nice cinnamon rolls

Nice vegan cinnamon rolls. Several flavour options. Still enjoy the good old classic roll though


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29 Jul 2022

Cinnamon roll heaven

Definitely one of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had.
Wish they’d have a store in Berlin…but you never know…dreams can come true?😉


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28 Jul 2022

Best cinnamon rolls ever!!!😍🤤

So so delicious!! Especially a big fan of the speculoos one! 😋😋


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01 Jul 2022

Such a tasty surprise!

We bumped into a street sign mentioning vegan cinnamon rolls, and decided to check the spot out... best thing we did in Antwerpen! The choice is slightly overwhelming (not actually complaining), but I guess everything is just as sweet and tasty as the rolls we eventually left the shop with. The person behind the counter was super friendly as well. Such a dream! Doughy, yummie cinnamon rolls.. I can't wait to go back.


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11 Jun 2022


We had two cinnamon rolls: the classic and the caramel. Had them on the small bench in front of the shop.
Loved them, soft, creamy, flavour!
Then ordered two more to take home.

Very friendly too

Wish they would open a shop in Bruges!! 😉

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-11


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09 Jun 2022

Vriendelijk + veel keuze

Al een 2de keer langs geweest en echt top! Het deeg is zacht en romig en het is nog eens vegan.

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