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Natural food store. Staff is well educated. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by ChristinaB


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25 May 2020

Tiny artisan paradise

I never went here because I assumed it was all bulk foods, but I recently decided to try it anyway, and I’m so glad I did! They have all kinds of vegan snacks (chips, protein bars, cookies, etc), plus vegan frozen foods (pizzas, mini pot pies), and many vegan meats and cheeses.
They also have a big gluten-free section, for those who need that!

Pros: Tons of vegan snacks, desserts, and more

Cons: Expensive



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17 Jan 2020

Fresh, organic ingredients and great drinks (5/5 Green Stars also).

My first impression upon walking in was: this place deserves to be busier! Maybe it was a quiet time (Friday, around 7 pm) but I guess the fact that it’s quiet is good news for shoppers as there was no line at checkout😄Service was friendly at checkout and people in the store offered to help. I was most excited about the huge variety of bulk foods & the fact that so many were organic and reasonably priced. I bought some organic Brazil nuts, which were cheaper than most other places (certainly cheaper than Whole Foods) at $12 / lb. Was also happy to see that they had organic Arborio rice (also very reasonably priced at $3.49 / lb) and bought some of that too. The rice was turned into delicious risotto that evening and the nuts were very fresh, judging by their taste and crunchiness. They also have quite a lot of things on sale – cheapo organic Kettle chips and a new-to-me brand of kale chips. As well as stocking most of the staples that I buy regularly, they also introduced me to a lot of new products – even the bulk rice section had several items (e.g., Jade Pearl rice and Madagascar Pink rice) that I’d like to come back to try.

I’m also giving Harvest House 5/5 “green stars” for social and environmental impact, based on these reasons:

• They have a huge bulk food section – over 900 items. Buying food from the bulk section is the best way to avoid packaging waste, of course (BYO bags and reuse them).
• A good proportion of the bulk foods are organic.
• Each bulk food container lists the supplier and country of origin – useful for figuring out if it’s an ethical product.
• For example, many of the rice varieties are from Lundberg farms, a wind-powered pioneer of organic rice production in the US. Several of their Lundberg rice varieties are organic, but Lundberg employ some sustainable farming practices for their non-organic rice too.
• Most of the other brands in the store also rank well for sustainability in their categories.
• They have a well-chosen selection of ethical plant-based foods, from Quorn “chicken” nuggets and flaxseed tempeh to Miyoko’s vegan butter and Ripple milk.
• For conventional dairy, they stock the more ethical suppliers such as Strauss (which comes in reusable glass bottles that the store takes back).

Interested in writing green star reviews? If so, contact me or check out the Green Stars Project online!

Pros: huge bulk food section – over 900 items, A good proportion of the bulk foods are organic, Most of the rands in the store are sustainable


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06 Dec 2017

I LOVE Harvest House!

I LOVE Harvest House! Especially the bulk section, and being able to just buy the amount I need to fill an empty container or a small quantity when trying something new, like Farro for instance. The people that work there are all very knowledgeable about the products they carry and the location within the store. Go there when you have some time to wander, and be prepared to make new discoveries!

Pros: Knowledgeable staff


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16 May 2013

The place to go for bulk items

I find all my flours, grains and legumes here. They may look small, but the have a very large wall covered with dozens of bulk items ranging from pastas and broths to fig bars, date sugar, nutritional yeast, rice flour, etc. They also have a refrigerated section with coconut ice cream, rejuvelac, yogurts and all sorts of good stuff. They also have a well stocked supplement section and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Pros: selection, no meat department, bulk section

Cons: sells cold cuts, far from the highway


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31 Dec 2011

Great Bulk Section

This is a little shop that offers various supplies for those that value local products. Most seem to be geared around organic or healthy, and most items seem to be sourced from nearby.

That aside, I love the bulk section. It is better than whole foods, and cheaper. I buy all my dry goods there and they give 10% off if your next visit if you spend over 100 bucks, which works out really well for me.

Pros: bluk, local

Cons: price sometimes


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07 Apr 2011

been going here for years*

best place EVER!!!! veggie or not veggie, best place to get supplements, snacks, food, natural care products, quality herbal skin care that would make ur dermatologist freaky jealous, just everything they have is 1000% AWESOME
and the staff is friendly and informative if you have any questions about supplements ect. :) like i said, EVER!!!


Cons: small parking lot which is actually a , plus because it never seems to get too , crowded

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