Vegan restaurant in Wallingford offering 5-course prix fixe menu that changes every 2 weeks. One seating per night. Supports local farmers and foragers. Currently open fo take out with pickup from 5.30-6.00PM. Open Thu-Sun 12:00pm-4:00pm, Thu-Sat 7:00pm-9:00pm, Sun 6:30pm-8:30pm.

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First Review by RichCohan


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19 Nov 2023

A must try

Seasonal, local, amazing. Wonderful wine pairings and a great ambiance

Pros: Local ingredients , Seasonal , Rotating menu



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27 Oct 2023

Amazing food for a special night out

I loved the whole experience of this place and was so impressed by their seasonal menu. The food was phenomenal and the restaurant itself was stunning (sit on the patio if possible). I do enjoy that the menu is rotating but wish I could have the semolina cake again! it was my favorite cake i've ever had. I will say that it is very pricey so save this place for birthdays and anniversaries.

Pros: Beautiful decor, Location, AMAZING food

Cons: Parking


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24 Oct 2023


My husband and I agree this was the best dining experience we’ve ever had! I went for the wine pairing and he chose the nonalcoholic elixirs. We loved how fresh all the ingredients were. The staff was super friendly as well! It’s pricey but in this case you definitely get what you pay for.

Pros: Amazing food


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16 Oct 2023

Some of the best food I’ve ever had

This is where my partner and I go when there’s something really good to celebrate. We’d love to go more often but it’s too pricey. That said, it’s expensive for good reason and worth it if you can make it work.

We’ve had four of their set menus over the years and every👏single👏dish👏 has been incredible. Their flavors and ingredient combinations are amazingly complex and creative, there’s a lot of fun that goes into tasting all the flavors of each dish. It truly is some of the (or maybe the?) most delicious food I’ve ever had, every time we go.

Experience wise, if you’re into practicing gratefulness and mindfulness you’ll appreciate the intro the chef does, going over the menu before the first plate is served to everyone and explaining where many of the ingredients came from. If you’re not into that, don’t worry, it’s a one and done deal at the beginning of the evening and then they bring out all dishes on a set schedule after that.

We’ve also been plenty full each time. The fact that this place impressed my omnivore parents and aunt really says it all, they are not shy about voicing their opinion and not easy to please.


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Mostly Veg
23 Sep 2023

Truly one of the best meals I have ever had.

The pairing of dishes, the freshness of ingredients, the kindness of the staff and quality of service made for a very special anniversary meal. It is a fixed price menu and I think that is how they run most nights. Highly recommended!


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18 Sep 2023

Best vegan food I’ve ever had

This restaurant is such a special treat. A 5 course meal dinner experience plated and served to everyone at the same time. The food is local and they have a seasonal menu that changes with the seasons. You can have a wine pairing with dinner, or a N.A. “elixir” pairing (my personal fav). Great date night spot or birthday, or any special occasion. All the food tastes amazing, and beautifully plated. I go back every year for my birthday, I’ve never been to a better restaurant than Harvest Beat.

Pros: Best food ever , Wonderful ambiance , Great service


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31 Aug 2023

Special birthday dinner

This place is so special! It’s intimate, welcoming, and delicious. I came here with my omnivore husband, vegetarian brother, and omnivore brother-in-law for my birthday. It was a Mexican inspired meal when we went and it was delicious. We all enjoyed each course and appreciated the friendly service. Definitely recommended.


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31 Aug 2023

Finest of vegan dining this side of the Mississippi

I love to spend any celebration I can at Harvest Beat, it's always a unique menu and top notch quality. It's impressive what can be done with such local and fresh ingredients - and the combination of drink pairings with each course is very interesting. Even with the non alcoholic set, it's always been very tasty.

I was worried after moving away from NYC I'd no longer have Dirt Candy at my disposal for a fancy meal, but this is happily filling that niche!


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26 Aug 2023

Better experience

Came to visit after 3 years and had a great experience. Every dish I was given was delicious and service couldn’t have been better. Very nice, upscale date night type of place. You are given 5 courses plus dessert. Definitely a must try.

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-08

Pros: All vegan, Nice decor

Cons: Expensive , Non attentive staff.


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01 Aug 2023

Great date night atmosphere but food is over flavored

My husband and I were visiting Seattle, so we decided to check out Harvest Beat. We liked the whole farm to table idea. We ordered the non-alcoholic drink pairing with the 5 course meal. It started off wonderfully with a delicious salad and flavorful peaches. The soup was pretty good as well. The next course (Cascade Porcini Confit) was dribbled in a little too much oil. We were looking forward to the Lasagna which was the 4th (main course), but they put way too much smoky flavor in it. I think they could also go easier on the salt. We had high expectations for the 5th course which was a cake, but it was a little bit too sweet though we did like the moist consistency. The drink pairings were pretty good except for their rendition of the bloody mary which was also a bit over-flavored. I loved the sparkling raspberry thyme rose with a raspberry lemon cube. The service was really good, and we loved the ambiance and the presentation of the food was good. For the amount that was charged for dinner, we expected a bit more, but overall we had a nice experience. They did accommodate my gluten free preferences without an extra charge which gives them bonus points.

Pros: farm to table, creative, fruits and vegetables without fake meat

Cons: pricey, too salty, too much flavoring in general


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14 Jul 2023

I wanted to like it more

I saw the menu on the website and it looked good so I made a reservation for my birthday. I was disappointed that the menu was different from the one I read on their website just 2 hours before, but I thought maybe I would still like the new menu. Overall, the food was creative and the flavor combinations were pleasantly different. I enjoyed the onion soup way more than I thought I would. I also really liked the smokiness of the mushrooms in the lasagna. But the squash was very sweet and so were some of the other dishes. In general I felt the balance of flavors was not really to my taste. We might try them again sometime, but I’m not sure I want to risk being disappointed when it’s so expensive.

Pros: Unique dishes, All vegan

Cons: Too much sweetness


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13 Jul 2023

One of my top meals ever!

A friend took me to Harvest Beat for my birthday dinner. The food, service, and atmosphere were all absolutely amazing. There wasn’t a single course (of the five courses) that wasn’t tasty and different from anything I’ve ever eaten. It’s pricey, so it’s not for everyone, but if you can afford it, definitely go!

Pros: Food, Service, Music


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05 Jun 2023

Unique Vegan Chef Table experience

The creativity and care given to each course was amazing! Each course had unique flavors building to main course and dessert. Not only was it appealing to the palate but alluring to the eye! Excellent must try even if you are not vegan! We are vegan though and never have had this type of experience! Look forward to coming again when we are back to visit!

Pros: Unique flavors, Local produce, Atmosphere

Cons: Can be pricey so could limit some ppl


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29 May 2023

Special, delicious meal

We loved the prix-fixe menu focused on locally foraged greens! So many things we had never tried before! And the nonalcoholic options were delicious. They weren’t sugary at all.


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29 Apr 2023

Great 5 course experience

Menu changes based on vegetables in season. Everything was delicious, and included a wine pairing.
Super filling!

Pros: All vegan


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30 Mar 2023

Best ever❤️

This was probably the most fun dinner I have ever had, and the best food as well. All of the dishes were so creative and beautiful. It was such a fun experience to eat here! They put so much care and thought into the food. It is pricey so it may be more of a special occasion place for some.

Pros: Great food, Special occasions

Cons: Pricey


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03 Mar 2023

Special Occasions made special

It’s not often you can find a vegan restaurant thats concept helps make special occasions more special! We were fortunate to dine with Harvest Beat for a birthday and wedding anniversary during our 2 1/2 months visiting Seattle. Because they change the menu every few weeks, it gave us opportunity to try new things. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and dedicated. I love that everyone is served the same thing at the same time, making you feel you are a part of something bigger and sharing the experience with many! Would highly recommend everyone have this experience.

Pros: Overall experience , Pre fixed meal , Locally sourced ingredients


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05 Feb 2023

Favorite date spot

Update: We celebrated an anniversary and it was just as lovely as all prior visits. Unique, locally sourced farm to table restaurant. Thoughtful preparation and friendly staff.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-20

Pros: Farm to table, Artistic presentation, Lots of unique flavor pairings


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17 Nov 2022

Must visit

Cozy little restaurant great food good prices. Open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner

Pros: All vegan gourmet, Creative , Chef talks and to diners

Cons: None


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27 Aug 2022

Excellent food but pricey

The food here is the best I’ve had in a really long time and by far the best vegan food. The rice with mushrooms in the third course was in the top ten of best things I have ever eaten. The wine pairings were excellent and the atmosphere was nice. The only thing holding back the last star is the price (~$300 w tip for two people). Is great for a celebration or fancy date.


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11 Aug 2022

Great value

The menu changes often so we didn’t know what to expect. It was delicious!

We chose to sit at the bar to watch the chefs plate the food. Totally fun.

One of us chose the wine pairing and the other chose the non-alcoholic drink pairing. Truthfully, I wasn’t impressed with the wine pairing, but still glad we did it. The non-alcoholic pairing was outstanding. The total price including the beverage pairing was totally reasonable about $100pp.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-11


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03 Jul 2022

Pricey but good

All vegan, creative menu. Lovely atmosphere inside. Not the best vegan food I've ever had, especially for the price, but still first we went. Food tasted good but wasn't bursting with flavor
First course was soup and salad - the salad was mostly just leaves
Fresh rolls - tasted almost entirely of leaves
Cauliflower steak - loved this
Coconut and strawberry cake - excellent, best course
While not the best vegan meal ever, it's so creative and love how much the chefs love the plants they cook with
Menu changes every 4 weeks


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Mostly Veg
12 Feb 2022

Blown Away!

The food was incredible, loved all of the drink pairings, really enjoyed and appreciated the chef’s gratitude speech at the beginning, and was grateful for the very attentive and personable wait staff! I can’t wait to come back and try their future 5-course meals! The atmosphere was delightful as well and was really thankful for how mindfully every ingredient was sourced and how each component had a story


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20 Dec 2021

Great food/ experience

Food and drinks were great, attentiveness was on point


Points +93

19 Dec 2021

Favorite date night spot

We’ve been coming here for all our special occasions since they opened! So good!!!!! The owner is really friendly too.


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11 Nov 2021


Let me preface this by saying im more of a sloppy, greasy, cheesy kind of vegan food junkie, but this [censored] was awesome. It’s expensive af so obviously not an all the time thing, but definitely worth it. The chef came out and announced exactly what we were eating and even the hippies’ names that foraged it. Classic Washington stuff. It was very well thought out and put together and an absolute ton of food. Lasagne, ravioli and canoli. None of that bs açaí bowl nonsense. Real food with bomb ass ingredients and definitely lots of love. The whole place had three employees, and they all did fantastic. Splurge a little and treat yoself to some fancy vegan cuisine.

Pros: Lotsa food, Love, Service


Points +75

15 Oct 2021

For the vegan's special occasion

This place is a huge treat. For vegan who basically have a love affair with food, Harvest Beat is unbeatable (hehe). It's a fixed course menu. The chef comes out the beginning and explains what you'll be eating that night, it varies week to week. We had soup and salad (the Salad had these amazing pickled sea beans), I forget the second course, then there was lasagna, and then chocolate ice cream and rhubarb cake. The food was very good, but over the atmosphere is like so special and kinda romantic. Also you get much to drink included if that's your jam. I think they do wine pairings with each course. We got the beer, which meant we got a beer with each course lol we were pretty tipsy walking home.

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