Serves meat, vegan options available. Pizzeria offering vegan cheese and a variety of vegetable topping. Has gluten-free crust - ask if vegan or not. Open Mon-Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Tantrix4u


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11 Sep 2023

Food was OK

Crust is vegan, and they do have vegan cheese which was nice. Wish the service would have been better

Pros: Vegan cheese, Create your own pizza

Cons: Service wasn't great



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09 Sep 2023

Best vegan pizza ever

Absolutely delightful, multiple vegan options including pesto, beyond "beef" mozzarella. Were very happy to pull to together an off menu order. Food and staff amazing

Pros: Vegan options , Service , Pizza was yummy


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25 Jul 2023

Excellent live pizzas

Superb delicious food, excellent service, superb atmosphere, easily approachable, at a walking distance from hotels, superb location. Very spacious. We had hand fire pizza and hummus. Both were excellent in taste, prepared before our own eyes. It was a treat to watch pizzas being prepared in front of us. Pizza and hummus have vegan options.

Pros: Freshly cooked food, Live cooking in front of us , Gluten-free pizza available


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12 Jul 2023

Excellent Pizza

I had the Tomato Tomato pizza with pesto and vegan mozzarella- was delicious and the crust was thin - just the way I like it. The 12 inch was perfect portion size for one. At 8 pm no wait at all.


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04 Jul 2023

Pretty good pizza!

They have vegan mozz and impossible burger as topping options so you can customize a vegan pizza. They also have a premade vegan pizza called tomato tomato which is what I ordered! The server said the pesto was vegan which I am doubtful of after eating it but if you go be sure to ask your server and lmk if you get a different answer

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-04

Pros: Vegan Mozzarella , Impossible burger topping

Cons: Unsure about if pesto is vegan on premade pizza


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19 May 2023

Vegan traveler

Great vegan pizza. You can add vegetables to the pizza. Vegan cheese and pesto.


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07 Apr 2023

Good Pizza, Not Great Pizza

I gave it four stars because of the location and lack of choices. In other places it might be three stars.
They did know and take vegan seriously.


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03 Apr 2023

Vegan Gluten free!

The staff is friendly and knows what vegan is. The gluten free crust is vegan. They also use a vegan parmesan on them. We at first thought it was real parmesan so sent them back. The manager came to our table and assured us it was vegan so we said bring them back. Was very tasty. Not skimpy on toppings either.

I also had the garden salad and asked for balsamic reduction instead of the honey based dressing. The salad was fresh and nicely plated but the reduction was so bitter I could only get about half of it down. I'd ask for oil and vinegar next time.

Pros: Know what vegan is, Have vegan cheeses , Gf crust is vegan


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21 Dec 2022

Really good!

We ate here at a pre-wedding dinner with a big group. There were several vegan salads and appetizers offered along with the vegan pizza. Everything was delicious.

Pros: Yummy, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Can't think of any


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18 Dec 2022

Appreciate any place with vegan cheese!

Not much to choose from, but it’s very cool to get to see them make all the pizzas. So, so filling but would have loved a proper protein. Seems like they change their menu often because I didn’t see any of the pizzas already posted on here 😂


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23 Oct 2022

Vegan but no variety

We enjoyed the one vegan pizza they had and also really liked the hummus platter that was so huge it could have easily been a meal. There is only one vegan pizza and you can’t customize it without being charged $2 per topping. Would have preferred the ability to add more veggies. Technically all their pizza could have vegan cheese added but most of them included meat which could be substituted but at the high price we didn’t feel it was worth it. Enjoyed our experience though. Cool location.

Pros: Atmosphere , Flavorful

Cons: Variety was lacking , High cost to substitute


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27 Sep 2022

great vegan pizza!

really loved the mozzarella they use for their pizzas, im unsure the brand but it was one the best ones i’ve had! they have two listed vegan specialty pizzas but you can also custom make your own, i had a pineapple😄very fast service as well!!

Pros: several vegan options, quick service


01 Oct 2022

when i was there i asked and they said they used good planet’s mozzarella😄it’s recently become more available in stores!!


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05 Sep 2022

Wanted to love but undercooked

Pizza was undercooked. Place was packed and didn't want to wait. I'm a pizza snob and noticed many pizzas undercooked. Seems like they were rushing people through. Bummer!!!


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19 Jul 2022

i’d give it 5 stars if i could

their Ital Vibes pizza comes 100% vegan and oh my god it was SO good. i’m usually pretty picky about vegan mozzarella because it usually makes or breaks the pizza but the cheese was SO GOOD! i very highly recommend getting this!!!

Pros: clearly marked vegan options, knowledgeable staff, food came out quickly even tho it was packed!


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07 Jul 2022


I'm a NJ pizza snob but this is solid tourist town pizza with good vegan options!


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03 May 2022

Great pizza

Got the Ital Vibes pizza, it already comes with vegan mozzarella. You can add impossible sausage on top if you want to, super tasty.

Pros: Vegan cheese/meat options


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13 Sep 2021

Great Vegan Options!

Great vegan option for pizza in Jackson, especially when eating with non-vegans (my boyfriend tells me the regular pizza is delicious too). Their two vegan pizza options are both awesome, and they take custom orders too.


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24 Jul 2021

A happy fancy of heralded doughy fabulousness.

The rare find in a town where meal rarely merits price. Here we find a pizza of renown.


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13 Jul 2021

Yummy pizza!

They have a vegan pizza on the menu with vegan mozzarella (I think daiya but not 100% sure). Great pizza and great crust! I added jalepenos to mine but otherwise ordered right off the menu!


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06 Jul 2021

Very rude staff

Very rude staff and manager.


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18 May 2021

Decent Vegan Za

Vegan pizza is pretty decent here - nothing out of this world though. Good place to go with non-vegans in Jackson!


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09 Apr 2021


They have vegan options and it is hand fire pizza. They’re gluten free options too and also the pizza crust is thin as italian style.


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02 Nov 2020

Very good!!

We ordered 1/2 and 1/2 of Bbq (my favorite) and El pablito pizza to go. Good and fast service! Creative combination and good crust.

Pros: Cheap and tasty


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17 Sep 2020

Vegan Pizza!

The restaurant currently has one vegan pizza option, though it looks like you could create a custom vegan pizza - they have 1 vegan cheese, vegan chicken, and a variety of veggie toppings. The crust was great. The service and food were fast. It seems like they want you in and out quickly - no tv in there, no WiFi, ect. Considering this is in a very busy area they probably want tables in and out quickly to avoid a long wait. You can add your name to the waitlist before you get there. Would recommend!

Pros: It’s pizza


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09 Sep 2020

Great Vegan Pizza

Very solid pizza joint with a great vegan option! Standouts are more the crust and toppings but a solid vegan cheese as well.


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08 Sep 2020


Two vegan pizza options right on the menu. I tried the bbq chicken and it was very good. Online ordering is available through their website, very convenient.


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20 Aug 2020

Great option

We got half and half large pizza. One half was a bbq pizza with vegan chikn and v mozzarella. It was topped with micro cilantro, jalapeños, and red onion. The micro cilantro actually tasted different than mature cilantro, and was really nice. The other half was v mozz with tomatoes, red sauce, arugula, and a lemon sauce. They were both good! They did not have a separate vegan menu, but vegan options can be made by substitutions.

Pros: Tasty, Decent prices

Cons: Somewhat limited options, No separate vegan menu

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