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6-28-5 Jingu Mae Ste 101, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0001

Serves meat, vegan options available. Restaurant at 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-28-5. Try the veggie burgers. Last lunch order 3:30pm and dinner 8pm. Note: In Japan kitchens often stop serving 30-60 minutes before closing time. Call ahead to confirm. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-4:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm. Weekend sometimes closed - must call ahead.

Categories: Japanese, Macrobiotic, Non-veg

59 Reviews

First Review by loisg

Decent food - Edit

Food was good but a little pricey, and small portions. Servers were very friendly.

Pros: Good food, Great service

Cons: Hard to find, Pricey

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Fill me up burger - Edit

Finally a full size veggie burger in Japan!! Had the Hanada Veggie Burger and boy was it good. Among the best I've ever had. Not cheap at 1580 yen, but worth it. Don't let Google maps lead you down the hairdresser lane. This restaurant is a little further on, just off the main street in a short arcade. It looks like a hamburger diner.


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Not a vegan restaurant. - Edit

I'm giving a 3 star rating only due to my disappointment when I reached the cafe and observed the poster out front with a photo of a platter including fish on the menu. This restaurant has been advertised as a vegan restaurant on happy cow and I think this is a disservice to other fully vegan restaurants in the area that I know would take preference to some other vegans like myself.

My partner and I have tried to eat at solely vegan restaurants most of our time in Japan to ensure no cross-contamination. Obviously to some degree you have to take what you can get here. I don't mind eating at places that only have vegan options, but when a restaurant appears to be vegan online I'm obviously pretty disappointed to find there are mainly meat courses when I get there. I apologise if this is becoming redundant.

The cafe itself was a little difficult to find at first, other reviews helped guide us, the maps direction led us down a side street to a hair dresser salon initially.

The waitress greeted us immediately and showed us to a table, she was LOVELY. The main dish we hoped to have was the vegan burger, which wasn't on the menu when we sat down, she told us the vegan burger was only on the dinner menu so we politely got up to leave as that was the only appetising thing in reviews that we had seen. Once we had walked out the door she flagged us down and told us that the chef was happy to prepare us the burger. This was such great customer service and we really appreciated the gesture so I had to mention it here. However we chose to eat at Cori Vegan Foodstand 700m down the road instead in this circumstance. I definitely wouldn't discourage anybody from eating at Hanada Rosso, I just wanted to make it clear that it isn't a solely vegan or vegetarian restaurant, in case anyone else gets the wrong impression as I did.

Pros: Attentive staff, very accommodating chef!

Cons: Simply misrepresented as a vegan restaurant.

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paulkates 05 Apr 2017 - Thank you for your post. They used to be vegan but recently changed their menu (in my opinion, in the wrong direction). As the HappyCow Tokyo Ambassodor, I apologize for the delay in updating their status.  

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Wow - Edit

It took a bit of effort to find this place, situated 20m down a shopping arcade/alley way with no visual signs from the street. Thankfully we persisted as this might be the best vegan burger I have ever had. Ever. It's more of a cafe than a restaurant, but once again, friendly staff and excellent food.

The complimentary tea was soothing, and the second meal ordered was the burger plate which was equally as good.

Do yourself a favour and check this place out!

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Large serves

Cons: Not easy to locate

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Good food. - Edit

Every vegan place is like heaven in Tokyo, since there are so few. Food at Hanada Rosso was good, though a bit pricey for what it is. Of all places, I would not go there specifically, but it's worth the stop if you're around!

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Awesome food, great staff! - Edit

Loved this place! Menu in Japanese and English and they give you a blanket during the winter months!

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Great! - Edit

We found the food and drinks to be very expensive, but honestly the quality was really good so it was worth it. We asked about dessert and were told about an off-menu pumpkin parfait that was excellent!

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Too expensive - Edit

I am very sorry to say this, because I absolutely want to support vegan restaurants, but there is a limit when it comes to prices. I have been trying many different vegan places here in Tokyo, so I decided to try Hanada Rosso as well for dinner. The cheapest price on the menu is 1680¥ (for the burger for example). That s ridiculous, even for Tokyo standards.

Pros: english menu

Cons: price

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Ehh - Edit

Hanada Rosso was pretty easy to locate, and the English signs were very helpful in ordering. The staff was pleasant. I ordered the summer special cold brown rice noodles (¥1,188). It was pretty expensive (¥980-¥1500). Small selection, only 4 options, and I didn't like how it seemed so based on fried foods. I tried to order the healthiest dish, which seemed to be the noodles. The food didn't take to long to come out, but I was disappointed in the bland flavor, and how it too come with fried soy meat. I left feeling comfortably full though, just the right amount of food. I'll come back though one more time maybe to try the famed burger, but for now, the restaurant was just a meh.

Pros: Fully vegan, English

Cons: Fried food, Bland taste, Pretty expensive

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Average food - Edit

It was difficult to find this place using Google map, but some of the reviews were quite helpful.
I had a lunch there. Menu was quite limited and I choose a plate which included soy croquettes, rice, soup, and salad. Everything had an average taste. Berry smoothie cost 800y and had a lot of ice - almost a half of the glass.
So I think the food is overpriced and I wouldn't return there again.

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-30

Pros: Vegan food, location

Cons: overpriced, small choice

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Bad customer service - Edit

I went to Hanada Rosso with my boyfriend. He already ate, so I just wanted to have a burger. I was so hungry because I haven't found vegan food for me that day. We were the only customers at Hanada Rosso and I ordered one vegan burger but the waitress pointed on the menu and showed me: "One order per customer, no sharing!"
I told her I don't want to share, I will eat alone. Only one burger for me, no share! But she kept pointing on this sentence "No share!" Then my boyfriend went out and wanted to wait for me outside and I asked the waitress: "And now I can order?" And she said: "Yes!"
I was so hungry and the only customer and this restaurant is so disrespectful and refused me to order! Of course I went out totally mad without ordering, because they want me to sit alone to eat and my bf is standing outside??? I will never go to this restaurant again and can not recommend it when customer service is important for you.

Pros: Good location

Cons: Bad customer service, They wanted me to sit alone

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healthy and yum - Edit

I went here for lunch and had the croquet set which was really great. I liked it because it was healthy served with fresh salad and brown rice. It was really tasty and I appreciated eating it. I had a cake but it was rather small (even for Japan slices) the flavors were really well thought out and was perfectly balanced.
I was a bit upset though because I was there with my boyfriend who had already eaten and was accompanying me while I had lunch. He wasn't able to stay because he didn't order a meal so I found that quite rude. The cafe was empty and we weren't sharing a meal. I felt like that experience was enough for me to not go back and find the next vegan option in that area.

Pros: healthy well balanced meal

Cons: service

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First, but certainly not last visit - Edit

The Hanada Rosso restaurant has been in Tokyo for 7 years now. Yet, I never managed to eat there because of their "fickle" opening hours (closed on Monday, weekdays open from 11.30 - 16.00 and then from 17.30 to 21.00 weekends 12.00 - 21.00). Whenever I was there, the place was closed. But not today! So we dove in and ordered a big meal.

I had the much discussed hamburger and loved it. It is strong flavoured and satisfying like fast food, but of course much more healthy. I could taste the high quality ingredients, even when fried and stuffed with sauce. The lettuce actually had a very mild dressing, so one can actually taste the lettuce. Well done!

My friend ordered the "meal of the day" with high quality brown rice, fresh vegetables and gluten based soy meat. Since the portion was a bit on the small side, we also ordered the fried soy meat. All very satisfying! Do note that many items on the menu change by the season or even by the day. In other words: "your mileage may vary".

Yet, I do not agree with those who say this is the best vegan place in Tokyo or even the world. The quality is far above average and can best be compared to Chaya Macrobiotics (Hibya / Shiodome). Also, one clearly notices the food is prepared with care and passion for the job.

Finally, here's how to find Hanada Rosso:
- locate Tokyu Plaza and the Condomania in Harajuku (both famous and easy to spot places)
- Move away from Tokyu Plaza into the direction of Condomania and follow that street
- After 2 or 3 minutes you'll find a Dr. Martens shop
- Next is "Q Plaza" and "Hawaiian Cafe & Dinner" (second floor)
- Walk into the ally under Hawaiian Cafe & Dinner
- 10 seconds later you arrive.
- Sit down, order, enjoy!

Pros: strong taste, prepared with care and passion, high quality ingredients

Cons: complicated opening hours, not cheap (but worth it), menu changes a lot

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原宿附近的素食 - Edit


Pros: 無蛋奶的餐點,供茹素者安心食用。

Cons: 餐點都是大餐,沒有小點心或小菜色

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Satisfying hamburger! - Edit

I visited this place en route to seeing the Meiji Jingu shrine and it certianly kept me going for a busy day of sight seeing. The burger was tasty and I would definitely recommend this place!

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Vegan in Harajuku - Edit

English menu available and several different lunch options.
Food was served relatively quickly and was very tasty.
The atmosphere is good!

Pros: super tasty, Relaxing atmosphere , healthy

Cons: A bit pricey

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A bit too pricy for me - Edit

Yesterday I went to Hanada Rosso and ordered the hamburger and a 12 in 1 veggie juice (can't remember the exact name but it was something like that). I enjoyed the side dishes, and the hamburger was really good, but it was so small it seemed like another another side dish... The juice simply tasted like tomato juice and it was red so I'm wondering what the other 11 veggies were. I didn't get very full, just enough to not be hungry anymore, but if it wasn't for the price I would definitely have tried some dessert. I paid 2010yen which is expensive compared to other places I've been to. I might come back sometime only if I'm in the Harajuku area and don't have more options available.

Pros: The hamburger was very good. Enjoyed the side dish

Cons: Too pricy. Tiny hamburger.

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Good little vegan spot - Edit

Good little vegan lunch spot in the harajuku area. The restaurant wasn't too hard to find; it's located in a mini plaza on a side street (take a right after the Dr Martens store) and there was a sign outside indicating the direction of the restaurant. There is English on the menu which is helpful, and while there were only about 4 meal options on the menu there was an abundant amount of items on the special menu. Ordered the veggie burger (which was delicious) and a slice of cake for dessert (also delicious), which was a very small portion but just the right amount for one person in my opinion. The space has a cafe like atmosphere and is quite small, but many spaces in Tokyo are quite small. The restaurant is also cash only!!!

Pros: Easy to find, Good portion

Cons: Small space, Slow service

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Memorably delicious! - Edit

I tried the veggie burger as recommended, and I'm glad I did. It was so delicious, and so were the accompanying soup, salad, and potatoes. The menus had plenty of English and photos, which was helpful. Some things are pretty pricy, especially drinks, but it's worth it for the quality and not having to worry about what's vegan. The place had a nice atmosphere too, and a good playlist (Stevie Wonder et al.).

Other food details: Each person is required to order at least one dish, so my friend who had already eaten got the ham and potatoes and really enjoyed it. We thought the banana milkshake was a little too icy and would try a different beverage next time. And I wish we'd been able to try something from the dessert menu--everything sounded great!

Pros: English menu, cozy atmosphere, delicious food

Cons: Not cheap

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One of the best restaurants in Harajuku. - Edit

There are not a whole lot of vegan restaurants in Harajuku area but this sure is one of my favorite places.

Its unfortunate that they closed down the burger joint but this place has one of the best burger and the hamburg.

If you have not tried it while you are in Tokyo, you must.

Absolutely amazing!

Pros: delciousness, moderately priced, dessert

Cons: lack of variety, some menu are bit overpriced

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Great burger - Edit

Great burger especially after three days of deep fried soy and rice in Tokyo. We had a vegetable burger which comes with potatoes and few leafs of salad. It's very tasty. We got a tablet to chose our dish and it s all in english with description of every plate. Place closes at 20:30 and last orders are at 20:00 so dont be late. We ordered a cake after 20:00 and it was not possible any more. Place is more of a lunch or early dinner joint. It has a fast food restaurant atmosphere.

Pros: Tasty burger

Cons: Early closing time

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Good choice - Edit

We arrived at 2.30pm and the staff ignored us for atleast 15 mins before we sat down on our own. The only item not sold out on the menu was the burger. Good thing the burger was delicious! Along with the soy banana shake which was also very tasty! Would come back here again for sure.

Pros: tasty food

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Good food, not easy to find - Edit

Not a lot of choices but the choices are good, well seasoned, full of flavor. Love the produce, so vibrant, so full of color.

Love the soy ice cream but the cheesecake was too burnt for me.

Was a little hard to find, you need to go inside a side street. Once you get inside the side street, you'll see it immediately.

Pros: lots of choices, soy ice cream is good

Cons: a little hard to find, cheesecake was burnt

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Good if you're in the neighbourhood - Edit

Although I would not go out of my way to come here, I eat here whenever I'm in harajuku/omotesando.. Yummy burgers, curries, and desserts, friendly staff, relatively easy to find. Downside is their menu is quite small.

Pros: Good location near Harajuku

Cons: Limited menu , a bit pricey

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Burger and smoothie stop near Harajuku station... - Edit

I finally got to eat at this place after missing out the first time because the hours had changed. There is just a little bit of difficulty with the Maps directions, which leads you to a back street, so just continue along this street until you get to the end and turn right towards Meijidori, go past Dr Marten and you'll see a sign. The place feels a bit like a kitchen: white with Formica tables and red chairs and trim. After ordering a vegetable burger (vegie patty burger) and blueberry smoothie in my best Japanese (although I was given an English menu), I received a cup of simple vegetable soup. The meal soon arrived and I tried a chip from the burger plate: just a little bit 'home-made' tasting and slightly substandard unfortunately. The burger was fine, if nothing amazing. The smoothie was not what I expected - in a good way - a thick, dense blue-red liquid with no soy (or other) milk in it. It was absolutely delicious, more like a crush than a smoothie. There were some nice-looking desserts on offer but I was just too full on this occasion. Good to know this place is here, just a few minutes from Harajuku station.

Pros: Excellent blueberry smoothie

Cons: Chips not great

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Fresh, Healthy & Comforting - Edit

The menu of savory items may be small, but you can't go wrong. We were presented with 3 options - their famous veggie burger platter, a curry, and the chef's daily special. We ordered the burger (like a delicious homemade meatball with red sauce atop a few spaghetti strands) and the chef's special (a spicy mixed veggie dish), both of which came with brown rice, a generous salad, and a tasty broth.

it all tasted healthy, fresh, and definitely homemade. The perfect fuel midway through and afternoon of shopping!

They also provided an English menu and the shop was pleasant & cozy.
Updated from previous review on Monday June 15, 2015

Pros: healthy, fresh

Cons: small menu of entrees, cash only

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Sweet Jesus - Edit

This food was good. It was very good.
The soy milkshakes were better. Better than good.
And the chocolate cake was better than that.

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