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Serves meat, vegan options available. Small sushi restaurant located between Chukoku-no-mori station on the Hakone Tozan line (the switchback train) and the Hakone open air museum. Offers several vegan options which are marked by colored dots in the menu, including: cucumber sushi, root vegetable sushi, inari, edamame, cold tofu, and cucumber slices with garlic miso paste. The staff appear to understand the meaning of the word vegetarian. Open Mon-Wed 9:00am-8:00pm, Fri-Sun 9:00am-8:00pm. Hours reported to be irregular - call ahead/check website.

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35 Reviews

First Review by BrigidM


Points +44

29 Mar 2023

Nice local place, good sushi

Nice small sushi place, helpful staff, quick service if you happen to be there at the right time (we were waiting at the door a couple of minutes before opening). Only two people working there as I see, so you might need to wait during busy times. Only a few options but good ones. We went there twice during two days in Hakone.

Pros: Clearly marked veg(etarian=vegan) options, Nice staff, Authentic athmosphere

Cons: Small place (may need to wait), Opening times vary if they sell out



Points +29

26 Mar 2023

Veganes Sushi und Seidentofu

Kleiner Sushiladen in der Nähe com Bahnhof, englische Speisekarte vorhanden, vegetarische Optionen sind extra markiert. Super wenn ihr mit Nicht-Veganern zusammen essen gehen wollt. Wir haben Maki sowie Seidentofu bestellt und waren begeistert, vor allem von der Frische!! Wir haben nicht alles geschafft und der Koch hat uns freundlicherweise eine Takeaway Box zur Verfügung gestellt. Hinweis: ab 18 Uhr fahren nur noch Busse und es kann danach sehr schwierig sein, zurück zum Hotel zu finden. Der Koch war sehr hilfsbereit und hat uns ein Taxi bestellt

Pros: Frische Zubereitung, Vegetarische Optionen leicht erkenntlich , Freundlicher Service

Cons: Wartezeit (1h)


Points +879

15 Mar 2023

Great vegan sushi

One of the only places to get a vegan dinner in the area, and much appreciated. I got the Norimaki Mix which was six each of cucumber, dried gourd, and radish pickle rolls, and only for 810 Yen. Enjoyed watching sumo on the tv while I ate 😀


Points +322

02 Jul 2021

Actual vegan sushi!

Well this is rare. Actual vegan sushi.
The chef knows that it's not just about taking out the fish. He specifically mentioned he does not soak the inari beancurd skins in fish dashi like everywhere else. He also uses vinegar that doesn't contain fish.
I had the veg maki set (that's fairly typical) and the inari set plus a side of silken tofu with grated radish (I eat a lot).
Very good all round!


Points +599

26 Sep 2020

Vegan sushi!!!

Not something I find often here in Japan and that is delicious vegan friendly sushi. Friendly mom and pop restaurant that accommodates vegans and Vegetarians. Order the 1, 3, and 5.

Pros: Vegan sushi

Cons: Carnist sushi


Points +82

10 Mar 2020


Cute little sushi place right next to the open air museum. The Inari was insanely good! I also had cucumber maki which was yummy. There were a few other options too with clear markings

Pros: Inari was amazing


Points +33

17 Feb 2020

Best inari sushi in Japan!

Absolutely loved their vegan sushi! Would have given 5 stars if I could, despite the fairly limited options.

On the plus side, everything vegan was clearly marked in the menu.

We had the miso cucumber starter, followed by the mixed sushi plate and mixed inari plate. It was all amazing sushi, but the inari especially was incredible! I'd say it's a must eat for anyone passing by Hakone. We returned the day after to eat there once more before leaving.

There were even two parking spaces outside the restaurant, which we weren't expecting.

Pros: The best inari sushi, Clearly marked vegan, Genuine japanese restaurant

Cons: Few vegan choices


Points +68

25 Dec 2019

Delicious maki and inari

They have a set of vegetarian makis and inari which were delicious, probably the best we had this trip in Japan. Friendly service and nice atmosphere.

They close as soon as they sell out their stock and have a fairly limited supply. If you want to be sure you get a meal then it's best to come Early.

Pros: Delicious vegetarian sushi

Cons: Closing time can be unpredictable


Points +110

04 Dec 2019

Life saver !!

Small traditional cozy sushi restaurant. There are samples in front of the shop for take away it’s easy to order. They make fresh one after each order like eat inside.
Walkable from Gora station.

Pros: Using organic rice

Cons: I hope they have avocado sushi !


Points +17

29 Sep 2019

Very good sushi, nice owners, next to trainstation

The menu had colored dots to indicate the veggie options, Kudos!

The sushi we had were a mix of vegatarian dishes and fish dishes. Both were very good in terms of taste, and there were plenty of options to pick from.

The owners are typical Japanese: very kind, helpful and considerate. They also speak a good amount of English!

Ideally combined with a trip using the authentic Hakone Tozan train!

Pros: Vegatarian options marked in menu by dots, English menu and speaking owners


Points +126

14 Aug 2019

delicious small sushi joint

cute little traditional japanese place, has no meat on the menu but obviously fish. vegan options marked with coloured dots, good amount of variety. was delicious! if going to the open air museum is a Must go.

Pros: delicious vegan sushi, clearly marked veg options , homemade/traditional

Cons: small place


Points +24

02 Aug 2019

Best Goddamn Inari

Inarizushi is kind of my thing and I’ve tried it it many places in and out of Japan, from homemade to convenience stores to restaurants, and this place has the. top. stuff. Superior to any other I’ve tried in every way. My friend and I ordered our meals including some of it, ate, looked at each other, and then ordered another set of six inari because they’re goddamn excellent. This place knows what they’re doing. Also the other food is great- the rice in all the sushi is noticeably good and the cucumber miso sauce stuff tastes awesome. Please treat yourself to this experience and then go enjoy the art museum next door.


Points +13612

28 Jun 2019

Good choice of vegan sushi

Large choice of vegan sushi, small but cosy place. We had kappa maki, inarizushi, and a large mix of vegetable sushi. Definitely recommended.

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-28

Pros: good choice of vegan sushi


Points +86

26 May 2019

Totally fine, but not better

There are not a lot of options here, but there ARE options here, which makes it a safe bet.
Cucumbers in miso are pretty good, the other vegan options are simple sushi rolls.
In a town of few options, this isn’t at all bad (also happened to be the only veg-vetted place open at 6:45 on a Sunday evening


Points +246

17 Nov 2018

Tried to go here and it was closed

Walked here and it was closed at 1pm. No sign out or anything. Others have had the same experience. Maybe it's good but I wouldn't travel to get here as it might not be open.

Cons: Closed for no reason

Jessica Bailey

Points +176

06 Oct 2018

Thank goodness for this place!

It is really difficult to get vegan food in Hakone so were so happy to come here. Very close to the open air art gallery and easy to find. Vegan options were all delicious. We had the selection of vegetable sushi, inari and cucumber slices with garlic miso paste (yum!) and tofu. Don't be put of by a cold block of tofu, this is nothing like tofu in Australia, it's actually delicious on it's own with a tiny bit of seasoning.

I'd rate it as 5 stars if I could.

Other than this place, in Hakone we lived on seaweed rice triangles with pickled plum from seven eleven.

Updated from previous review on 2018-10-06

Pros: Delicious vegan options, Good location, Nice ambience & staff


Points +42

01 Oct 2018


The tofu sushi was too sweet for me, but the price was good and friendly staff. Meny with veg. marking and the staff will tell you if you ask.


Points +20

25 Jul 2018

just wow

would have put this as a five star but you can’t - incredibly nice simple food with the inari and miso cucumber being highlights for a very affordable price - was nice to get variation on just cucumber maki for a vegan sushi option (the inari was the best i’ve ever had and i’ve been living off it for a week)

Pros: great vegan food , inexpensive


Points +33

14 Jul 2018

Delicious Sushi with AMAZING Owners

This sushi was a bright spot in an otherwise disaster of a trip to Hakone. I had planned out going for dinner to this restaurant since vegetarian options in the area were very limited. When we arrived, we were sad to find out the restaurant was closed due to the owner being at a town meeting. We were however invited in by the owners wife who opened the restaurant JUST FOR US. She was incredibly friendly and prepared a to-go order just for us. There were a few vegetarian options and the sushi was sushi was really incredible. If you’re in town please stop by for some great food and excellent people.


Points +76

27 May 2018

Cheap and tasty food in Hakone. A must go to!

Amazing place with vegan options that saved our lives in Hakone:) I definitely recommend it to vegans and vegetarians, worth visiting (we went there 2 in 2 days!). Very friendly staff, easy to read menu with pictures and easy to find as it is just next to the open air museum:)

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Easy to find

Cons: None


Points +52

25 May 2018

Delicious and cheap!

This is such a great find in Hakone. The veg options around town are very very limited, so this was a gem! 3 rolls (18 pieces) were only 750 yen! And 6 Inari for only 550! It tasted great and it’s located right next to the Open Air Museum. Menu has little indicators next to vegetarian items and you can even just get takeout if you want. Highly recommended!

Pros: Cheap, Tastes good, Owners are very nice

Cons: Limited options


Points +64

21 May 2018

Charming and welcoming little sushi spot

We went here as it was virtually our only option for vegan food on our Hakone day trip and we were so pleasantly surprised. Out front are a variety of example meals for the takeaway options, with veggie options clearly marked in English and Japanese. Inside, the menu is a photo book, again with veggie options clearly indicated. It's also easy to point at what you want if your Japanese isn't too hot. The restaurant is very charming, and the staff were extremely kind and welcoming. The food took a little while to come as it was all being made fresh, but it was totally worth the wait, especially as it included the best inari I've ever had - sweet, rich and slightly caramelised. The prices are also extremely low for the quality of the food - my wife and I ate for ¥1250. You just walk up to the till when you're ready to pay. Highly recommended for anyone spending time in Hakone!

Pros: High quality sushi for a low price, Welcoming atmosphere

Cons: Service can be a little slow owing to the small sc


Points +18

19 May 2018

Cute, traditional place

There really aren’t that many options in Hakone but this place at least has some vegan options and some more marked as vegetarian. We were very happy with our food and options, even though they were quite limited.

Pros: Vegetarian food items are marked, Great service


Points +36

Mostly Veg
01 May 2018

Nice small sushi resturant with vegetarian option

Very hard to find better vegetarian friendly option in Hakone. I tried to have lunch in another cafe but Kappei is probably the best one.

Pros: Vegetarian option easy to understand, Good quality


Points +740

31 Mar 2018

Clearly marked vegetarian options

The sign in the window mentions vegetarian items, which is unusual for this area. There are a couple of sushi options and tofu pockets filled with rice, all of which are really nice.


Points +15

18 Dec 2017

the truth about inari

Hate to break it to y'all, but inari is made using dashi (fish broth). It is neither truly vegetarian or vegan. :(


17 Jan 2018

Nah inari's good! It's just that sometimes they use it as flavouring in the rice, which is mostly only really a problem if you go to an upper end sushi bar. You just have to double check whenever you go anywhere that serves rice.

Believe me, I'm hardcore allergic to fish and these inari were delicious; I would not be typing this comment if they had added dashi.


Points +18

17 Nov 2017

so good!

I'd give it 5 stars but it's not fully vegetarian so I'm not allowed? Stupid. Anyways, the sushi here was so good. I ate so fast because I couldn't slow down. I got a veggie mix, it's right under the cucumber roll on the menu. It's the same price and you get to try a variety. Edamame was so good as well. Also, it was my first time trying the tofu sushi but it tasted almost like a dessert. Loved every bite! The owner asked if we wanted water or green tea, and we opted for green tea (there's cups there is you want water too). It was a bit on the pricier side, especially for the meat eaters. My boyfriend wanted a variety but just one was about 1700 yen so he got some other things. Oh yeah, he also loved my rolls!

Pros: delicious , easy to find, authentic

Cons: pricy , more options would be nice but it's not bad

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