Vegetarian German cafe chain with a main focus on porridge with a variety of vegan toppings and add-ins. The menu also includes vegan ready-made Mediterranean-style bowls, energy balls, and cakes. Vegan choices are all clearly labeled. Plant-based milk alternatives available. Some locations may also offer vegan sandwiches, salads and wraps. Please note that most locations offer minimal or no seating. Open Mon-Fri 06:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 07:00-20:00.

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First Review by MichaelYiasemides


Points +1099

23 Jul 2023

Good place to go when passing through

Vegan options are clearly labeled.
I had a sandwich with grilled vegetables which was okay but not mindblowing though still better than other train station sandwiches I've had.
Sadly not entirely vegan.



Points +378

12 Jul 2023

Haferkater with proper culs and dishes

Unlike some other train station Haferkater cafés, this one serves coffee and food in real crockery when eating-in. Seating limited: narrow, some high stools.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-12


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09 Jul 2023

Best porridge ever

I love this place! Very good falafel wrap, their porridge is amazing, even their cappuccino is quite good! I didn't expect such quality at the train station, super good!


Points +1522

18 Jun 2023

Great breakfast

Perfect stop before you go on a trip. I especially loved their banana bread and the summer special porridge with berries and apple. Coffee is great as well! Not especially cheap but good quality, friendly staff and healthy in comparison to other options at the main station.


Points +233

02 Apr 2023

Tasty and healthy snacks

Good for food on the go


Points +372

29 Dec 2022

Excellent for breakfast

The porridge is really good. They have several clearly labeled vegan options. I like to go there before a train trip and take some porridge with me on the train.


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Non Veg
21 Dec 2022

Lieblings Café wenn unterwegs

Sehr guter Kaffee! So ein gemütlicher Café sogar am Bahnhof und nettes Personal! Die Sauberkeit ist das Wichtigste.

Ich bin immer gerne bereit, vor Ausflügen einen Kaffee und ein Bananenbrot zu trinken. Der Karottenkuchen ist ein MUSS!!!
Der Curcuma Latte ist köstlich und alle Getränke im Allgemeinen, saisonal und klassisch.

Der Kaffee ist ausgezeichnet, einer meiner Lieblingskaffees! Weich und duftend 👍🏻

Pros: Alles köstlich, Tolle Getränke, Freundliches Service


Points +1770

26 Sep 2022

Delicious porridge

Food bar located inside the train station. They serve different varieties of porridge (5 vegan options), as well as vegan bowls and wraps. They also have different non-dairy milks available, including soya milk (my favourite, hard to find in Germany). The food is very good and the portions are big. The seating options aren't the best, they only have 6 stools, it's more like a take-away place.

Pros: Delicious porridge, Many vegan options, Soya milk!

Cons: Seating options aren’t the best


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02 Apr 2022

5 stars from what we tried

We got a lemon slice and banana bread before heading to our train. both moist and very tasty. No pics because we smashed them so fast :(


Points +302

03 Feb 2022

Zero waste, delicious, cozy, fast

A choice of porridges, of which 5 types are vegan, plus four hafer bowls (Cesar, Greek, hummus and falafel), a big choice of high quality vegan hot chocolate and coffee with three types of plant milk to choose from. To go options packed in cardboard ❤️ I didn’t spot any single use plastic. Small tastefully decorated eat in space. Cheap. Love it, even in spite of non-vegan options!

Pros: Excellent quality , Fast - nice if you’re changing trains, Zero waste


Points +1249

12 Dec 2021

Guter Kaffee!

Toll am Bahnhof einen guten veganen Cappuccino zu bekommen! Außerdem gibt es noch Salat, einen veganen Wrap und Bowls.

Cons: Das Café heißt Haferkater, für Hafermilch muss man, 50ct extra bezahlen


Points +1628

20 Jun 2021

Delicious food

Had the lemon poppyseed cake and it was simply divine. The portion was also super generous.
Loved the vegan burrito wrap as well. So amazing to have these vegan choices directly at the main train station. I took all my food to go and was so happy! Would definitely come back. The staff were super friendly

Pros: Variety of vegan foods and treats , Friendly staff, Right at the train station

Cons: A bit pricey but it’s at a train station😉


Points +1169

23 Oct 2020

Porridge and cakes, bowls and wraps

Haferkater offers more than just porridge, there would have been 2 delicious-looking vegan bowls and a vegan caesar wrap as well! However, I only tried one of their seasonal porridges, with pear, almonds, chocolate and raspberries! It was very good and filling. Haferkater is located within the central station and although the store itself looks very inviting, the seating options aren't the best and it's more a take-away place. Most dishes are vegan. Great option when at the station!


Points +1188

19 Oct 2020

Schmackhafter Haferbrei

Wer auf der Suche nach einem leckeren Snack ist, der ist bei Haferkater an der richtigen Adresse. Ich fand es sehr lecker und das Personal war zuvorkommend. Preis Leistung passt hier voll und ganz.

Pros: Leckerer Haferbrei, Freundliches Personal


Points +3590

14 Sep 2020

Delicious Hot Chai-Chocolate

Staff was friendly. Food was served very fast. 4 out of 7 porridge options are vegan. Some could probably made vegan if they left out the honey and replaced it with agave syrup or something like that -> ask staff.
All drinks can be made vegan but you'll pay 50 cents more for the plant milk.
My porridge was delicious but very sweet but that's probably 'cause i got the one with chocolate.
There are just a few chairs to sit down. No toilet.

Pros: Many vegan options, Service very fast, Good for take away

Cons: No toilet


Points +229

23 Aug 2020

Good vegan selection

Out of three cakes two where vegan. Coffee with soy or oat milk option.


Points +40

21 Aug 2020

Super nice place at hbf

We had a nice breakfast at this place. Latte with oatmilk, porridge and bananabread, everything was super good! They have take away or you can sit in there and its quite cute.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap (for 7€ a very nice breakfast)

Cons: None


Points +2720

26 Jul 2020

Go-to place at central station

I already knew Haferkater from Berlin, but just had to go there for their amazing "Naschkater" porridge with chocolate, maple syrup, and bananas!💗Also if you don't want porridge, they're the vegan go-to place at Dresden central station: they also have cakes, salads, and wraps - all of them vegan!

Pros: Quick, Centrally located , Amazing porridge

Cons: Almost only takeaway, no seating


Points +71

Mostly Veg
22 Feb 2020

Veganer Café

Schönes Stehbistro, nettes Personal und sehr leckerer Cappuccino, mit Hafermilch gegen Aufpreis von 50 ct möglich. Hab ich dann etwas zähneknirschend bezahlt: auch wenn die Hafermilch im EK teurer ist, ist es in meinen Augen eine Haltungsfrage, das für alle beste Produkt günstiger anzubieten, damit die Kaufkraft gestärkt wird. Gerne mal reflektieren.

Cons: Hafermilch kostet beim Cappuccino extra


Points +32

31 Jan 2020

Leckeres, veganes Mittagessen

Haferkater ist mein Lieblingsstop in Bahnhofsumgebung. Die Auswahl an Porridges ist groß und für jeden ist was dabei.
Jeder Porridge ist dabei vegan, Kaffee kann man auch mit Hafer oder Sojamilch trinken, der To-Go-Becher ist aus umweltfreundlicher Pappe und man kann sich einen Löffel aus Holz mitnehmen. Und die Preise sind im Vergleich zum Angebot in der Nähe und die Qualität auch sehr gut.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Environmentally friendly, Nice style and friendly personnel


Points +44

29 Sep 2019

Unser Lieblingsstop in DD

Leckeres Porridge und Bowls. Klasse für ein gesundes und richtig super leckeres Frühstück vor der Reise oder vor der Arbeit.

Pros: Viele tolle Haferkater-Varianten , Alles frisch zubereitet , Sehr liebes Personal

Cons: Gar nichts!


Points +99

25 Aug 2019

Portofrei and bowls, only vegan and vegetarian

I had one of the bowls -the one with hummus and it was really tasty. The portion was Not that Big but for me it was ok. The vegan plates are clearly marked. I didn‘t Tee the porridge.

Pros: Many vegan options, Nice and quick serving , Healthyer than most fast food

Cons: Expensive for the amount of food


Points +77

21 Aug 2019

Delicious breakfast before you board.

We really enjoyed our porridge. There's an area to sit down if you don't want to take it to go. Vegan options are clearly labelled.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Honey in granola


Points +59

19 Jul 2019

Tasty Food, Conviniently Located, Good Opening Times

They do mostly oat porridge with various toppings like fruits, chocolate, etc. They also have a vegan wrap which is quite good, a vegan banana bread, and some kind of quinoa bowl that I didn't try.

It's in the main station and has very good opening times (but do check their website because I think the times on Happy Cow are not entirely correct).

I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because on one day the waitress gave me one vegan and one vegetarian wrap when I asked for two vegan ones, and I only found out later. Also, I think all their options could easily be vegan, so I don't see why they don't do this.

Pros: Good Opening Times, Good Location

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