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Asian / Korean grocery chain that selling a variety of mostly imported foods. Has vegan items like tofu, soy products, and soymilk as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by savetheanimals


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04 Nov 2020

Huge selection.

Do yourself a favor and check out their pre-packaged kimchi selection.



Points +252

17 Feb 2020

Huge Selection

I prefer my local one because it's smaller and less crowded, but you can't beat the selection here. It's hard to navigate inside because it's so busy and the aisles are really narrow, but they have so much stuff. If you're trying to find something here, chances are you'll be successful. It's almost overwhelming just how much is in here.


Points +450

04 Aug 2017

great produce

I like this store because of the produce variety. I was able to find whole frozen durian here for $2.99/lb. I'd definitely come again.

Pros: tropical fruit, some organics


Points +94

08 Apr 2013

cheep soy milk and bulk tofu

I have only been to two Asian markets so far. This h mart and lotte. I plan on exploring more of them in the future. I like h mart way better then lotte because A. It doesn't smell like fish as much. B. It looked like there were more vegan options. Both h mart and lotte have soy milk and bulk tofu. The soy puffs are just small tofu bites. They don't just have cheep soy milk and bulk tofu. They also have cheep individual tofu and fruit. None of the candy is vegan. All of them have non organic sugar and non organic sugar is made with bone char. I feel that Asian grocery stores have something to start with for vegans. Bulk tofu and soy milk. I didn't really have time to explore the Hispanic section but I am sure that they have something vegan in there. I think if we vote with our dollars we can make Asian markets even more vegan. Talking to the Asian grocery stores and letting them know we want more vegan options will let them know they have vegan customers. I feel that the health food stores are to expensive and if we show them they have competition they might lower there prices. They have to throw away anything that doesn't get sold and goes past it's expiration date. If they sell in bulk they can sell food more cheaply because it guarantees that the food will get sold. I want bulk vegan food and Asian grocery stores are the place to get it. Since I have only been to two Asian grocery stores I can't really say h mart is the best Asian grocery store but it is the best one I have been to. I hate cooking and Amy's meals are expensive. I have been buying the restaurant size tofu and soy sauce. (any other sauce in Asian markets is to expensive and the point in coming here is to save money)I take one block of tofu out at a time and have been dipping the tofu in the soy sauce. I finish the tofu every week and don't waste any.

Pros: bulk tofu, more vegans come = more vegan friendly, soy milk

Cons: has animal products, more animals then average grocery store

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