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Vegetarian cafe serving dishes like clay pot bak kut teh, nasi lemak, ramen, and bento. Est. Dec 2017. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Peace ...


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05 Oct 2023

Vegetarian food

Sells various alcarte rice and noodles like local delight such as chicken rice, laksa, merubus,etc



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01 Sep 2023

Yummy local delights

Quite special food options at Grove

Pros: Quite different food options, Bundle with drink set option


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16 Aug 2023

Vegetarian Delights

The rendang nasi lemak is good. Mee rebus was very decent but mee siam not quite up to mark.

Dining experience is good with bright and pleasant settings.
Service is as expected.
Price is fair and reasonable for this eatery.
Overall rating - 3.5 stars :

Pros: Pleasant atmosphere


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07 Apr 2023

Hainanese curry chicken and nasi lemak is good! The rest, can skip

Excellent portions and well curated for both the curry chicken and Nasi lemak! Have tried the other dishes but find it super average and small portions

Pros: Many dishes , Easy location at paya lebar, Big portions for the both dishes mentioned

Cons: On the pricer side if u other other dishes


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26 Nov 2022

Few vegan options, small portion size

Only chicken rice and asam fish are vegan, very small portion size. $9 for small plate of chicken rice is overpriced, can get two or more portions cheaper at most hawkers. Tastes quite standard, very oily chilli sauce.


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16 Sep 2022


The price is expensive and a small portion for noodles.

Pros: Tables setting is friendly for single or couple

Cons: Expensive


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14 Aug 2022

Unfriendly staff

Staff mentioned no mains serve in early morning. Ordered sticky rice w abalone, staff also say don’t have 😰

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-14

Pros: Different variety

Cons: Expensive , Unfriendly staff, stuffy environment , No mains served if you come early morning


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19 Jun 2022

Best nasi lemak in Singapore

1. Nasi lemak
Their nasi lemak has been voted as the best nasi lemak in Singapore by VSS members 2021, everything was just on point for me, really the best nasi lemak in Singapore, most recommended.

2. Truffle La Mian
One of their signature dishes, flavourful enough, recommended.

3. Laksa La Mian
For me i like it, as the spiciness was there, generous portion too, recommended.

4. Chicken sesame oil mee sua
Really good, tastes as good as the real non-vegetarian one, recommended


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Mostly Veg
17 May 2022

Veg bak chor mee

The veg bak chor mee was light and yummy - the bak chor was crumbled tau kwa (extra protein, yay!)

Lots of vegetarian alternatives to local delights too. You may need to ask which are vegan though.


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29 Sep 2021

Rendang Nasi Lemak

*I request without egg.

Overall it is nice but I wish that the "otah" and "rendang" could be a little less salty.
Rice is fragrance but a little "wet" to personal liking.
Definitely will dine at Grove Cafe again.
Ps. The truffle lamian looks good too.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29

Pros: Big portion, Value for money

Cons: A little salty


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10 Jul 2021

Rendang with blue-pea nasi lemak

Went back to have this delicious meal and it was tasty to the last grain of rice

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-27

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-27

Pros: Tasty and authentic


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06 Mar 2021

Great tasting food

Not too much variety and place is a bit stuffy as Aircon is not cool enough. However, the delicious food made up for everything.


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18 Jan 2021

Good variety

Good variety of food options. Indicates on the menu whether an item has dairy, eggs. Has snacks too.

Pros: Near to MRT station


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11 Oct 2020

RECO! decent AND healthy chewy la mian! 🍜🌱

came with low expectations from the reviews but i’ve to say i’m a quite impressed! well-furbished place with large seating area and friendly staff. menu has clearly labelled vegan options too (tho limited options ☹️)

loved how we left feeling healthy and satisfied 🤍 la mian noodles are chewy and yummy too. good place for a healthy hearty meal.

here’s what we ordered:
1. truffle la mian $8.80 [vegan] 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
1st of all, i can barely taste the truffle 😂. but i can overlook that as the sauce is really good! generous portion of mushrooms and la mian, topped with sweet nai bai cabbage.

2. herbal la mian $7.80 [vegan] 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
i forgot to take a pic of this 🤦🏻‍♀️. clear broth with a moderate herbal flavour! served nice and warm. i can’t quite put how i feel about it in words but it’s worth a try! yumz

3. braised mushroom (lu rou) la mian $6.80 [vegetarian] 👍🏻👍🏻
egg can be omitted to make it vegan but do note eggs are still cooked in the same broth as the other ingredients! i’m personally not comfortable with that, but i heard it tastes good!

4. laksa la mian $7.80 [vegetarian] 👍🏻
same situation as above. didn’t try it but i heard it tasted fine! geylang stall is still definitely the go-to place for vegan laksa!

5. kaya butter toast [vegetarian]

6. hot/cold homemade barley $1 (w set meal) $2.40 (ala carte)
the traditional kind, pretty good! not overly sweet either. lots of barley pearls too yasss ☺️

overall, i enjoyed my meal there! a little pricey but given the environment, quality of the ingredients and good portion, is say it’s rather worth it! would love to see more vegan options on the menu in the future!

Pros: large portion , friendly staff, vegan options labelled

Cons: poor ventilation (has a little smell), long waiting time, small menu/limited vegan options


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22 Sep 2020

Value-for-money nasi lemak blue pea

Assorted dishes goes well with blue pea rice.

I love their toast the most.

Pros: Big portion; best to share

Cons: Saltish


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14 May 2020

Truffle Ramen

Still taste good after I heat up in microwave.
Good combination , chewy ramen, black fungus & mushroom.


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08 Dec 2019

Veg cafe

A lot of changes in their menu. Food is great. decent food portion. a bit overpriced


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09 Sep 2019

Great range delicious foods

First time eating at this cafe. As the kitchen is an open style concept, was greeted by a very friendly male chef upon getting our foods and leaving the cafe. Try their new item braised mushroom rice and find it nice with the rich texture of the braised starch. Ordered the Rendang curry w blue pea nasi lemak set, and I must say the the blue rice was very fragrance. They use monkey head mushroom in the rendang curry which was not too spicy. Most importantly for nasi lemak is also the chilli itself which was very tasty.

Pros: Good selection of noddles and main, Friendly staffs

Cons: The nasi lemak otah can be improve


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21 Jun 2019

Not worth it

I originally started going to this place when it was just in Punggol. Since then they have changed the menu a few times and it's gotten worse with each change. The last time I went, I was given the wrong dish and I wound up with a tomato noodle something or other. It was pretty much watered down warm ketchup on some noodles with a slice of tomato. It's what convinced me never to go here again.

Who knows though, maybe they'll change the menu again and bring in something good.

Pros: vegetarian

Cons: Everything is slightly sweet, lots of single use plastic, not worth the money


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Mostly Veg
29 Apr 2019

No more Bento set

Visited Grove a few times and apparently change menu

Pros: Vegetarian food

Cons: Long waiting time, Very small portion


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04 Sep 2018

nice service stuff and tasty food

nice service stuff and tasty food


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01 Jul 2018

Some dishes are quite salty

Good to see veg options in shopping malls. However the bento dishes and the noodles were quite salty. Also tried the dimsum during afternoon tea though it was also on the salty side. They have pre-packed bentos too (I prefer the avocado one) as it is a convinient and healthy option (this one is not salty) and they can heat it up for you if you need. They also come up with new dishes on and off.

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-01

Pros: Convenient

Cons: Quite salty


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11 May 2018

Great fusion food cafe

We had Dry Truffle Ramen Noodle and Dry Kung Pao Ramen Noodle. Added a drink each which made the total about $10+ each. Pretty good price considering its in an air-con shopping mall which is really close to the MRT.

The Dry Truffle Ramen Noodle had a good amount of truffle oil and some truffle shavings in the middle. It was a delicious dilemma for me to decide if I wanted to mix in the shavings or just savor one big bite :D. The Dry Kung Pao Ramen Noodle was flavorful and yummy! Ramen on both were springy enough to give great texture without being too hard.

There are a ton of fusion food flavors that seem really interesting, and I'm looking forward to trying them all!

Pros: Yummy fusion food, Decent prices for cafe ($10+)


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29 Apr 2018

Good Alternative to Green Dot (Update)

If you are vegan, i'd recommend GroVe over Green Dot because they are more open to customising an order to make it vegan (unlike GD who has been very inconsistent with their claims on what is in their food).

however, taste-wise i do feel that GroVe's soups are not as flavourful and the drinks are far too sweet.

Update on 29 April 2018:
I tried the tomato spinach noodle soup today, and I think their food has improved!
Definitely will patronise more frequently.

However, for the bento dishes, they aren't labelled at all, so customers have to ask which are not suitable for vegans.

But thankfully the servers are educated enough.

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-09


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03 Apr 2018

great food, very accommodating staff!

Tried the truffle dry noodles and tomato spinach noodles and samosas. All awesome! The truffle noodles were particularly tasty it would linger in your buds. The tomato noodle was milder yet equally satisfying. Serving is great for sharing too.

Pros: helpful and accommodating staff, clean and refresh

Cons: the bentos were only available at 530pm at the tim

Peace ...

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18 Nov 2017

What’s their secret?

Grove is a go-to for a good one bowl meal! Dry Truffle Noodle (S$8.8), simple awesome! What’s their secret? Is it the noodle? Is it the truffle oil? Is it …? The best way to find out would probably be taste it, enjoy it.

Dry Kung Pao Noodle (S$6.8), is one of my favourites. Simple lunch yet feel great.

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