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43 Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester, England, M20 2NT

Mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine - vegans need to ask. Crowded space. Reservations recommended. Open Tue-Fri 12:00pm-2:30pm, Tue-Fri 5:30pm-10:30pm, Sun 12:30pm-9:30pm.

Category: Lacto, Ovo, Beer/Wine, British

Reviews (29)

First Review by jonnie

absolutely delicious!!! - Edit

I was luckily recommended this place by a friend as if I had read the reviews here I would not have gone and would have missed out on a fabulous meal with great service. I went with two carnivorous chefs who were both making appreciative noises throughout our meal. The tasters can be made vegan and we had the most amazing vegan black pudding ( I want to recreate this at home and eat it often) the ingredients used in our meals were gorgeous and treated with love. Portions were were generous and the price reflected the quality of the ingredients. I have only singled out the black pudding at this has to be tried. We had tasters starters and main courses which i will not describe in detail as I'm confident that any dish chosen will be good. It was a Monday and luckily we made a reservation as the place was heaving!

How could j forget to mention the delicious champagne cocktails on offer! I will be impressing my friends with these over Christmas!
There are very few veg/vegan restaurants that I will revisit as I like trying new places but I will definitely come back here next time I'm in Manchester.

Pros: everything

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Should be 1 star - Edit

Very poor for vegans - more so than many omnivorous restaurants. Portions small, not very well executed and very over-priced. Staff are not attentive and restaurant can get very busy (why?!).

Saw celebrity chef owner (Simon Rimmer) once boast on television that the meat he was cooking would turn any vegetarian. Appears to be in it for the money, not the ethics.

Cons: Few vegan options, Expensive for standard of food, Crowded

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Really good vegetarian restaurant - Edit

I've been to Green's a few times before but not recently since other options have opened. I was really pleased to see that finally the vegan options are listed on the main menu (for savoury only!) - it is so nice not to have to ask what the vegan choices are and just order from the menu. There are 2 or 3 choices in the starters and mains, and good to see that all the tasters can be vegan on request.
Unfortunately, not a single dessert on the menu was vegan, and when I asked was told it was the carrot, apple etc cake with ice cream which is the same single vegan dessert which has been offered every single time I have been to Greens. I tried it once (never again) and it was very soggy and claggy and the ice cream was the commonly available supermarket brand. I can only think that this dessert is not listed on the menu because the restaurant itself is aware that it is not up to the rest of their offerings.
So, I think Greens is great if you are going with vegetarians and omnivores, the vegan savouries are very good (and so happy they are listed as such on the menu now), but it would be nice if there was a nice vegan dessert option (and it was listed on the menu).

Pros: Very tasty savoury vegan food listed on main menu, Good atmosphere

Cons: Vegan dessert not good, Very pricey

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Disappointing - Edit

I have visited Greens on two occasions (different day & time) and been disappointed on both. The amount you pay for the quality and quantity is not worth it. The food is generic and there are no vegan desserts. It was very noisy despite being a small venue.

I will say that the staff are attentive and service was good even on a saturday night.

Pros: Price, No vegan dessert

Cons: Very good service

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a non hippie vegi restaurant! - Edit

Upmarket vegi restaurant that isn't hippie for once. Therefore brings in the clientele of those who might not have considered vegetarian previously. A range of vegi meals, some which I really want to try for myself. Great atmosphere and not bad prices

Pros: location, menu, great drinks list

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Ignore the bad reviews - Edit

We almost didn't go to Greens after reading some terrible reviews about the quality of food, the service and the portion sizes. We're both very fussy when it comes to our food. I'm so happy we went! All the things we were concerned about were not experienced during our visit. My husband is vegetarian and I'm vegan. The staff let me know which were the vegan options and I had the "duck" pancakes (which were beyond delicious), the gnochhi (incredible) and a chocolate, coconut and raspberry brownie for dessert which is hands down the best vegan brownie I have ever had (and I've had many). Price wise, we had 3 courses each and a bottle of wine, the bill came to £70. For a quality meal in a pleasant atmosphere with attentive staff, I think it was fantastic value. We were so happy with everything, highly recommend it :)

Pros: Quality vegetarian and vegan options, Attentive staff, The best "duck" pancakes ever

Cons: None

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A must in Manchester - Edit

Have eaten here many times over the last 5 years, it is something we do each time we are in Manchester. In fact it is a reason to go to Manchester.

My partner is vegan and has to ask what is vegan and there is always a couple things that are. Staff are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Love the vibe of the place including the decor. Not a cheap eat but for what you get I always think it is fantastic value. The only place I have ever eaten better food is Cafe Paradiso in Cork.

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Small portion sizes - Edit

I've eaten at Green's a few times now, and always found it okay, but having more recently discovered 1847 I've realised they need to massively up their game. Menu is uninspired and portion sizes are way too small, I'm always hungry soon after. I agree that it shows that this is not a veggie-run restaurant and it's not particularly aimed at vegans. The staff do seem knowledgable about the menu and which options are vegan but they are not very friendly and service can be slow.

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Consistently excellent - Edit

I eat at Greens 2-3 times per month, with friends, colleagues and my husband. I love Greens so much, I will find any excuse to go. The food is consistently excellent and great value for this standard of restaurant. There are some excellent special deals (e.g beer and a burger for £10) and they also have a loyalty scheme so you can earn money off on your next meal. My favourite restaurant in the world. It can get busy in the evenings and at weekends so make sure to book if you can.

Pros: Consistently excellent food, Gourmet dining , Great value specials

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Amazing meal - Edit

I ate here with a friend who is vegetarian & I'm vegan, we found the staff helpful & friendly and we had a fabulous meal. I had 3 vegan courses and all were amazing, a little bit pricier than some might like but for me it was awesome to eat at a nicer/smarter restaurant for a change, where I was well catered for! Highly recommend, I will go back for sure.

Pros: Food, Service, Nice surroundings

Cons: Slighly more pricey

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Beautiful food for vegetarians - Edit

Some lovely vegetarian ideas and both times I've been the food and service have been excellent. It is a little expensive, more of a special occasion place than everyday. The lunchtime soup, sandwich and chips option is good value though at £9. A few vegan options although you have to ask which they are which seems very odd. The vegan black pudding is highly recommended though.

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Great for vegetarians, ok for vegans - Edit

I used to love Greens when I was vegetarian: it's 100% meat-free and has some really delicious options on the menu, from traditional British food like bangers and mash to more exotic combinations. However, since becoming vegan I've found it less impressive. Vegan options aren't marked on the menu, and the staff always need to go to check which ones are vegan friendly. There are usually two options for starters and mains, but it would be nice to have this clear on the menu from the start. The mushroom pancakes have been on the menu for years and they are vegan, so there's always a good back up if nothing else turns up! However, the desserts are a real disappointment. None of the ones on the main menu are vegan, and if you ask they usually just provide a fairly uninspiring crumble. They're doing such a good job for vegetarians, I just wish they'd put a bit of effort in for vegans too!

Cons: Few vegan options

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Good vegetarian food - Edit

Greens it totally vegetarian which is great for vegetarians. The crispy mushroom pancakes with plum sauce are very nice. There were quite a lot of vegan main courses and starters but none of the desserts were vegan unfortunately. However, when I asked the waitress she was helpful and said they had a vegan vanilla ice cream so I had this and it was really nice. It would be helpful to have the vegan options on the menu labelled if possible (I know it's a veggie restaurant but it would be really nice of them to do this). We didn't think the menu was overpriced - it's not the cheapest but not ridiculous either. They also had some nice non alcoholic cocktails. The restaurant is somewhat cramped with tables but this didn't bother us too much. The restaurant is ideally located for going out for drinks etc in West Didsbury after your meal.

Pros: Completely vegetarian, Vegan starters and main courses, Good location

Cons: No vegan desserts unless you ask, Vegan options not labelled on menu, Slightly cramped

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buy 2 mains!! - Edit

The day people realise good food has to be eaten at large portions, at least one person will be happy and that's me! So my input might be slightly biased but never the less this place is bit pricey! There is a odd hit on the menu but can be tried once. The location is excellent and I guess that influence the price. If only they had more choices I could buy the attraction.

At the end of the day, will you be happy eating at this place? I think most of them will be! So recommendable .... just do not go hungry!

Pros: Location, Ambience , Tasty

Cons: Pricey!, Small portions

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Review of Greens - Edit

I went especially to Didsbury for 'Greens'. Staff were neither friendly/un-friendly. Menu was expensive and limited amount of vegan foods. Food was nice, but disappointing regarding the vegan options. Wouldn't go there again.

Pros: Atmosphere

Cons: Lack of Vegan food, Money, Travel links

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Tasty, exciting veggie (and vegan) food in style! - Edit

I LOVE Greens! My partner and I go there every Valentine's Day, as well as most birthdays. The food is reasonably priced (comparable to other quality restaurants in the area) and there is loads of choice. The menu is clear about vegan options and I like to try something new each time. One of my favourite dishes is the aubergine thai red curry - yum! A must for a treat night out.

Pros: Excellent variety, Really tasty food, Stylish interior

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Fine Dining, but not for Vegans - Edit

As a vegan I've eaten at Greens a couple of times in the past. I find it to be rather expensive for fairly average food, and quite poor options for vegans. In an exclusively veggie establishment I hope for a much better selection of vegan options on the menu - I think the fact that this restaurant is owned by a non-veggie really shows here :/

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I will not be returning - very disappointing! - Edit

I visited Greens last night with some omni friends. This is the second time I have been and as I was not impressed the first time I was hoping Greens had improved some. However, I was disappointed for the second time. First let me address the service: It is appalling! We were seated fairly quickly but soon forgotten and made to wait twenty minutes before our order was taken. We had the taster plate as a starter, for £10 you get a dollop of hummus, a small bowl of olives, vegetarian black pudding (not vegan) and some oil and bread. It only came with three very small pieces of bread so we asked our waiter for more and were shocked at the end of the night to find that we were charged £2 for the extra bread!! Our bill came to £160 in total and they were still petty enough to charge for extra bread! Moving on to the main: again service was dismal, making us wait 30 minutes between finishing our starter and our main arriving. I had the risotto, as the only vegan main on the menu I did not have any other option. It was substandard, something that I could easily make at home and a very small portion for £12. As for dessert, it was absolutely disgusting! I had the apple crumble (again the only vegan option) which was not a crumble at all but actually American style apple sauce topped with granola...horrible!
My advice to anyone looking for a nice, slightly posh vegetarian/vegan meal in Manchester is to visit Bistro 1847. Stay well clear of Greens as you will get horrible service, a busy and loud environment and mediocre but expensive food.

Pros: None

Cons: Poor Service, Limited Vegan Options, Overpriced

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Old fashioned veggie food - Edit

As a family of 4 veggies we went to Greens for a celebratory dinner in Manchester months ago. I was intrigued because I'd heard the celeb. chef was the owner so was looking forward to a treat. However, the menu is old fashioned/ boring, that is the protein comes from cheese, and the food is just the typical things you find in the 'veggie' sections of regular pub menus. Anyway, we all found it to be a disappointment. It was packed so obviously fills a gap locally, but it isn't somewhere I would take a non-veggie and isn't in a particularly convenient location if you are visiting Mancs like we were. I gave an extra happy cow for the outstanding desserts, the highlight of the meal!

Pros: dessert

Cons: expensive, boring, inconvenient location

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Still disappointed! - Edit

Returned to Greens with a veggie friend who hadn't been before. The food is still satisfactory, thought not outstanding. But the service! Really needs addressing. Waiting staff seem not to see you, depending on your table, and gaze away over the top of your head. Our starters never arrived. Main course came. Then took so long to attract attention to get sweet menu. We gave up after that as no-one came to take order.

Pros: At least it's veggie!

Cons: Service awful, Crammed in again.

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For a treat - Edit

I was taken here for my birthday, and the food is out of this world good. I wasn't allowed to ask how much it had cost, but I'm guessing that it was quite a bit. The portions are reasonable, and the cuisine is definitely gourmet. The layout is like being in someone's living room, which makes for a cozy atmosphere. Service is good, but not brilliant - it does get busy in there, and there didn't seem to be enough staff on duty the night we went there. It's also a little bit out of town, so if you're just visiting Manchester, it would involve a bit of effort to get there.

Pros: excellent food, cozy atmosphere

Cons: pricey, out of town

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Greens Didsbury - Edit

Visited Greens with a non veg for an evening meal. On arrival we were asked to wait at the bar for our table, so I ordered two drinks whilst we were waiting. The first drink came but then the barmen broke off to start pouring out several glasses of wine for another group of diners. I asked again for the second drink and was told he had to do these drinks first. Not impressed, either politely explain that you will be with us in a moment or serve both drinks at the same time. The other staff were pleasant and helpful in pointing out vegan options on the menu. As others have said there are disappointingly few considering this is a vegetarian restaurant. I had a mushroom and pancake starter that was attractively presented- reasonably tasty but sparse in size and vastly overpriced for £5.95. My friend had the goats cheese salad, consisting mostly of various leaves with a few VERY small chunks of beetroot and goats cheese and a few pinenuts. They said that it was tasty enough but, for £5.95 I have to agree with them that this is also vastly overpriced and as they said it consisted of the type of ingredients that often come as an accompaniment to a main meal.The mains were comparatively better value- my friend had the cheese sausage and mustard mash with beer gravy. They thought it was tasty enough and liked the beer gravy but come on Greens- push the boat out and run to three rather than two sausages! My griddled aubergine, broad bean and potato red thai curry with rice was pleasant enough, tasty sauce and lovely aubergine pieces and very pleasingly presented but the quantities of the broad bean, aubergine and spud were on the meagre side for the price. The main protein in the dish would be derived from the broad beans and there was only a sprinkling of these. Could be improved with the addition of more beans and/or tofu. Again, pricey for the quantity at £10.25.I enquired about desserts- they now have one vegan dessert on the menu, a crumble. Overall pluses- pleasant interior although very echoey and noisy owing to preponderance of bare walls, minimalist style. Pleasant waiting staff,decent presentation and some nice tastes . I was let down by the prices, portion sizes and lack of protein in the vegan options. I enquired if I call ahead if they could prepare something with a bit more protein, a curry with tofu and was told that only if it's already on the menu.Bill came in at £45 something for a two drinks, two starters and two mains. I'm in no hurry to return.

Pros: presentation, interior, noisy

Cons: imo- overpriced, vegan choices v poor- protein wise, laughable goats cheese salad

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great place but - Edit

great place, nice decor good atomospere. the food lacked vegan options and there seemed to be no way of altering other dishes. i guess that's what you get when a meat eater thinks they can cater for veggies. the food is nice a little confused on flavours but rustic good sized portions. just felt a little let down by lack of choice and adaptablity.

Pros: nice decor, good atomosphere

Cons: disappointing confused menu, lack of helpful staff

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Great food - Much better after the refit - Edit

I've always liked Greens, the atmosphere is great, the staff are very friendly and the food is some of the best I've ever had. The only criticism I could have levied at it before was the lack of space. Since they expanded into the shop next door, there has been a big improvement in this, although it is always still very busy. I guess that is the price to pay for popularity! Book well in advance if planning to go.

Pros: Fantastic food, Much more spacious since refit, Friendly, helpful staff

Cons: Need to book over a week in advance, Limited choice for vegans

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What a let-down - Edit

Agree with all points made by other reviewers - vegan options were extremely limited, no vegan wines, over-priced and mediocre.

Pros: Erm, some vegan options

Cons: Limited food, A trek out of town centre

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Doesn't live up to reputation - Edit

This is the kind of place where they jam in as many tables as possible and deal with you briskly. I felt uncomfortable checking whether a vegan-sounding main course was vegan, so ordered it anyway. It came drenched in buttery sauce not mentioned on the menu, and my friend wasn't happy. Portions were tiny, we had to get chips on the way home!

Pros: pretty street outside, presentation of food

Cons: £11 for a small main, butter in everything, unfriendly service

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Can echo these sentiments - Edit

I can echo the sentiments of other reviewers. On my visit I was told by a less than knowledgeable waitress that it was "impossible" to make a good vegan dessert.... so they didn't bother.

Cons: Expensive, Not really vegetarian

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