Its 2nd location, opened 2015. Serves Pan Asian vegetarian cuisine in a bright space with plenty of seating. Open Mon-Thu 4:00pm-8:30pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-8:30pm.

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First Review by ElleBurnham


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01 Mar 2024


Delicious vegan Thai menu. A big selection all of which are great. Good service and reasonable prices.

Updated from previous review on 2024-03-01

Pros: Great flavors, Good service, Big menu



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24 Feb 2024


I went in September and remember the food being plated really well. I'd love to try it again


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04 Feb 2024


This place was actual fire. We had the chive dumplings, soy nuggets, brussel sprouts and I had the tofu tikka masala and every slapped. Can’t wait to go back!


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21 Jan 2024

Wonderful vegan restaurant

Great for a night out. Wonderful Thai/ Cambodian food and I think everything on the menu can be made vegan.
The king oyster mushroom tempura is always a great appetizer. I had the Char Guy Teow, a spicy rice noodle dish, which was really good (ask for it without egg). I loved the bits of vegan ham in this dish.
My husband loves that this place takes his chile addiction seriously. If you also love super spicy ask for “911”. He got the hot and sour noodle soup, which was perfect.
For dessert we enjoyed the chocolate orange mouse pie. So perfect.
Our server was super nice too.


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11 Oct 2023

Thankful for this option

I think they can make everything vegan here. The soup wasn’t my absolute favorite but it did have lots in it and large for the $19 price tag. I enjoyed the seasonal pumpkin tapioca pudding and the Samosas were fine. But truly there are so many other options here at this one vegetarian restaurant in town that it still deserves a high rating. Plus our server Nick was wonderful and the restaurant is lovely inside. Parking is street and we found a close spot after two bouts around.


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07 Oct 2023

Demanding bigger tips is disappointing

It's ridiculous to demand a tip at take out when the customer does all the service work, coming & picking up the food to take away. Demanding tips before even tasting food is not admirable nor warranted. Owners should pay waiters more and not beg for tips , especially before even getting the food!

Pros: Vegan food when served w complete listed ingred

Cons: Seeking and asking for tips,or increase of tips, Leaving out listed ingredients is not appealing.


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22 Sep 2023


Enjoyed this place a lot. Had a couple different appetizers (Brussel sprouts, King Oyster Mushroom and Chive dumplings) then had the main course of Char Guay Teow. Very interesting flavor. I wanted to try something I'd probably not be able to get elsewhere. And this was an interesting dish! Not my favorite thing in the world but a rich and full body of flavor. Would recommend for someone wanting to try something unique. All the apps were great. I had a few people with me and they all loved it as well! Highly recommend if you're in the area!


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04 Aug 2023

Not as good as I remember

I’m vegan and always want to like a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, but my meal was really not great. The samosa appetizers were very very tiny and not especially well spiced. The king oyster mushrooms appetizer seemed skimpy too and not as good as we’d hoped. I had the stir fry with tofu and although I love tofu, this may have been the worst I’ve ever tasted - dry, tough, and tasteless. There wasn’t much tofu either, just lots of overly crisp vegetables in a watery brown sauce and a clump of rice. Could have used some spicing. My brother's fried pineapple rice was better, but seemed pretty greasy. Not sure I’ll go back there again.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices., Very nice wait staff., Nice facility.

Cons: Food isn’t as good as it should be., Very noisy., Pricey for what you get.


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28 Jul 2023

pretty bland and overpriced

this should be a two star review, but i’m giving it three because of the fact this venue is vegetarian.

all of the reviews said that the portions were so generous, this might be true for dining in-house by the takeout portions were “average”. pad thai was okay, the ginger noodles were extremely bland & just tasted like they were tossed in soy sauce. we paid extra for extra vegetables, which don’t seem to be present. should have followed my gut on some of the recent reviews here on google. likely won’t be back, unfortunately.

Cons: lacking in flavor, overpriced


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23 Jul 2023

Fantastic Asian Food

Excellent food many vegan options. All vegetarian. A few item had eggs that could be held off upon request. Every piece we ordered was innovative and delicious. Catering to different spice preferences. Friendly staff. Quick service. Great desserts: That Vegan chocolate mousse was to die for!!

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22 Jul 2023

Great pad thai

Very accommodating. Tasty apps. Great pad thai.


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02 Jul 2023

Great Food, Drinks and Service

Everything was delicious and unique! I highly recommend!


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24 Jun 2023

Everything's so tasty

I've tried probably half the menu and really liked/loved almost all of it. Today I got the Tofu Tikka Masala and it was really good. Spice was pretty weak for a 2 out of 4 though.

Pros: Everything on the menu is vegan/can be made vegan


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Mostly Veg
12 May 2023


Food was ok but pricey....$20 for 2 apps that I got.
Didnt seem like much that i cant just get veganized at most places for way cheaper.
I got the king oyster mushroom tempura and soy nuggets.
The came with sauce.
I wanna make some vegan tartar sauce for the shrooms cuz they remind me of fried clams.
....may report back
I got take out but the inside looked pretty nice if youre looking for a date night out.
People were nice also.

Sarah P

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10 Apr 2023

Not so magical lately

This has been our favorite vegetarian restaurant in New England for a long time. We’ve been back a few times recently and between the food not being as good, the service being less than stellar, and not being able to talk at dinner because of the noise level, we are bummed to not be excited to return any time soon.

Updated from previous review on 2017-08-15

Pros: Great food, quality menu, Nice drinks

Cons: parking can be tricky, So loud you can’t talk at your table during peak, Hot or miss service quality


21 Apr 2023

Thank you for all the pics, labeling, and update


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29 Dec 2022

Loved the food

My brother lives in a nearby town, and he and his family go here all the time and love it…and understandably so. The food here is delicious, the surroundings are elegant, the service is great…. a real winner all around.


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10 Dec 2022

Amazing apps

We made a great lunch from choosing four apps: spring rolls, tempura King Oyster mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and vegetable dumplings. Top notch ingredients prepared to perfection!


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03 Dec 2022

Go for appetizers, then go somewhere for dinner.

Great appetizers, great wine, and a truly adorable space, but that's where the positives end. We asked for some plain, stir fried noodles with seasoning for our five year old, and they were unwilling to do that, so she just ate a giant bowl of edamame. We had four adults dining, and we all got different entrees, and none of us liked them. Watery, bland, and rather expensive.

Pros: Amazing wine, Amazing appetizers

Cons: No kid-friendly options and unwilling to accommoda, Entrees were quite bad


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28 Nov 2022

So good!

We ordered so much food! Everything was delicious. We were surprised to have so many delicious options. Service was great too.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-18

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good service, Desserts!


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15 Nov 2022

Excellent, with some minor complaints

I've been here a few times over the past year, but haven't thought to take photos/leave a review until now.

They are so close to being a fully vegan restaurant; there's a few holdout eggs in various dishes, but everything on the menu can be made vegan if not already. Not sure if it's for the sake of being authentic, or if it's just too scary to go fully vegan. Either way, they are able to substitute very easily on the few dishes that aren't already vegan.

The food is fantastic; I've had the dream curry twice (it's sooo good and exactly the flavor profile I like for curry) and the pad thai once so far. However, I would say that their spicy scale is a little weird. It's 1-4 with a "911" option. I don't have much of a spice tolerance anymore, but anything below 4 and there's no heat (for me). If you're used to spicy food, definitely crank it up.

For appetizers, the roti is excellent, and then the samosas are bite sized which I kind of wish they had marked on the menu. It was good, I just like the big ol packed with fillings style lol. I liked the curry puff, but mine was cooked unevenly and very cold in the middle. The puff pastry itself was great, though.

Desserts when I went today were all vegan although only the sorbet was marked as such on the menu. We had the fried banana with coconut ice cream, really good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-15

Pros: Almost entirely vegan, Extensive menu , Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Not fully vegan , Hard to get spicy


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02 Nov 2022

Dare I say number one fave...

Probably my favorite vegan restaurant, partly because I only visit a few times a year. Nice decor. Popular place for friends and family meals. My absolute favorite is the Tofu Tikka Masala, followed by the Peanut Curry. I usually choose 0-1 on the spice scale (don't judge me). The brussel sprouts are heaven on earth. Pure magic. Great mocktails as well. Must visit.


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19 Oct 2022

So good I went back again the next day!

I’m visiting from the UK and this place came up as top to eat for vegan food. I tried both the garlic & ginger tofu & panang curry - gotta say the panang curry was one of the best I’ve ever had and recommend everyone to try it!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Good ambiance

Cons: No vegan pad thai


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30 Sep 2022

Why is it not vegan?

It is a pity that this restaurant cannot make a few minor changes to become a vegan restaurant. Their food is delicious, from the varied starters, through interesting dishes and desserts that make you want to repeat.

On the occasions I have been, the service has not been the best.

Pros: Delicious food, Great menu

Cons: Service, Not vegan


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15 Sep 2022

Save room for dessert!

Seriously save room for dessert. The fried bananas with coconut sorbet is the perfect meld of flavors, as are the chocolate orange mousse pie and the trio of sorbets!

Pros: Good food and choices, Three excellent desserts


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04 Sep 2022

Amazing food that was healthy & tasty

Wish they had a restaurant in New York! Food tasted clean & delicious!

Pros: Soo many options, Beautiful atmosphere


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04 Sep 2022


Lots of options and most all vegan. Starters were really good and big portions

Pros: Lots of flavour and easy to change spice level, Cute waiter


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27 Aug 2022

Love this place!

While it's not all vegan, they can make anything vegan in my experience. The oyster mushroom tempura is incredible and I highly recommend it. Scratch that, try all the appetizers if you can.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Most if not all things can be made vegan

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