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Green Earth Vegetarian Cuisine

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Contact 416-778-9199

385 Broadview Avenue (at Gerrard), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4K 2M7

A family owned restaurant. Offers vegan Asian and western food. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 2:00pm-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Western, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (30)

First Review by t.o.veg_family

Freshly made Super TASTY food :) - Edit

Cozy atmosphere, casual, friendly.

Freshly squeezed juice super healthy. Summer rolls appetizer super popular for a reason.

Food served always tasty veggies with yummy sauce!

Especially good to accommodate personal needs,
like gluten free :)

Every friend I took here LOVE it :)

Pros: Fresh, Tasty, Friendly

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Great for catering and dine in! - Edit

My husband and I recently catered our rehearsal dinner with the Penne, Pasta Shells, Chicken Nuggets, Spring Rolls, Quinoa Sushi, Pita with Hummus, Crispy Wontons and Harvest Salad! Our family/friends were surprised and impressed that everything was vegan! They made recommendations on what would be good to present and how much to get.

When we dine in, I love the Unchicken Burger and you have to save room for the Lemon Cheesecake!!!!

We discovered Green Earth at VegFest 2014 and have been dedicated ever since!

Pros: A million options to choose from, Tasty

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Great everything! Highly recommend!! - Edit

A perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians and all! Food is delicious...portions are good...service is great...prices are very reasonable (dinner for 4 with 2 appys $60 tax in) The best part was how much it was enjoyed by the often skeptical non-veg in our party. Convenient location. This was our first visit and will definitely not be our last.

Pros: great taste/texture, portion size and price, very friendly service

Cons: long wait for food if you are in a hurry, ...worth the wait!

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Thai banana rolls - Edit

The Thai banana rolls with ice cream are worth 5 stars right off the bat. I had the Three Flavours stir fry with brown rice for the main. Lots of sweet basil. It was very good.

The waitress was friendly and the place had a serene, calm atmosphere.

My omnivore friend had the Buddha burger with fries and he was very pleased with his meal too.

Pros: Delicious, friendly, inexpensive

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Great Restaurant! - Edit

I have been to Green Earth at least half a dozen times now. The lady who always seems to be working there is very friendly. The food is delicious, comes out fast and most items are around $8 or $10. The portions are large and everything is always tasty. I love this place! I just wish that they also had a location downtown, rather than just the location at Broadview and Gerrard.

Pros: Tasty Food, Reasonable Prices, Good Service

Cons: Only one location in Toronto

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Great restuarant - Edit

Green Earth is one of the vegan restaurants that I continue to revisit. They have a really great menu with many delicious options. The servers are always friendly and provide great service. My recommendations would be the crispy spring rolls, crispy chow mein (they also have soft chow mein), the thai banana rolls with ice cream and the tom yum soup. The only downside is that each time I have dined in the restaurant is empty or only has one or two other customers.

Pros: Friendly staff, Great selection, Good food

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Good location if driving into Toronto - Edit

This is an easy restaurant to get to if you are driving down the Don Valley Pkwy coming into Toronto. We went there for lunch and I had the chow mein which was one of the lunch specials. I ended with Thai banana rolls with soy ice cream and coffee. It was good but I would like to try the regular menu at some point instead of the lunch special.

Pros: Good location, Inexpensive, Good food

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Mock meats, alright - Edit

I'm not a huge fan of mock meats and this location, unlike it's sister restaurant in Pasadena is very mock-meat centered. They do have fresh juices which help counter the heaviness of eating mock meat though. I only ordered a juice and a "Fajita Vegana" wrap (lunch special). The "lunch special" meant it came with a drink, but the choices were only coke, sprite, etc, and I couldn't sub for a hot tea or anything unsweetened. The wrap was also a little small, and contained mostly peppers, mock meat, and sauce only, but was only $6. If I went back I'd definitely order Chinese style food. Nice owner, looking for a new waitress if you know anyone.

Pros: Juices, Friendly owner

Cons: Unhealthy drinks

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Can't Miss the Crispy Chicken - Edit

Ate here for lunch today, and loved almost everything we ordered. We started with crispy chickun nuggets, which were as crispy as described and were tasty. We then had the asparagus and spinach soup, which was good but tasted a little grassy. For entrees we had a portobello burger and a chickun burger. Both were yummy, but the chickun burger was especially delightful, and had the same fantastic breading as the nuggets. The avocado on the sandwiches came in one big square chunk each though, so we sliced them up so they would cover more of the patties. Really, really tasty. The server was very friendly too.

Pros: Tasty, Friendly staff, Wide selection

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Great All Vegan Food and Wonderful People. - Edit

After traveling to Toronto again this year, eating a great meal at Green Earth again, I realized that I forgot to review them last year when I first discovered them and ate there. So, I need to relate my story from last year.

I was with my 94-year-old mother. I parked in front of the Green Earth Restaurant and went inside to get a menu to show my mother so we could decide if we wanted to try this place which was new to us. Mom said OK, and I proceeded to go to the machine to get a parking stub for the dashboard.

In the meantime, the owner/waitress, who luckily for us wasn't busy at the time, came out to help my mother into the restaurant (mom was weak and also uses a cane). After seating us, the lady sat diagonally across from mom and we talked for a while. The lady looked down and noticed that mom had inadvertently put her shoes on wrong that morning (left on right and right on left). The lady then proceeded to untie mom's shoes, switch them to the correct feet, and re-tie them.

I don't think that you'll find nicer, kinder people anywhere. And, they make great food and drinks.

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love it - Edit

I THINK this is probably my favourite Asian veg restaurant in toronto. I don't get there as much as I'd like since I'm a west ender and always seem to find myself passing by on tuesdays, when they are closed! But I've had a bunch of stuff off the menu and it was all good. Last munch it was a stick to your ribs US style meal and I loved it. They renewed my love for Asian Veg (which was all we had back in the '90s and I got sick of it!)

Pros: inexpensive, decent portions, very tasty

Cons: far from me, closed tuesdays

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Not Bad.... - Edit

Not too bad, I can't say anything negative really because I liked everything.
My barbeque tofu was a bit plain, it lacked side vegetables and the barbeque could have been a lot more thick and rich. The Tofu could have been baked more (or fried or flame grilled) I did however like the creamy potato soup, but that also could have been much-much more thicker consistency. But was all satisfying none the less.

I also ordered 3 appetizers, all were amazing. Fried nuggets, prawns, and a 3rd I do not remember were all really delicious.

Pros: Reasonably priced, Friendly, Great appatizers

Cons: entrees a little bland, Atmosphere a little boring

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Great little place for an inexpensive meal - Edit

My wife and I come here often for a simple, inexpensive meal. Three entrees shared between the two of us comes to $20 which can't really be beat. The food is pretty good for the price and I highly recommend the hue noodle soup or the three flavours. Their menu is varied and you can get everything from tacos to burgers to philly cheesesteak sandwiches to wonton soup. Not the best vegan restaurant in Toronto but it's affordable, friendly, clean, and one of those places you can go back to again and again.

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happy 2nd anniversary to Green Earth! - Edit

Just let me quickly add my voice to those who love this restaurant. Probably the best selection and variety of vegetarian options I have ever seen. We enjoyed everything we tried. The waitress was sincere and willing to help with food restrictions.

You don't need to accept their spiritual convictions to enjoy great food, any more than you need to be Bhuddist to enjoy a Buddhist veg restaurant. The purpose of the restaurant seems to be to promote a vegetarian diet as compassionate to animals, environmentally friendly and a healthy lifestyle. No argument on any of those points from me! (We researched the organization, and found no activities that we would withhold support for.)

Pros: anazing selection, great food, friendly service

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Jo-Anne 22 Jul 2010 - Ooops, excuse my hasty typing. Bhuddist=Buddhist

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Best Food Ever! - Edit

I have gone to Green Earth every week for 2 years now and I still love it, the food is so good, there are so many options, the staff are friendly, it is in a good location, and the food is so good, I have been getting the crispy veggie nuggets and the spicy Indian Curry with veggie beef, but everything is good you should visit it today!

Pros: Good Service, Fair Prices, Excellent Food

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Small, sweet, different - Edit

I live near this restaurant and have found my experiences there enjoyable and the food tasty. The servers I've gotten have been attentive, though each time I've been there there's not been many people in the place (several times I have been the only person there)

I really appreciate that the menu is primarily vegan with VERY specific labeling on the few products with milk contamination, and I personally like the mixture of cuisine styles. I've yet to try many of the items, but I've enjoyed both the more typical Asian dishes (hot and sour soup, tofu and vegetables) and the western pastas I've had.

I find the food rather bland as far as seasoning goes, and the few 'hot' dishes weren't very hot and spicy to my palate, but I've never gotten a bad plate here. The large soups especially have been a lifesaver for me when I've been sick, I've taken them out and carried them home for later.

A word of caution, though, there's a television going constantly, as the restaurant is owned by a religious organization, and it constantly flashes multilingual "news" and information from the perspective of their leader. I find it distracting and sit facing away, and even if the decor wasn't simple tables and chairs in a white room, I'd not bring someone else here to eat who hasn't before because of this television.

Pros: Variety, Cross-culturual, Inexpensive

Cons: Bland, TV, Poor ambiance

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Not your typical Chinese-Buddhist style cooking - Edit

Perhaps it's because Green Earth is a Supreme Master Restaurant (paintings from the master on the wall, their tv channel playing on the large monitor in the corner), but their menu is distinct from other Chinese-Buddhist restaurants in Toronto. It's a mish-mash of Western and Pan-Asian, and there are gems throughout.

To give you an indication of how cool this place is, during the holidays and beyond they had a six course Xmas special with cider, stuffed and baked mushrooms, a heart soup, cranberry, mashed potatoes & a tofurky-style faux turkey roast with gravy, greens and carrot cake for dessert for 17.95. Holy cow it was a post-holiday godsend. I'm marking it on my calendar for next year.

Their prices are typically lower, averaging $10 for a main.

I'll be back again soon, as my gf also can't get enough of it.

Pros: god bless supreme master, friendly/not culty, diverse menu

Cons: so-so decor

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Okay - Edit

The food was pretty good but nothing spectacular. The staff is friendly and wants you to be happy with the food and the restaurant. The place is clean.

The whole "supreme master" cult thing they have going on is strange, but not so in my face that it is a problem.

Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: reasonable prices, okay food

Cons: supreme master

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The Best New Vegan Restaurant in Toronto - Edit

I discovered this restaurant by chance shortly after they opened in July and I've been there at least once a week since then.

Don't be thrown by the huge menu. They offer Asian, North American, Italian and even Mexican food. This is usually a bad sign for me and makes me nervous, but believe me, it's all good. I stick mainly to the Asian dishes (their Chow Mein is simple and perfect and their Pho is perfect for the cooler weather) but I've also tried their burgers (don't think of them as traditional burger patties - more like hearty sandwiches) and fries which are surprisingly good. For those who like mock meat, their "chicken" has no equal. Deserts are also delicious, and being a vegan, it's not always easy to find good deserts in restaurants. I never liked real cheesecake before I was vegan, but I'm completely addicted to their cheesecake here.

Personally, it's really nice for me to go to a restaurant where 99% of the menu is vegan and the few items on the menu that are vegetarian are marked with dots. It's a pretty funny reversal to what I experience in most places.

The restaurant itself is bright, simply decorated and impeccably clean. The staff are all incredibly friendly and if it is the type of thing that matters to anybody, they are all committed vegetarians. This is where I feel compelled to point out the only possible downside to the place. And really, if you go in knowing this, it isn't really a downside at all. The service is pretty slow and the servers aren't great at what they do. They are some of the nicest, friendliest, hardest working servers around, they just aren't very good at it. It is a family business and they are still learning all the ropes. They've got the food down - believe me when I say you'll have trouble finding better - they just need more practice serving. So if you don't mind waiting a bit longer for your food than you would at a place with more polished and professional servers then I whole heartedly recommend Green Earth to anyone.

Pros: Delicious Food, Great Selection, Friendly Staff

Cons: Service can be slow

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Painfully slow service. - Edit

We arrived at about 6PM on a Sunday. The restaurant is well-decorated and fairly clean, and the four of us sat down and waited for our menus. And waited. After a few minutes we received our menus, and we made our selections. There are a lot of items on the menu, so many I found it hard to choose! Three of us ordered smoothies as well, including myself.

It wasn't terribly busy, there were a few other people but it was by no means packed or hectic. The waitress was making our smoothies, and after a while she brought out a small platter of hummus and pita that we had ordered. The hummus and pita was not satisfactory, but we were all starving so we all had some.

A couple came in probably 20 minutes or so after we had arrived. Nothing against them, but this couple was served all their food before I had even received my smoothie. The waitress brought us our second smoothie out of three about 45 minutes after we had arrived. She was friendly, but not very communicative as to what was taking so long, or whether we were going to get our food that day or next week, even after being asked specifically how much longer we'd have to wait.

So after waiting an hour, and only receiving a small plate of hummus and pita and a couple smoothies, we left. The waitress was very sympathetic, told us that "it's not normally like this", and offered to give us the drinks, and hummus for free, but we paid for them, and left.

We were all very disappointed, but I don't think anyone was as disappointed as myself. Here I am, a vegan bringing out my three omnivore friends to an all-vegetarian restaurant and we get barely any service after an hour of waiting? It was downright embarrassing.

The supreme master TV is mildly entertaining and confusing, but ultimately wasn't enough to counteract whatever was going wrong that night. I doubt I'll ever pay them a visit again, which is unfortunate. I really wanted to like this restaurant.

Pros: Nicely decorated, Friendly server, Wide selection

Cons: Little to no service, Poor communication

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sherry 22 Feb 2013 - Wow- that sounds super odd for this restaurant. I go ALL the time, and it's always quick and awesome. You missed out by not giving them a chance to correct the situation.

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No Thanks For Now - Edit

I stepped into Green Earth to try their veggie burger. They've got a number of veggie burgers, actually, but only one named 'veggie burger'. It's terrible. The buns were cheap things that weren't up to the task. The task? Okay, They didn't have much of a chance to contain the slop that they poured onto them. The mushrooms in sauce - something meant to go into another dish perhaps? - placed 'under' a thick slice of hard, crappy supermarket tomato meant that I had no chance of actually eating this thing like a burger. While the mushrooms tasted good, The overall appeal of this combination was zero. And the side salad on the plate could have used a drizzle of ANYTHING. I am not a rabbit.

I don't blame the server who was nice and who asked how things were. She also thoughtfully said she'd point out to the chef or cook what I had to say.

The restaurant eating area is nice. It's bright and clean. One wall is all mirror though. Some folks are okay with that. I don't like mirrors, at least not big ones that distort the size and shape of the room and which some designers see as a nice touch.

$7 for what I got was too much money. Otherwise, Give me a good veggie burger and an edible side salad for $7 and I'll be happy. I don't want my food for free.

I really wonder how they could something so simple so wrong. Any kind of burger 'has' to have a paddy of some sort. If it's the sort of abomination I had, it's a sloppy joe sort of item, except for the obscene tomato slice. It wasn't just a slice. It was 3x the thickness you'd reasonably expect. And hard as hell. Biting down on that meant that there was no chance I wasn't going to make a mess. I had to resort to using my fork and knife, which is okay. But why?

Pros: clean, bright, friendly server, vegetarian

Cons: possibly incompetent cooks, overl cheap quality, really bad location

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Arby 22 Feb 2013 - Rhizome: Please ignore me in the future. Agran: I explore restaurants. Duh! But I wouldn't expect someone who is on a site like this to understand that. Right? I don't eat meat, so veggie restos interest me. And I happen to be in the vicinity of this particular resto often. As I said, Duh!!!

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rhizome 22 Feb 2013 - You went there for a veggie burger? Were they out of tortellini? That's like bitching about Canadian food at the Mandarin. WTF did you expect?

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agran 22 Feb 2013 - Seriously, there are lots of burger places in Toronto that have really good veggie burgers that look and taste like real burgers. Why go to an Asian restaurant in little Chinatown for a burger? And for the record, I've had the Green Earth veggie burger (I go there a lot so I tried something new one day) and it was really good. Didn't taste anything like I remember burgers taste like, but it was still really good.

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This place is fabulous! A very new, almost entirely vegan restaurant, very reasonably priced and incredibly delicious. My first meal there started with some wontons, my main dish was a vegan fettucine alfredo that tasted very fresh and creamy but not overly rich and heavy like the non-vegan version so I followed it with a vegan banana split (yum)! On my next visit I had a massive veg pho --so, so good!
The staff is very friendly and passionate about promoting green habits but not at all pushy. This is definitely my new favorite Toronto restaurant!

Pros: Delicious , Affordable, Friendly

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Completely Addictive - We're Hooked! - Edit

What luck! I happened to discover this absolute gem one day after it opened. Went in, ordered the lemongrass veggie chicken and was immediately hooked! Let me put it this way - this restaurant has been open for one month and my family has already dined there probably 8 times. It does help that it's in our neighbourhood - but it also helps that the food is very reasonably priced and there is a very wide variety of choices on the menu. For instance, one evening I ordered a (vegan!!!) Philly Cheesesteak sandwich while my daughter ordered a Supreme Burrito and my husband had a vegan Pho soup. The menu also has such traditional fare as spaghetti with veggie "meat sauce", veggie burgers and much more. The lemongrass is the best though :). If you're in the neighbourhood at lunch time they also have lunch specials that are SUPER cheap. My 8 year old daughter has proclaimed it her favourite restaurant already.

Almost everything on the menu is completely vegan (even the whipped cream on their AMAZING desserts - did I mention that I ordered my husband's birthday cake from here as well). The few items (and I mean few) that are not vegan are indicated on the menu.

The staff is super friendly and eager to please. They can get the orders a little mixed up from time to time but one must remember it's a new place and growing pains are inevitable.

The only sort of "weird-ish" thing here are the books, artwork and constant streaming video of the "Supreme Master". I get the impression that the restaurant is run by a religious group following a woman by the name of Supreme Master Ching Hai (look her up on wikipedia). The messages on the video (regarding the ethics of going meatless, saving the planet from global warming, humanitarian efforts) all seem positive though so it's not offputting or offensive...just a little different (we're not religious). Honestly, they could be showing anything and I would still eat there (okay, in some cases I might switch to take out!) The food is that good!!

Pros: Taste, Taste, Taste!, Reasonably Priced, Tons of vegan options

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